Angel Grove businesses
- businesses in Angel Grove
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  • The cultural food festival at the Youth Center was to raise money for playground equipment for the Angel Grove Preschool and Day Care Center.
  • Pudgy Pig raided the Urkupina Market and the M.G.R. Packing Plant.


  • Skull smeared Timmy P's brand mayonnaise on Bulk instead of suntan lotion; the jingle for Timmy P's mayonnaise was "Timmy P's... real brand mayonnaise. Mmmm!"


  • Zack visited a jewelry store called "Classic Designs Jewelry," but the pearls there were too expensive for him.
  • Zack and Angela, with Tommy and Kim, went to an outdoor French restaurant called "La TÍte D'escargot Restaurant" on Angela's birthday.


  • An establishment called "Over the Rainbow," very close to Madam Swampy's fortune-telling shack, served refreshments.


  • To pursue the car thief who had stolen Kim's car, Bulk and Skull commandeered a cab (with a Stone Canyon license plate), leaving its driver upset; this cab would be turned into the Crabby Cabbie monster, and this same driver would much later give Bulk and Skull a ride to the Youth Center from the Angel Grove Forest in 414-MBWR.


  • In the simulated past (see "Orb of Doom"), Cestro and Tideus rehydrated inside the drive-through car wash at Angel Grove Car Wash.


  • There were Cogs poking around the Angel Grove Construction Company when the Machine Empire launched its first assault on the Earth; it's there where the Zeo Rangers first did battle.


  • The sign for the Angel Grove Construction Company was now dirty and in the trash at the junkyard.


  • Lt. Stone took Bulk and Skull to an outdoor manure retailer called Manure City; he loved the place.
  • The plant monsters Pollenator and Adrian went to the Angel Grove auto wrecking yard, apparently to eat old cars.


  • The delivery man for a pie van for "Little Stevie's Pie Shop" was next to his van when the Zeo Rangers appeared to fight Cogs but was no longer there afterward; he must have hidden behind the van during the fight.
  • Morphed Kat thought to have a pie fight with the Cogs which wasted many pies from the pie delivery.


  • Angel Grove Transportation & Towing was a business in Angel Grove; a door from one of its trucks was in the junkyard.


  • Humphrey and Bogart, two high school detectives in trenchcoats, calling themselves "Ace Crimesolvers," bought numerous prank items from the Angel Grove Novelty Shop and set them up around Angel Grove High to weasel in on Bulk and Skull's business; they eventually tried to frame the new kid, Robert for the pranks but were revealed when Tanya and Kat brought in Hank, the delivery man from the novelty shop, who identified them as his best customers.


  • One night, Bulk and Skull crashed their patrol bike into Norman's Bait Shop.
  • The bank on the novelty check for $25,000 won for the Little Angel's Haven at the national championship was Angel Grove National Bank.


  • In the Angel Grove Racing Technologies garage were a toolbox bearing a logo for the Mohave Oil Co. and a bottle bearing a logo for the Chief Oil Co.


  • Across the street from the Racing Technologies building was a shop called "Carskins."
  • In the front side of what appeared to be the Racing Technologies building was a car dealership with the name "Corvette Connection."


  • There was an Angel Grove Construction Company van parked near Lt. Stone's volunteer car wash.


  • During giant Flamite's attack on Angel Grove, a fire truck was parked right next to B&B Brick & Mortar.


  • At an unloading area presumably behind the Angel Grove Museum, a number of creates were near an Angel Grove Construction Company truck.


  • Bulk and Skull interviewed with the tough boss of a singing telegram company.
  • Bulk and Skull were hired and became costumed birthday singers in the Juice Bar; they later ran off when their costumes fell off while their boss was watching.


  • Bulk and Skull tried to sell a Total Vac 8000 to Lt. Stone, as they were salesmen for the Total Vac Corporation.
  • The vacuum cleaner made Lt. Stone spill shakes onto his face and shirt, then the vacuum blew feathers onto him.
  • Bulk and Skull later tried to sell Lt. Stone the Total Vac 9000, a much more powerful version, as they had to sell one or get fired.
  • The vacuum sucked off Lt. Stone's shirt.


  • Lt. Stone gave Bulk and Skull the address to Martha's plant nursery so they could get jobs there; Bulk and Skull were later working for Martha when she was turned into a Diva Drone by Wild Weeder; she was ultimately reverted to normal when Wild Weeder was destroyed.


  • Bulk and Skull worked for Angel Grove Towing.
  • One day, Bulk and Skull dropped off a car frame for Mr. Decker's auto shop class at Angel Grove High.
  • Another day, Bulk got oil sprayed on his face as he tried to fix the truck's engine on the side of the road.
  • An hour ago, Bulk and Skull's boss had said they were fired if they didn't get to their next towing job in ten minutes.
  • Ashley fixed the truck, but Bulk and Skull were already out of a job for being late.


  • There was a jug of water from Angel Grove Water on the sidewalk in front of someone's house early one morning.


  • Bulk and Skull delivered water jugs from Angel Grove Water to the soccer field during the soccer team's practice.


  • Dr. Simon was the vet of Cassie's dog Jetson.
  • Weinerama was a hot dog stand with hot dogs which Bulk loved.


  • The Juice Bar was plagued by ants when Bulk and Skull, working for the "Get the Bugs Out Exterminator Company," came in wearing special protective suits and began spraying Juice Bar with their special "Ant Be Gone" formula, which Bulk said was totally organic.
  • Lt. Stone made Bulk and Skull leave, not wanting them to spray the chemicals all over the place.
  • An ant that had probably been sprayed by the "Ant Be Gone" formula bit Justin on the left forearm, giving him super strength but preventing him from morphing until Alpha gave him an antidote for the super strength.


  • Bulk and Skull were deliverymen for the "Super Duper Fast Deliveries" company; they were being held responsible for all the missing contents of their deliveries, which had actually been stolen by Piranhatron.
  • When Bulk and Skull's boss had brought two police officers to arrest Bulk and Skull in the Juice Bar, not believing their story that aliens had stolen their missing deliveries, the Turbo Rangers teleported into the Juice Bar for Red Ranger to clear their names and present the evil Zord remote created by Porto from the stolen parts; Red Ranger then personally thanked Bulk and Skull for helping to discover the thieves.
  • The boss apparently let Bulk and Skull keep their jobs.


  • The teens got the last of their needed Megaship parts from Angel Grove Electronics, the street number of which was 9430; the store was having a sale on computer components all week.


  • In the park was an outdoor shop called the Angel Grove Popsicle Emporium.


  • A new line of pocket computers known as the Copernicus 2000 was extremely popular in Angel Grove; it could store addresses, messages, or anything else the user wanted.
  • At certain times, the Copernicus 2000 would emit a warble sound which was identical to the warble alarm of the teens' communicators, first used in 608-WPCS.


  • Somewhere downtown was the Angel Grove Mall, which contained a very large plaza area with numerous clocks on posts in various locations.


    MMPR: The Movie

  • There was an IBM skyscraper downtown.
  • There was a "Gowings" sign in downtown Angel Grove; this is actually a clothing store in Australia (Melbourne and Sydney, to be exact).
  • During Angel Grove's Power Rangers celebration, the teens were eating at an outdoor restaurant with a name which began with a J.

    Angel Grove Karate Center
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  • The auditions for the commercial for the Angel Grove Karate Center were held in Miss Appleby's classroom at Angel Grove High.
  • The people holding the audition recorded footage for the commercial using an unmanned camcorder.
  • The commercial aired the day after the auditions had been filmed.
  • The commercial had apparently aired without any of the auditioners having been told whether they had been selected.
  • Tommy's performance was chosen for the commercial to show what students could do after training at the center; Bulk's was chosen to show what they would look like if they attempted to learn karate on their own.


  • The woman who had seemed to be in charge of the auditions back in 132-ASIB was now a television reporter.

    Angel Grove banks
    - various banks in Angel Grove
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  • Bulk and Skull were security guards for Angel Grove Bank; the main guard in charge assigned Bulk outside and Skull inside.
  • Angel Grove Bank offered free checking.
  • The costumed Elgar, Rygog, and Piranhatrons attempted to rob the bank, but they were thwarted outside by the invisible Phantom Ranger after their robbery.
  • Angel Grove had a gold mine, and Bulk and Skull were assigned by the main guard to guard it, almost immediately after their job as security guards at Angel Grove Bank.
  • On the Viewing Screen in the Power Chamber, T.J. played back the recording of the Phantom Ranger's attack on Divatox's henchmen, captured by the bank's surveillance camera.


  • One large building in Angel Grove was the United Bank of California.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • "Herobank" was written in green lights on a building in Angel Grove.
  • Hornitor-Ivan sent the Ninja Megazord crashing straight through Angel Grove First National Bank and out the other side; fortunately, no one appeared to be inside the bank at the time.

    Angel Grove Museum
    - museum in Angel Grove
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    First Appearance: 312-FiFO
    Last Appearance: 312-FiFO
    See Also: Azina


  • At the museum was an exhibit on ancient Kahmalan culture; it featured legendary masks used by ancient warriors against the Face Stealer, as well as the actual urn in which the Face Stealer's spirit was trapped.
  • Rito, Squatt, and Baboo secretly stole the Face Stealer's urn from the museum.
  • After Bulk and Skull entered the museum with the urn and masks which they had been given by the Rangers, two security guards captured the two junior police, saying they'd been told to bring anyone seen in possession of the stolen artifacts; oddly, this implies that not only was the urn reported stolen, but also the masks, which Azina had loaned the Rangers.
  • Azina told the teens that they now had extra guards to watch the artifacts.


  • At an unloading area presumably behind the Angel Grove Museum, a number of creates were near an Angel Grove Construction Company truck; Rygog, Elgar, and Piranhatrons raided the crates for the gems that were being delivered, but Yellow Ranger stopped them (after all the personnel, including a security guard, had fled in terror).

    Burble Baby Food Company
    - baby food company, used Ernie as a baby model in his infancy
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  • Detective Stone introduced Bulk and Skull to their new client, Harriet Gerard, executor of the Randolph B. Burble Foundation, makers of Burble Baby Food; the Burble Baby Food Foundation was looking for Mr. Burble's long-lost nephew, the original Burbling Burble Baby; whoever found the baby would receive $10,000; the foundation's records indicated that the baby would be a teenager and would have just moved to the city.
  • Miss Gerard, walking into the Youth Center with Detective Stone and Ernie, said later that their calculations had been off; the baby was older than they'd thought, and he'd been living in Angel Grove for years; the baby was actually Ernie, and Miss Gerard gave him a lifetime supply of Burble Baby Food, which he considered using for baby food smoothies; to whom the $10,000 reward went is unknown.

    Mr. Stenchy Perfume
    - perfume company whose fashion show model was guarded by Skull (437-SOAW)
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  • Mr. Stenchy (pronounced "Stenschwa") directed a charity fashion show which was essentially an advertisement for his brand of Monsieur Stenchy (also pronounced "Stenschwa") perfume.
  • When Kat reminded the irritable Mr. Stenchy at rehearsal that the fashion show was for charity, he rolled his eyes.
  • Detective Stone assigned Bulk and Skull to be undercover security for a professional model who was in the fashion show.
  • Bulk was a hairdresser behind the scenes, and Skull was dressed in a skunk suit.
  • The final line of the fashion show was for Skull, in the skunk suit, to say, "It's the world of Monsieur Stenchy, where even a skunk can come out smelling like a rose!"
  • As the actual fashion show began, Mr. Stenchy, with his wife beside him onstage, thanked the audience for their participation "in this wonderful fundraiser."
  • All the people in the fashion show's audience were dressed in black, with a bit of white.

    Little Angel's Haven
    - children's shelter; former home to Justin Stewart (500-TPRM)
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  • Tommy, Rocky, and Adam trained with Coach Daniels for the upcoming national championship, a martial arts competition which the guys had to win for their charity, the Little Angel's Haven, to receive the prize money to avoid closing down.
  • A Little Angel's Haven bus was taking kids to the martial arts arena where Tommy, Adam, and Rocky were practicing; on the bus, Kat and Tanya had the kids sing songs, but Justin didn't feel like singing.
  • Tommy, Adam, and Jason won the $25,000 prize money for the Little Angel's Haven at the national championship.

    Mad Mike's Pizza Parlor
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    First Appearance: 522-TBTS
    Last Appearance: 522-TBTS
    See Also: Mad Mike monster


  • An amnesic Divatox wandered into Mad Mike's Pizza Parlor.
  • Bulk and Skull were delivery men for Mad Mike's.
  • Divatox ate a slice of pizza with a handful of jalapenos on it, and Mike, the owner, made Divatox work for him since she didn't have any money.
  • Also working at Mad Mike's was a younger blonde-haired girl with thick glasses.
  • Mad Mike's didn't have a delivery time guarantee.
  • A pitcher of orange soda, some lemonade, water, and a pepperoni pizza, and a mushroom pizza came out to be $15.00 at the parlor.

    - outdoor resort owned by Bulk after his return to Earth
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    First Appearance: 1034-FRed
    Last Appearance: 1034-FRed

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