Captain Logan
- captain in charge of Time Force Police in the year 3000
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First Appearance: 901-Fut1
Last Appearance: 926-TFTr


  • Time Force's Captain Logan, a man of middle age with greying hair, headed the operation of securing the warehouse and capturing Ransik in person.
  • Logan was the only Time Force Officer to not have drawn a weapon, as his Chrono-Blaster remained in its holster.
  • Logan's uniform was the style of other Time Force Uniforms, but colored a grayish monochrome; his right-breast had two "status patches" instead of the usual one; his left shoulder had a strip of the ridged material vertically decending toward his upper right breast, with what seemed to be a jagged-edged, round medal of some sort upon it; and instead of it having a lower neckline, his collar zipped right up to his neck, with some markings around the collar itself, no undershirt exposed.
  • Captain Logan stood behind one of the patrol cars and shouted orders for the "A Team" to secure all exits on the right flank and for the "B Team" to assist the "A Team" by containing the perimeter on the left flank.
  • The Captain spoke into a speaker commlink, addressing "air assault", telling them to cover all possible escape routes on the roof; he also asked all teams to check in at final position.
  • Jen soon raced over to Captain Logan, where the two exchanged salutes.
  • When the Red Ranger exited with the handcuffed Ransik, Captain Logan shouted to his officers, "Get him, and make sure he's secure!"
  • Logan approached Alex, and commended him on doing well, to which Alex thanked him (calling him "sir"), and the two exchanged salutes.
  • Alex handed the time device over to his boss and explained what it was.
  • Logan patted him on the shoulder, took the time device (which, unbeknownst to either of them, was actually a decoy), and walked off.
  • The Captain told Jen to take care of Alex, making it clear he was aware of his two officers' fraternization.
  • Captain Logan ordered all units of the attack teams to get inside the warehouse and secure the interior (likely to deal with any remaining Cyclobots).
  • Possibly the next day, Captain Logan sat next to Alex on the front row of the courtroom, while awaiting the verdict on Ransik.
  • Following the sentencing of Ransik, Alex shook the proudly smiling Logan's hand.
  • That night, while seeing the convoy off, Captain Logan told Jen that he trusted her and her team to get Ransik to prison on schedule; she assured him they could count on them (calling him "sir", and exchanging salutes before departing).
  • Some time after the destruction of the transport truck, Jen scavenged the remnants of the transmission console from the wreckage, and activated a Holoscreen, linking her to Time Force Headquarters.
  • Captain Logan appeared on the staticy screen, asking what was going on; it seems unlikely, given the length of time the convoy was out of contact, for Time Force to be oblivious to anything being wrong with it.
  • Jen informed him, "We were ambushed, sir! Ransik escaped."; Captain Logan furiously reminded Jen, "Do you realize how long it took us to capture him?!"
  • Katie attempted to speak up, "But sir...!", only to have Logan cut her off, "No excuses! It was your responsibility, and you failed.  You're all officially relieved of your duties."; his transmission then abruptly ended.
  • The next day, within Time Force HQ, an officer saluted Captain Logan and urgently informed him that someone was taking the Time Ship; the Captain exclaimed "What?!" in disbelief and rushed over to the transmission console (a holoscreen set up on an eye-level table, with the control plate resting vertically), where he pressed a few buttons.
  • As the Captain's voice commanded "Security to the launch pad! This is an emergency! All personnel to the launch pad!", a bunch of white patch-less leather suited Japanese people scrambled around a long corridor.
  • After the four teens finished getting buckled in to their seats in the Time Ship, Captain Logan appeared on a Holoscreen, which was set-up on a grey marbled box beside the table.
  • Logan demanded to know what they were doing, and ordered them to shut down their engines immediately, only to have Jen shut his transmission off instead.

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