Captain Mitchell
- captain in charge of Lightspeed operation (through 840-FLs2); former firefighter; father to Dana and Ryan Mitchell
Captain Mitchell
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Full Name: William Mitchell (801-OpLs)
First Appearance: 801-OpLs
Last Appearance: 840-FLs2
Pictures: younger Mitchell, early hat design, no hat, regular hat design (shown at right)


  • At the desk in the briefing room, Captain Mitchell was telling three personnel to doublecheck a few items which were albeit sufficient; when Dana vaguely reported that something had come up, Mitchell dismissed the three before continuing privately although not altogether secretively.
  • Mitchell had a vertical scar on his right cheek.
  • Mitchell wore a black quasi-naval uniform, although his cuffs had three gold stripes like a commander, whereas four indicates a captain. (Source: Stripes pointed out by Riddler)
  • Mitchell wore a small gold nametag on the left breast bordered by a gold star on either side.
  • The crest on Mitchell's captain hat was a generic golden wing set, but by 807-CybR, it was a non-US design, actually resembling the French naval crest instead.
  • In private, Dana told Mitchell, now speaking as daughter to father, that "they" had escaped, prompting him to remove the four confidential Ranger files from his safe in his quarters; opening the seals on the files, Mitchell told Dana, "It's time to bring them in."
  • The safe's only contents had been the four folders for the Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow Ranger candidates, the Pink Ranger file stored elsewhere as Dana and two men in black proceeded to gather the other four teens.
  • Returning with the four candidates, Dana soon led the teens into the conference room, where Mitchell welcomed them to the Lightspeed Aquabase.
  • Joel, not knowing who Mitchell was, protested that this was illegal, kidnapping; introducing himself as Captain William Mitchell, the captain explained that none of them would be held against their will, as they were free to go.
  • Joel began to leave, but as a guard held out his hand, Mitchell added they could leave after they'd heard him out, and the four sat as requested.
  • Mitchell explained that 5,000 years ago, this part of the Earth had been inhabited by evil spirits, or "demons," whose only purpose was to destroy and conquer.
  • Despite their capture by a warlock strong enough to conquer them, Mitchell added, "we always feared that one day they would escape and would return to Mariner Bay"; their fears had come true hours ago when nomad travelers crossing through the desert had discovered the tomb and released the demons back into their world.
  • Mitchell told the teens Lightspeed had developed technology and highly sophisticated weapons which they believed could stop the demons.
  • Because of their skills, the teens had been chosen to use the weapons to become Lightspeed Power Rangers and defend the city.
  • Kelsey asked, "You built this whole 'Aquabase' so that the four of us could fight off a bunch of... angry demons?" and Mitchell agreed, although noting it was putting it simply.
  • A tech from Ops called Mitchell saying he had to see this, and Mitchell had it brought up on the conference room monitor, showing exploding buildings, the demon spirits flying around, and other mayhem in Mariner Bay as the teens watched in horror.
  • Mitchell said this city needed them, and the four teens agreed, so Mitchell opened the Rescue Morpher briefcase, explaining the devices briefly.
  • Seeing the fifth Morpher, Dana asked, "Five?" to which Mitchell replied as he opened the Pink Ranger's secret dossier in his possession that she was the fifth: he had been training her for this for 18 years, and the Morpher was hers, he told her, if she wanted it; she smiled and took it.
  • Watching in a Rescue Ops monitor as the teens were pounded by Batlings and Ghouligan, Carter reported the villains were too strong for them, so Mitchell instructed them to use their Morphers.
  • After the Rangers' first victory, Mitchell waited in Ops as the teens made their way through the cheering personnel.
  • Mitchell told the teens there was a time to celebrate, but this wasn't it: now Diabolico knew they existed, and Mitchell warned them of far tougher fights in the future.
  • Although this was the first time Mitchell had mentioned Diabolico, Kelsey cheerfully replied they'd destroyed him, but Mitchell corrected somberly that that had merely been one of his monsters, making the surrounding personnel stir and murmur.
  • Mitchell told everyone they all had work to do to defeat Diabolico.


  • As the teens began a meeting with Mitchell, Dana called Joel, upset that he was late again for a meeting, but Mitchell annoyedly proceeded without him.
  • Mitchell showed the teens the Weapons Lab, explaining that everything the Rangers would use to defeat the demons was designed, built, and tested here.
  • Mitchell was amused as the teens were startled by a test-diver emerging from the lab pool.
  • Seeing Miss Fairweather, Mitchell introduced her as "the genius behind everything," from the Rescue Morphers to their newest weapons; she then showed them the Rail Rescues.
  • When a meteor (actually Magmavore) hit the city, the Aquabase alarms went off, and as personnel began to scramble, someone in Transport handed Mitchell his headset, which he used to ask Ops what was going on; a tech described the molten rock and brought up an image for Mitchell.
  • After giant Magmavore had emerged downtown, Mitchell had the teens put the Rail Rescues to work, and Miss Fairweather assured them they'd be fine thanks to automatic programming in the vehicles.
  • As the four teens went into the hallway, Joel saw them as he returned with a bouquet of flowers, but he was confronted by Captain Mitchell.
  • Joel tried to make up a story about having been on a secret mission, but Mitchell, seeing the flowers, told Joel insistently he was just lucky there was no time, having him join the others in deploying the Rail Rescues.
  • Michell then watched the action from Rescue Ops as he often would.
  • Once all systems were online in the Rail Rescues, Mitchell told a tech, "Train Bay to surface," and the tech initiated the Train Bay emergence.
  • As the Rangers reached the site, Mitchell had them split up to their own Rail Rescues, although a more accurate term would have been their own Rescuezords, as even Carter left the joint cockpit of Rail Rescue One for Pyro Rescue One.
  • As the lava pool downtown was creating a danger, Carter asked Joel if he could go in to cool the rock, and Joel laughed that he could go anywhere in this thing, but Miss Fairweather told Mitchell it was too dangerous.
  • Mitchell told Joel to hold on to work together; Joel was sure he had enough power, but Mitchell passed on a negative, prompting Joel to ask, "Says who?" and Mitchell replied it was the expert who designed the Zord, insisting that they combine their Rescue vehicles.
  • As Carter called for help as they struggled to free the people trapped in an elevator, Miss Fairweather at a panel observed that "it" was operational, and Mitchell told Carter of the new weapon, telling him to call for the Rescue Bird.
  • Later, as Pyro Rescue One was buried in rubble, Miss Fairweather had Mitchell send Joel in, but when Joel had a different idea, Miss Fairweather shouted into Mitchell's headset mic for him to just obey the order, somewhat surprising Mitchell.
  • Mitchell had Carter prep for Megazord mode, and schematics appeared in his visor for the formation.
  • When the Lightspeed Megazord destroyed Magmavore, Miss Fairweather exclaimed, "Yeah!!" but corrected herself with a calm, "Yes," after Mitchell had looked at her.


  • As the teens were talking in the hall after packing in their quarters for a training mission, Mitchell called over the loudspeaker for them to get to the training area, double-time.
  • When Mitchell started the stopwatch, the teens dashed off: Chad and Joel leapt over a wall, crawled under a rope net, and wiggled through tires, getting a good time of 1:30.
  • Elsewhere outside the shack, Kelsey strapped herself onto a safety line and rappelled over a railing with a crash test baby, where Dana quickly used a first aid kit and delivered CPR, done at a "not bad" two minutes.
  • Inside, cardboard cutouts of demons (actually looking more like evil space aliens) popped up around Carter as he used a goo-shooting gun to splatter them with clumsy aim; Carter finished outside at 52 seconds, impressing Mitchell, and the others giddily congratulated him on the fastest time yet.
  • Inside, Mitchell surveyed as the two techs observed, the woman recording.
  • Outside, Mitchell called Carter over and told him he might have had the fastest time, but he'd gotten the lowest score; he said he had to take time to his his brain before he ever used a blaster.
  • Confused, Carter said he'd hit every target, which meant nothing, Mitchell replied, as he hadn't thought it through; sometimes, he said, the obvious choice was the wrong choice.
  • Mitchell had the techs break down their gear and get back to the Aquabase.
  • When a brief earthquake later hit, Mitchell checked the seismograph and observed it was no earthquake and had them go to alert status, sounding the alarms and telling calling, "Rangers to Transport Bay" for them to drive out and investigate.
  • Mitchell was watching through Carter's view as people were in peril from falling rubble in a parking garage, but Mitchell ordered him to put out the fire behind him first despite Carter's serious objections.
  • Grudgingly, Carter put out the fire with his blaster, but rubble then fell onto the mother and son, knocking the boy out.
  • The boy was barely conscious as the mother panicked, and Joel and Dana took him away for help; furious, Carter ran off.
  • In the base, unmorphed Carter stormed into Mitchell's quarters, shouting that he'd been wrong to tell him to put out the fire.
  • Mitchell calmly replied he'd done the right thing, but Carter spat that the little boy had gotten hurt because he'd listened to him, and Mitchell sighed; Carter stormed out to see the boy at the hospital.
  • Agonized over the boy's injury, Carter wished he could have been like "him," saying he'd been about the boy's age when it had happened, perhaps seven or so.
  • A young blond Carter in a black and red shirt had nearly collapsed in a flaming room, but a masked fireman, secretly Captain Mitchell, had come in asking if anyone was in there, and he helped Carter exit before a flaming beam came down and landed on him.
  • His back catching on fire, Mitchell had held it up to allow Carter to escape; then as a falling shelf slammed the door shut and another fireman took young Carter away, Mitchell had removed his mask.
  • Mitchell appeared to have been #7.
  • Carter didn't know who the fireman had been, but ever since that day, all he'd wanted was to be just like him.
  • Carter later surveyed the training area, seeing the fallen demon cutouts and stumbling upon an explosive canister which he'd accidentally shot in the chaos.
  • With sudden insight, Carter ran to the parking garage and found the buried gasoline drums, realizing that if he hadn't first put out the fire, the whole place would have exploded.
  • Mitchell walked up, repeating that sometimes the obvious choice was the wrong choice, and Carter knew Mitchell had known about the explosive canisters.
  • Mitchell told Carter it wasn't easy being a leader, and that he learned tough lessons every day.
  • As Joel called for help when it quaked again, Carter told Mitchell he wasn't sure he was cut out to be a Ranger, but Mitchell was, moreso now than ever; with regained confidence, Carter ran off to join the others.
  • After the Rangers had destroyed Quakemon, Mitchell watched happily nearby as Carter visited the recovering injured boy, who thought Carter was awesome and wanted to be just like him.


  • During a shuttle launch, Mitchell interrupted the teens with trouble, seeing a tornado in the city.
  • After fighting the Rangers, Whirlin retreated in his tornado and terrorized the shuttle during its descent through the atmosphere.
  • The Rangers below blew up Whirlin with the Unilaser, but the shuttle was still going down; Mitchell told Joel the shuttle and Aero Rescue Three would both crash if he tried to help, but Kelsey got a crazy idea, calling Rescuezords, and Carter let her call the shots.


  • In the conference room, Mitchell showed the teens a video of scientists in protective suits handling a top-secret fuel cell.
  • Mitchell said they'd meet Dr. Hanson at the airport to make sure the fuel cell got back to the Aquabase safe and sound, although he did not mention its intended function.
  • As the teens left, Mitchell kept Dana, wanting her to pick up his old friend and give him a ride to the Aquabase, giving her his address as he had bad eyesight.
  • "With all due respect," Dana bitterly told her father to call his friend a taxi, as the other Rangers needed her help, but Mitchell stood firm despite her disgust; she spat coldly that he could say he trusted her, he could choose her to be the Pink Ranger, but in the end, all he saw her as was his little girl.
  • As the four Rangers fought Fireor to protect Dr. Hanson, Carter called Dana for help, and she swerved while driving Earl to join the others, but Mitchell replied negative; she protested that his fishing trip could wait.
  • Mitchell firmly ordered Dana to return to the base, and she angrily swerved around and headed back toward the base.
  • When Dana realized Earl had actually been carrying the fuel cell all along, Earl told Dana that he and Mitchell had hoped nothing would happen, but in case it did, Mitchell had insisted that if Dana were with him, he'd get to the Aquabase safely no matter what.
  • Hearing this, Dana was startled, but Earl reassured her that her father couldn't believe in her more.
  • Admiring Dana, Earl told her she looked just like her mother, his having known her mother softly startling her; he continued that she would be so proud if she could see Dana now.
  • Mitchell and personnel met the arriving Dana and Earl at a lift after they'd come by submarine, and Earl attributed their safe arrival to Dana.
  • Mitchell let Dana go to help the others, and she saluted.
  • In his office after Fireor's destruction, Mitchell was typing into a laptop when Dana entered.
  • Dana apologized for what she'd said earlier, just having wondered sometimes if he thought of her as just his little girl, not really a Power Ranger.
  • Mitchell replied for years he'd been training her to become the Pink Ranger, and after today, he knew he couldn't have been more right; for all those years, however, she'd also been his little girl, and part of him didn't want that to change.
  • Dana happily explained that she was proud to be a Ranger but said nothing topped being his little girl.


  • Mitchell announced a "code red" as the alarms and Morphers sounded throughout the base to signal a monster attack downtown.
  • Returning after Vypra's new Vyprari had charred the Rescue Rover, the teens briefed Mitchell in the conference room on what had happened.
  • Then in Transport, Miss Fairweather removed a damaged piece from the Rover's engine and showed it to Mitchell, not yet sure what they could do.
  • Alone with Mitchell in the conference room after a second attack, Carter said they'd never had a chance to stop her, saying the city was fair game, but Mitchell said she was in for a surprise, having him meet him with the others in Transport.
  • As the Rangers destroyed Elestomp, Mitchell told them of Vypra's attack downtown.


  • As Strikning prepared to finish off the Lightspeed Rangers after stunning them with a lightning bolt, the monster was blasted by the approaching Cyborg Rangers, and the human Rangers awoke startled.
  • Miss Fairweather, Mitchell, and Aquabase personnel, watching on monitors, were all baffled upon seeing the Cyborg Rangers.
  • Bewildered, Mitchell turned to Miss Fairweather, but she replied uneasily, "We aren't developing any such Cyborg Rangers."
  • Mitchell asked if they hadn't sent the Cyborgs, who had, at which point General McKnight, entering the Transport control area, answered he had.
  • Stiffening nervously upon seeing McKnight, Mitchell saluted and addressed him by name, then asked semi-curiously, "What in the world's going on? I wasn't told--"; McKnight replied that no one was told, as the Cyborg Rangers were a top secret project.
  • Still smiling politely, Mitchell replied that they already had five Power Rangers, but McKnight chuckled to himself and asked without intentional rudeness, "You mean those... kids?"
  • McKnight said the Cyborgs were ten times stronger than the human Rangers and were programmed for one thing - fighting - and never made mistakes, but Mitchell was edgy as he asked, "Meaning what?"
  • As the teens happily arrived in the Rover, Mitchell, McKnight, and the others emerged into Transport.
  • The teens raved over the Cyborgs, excited to team up with them, but McKnight replied the Cyborgs weren't there to join them, but rather to replace them.
  • As the teens were shocked, Mitchell softly told McKnight in a plaintive tone, "Sir, this is a mistake," but McKnight didn't think so, as they'd seen how the Cyborgs had saved "these... kids."
  • McKnight softly asked Mitchell, "What were you thinking, Bill?" telling him they could never defeat Diabolico and his evils.
  • The teens were rude and defensive, but Mitchell ordered them to be quiet.
  • The Cyborgs entered followed by Dr. Harlen, and McKnight told the teens they were relieved of their duties.
  • The two officers accompanying McKnight approached, one opening the silver case in which the Rescue Morphers had originally been stored, the other grabbing Chad's wrist, and Mitchell shook his head at Chad's tense grasp, making the teens surrender their Morphers.
  • While the Cyborgs fought Strikning for a second time, McKnight watched from Ops as Mitchell and Miss Fairweather were unamused.
  • When a lightning bolt from Strikning disabled the Cyborgs, McKnight was stunned, saying it was impossible.
  • When the Cyborgs got up and turned on the scientists, a stunned McKnight uttered that this couldn't happen, saying they had tested them over and over; Mitchell radioed for Dr. Harlen to activate self-destruct, which he eagerly tried on the remote, but it wouldn't work, and the three scientists fled in terror.
  • As McKnight was deep in woe, Mitchell and Miss Fairweather looked at the nearby case containing the teens' Morphers.
  • While the teens attempted to protect the scientists from the approaching Cyborgs, Captain Mitchell screeched up in the Rescue Rover and threw the teens their Morphers, then proudly watched as they morphed and engaged the Cyborgs.
  • Upon destroying both the malfunctioning Cyborg Rangers and giant Strikning, the teens giggled and conversed in Ops as Mitchell and Miss Fairweather stood somberly, Dr. Harlen quite embarrassed in front of McKnight's two infantrymen, and they all stood at attention as McKnight entered before telling them, "At ease."
  • After apologizing to the teens, McKnight told Mitchell he wouldn't interfere again, telling him to carry on, and the two saluted each other.
  • As McKnight and his associates left, Miss Fairweather beamed, and Mitchell grinned and pumped his fist victoriously.


  • When Miss Fairweather detected Mt. Jasmine heating up, thinking someone was giving it help, Mitchell realized it had to be Diabolico.
  • After calling the others to the base, Mitchell tried calling Dana but got no response, so he sent the other four.


  • As she and two assistants monitored the volcano from within, Miss Fairweather reported to Mitchell via a computer terminal that the volcano was indeed heating up.
  • Miss Fairweather reported suddenly that there was something else, and the cavern rumbled as giant Magmavore laughed and arose from his lava bed inside the volcano.
  • Miss Fairweather reported something was coming up from under the ground, something alive; another quake cut the video signal, and Mitchell put the base on alert status.
  • As he pounded the Lightspeed Megazord, giant Magmavore's club broke the Lightspeed Megazord Saber in half, shocking Mitchell, who said it was impossible.
  • The teens now knew the names of both Magmavore and Trifire despite never being shown told their names.
  • As the Megazord was pounded by Magmavore and the resurrected Trifire, Mitchell repeatedly called for Miss Fairweather but got no response.
  • When the Megazord fell, having lost all power, Mitchell had the Rangers evacuate the Megazord, explaining something had happened to Miss Fairweather and they had to find her to save the Megazord.
  • In the lab after being rescued, Miss Fairweather ordered the Supertrain program online; Mitchell arrived as they worked, and she told him she was booting up the Supertrain Megazord.
  • Mitchell called for the Train Bay to surface, and the Rail Rescues then proceeded on autopilot into the city.
  • As the Rail Rescues arrived, Miss Fairweather told the Rangers to break down the Megazord; Carter didn't want to retreat, but Mitchell insisted they weren't retreating, telling him, "Just do it!"
  • After an overload during their first use of the Gatling Blasters, Miss Fairweather didn't want to risk using them again, but as Magmavore charged, Carter asked for ideas, and Mitchell nodded assuringly to Miss Fairweather, who told them to switch weapons to turbines; Magmavore would be destroyed.


  • On what happened to be the day before the 20th birthday of the lost Ryan Mitchell, the teens, Miss Fairweather, and Mitchell watched from a booth as techs attached electrodes to Carter in the pool room in preparation for his testing of the Titanium Morpher, which was placed around his wrist by a tech.
  • After activating the Morpher, Carter painfully pulsed with blue flashes of the partial Titanium suit, his glowing red nervous system and heart visible during the agonizing flickers which included blue energy waves on the border of the partially-formed pieces of Titanium Ranger suit.
  • During the excrutiating process, Carter struggled to hold out his hand, almost pleading for mercy, but the morph spasms continued to wrack his body.
  • Agonized, Carter finally dropped to his hands, gasping as the blue ripples trailed off; he would tell an alarmed Miss Fairweather between gasps that he was okay as the teens rushed out to help him.
  • Just before midnight, Mitchell resignedly took a seat at his desk, and Miss Fairweather slammed the Titanium Morpher onto the desk, protesting, despite his apparent former insistence, that she didn't think they should continue testing the Titanium powers, as the circuitry was too powerful for an ordinary human.
  • As Miss Fairweather began to leave, Mitchell, looking at the Morpher, said wistfully, "Would've been fantastic," and she agreed it truly would have, telling him good night.
  • Alone, Mitchell used a key on his safe and put in the Morpher, locking it shut.
  • On the wall were two model galleons.
  • Putting the key back into his desk drawer, Mitchell looked at a picture of himself with more hair holding young Dana, perhaps three or four, as young Ryan, perhaps five or six, did a kick toward the camera.
  • Beneath the framed picture was a black "Captain's Log."
  • A knock at the door made Mitchell hastily put away the picture as he invited in whomever it was.
  • At exactly midnight, Dana happily brought in a cake, and Mitchell was amazed she'd remembered; although Dana said she'd been too young to remember very much of her big brother, she knew Ryan would have been 20 today, so she said they'd celebrate "like we always do."
  • Mitchell and Dana blew out the candles to make a wish, Dana thinking they'd both wished the car crash had never happened and Ryan was still there, but Mitchell replied they couldn't change the past.
  • Mitchell instead wished that whatever happened, Dana always knew he loved her, and they hugged.
  • Later, Mitchell's quarters were not in use, as Mitchell was sleeping elsewhere.
  • Among the things in the safe along with the Titanium Morpher were a smooth black sigiled case, a "Top Secret" brief, and a blue passport booklet.
  • The keyring which contained the round safe key also held a normal gold door key and a sigil keyring.
  • As Vypra attacked the city the next morning, Mitchell watched the fight from perhaps Carter's helmet view.
  • As the Rangers regrouped, Vypra announced they were about to meet their match, and the Titanium Ranger descended from a thundering blue energy cloud before them.
  • Shocked, Mitchell ran to his quarters and frustratedly found the Titanium Morpher missing; also missing, but likely unnoticed, was the photo of himself with his children from the picture frame.
  • Back in Ops, Miss Fairweather soon joined Mitchell in Ops as Titanium fought the Rangers with his bare hands and the Titanium Laser.
  • Mitchell soon told Carter to break off the attack, and the weakened Rangers retreated.
  • Entering as the teens discussed who could have stolen the Morpher, Mitchell said they had to get it back fast regardless, but Miss Fairweather sighed that that wouldn't be easy.
  • Around this time, the Titanium Morpher was blinking as though it were being called as Ryan bowed before Diabolico in the skull castle; meanwhile, the teens would split up to explore the city.
  • Entering the conference room from Ops, Mitchell watched in the monitor there as the Rangers struggled against Titanium.
  • Mitchell called Miss Fairweather on a console monitor as she and techs worked on the V-Lancers in the lab; Mitchell said they were out of time, not letting her test the weapons before sending them to the Rangers.
  • After a blast which the Rangers expected to be fatal, the Rangers were shocked as Titanium weakly rose.
  • As Titanium turned, his visor was open, revealing his eyes and his silver rebreather; in the conference room, Mitchell was stunned upon seeing the hazel eyes within.
  • As the Rangers aimed the V-Lancers on full power on Miss Fairweather's instruction, Mitchell painfully told them not to fire, repeating the order when Carter was surprised.
  • In the conference room, Mitchell stood as the angry teens came in, all but Dana furious that he'd had them retreat during their perhaps only chance.
  • Pausing, Carter sighed and asked why, and Mitchell wearily replied it was his son.


  • Learning that Titanium Ranger was Ryan, Dana asked Mitchell how that could be, saying Ryan had been killed in that car crash, but Mitchell told her Ryan had not died, recounting the story of their crash.
  • Late one cold night during a rainstorm, Mitchell had been driving the two children home from visiting their grandmother; in the back seat, the children played with the new toys their grandmother had given them: young Ryan had a toy fire truck, and young Dana a doll.
  • Mitchell had the same scar on his cheek in the flashback.
  • As Mitchell had looked back at the kids for a second, a semi cab had come around the corner, honked, and Mitchell swerved off the road into a railing on the edge of the nearby cliff; just before the car went over, Mitchell dove through the backseat and out the rear door, tumbling with his kids and managing to grab a root sticking out of the rock face, saving them from falling to their dooms.
  • Below, the car exploded against the ground far below; as Mitchell hung from the root, he held young Dana who was clutching to him silently while young Ryan hung from his foot.
  • Ryan called for his dad to help, but Mitchell yelled desperately for him to hold on; Ryan said he was slipping, but Mitchell, looking around helplessly, cried out urgently for him just to hold on, but Ryan cried again he was slipping.
  • Meanwhile, young Dana cried while looking up that she was scared.
  • Mitchell called for someone to please help, at which point the spectral form of Diabolico had flown up from below.
  • Seeing Diabolico, Mitchell gasped, and Diabolico said he could help him, but Mitchell shouted for him to go away; whether he had previously known Diabolico is uncertain.
  • Continuing, Diabolico explained that if he saved the boy's life, he belonged to him; Mitchell shouted "Never!" and Diabolico vanished telling him the choice was his.
  • When Mitchell's shoe came off and Ryan plunged earthward, screaming, Mitchell cried out, "Save him!!"
  • At that point, Diabolico swooped down and plucked Ryan out of the air.
  • Spectral Diabolico flew up to Mitchell and appeared, holding the unconscious but corporeal Ryan.
  • Stunned, Mitchell begged Diabolico to give him back his son, but the demon replied, "You will not see your son again until his 20th birthday. He is mine now."; as he flew down toward the earth as energy, Mitchell screamed, "Nooooo!!"
  • After Mitchell had recounted all this for the teens, Dana observed today was Ryan's 20th birthday; Carter promised Mitchell they wouldn't fight him, and they would do anything they could to help get him back.
  • Later alone with Dana, Mitchell said for 20 years, he'd both dreamed of seeing Ryan again and hoped he would never come back; it had actually been closer to 14 or 15 years.
  • Dana told her father he could have told her, but he had been ashamed, saying it had been the hardest decision he'd ever had to make.
  • Dana told him he'd had no choice, and yet in his heart he still wondered, but she insisted he'd done the right thing.
  • The next morning, Mitchell wandered down the hall, ignoring a good morning from Miss Fairweather, and through Ops, nearly ignoring a tech who presented the morning status report which Mitchell signed carlessly; the tech was surprised that Mitchell didn't even want to look at it.
  • As Ryan looked over the cliff where their car accident had occurred years ago, Mitchell was there, asking if he remembered; Ryan replied defensively he'd been told Mitchell hadn't cared what happened to him, letting him fall while saving Dana.
  • Mitchell tried to have Ryan think back, remembering the fire truck, then the crash, and they'd all gone over the cliff; Ryan angrily said he was lying, but Mitchell insisted he'd been trying to save them.
  • Shouting that Mitchell had only saved Dana and had let him fall, Ryan tackled Mitchell, sending them both falling over the edge until Mitchell grabbed the same root while catching Ryan's hand.
  • Dangling, Ryan remembered slipping, Mitchell telling him to hold on, Mitchell calling for someone to help, Diabolico appearing and issuing his demand, and then his fall.
  • With determination, Ryan climbed up Mitchell and grabbed onto the root as well, remembering.
  • When the root started to budge, Mitchell said it wouldn't support both of them, and he said goodbye calmly and contentedly, confusing Ryan, and he then let go.
  • To save his father, Ryan dove down after him, morphing; Ryan grabbed Mitchell and held him close as they tumbled down the bottom embankment, Ryan then demorphing while lying on the ground below.
  • The two weakly got up as the teens ran up nearby.
  • Mitchell apologized deeply to Ryan, saying he would have given his life a thousand times to save his; as Ryan started to leave, Mitchell called for him to wait, and he stopped.
  • Mitchell said he couldn't lose him again after all these years, as he was his son; upset, Ryan stopped and dropped his Morpher to the ground before running off up the hill.


  • In the lab, a computer voice announced an intruder alert, and Ryan rode up on the empty Rover lift; he was grappled by guards, but Miss Fairweather allowed him to pass.
  • Mitchell met Ryan outside his office and invited him in, having known he'd come back, but Ryan had come to say goodbye, not knowing who he was.
  • Mitchell objected that there was a place for him here at Lightspeed, but Ryan replied that for years, his mind had been poisoned by hate and fear, and he didn't know if there was any good left in him; he was leaving Mariner Bay to find out who he was.
  • As Ryan left, Mitchell retrieved the Titanium Morpher in a small silver case from his desk drawer and caught up with Ryan.
  • Mitchell told Ryan, "You may not know who you are, but trust me. I do. You're not evil."; somewhere inside Ryan, he said, was an ocean of goodness.
  • The day Ryan realized he was truly good, Mitchell wanted him to open the silver box; Ryan took it thoughtfully and left.
  • When the alarm went off, Mitchell told the teens of three monsters, startling them, but he dispatched them nonetheless.
  • As Demonite explained to the Rangers that the feathers which were all over Mariner Bay would explode at nightfall, Mitchell watched a shot of kids playing in feathers in the park.
  • Mitchell had them put out a city-wide alert, and a tan-suit officer with a headset spoke into his headset; Mitchell said they had to retrieve all of the feathers.
  • After Ryan had chased away Demonite, Falkar, and Thunderon, Miss Fairweather in Ops reported very little damage in the city, saying no one was hurt.


  • The next morning, Mitchell showed Ryan around, giving him a tour of the labs.
  • Ryan was slightly overwhelmed by all there was to learn, but Mitchell assured him he already had what it took to be a Ranger and that the rest was technicalities.
  • As Demonite, Falkar, and Thunderon attacked downtown, Mitchell, after checking if Ryan was ready, had the teens and Ryan drive out to show the monsters what six Rangers could do.
  • In Ryan's quarters after the fight, Mitchell entered having overheard Carter protest that Diabolico's tattoo would stop Ryan if his dad didn't.
  • After Carter had left, Mitchell had Ryan show him the tattoo; seeing it, Mitchell ordered that until they figured something out, he didn't morph, not wanting to lose Ryan again.


  • Miss Fairweather showed Mitchell schematics for the Max Solarzord; it was ready, but it was useless without a Titanium Ranger, and he hoped they could function without it.
  • Later, the teens were told of Falkar and Thunderon in the city; as they headed out, they were confronted by Ryan in the hallway, but Mitchell shook his head, telling the Rangers to go.
  • As the Rangers battled Falkar and Thunderon, Mitchell called Miss Fairweather to Ops, stat; there, she observed that the two monsters were too powerful for the Supertrain alone.
  • In the cockpit as the Solarzord deployed, Ryan radioed, "Titanium Ranger to Miss Fairweather. I'm gonna need a little help here."
  • Mitchell ordered him to get back here, but Ryan replied they needed his help, and as Mitchell was silent, Miss Fairweather told Ryan to position wings for takeoff.
  • Ryan proceeded to fight and destroy the two monsters, but as the Rangers congratulated him, he lay unconscious on his controls, the cobra glowing on his back.
  • Ryan later lay shirtless in an infirmary bed in the Aquabase as Miss Fairweather used a scanner on him.
  • Beside him, Dana didn't know if Dad would be mad, as sometimes he could be pretty strict, and she left as she saw Mitchell's shadow approaching.
  • As Mitchell arrived, Ryan started to explain, but rather than yelling, Mitchell was very proud of him, saying he would have done the same thing; he then told Ryan to get some rest.
  • As Miss Fairweather had Ryan roll over to check his breathing, Mitchell was startled to see the cobra now in the middle of Ryan's back.
  • Outside, Miss Fairweather told Mitchell the last fight had made the cobra progress very rapidly; the next time he morphed could destroy him.


  • When the teens returned in defeat after their skirmish with Troika, Mitchell met them in Transport to check on them.
  • In the conference room, the teens (sans Dana) described their defeat to Miss Fairweather and Mitchell as Miss Fairweather took notes on a clipboard.
  • Mitchell asked about the Battle Boosters, and Miss Fairweather approvingly noted they were almost finished, although as they were experimental, they didn't know the Boosters' capability.
  • Dana entered, unable to find Ryan, but the teens were sidetracked by another Troika attack.
  • As titan-sized Diabolico crippled the Supertrain, Mitchell had the Rescuezords sent in.
  • When Ryan arrived in the Solarzord which he'd apparently taken to the desert in secrecy, Mitchell was anxious, but Ryan reassured him and the Rangers that the cobra and curse were history.
  • In the galley following Diabolico's destruction, the teens and techs chatted happily amongst each other as Mitchell entered with Miss Fairweather, and Joel whistled loudly to silence the room for him.
  • Mitchell proposed a toast, for Mariner Bay, which he began to describe as the safest city, as of now, in the --, but the alarm sounded; Carter asked if it was a drill, and Mitchell oddly remarked they didn't have drills, calling for everyone to move.


  • As Carter, Ryan, and Mitchell planned to send out search parties for the other captured teens after Carter had found "Chad," "Kelsey" cheerfully greeted the three and told them they'd all made it back, so they could call off the search party.
  • As Mitchell entered his quarters, "Dana" was seated on the couch with a magazine.
  • "Dana" hugged Mitchell, telling him she'd come by to let him know she was okay; he invited her to the galley, but she yawned and left to get some rest.


  • In the conference room the next day, Mitchell told the six teens he had a very important assignment for them: to take a day off; Joel thought he was joking, but he wasn't, as they'd all worked very hard and deserved it, adding "dismissed" when they didn't know what to do.
  • Overlooking the city, Carter did a kata in a blue workout suit; afterward, Mitchell arrived in the same suit.
  • Carter explained he never took a day off training, so Mitchell offered some company, assuring Carter he still had it.
  • Mitchell invited Carter to attack, and they sparred, Mitchell urging Carter not to go easy on him; Mitchell blocked and fought back well, eventually flipping a startled Carter to the grass.
  • Mitchell asked what was next, and Carter smiled; the two ran up a hillside, Mitchell trailing; Carter offered to slow down for him, but Mitchell, tired, played tough, telling Carter he was already going too slow for him as it was.
  • At the top of the hill, Mitchell wearily jogged up to the seated Carter, and they joked over Mitchell's exhaustion; Mitchell teased he would have left him in the dust when he'd been Carter's age, as he'd trained just like him, but even he'd taken a day off every now and then.
  • Honestly, Mitchell said he'd never seen anyone so driven, asking why that was, and Carter explained that everything he did was to be as good as the fireman who'd saved his life as a kid; Mitchell reminded him that even heroes were only human.
  • When a streak flew from a storm cloud to a power plant below, the two ran to check it out.
  • On the scene, Carter morphed and then watched as Mitchell put on a uniform and gear from a fire truck (truck 27), confusing Carter.
  • Together, Mitchell and Carter ran in, helping out plant workers from under equipment, and Mitchell put his own mask on a man to help him out; as they got out, the other Rangers arrived.
  • As Shockatron attacked the second power plant, Miss Fairweather called Mitchell over the radio on his gear, so he sent the Rangers off, saying he'd keep things under control here.
  • Trapped in the first plant, field trip children were rescued by Mitchell, who took off his mask to have them follow him out, but as they went, one girl went back for her teddy bear.
  • Upon finding out one girl had been missing, Mitchell had gone back in after her.
  • Inside, Mitchell called out for Ginny and found her coughing, giving her his mask to breathe into; when a large pipe fell, he held it for her as he'd done years ago for Carter with the burning beam.
  • Arriving, Carter hugged Ginny and watched as Mitchell tried to throw the pipe off himself but was struck painfully in the shoulder, but the captain waved Carter away, at which point Carter rushed her away.
  • Following a powerful explosion, Mitchell climbed down a fire hose from the roof, covered in soot.
  • Carter told Mitchell the girl was okay, and Mitchell laughed happily, hugging morphed Ryan.
  • In the Aquabase infirmary, Carter found Miss Fairweather bandaging Mitchell's left shoulder, advising him to take it easy for a few days.
  • On Mitchell's right shoulder, an old injury which wasn't being treated, was a large area of blistered, scarred skin, and Carter remembered the fireman's right shoulder and back being on fire from his childhood rescue.
  • As Miss Fairweather left, Carter asked it was him who had saved him as a kid, and Mitchell said yes after a moment.
  • Mitchell explained, "It's funny... I saw you looking at me as the door closed, and I watched you smile, and I knew you were going to be all right. It was a great feeling."
  • After removing his mask during that rescue, Mitchell had then looked around for a way out of the burning room.
  • Mitchell explained he'd been keeping an eye on Carter ever since that rescue; he'd watched him become a fireman, and then he'd chosen him to be the Red Ranger.
  • Carter felt he owed Mitchell so much, but he replied he didn't owe him anything, saying Carter had returned whatever he'd given him over and over to the people he'd saved.
  • Carter promised to train even harder, an extra hour in the mornings, two extra miles, but Mitchell assured him he trained hard enough, telling him to get out of here.
  • As Carter later joined the others at the beach to have some fun, Mitchell watched happily from the Rover on a road above and then drove off.


  • During the ceremony to bring back Queen Bansheera, Ryan pinpointed the ceremony location, and Mitchell dispatched him alone while the others were on rescue missions.
  • When Ryan wouldn't respond to his calls later, Mitchell called Carter and Kelsey as they rescued people in a skyscraper, and Kelsey then tried to call him herself but got no response.
  • As Bansheera's giant spectral head summoned a tidal wave behind the elevated Train Bay, Miss Fairweather announced the impending disaster, and Mitchell shouted to secure all decks as the base rumbled, but the wave would fade before impact.
  • In the conference room following the Rangers' apparent victory, Ryan explained that Bansheera might not have her whole body back, but her powers would only get stronger until they wouldn't be able to stop her.
  • Ryan announced he was going to leave, shocking them, but he explained he had to find out how to capture the demons again; Mitchell was proud, and they shook hands before Ryan left.


  • Standing above as Joel answered his Morpher after the frequency had been hacked by young friend Simon, Mitchell was sternly upset, asking, "A friend of yours?"; Joel saluted with his bouquet of flowers for Miss Fairweather, then resignedly handed them over.
  • Joel soon drove to Simon's house in the Rover and brought Simon back to the Aquabase; Simon would reveal the asteroid heading for the city.
  • After the Rangers had lifted off to deploy the Omegazords, Miss Fairweather took Simon into Rescue Ops, where Mitchell saluted back when saluted by the boy.
  • As the Omega Crawler began to leave the asteroid after depositing two explosives, Miss Fairweather shouted for them to get out of there as the asteroid grappled them, but Carter shouted back that the asteroid was alive; he planned for them to detonate the explosives manually despite Mitchell's warning that it would be too dangerous.
  • After transforming, the Omega Megazord stabbed its staff into the asteroid, and giant explosions blew the asteroid apart; the last seen by Ops was a cockpit view of the Rangers groaning amidst sparks before the view went to static.
  • Miss Fairweather was horrified, and Mitchell stunned, but Carter then reported success.


  • Neither Mitchell nor Miss Fairweather were seen during Leo, Maya, and Kai's visit to the Aquabase, although they may have been introduced earlier offscreen.


  • In the conference room, Mitchell slid the teens a newspaper which reported the fourth Starlight Crystal stolen and introduced Special Agent Myers.


  • As Chad showed his sensei of many years, Mr. Tamashiro, around Ops, Miss Fairweather and Captain Mitchell entered, and Chad introduced them proudly.
  • Mitchell genuinely told Mr. Tamashiro he was honored to meet him, both of them shaking his hand.


  • Eighteen minutes before the pods on the teens' wrists would release toxic spores, Mitchell told them of a lab on the east side with a poison that should destroy the pods, and they left to meet people from the lab at a location halfway between them.
  • Watching a gold pocket watch in Ops, Mitchell watched the despaired teens after the poison had been destroyed, Miss Fairweather lamenting that that had been their last chance, but Carter was suddenly inspired to call the Solarzord.
  • As the teens got into a nosecone cockpit, Mitchell asked Carter what he was doing, and Carter replied the spores couldn't hurt anyone in outer space; determined, Miss Fairweather went to a keyboard and had the Solarzord lift off.
  • As everyone cheered over the successful elimination of the spores, Miss Fairweather joyously held onto Mitchell's shoulder but quickly regained her composure.


  • After Miss Fairweather had been frozen, Carter oversaw the defrosting unconscious Miss Fairweather in the infirmary, and he told Mitchell outside that she would be okay.
  • Mitchell was called to Ops urgently as the monitors in Ops all displayed Olympius; he issued a challenge for Red Ranger to meet him or he would destroy the others.
  • Carter had to go, so Mitchell had him take the Thermo Blasters.


  • After a narrow victory which they attributed to Joel's quick thinking, the teens discussed their first fight with Infinitor with Miss Fairweather and Mitchell in the conference room.
  • As Mitchell discussed needing something more against Infinitor, he asked Miss Fairweather about her brother Clark's new technology, and she excitedly realized he'd have some great ideas.
  • During a brief blackout from a faulty test in the lab (caused by Clark's prank on Joel), Mitchell told someone to find out what was going on, but the power came back on.


  • As Chad suited up in a full-body wetsuit, Mitchell in the conference room told the teens of a broken communications cable, assigning Chad to swim out and make any necessary repairs.


  • As the four amnesic teens struggled in the infirmary as Mitchell and Dana watched, Miss Fairweather and techs examined the teens.
  • Mitchell asked whether they could restore their memories, and Miss Fairweather replied it wouldn't be easy, but she got right on it.
  • As Miss Fairweather activated a memory restoration apparatus, Mitchell later warned that the city was much too vulnerable without the Rangers, but Miss Fairweather replied if they stopped the process before it was finished, the teens could lose all their memories.
  • When the alarm sounded, Mitchell and Dana watched the attack, and Dana wanted to go alone; Mitchell replied it was too risky, but she would then sneak off alone while the others recuperated.
  • As Mitchell received word that Dana was in trouble fighting Memorase alone, Carter was still stunned and unsure, so Mitchell ordered the other three to go, and Carter would eventually remember his past and join them.


  • When the teens returned from their victory over Memorase, Mitchell planned a very difficult training session to toughen them up, but when Joel faked amnesia, Miss Fairweather left sighing she'd been thinking of asking the Green Ranger out on a date, and he ran after her.


  • With Olympius trapped in the Shadow World, Dana took her father to the carnival to take a well-deserved break to relax.
  • At a small stage, Mr. Mesmer boasted of amazing hypnotic powers, selecting Captain Mitchell for a volunteer from the audience, and everyone clapped for him as Dana convinced him to go up.
  • Mr. Mesmer dangled a gold pendant for the obstinate Mitchell while slipping his star medallion into Mitchell's pocket, and he spoke, "Listen closely, and do as I say. You can't resist - you must obey! You must obey..."
  • After slipping a star medallion into his pocket while trying to hypnotize him, Mr. Mesmer commanded Mitchell to cluck like a chicken, but Mitchell snatched the pendant and left as the audience booed in disappointment.
  • Mitchell apologized jokingly to Dana as they left together.
  • Watching, Mr. Mesmer jingled his little pendant chime, making Mitchell pause, his irises briefly red, but he said he was fine.
  • Later hypnotized when Jinxer jingled his chime from afar, Mitchell repeated his command of, "You must obey," and walked to the Aquabase's Power Core, holding the medallion Jinxer had slipped into his pocket.
  • In the Power Core, Mitchell diverted the base's energy into Jinxer's medallion, sending the energy to Olympius's Star Power.
  • Over a small camera monitor, Dana told her father the atmospheric systems were going down and the base would run out of air, but he smashed the camera near him with a pipe.
  • While Miss Fairweather tried to get into the Power Core, Mitchell stood grinning evilly at the medallion's glow.
  • Finally cutting the door open, guards searched with flashlights, but when Miss Fairweather went to pull a lever, Mitchell suddenly grabbed her and threw her back, then fought the two baton-wielding guards.
  • Although the guards wore oxygen masks, Mitchell wore none, pounding them with seemingly superior strength and knocking one out.
  • As Mitchell grappled another guard, Miss Fairweather grabbed an emergency axe off the wall and shattered the amulet with a mighty chop as Mitchell cried out in protest.
  • In the wake of the medallion's shattering, Miss Fairweather woke the unconscious Mitchell, and he hoped she could explain all of this.
  • The next day in Transport, the teens, dressed in beach clothes, packed beach items into the Rover, ready to have some fun after their last battle, but Mitchell called them to attention, having scheduled a five mile hike with full gear, disappointing the teens.
  • Mitchell explained they couldn't afford to let their guard down, having to keep in tip-top shape.
  • As Mitchell said there was no time for recreation, having planned some sort of test for the next day, Joel sneaked behind him and dangled a stopwatch like a pendulum to hypnotize him.
  • Surprised that it was apparently working, Joel commanded Mitchell to give the teens the day off, and he replied, "I will give the Rangers the day off... except for Joel, who will now go on a ten mile hike!"
  • Mitchell shouted for Joel to move it, doubletime, and the teens and techs laughed as the two left.


  • After the Rangers had been unable to hit Arachnor with the Unilaser, Mitchell remarked on the ineffectiveness of the blasters and the Rescue Bird but thought the Mega Battles might have enough power to stop her.
  • As the teens left, Miss Fairweather had Carter stay, needing him to test the Trans-Armor Cycle prototype again, and Mitchell agreed.
  • Captain Mitchell was among the victims abducted from the Aquabase by Arachnor and sent to her webbing in an old warehouse.
  • Arachnor's babies soon began to hatch, but the egg sack was destroyed by the arriving Carter, who then freed the teens.
  • Soon, Captain Mitchell and Miss Fairweather led all the freed techs and civilians outside.


  • Unable to contact Dana while she was away from base during an attack, Mitchell had the others go without her.
  • In his standard uniform, Captain Mitchell monitored the teens on a training session in a park, while a prissy Dana tried to avoid getting dirty or roughed up.
  • As Dana and Kelsey argued after Dana had dropped Kelsey into the mud to answer her cell phone, a limo arrived for Dana and she left despite a reminder from Carter that the monster was still out there.
  • Joel was upset Mitchell had let Dana leave, but Mitchell replied he had to trust her to make her own decisions, having the other four get back to their training; she would eventually come to her senses.


  • As a display showed a swirling vortex at one end of Mariner Stadium downtown, Mitchell showed the four teens and explained it was an energy flux, definitely not man-made, and had them investigate.
  • As the others left, Mitchell called for Carter, but Carter found himself confronted by Olympius, and the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle was dispatched (perhaps by Mitchell) to take him to safety.
  • Mitchell told Carter the others had been sucked into a vortex at the stadium, and he flew in after Mitchell had told him to be careful.
  • Fighting giant Bansheera following their return downtown, the Rangers were perplexed to report her sudden disappearance from battle to Mitchell.


  • In a test room, Mitchell entered as the Rangers tested a mockup of the Lifeforce Megazord cockpit, where collars tapped their life energies with increasing discomfort until Miss Fairweather had it shut down.
  • Asked by Mitchell what had happened, Miss Fairweather didn't quite know, admitting that harnessing the Rangers' life energy was more complicated than she'd thought.
  • Mitchell said it was too dangerous and thought they should shut this project down, but the teens urged Miss Fairweather to try it again, as Olympius was still out there, and Mitchell allowed them to continue.
  • As Carter summoned the various Zords to fight giant Olympius and Diabolico, he finally called for the Lightspeed Solarzord, at which point Mitchell had a tech initiate the assembly for Carter.
  • As Dana reported from the ground of the three Megazords' ineffectiveness against giant Diabolico and Olympius, Miss Fairweather told them to try the Lifeforce Megazord, and Mitchell nodded despite his apprehension.
  • The Rangers successfully used Lifeforce level 3 to destroy Diabolico and Olympius.


  • In the conference room, Miss Fairweather reported to Mitchell that they were working on the Omega Megazord but that only the Lifeforce Megazord was currently operational.


  • After losing a signal from Ryan in the tomb, the teens were a bit stunned to realize Bansheera had captured him, but Carter deduced she would probably take him to the Skull Cavern, so he intended to go there to rescue him.
  • Agreeing with Chad's objections, Mitchell said the plan was very risky, but Carter left, assuring the others he'd bring Ryan back.
  • From a corridor near the Lifeforce Megazord's holding bay shortly after Carter's departure, Miss Fairweather frantically shouted to Mitchell via a security camera that Batlings had invaded the Aquabase, at which point the Batlings burst out from a nearby door.
  • Mitchell had a tech go to red alert; elsewhere, techs and the teens clashed with the invading Batlings.
  • Entering Ops as the Aquabase was under attack by the Lifeforce Megazord, Miss Fairweather observed the Megazord in various camera views, including a cockpit cam of its Batling pilots, and observed Pod Four was under attack.
  • Overwhelmed by Batlings, the four Rangers retreated into Rescue Ops and quickly sealed the emergency doors behind them.
  • As the Lifeforce Megazord pushed over the damaged Pod Four tower, Miss Fairweather and Captain Mitchell were apparently aghast over its loss.
  • While Batlings pounded on the door with a self-fashioned battering ram, Mitchell pounded his fist into the controls and stared ahead intensely, not responding to Miss Fairweather as her voice echoed distantly in his head.
  • As everyone evacuated on Miss Fairweather's orders, Dana urged her daddy to go, and he nodded, turning.
  • While the others evacuated everyone, the lone Captain Mitchell looked around the sparking and ruined Rescue Ops.
  • When the teens and Miss Fairweather came back for him, Mitchell replied without turning to face them, "Everything I've worked so hard for... It's gone."
  • Making him look at her, Dana replied he still had Ryan and her, adding that Miss Fairweather and the other Rangers counted on him; blinking, Mitchell looked at the others and realized she was right and had them head out.
  • Just then, the Lifeforce Megazord broke apart the connecting tube, and a grenade from Batlings outside the emergency doors blew up a console, shutting off the lights and causing large debris to cover their way out.


  • As the six waited anxiously in the dying Rescue Ops dome with Batlings pounding outside, Dana brought their attention to a cracked monitor which showed the functional Omega Megazord walking downtown with a giant stone structure and casually shoving over a building.
  • As the six attempted to clear off panels, Joel found an access panel in the floor which Mitchell curiously identified as a maintenance shaft; on the computer, Miss Fairweather traced a 3-D path from the Ops dome up into the submarine bay.
  • As the six prepped the submarine after swimming to the sub bay, they watched Batlings raid the room and jam the submarine's winch with a bazooka blast, leaving them suspended above the water.
  • As Joel refused to take this, Mitchell resignedly told him it was no use, as the sub couldn't work out of water (it being a submarine and not an airplane), but Joel had the others fire the torpedoes to blow their way out.
  • After they'd blown the Lifeforce Megazord back, Mitchell called for full speed ahead; as the sub sped away, the fallen Lifeforce Megazord exploded, and the entire Aquabase then detonated with numerous underwater explosions.
  • As the rumbling subsided, the six looked at the monitor in dismay as the Aquabase was gone.
  • As the Omega Megazord blasted at Carter and Ryan on the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle, the six arrived from a loading ramp in the harbor, and Mitchell had the teens go.
  • As the Rangers, Mitchell, and Miss Fairweather watched the skull castle disintegrate downtown following Bansheera's defeat, Mitchell smiled at Dana.
  • Another day in the park, the five teens stood facing Ryan and Mitchell, who still wore his standard uniform.
  • As Carter proudly removed his Morpher and handed it to Mitchell, he apologized about the Aquabase, but Mitchell replied at least Bansheera and her demons were gone forever and Mariner Bay was safe again.
  • Dana beamed that they finally had time to be a normal family, and Ryan smiled that it sounded great to him.
  • After all five teens (but not Ryan) had returned their Morphers to him, Mitchell looked at them fondly.
  • Carter told Mitchell it had been a pleasure, saluting, and Mitchell saluted back.
  • After Miss Fairweather had arrived to take Joel on their date, the remaining three teens began to part ways from the Mitchell family.
  • Just then, a fire truck raced by toward a dark mass of smoke on the horizon.
  • Confused as the teens ran off leaving him holding their five Morphers, Captain Mitchell happily called after them, "Hey, you forgot these!" but they kept running, only Ryan armed with his Morpher.

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