Captain Mutiny
- space pirate ruler of Lost Galaxy (through 742-EsLG)
Captain Mutiny
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First Appearance: (?) 710-Sunf
Last Appearance: 742-EsLG
Pictures: close-up, medium shot (shown at right)


  • During Scorpius's ravaging of Magna Defender's planet 3,000 years ago, monsters of Scorpius, including a blue beetle monster, Impostra, Motor Mantis, and Radster, had looted jewels from treasure chests in the flaming rubble before Magna Defender had confronted them.
  • Having been waiting for Magna Defender, Scorpius, with Stingwingers, had revealed Fishface holding Magna Defender's armored son Zika.
  • The monsters had struck Magna Defender and grappled him as Captain Mutiny, shown from the back, laughed silently near where Scorpius would've been.
  • Blasting Magna Defender in the chest with an orange energy bolt from his palpi, Scorpius had told him that he wouldn't stop him from ruling the universe.


  • When Terra Venture drifted toward Captain Mutiny's planet in the Lost Galaxy, the Titanisaur, a giant dormant stone dragon, rose up from the ocean floor and rose to the surface with Mutiny's castle on its back.
  • Once the castle had surfaced and the water had drained from its interior, candles on a chanelier lit by themselves, and Captain Mutiny came before a large audience of Swabbies in the main room of his castle with Barbarax at his side and Rocketron rallying the Swabbies.
  • Captain Mutiny's emblem was an evil demonic white skull inside the curve of a large white hand hook, with a smaller curved pirate sword across the base of the hook.
  • Mutiny, a bulky brown pirate being with a galleon for a torso and a ship wheel in the center of his chest, wore a blue pirate hat with his emblem on the right side, and he had a hook on his left hand and a patch over his left eye.
  • Mutiny had a curved gold pirate sword sheathed on his right hip.
  • Mutiny said a spaceship (Terra Venture) had entered the Lost Galaxy, and it was time to welcome it; Barbarax agreed, telling him Rocketron was just the monster for the job.
  • Barbarax slapped an old map on a wooden display board, with a Mutiny emblem in the upper left, saying they already had everything planned and that nothing could go wrong.
  • Barbarax asked the Swabbies if they were ready for battle, and they shouted, so he had Rocketron and the Swabbies march out.
  • On the left breast of each Swabbie was a black pin with a Mutiny emblem on it.
  • Mutiny's principal order of business was to get his vessel back into ship-shape, at which point Titanisaur rumbled as its stone exterior crumbled off; at the helm of the ship, Mutiny told the dragon to come alive, causing it to glow with blue light, and the rest of the stone was blown off in a blast.
  • As Titanisaur swam through space toward Terra Venture, Mutiny and Swabbies floated out in two hovering dinghies to enter the space colony.
  • Rippling through the sky hologram of a subdome where soldiers had cleared civilians from the plaza, Mutiny exclaimed to himself that it was the biggest ship yet.
  • Stepping out, Mutiny called out, "Ahoy, welcome mateys! Welcome to the Lost Galaxy! There's no need for weapons, lads, I come in peace! You're my guests!"
  • Karone knew nothing about Captain Mutiny from her experience as Astronema.
  • Swabbies brought out a treasure chest filled with gold coins and gems, from Mutiny's humble ship to theirs.
  • Stanton came forward, Mike and Kai following, and he waved for the soldiers to lower their weapons.
  • Mutiny assumed Stanton was the master of this vessel, and Stanton introduced himself and told him this was the space colony Terra Venture, saying they'd been caught up in some energy storm.
  • Mutiny laughed, saying it was always the same story; every hundred years or so, he said, a spaceship ended up in the Lost Galaxy, but whether Mutiny was being truthful is dubious.
  • Mutiny assured them he was at their service, and they'd be home by sunset, explaining he had a fancy machine back on his home planet that would smooth out the galactic wrinkling they'd fallen into, if they followed him to pick it up.
  • After a heliship had followed Titanisaur down to the planet, Swabbies tied a rope net around a large wooden case with Mutiny emblems on it and a caged dark window in the side, beside the heliship.
  • Mutiny handed Mike a small black key, telling him everything they'd be needing was right inside.
  • Mutiny and the Swabbies walked off after the heliship had flown away with the large crate, secretly containing the monster Grunchor.
  • Over a rocky ledge overlooking a desert plain, the teens found a large scene of slaves and small spacecraft parts everywhere.
  • Mutiny asked Barbarax whether they'd mined much treasure today, but Barbarax said they were far behind schedule, as the slaves were too worn out.
  • Many slaves in various types of black and brown outfits were mining for gems and gold amidst all the spacecraft parts while others wheeled large boulders away.
  • The teens realized Captain Mutiny captured spaceships and forced the crews to mine his treasures.
  • Mutiny planned for their gift to arrive on Terra Venture to allow them to enslave the colony's citizens.
  • As a slave cried out seeing the spying teens on the ridge, Mutiny had Barbarax send Rocketron after the intruders.
  • Rocketron was surprisingly weak against the Rangers for a supposedly undefeated monster, suggesting a lack of any serious resistance to Mutiny's forces in the Lost Galaxy.


  • In his castle after Grunchor had been unleashed, Mutiny said Terra Venture was a big ship and asked Barbarax how he knew Grunchor could succeed; Barbarax, rising from a slouch with his feet up, replied Grunchor never failed, as he was too big to beat.
  • Behind Mutiny, at the main rear wall of his central room in the castle, were five vertical banners, the center black banner bearing Mutiny's emblem, and the other four white banners bearing four generals' symbols, from left to right: Villamax, Treacheron, Hexuba, and Barbarax.
  • Nearby, Deviot told Mutiny to give him 100 Swabbies, and he would ensure success by feeding Grunchor a strength serum.
  • Mutiny grumbled, "If Trakeena finds out you're working for me now, she'll toss me overboard!" and Deviot replied he worried too much.
  • Mutiny gave Deviot the requested Swabbies but wanted Terra Venture by sundown.
  • Later learning from the Swabbies that the Rangers were fighting Grunchor with their Megazords, Mutiny was presented with his sword, and he took it, never letting it be said that he would shy from a good battle.
  • Mutiny took the wheel calling for full speed ahead, and Titanisaur swam away from the floating castle on its rocky base, causing Mutiny to laugh to the dragon that they'd be back, and the castle flew into the sky.
  • Docking his castle onto Grunchor's back to supercharge the monster, Mutiny intended to show the Rangers who was captain of the Lost Galaxy.
  • Soon fighting Grunchor poorly alone, Defender Torozord charged its axe, then directly struck Mutiny's castle on Grunchor's head, not seeming to do much; Mutiny remarked he'd have to do better than that.
  • After Grunchor had clawed Torozord, defeating it, explosions and flames suddenly rocked Grunchor's head, making Mutiny detach the castle and fly away.
  • In the slave camp with Barbarax and Deviot after Grunchor's destruction, Mutiny had a hankering to make Deviot walk the plank (a euphamism for "be executed" in 738-USun) for Grunchor's failure, perhaps knowing that Deviot had told the Rangers about the weakness to the fire attack, but Mutiny then changed the subject.
  • Mutiny told Barbarax and Deviot he needed far more slaves to dig for his treasure; Barbarax promised to get them, and Mutiny threatened for Barbarax to be digging beside them if he failed.
  • In the plaza, Kai ran up to the other teens, saying it was gone; he'd had the coordinates, but Captain Mutiny's planet had just fallen off the scanner.


  • On Mutiny's planet, wherever it had gone, morphed Damon and Leo were captured by Deviot and Barbarax and left chained in the desert until Mutiny was to arrive at sunset.
  • At sunset, Mutiny walked up with Deviot, Swabbies, Barbarax, and an unmarked fish monster named Rojomon who innocently asked if he could help destroy them; behind a ridge in the background, Titanisaur lay in the desert, with Mutiny's castle on its back.
  • Mutiny said he would've been more pleased with five Rangers, but these two were good for starters.
  • As Mutiny prepared his sword, he told the two it was time for them to walk the plank, apparently a Mutiny euphamism for "die."
  • Before Mutiny could strike, Leo got in front of Damon, but Damon then took the front, causing Mutiny to reply that their heroics were bringing a tear to his one good eye.
  • As Mutiny prepared to strike, he was blasted as the other Rangers flew in on their Jet Jammers, and Karone sliced Leo and Damon free in passing, allowing them to morph.
  • Confronted by five Rangers, Rojomon asked for a chance, and Mutiny agreed, personally sickened by the Rangers.
  • In a blue energy cyclone, the villains swirled away to Mutiny's castle in the distance.


  • In his castle's main room, Mutiny told Hexuba to destroy the Power Rangers so he could capture more slaves for his camp; she replied she already had a plan.
  • Mutiny told Hexuba she was all talk, and he wanted action; as he said this, he was holding the remote Deviot had given to Hardtochoke to control the three evil Galactazords.
  • If Hexuba failed, Mutiny threatened to make her walk the plank (apparently his euphamism for "die"), startling her.
  • As Hexuba later stood at a crystal ball in a mysterious parlor, presumably in her floating mansion, Mutiny approved of her plan from within the crystal ball.
  • In a dark area following the smashing of her crystal ball and the defeat of her nightmare spell (and Nightmare monster), Hexuba stood at a larger crystal ball, wanting revenge for the ruination of her perfect plan.
  • From the crystal ball, Mutiny told her not to fail again, as he didn't forgive easily, and she assured him she wouldn't.


  • Mutiny was rowed in a dinghy away from his castle in space, and the boat approached Hexuba's floating mansion and graveyard.
  • Mutiny, impatient to have the Rangers destroyed so he could take over Terra Venture, entered the graveyard and asked Hexuba if the spell was ready; she was stirring a glowing green cauldron.
  • Hexuba said the spell was almost ready, but that these things took time.
  • Hexuba added red liquid from a vial, newt's gizzard, the perfect ingredient for her lunch.
  • Reassuring Mutiny, Hexuba then took a smallish crystal ball from a stone podium beside the cauldron to activate the spell, proceeding to resurrect old monsters used by Scorpius's forces in the normal universe; Mutiny would later be absent from the graveyard.
  • Late at night after the destruction of Hexuba and her mansion and graveyard, Terra Venture's fuel reserves were discovered to be tainted, giving them only one or two more days to survive; how the fuel had been tainted is unknown, although one monster had apparently gone unchecked in the Industrial Dome during the resurrected monster invasion.


  • At the Ocean Dome Barbarax located the perfect place, where Titanisaur would soon arise from the ocean with Mutiny's castle on his back.
  • Mutiny was at the wheel.
  • Soon, Barbarax had Mutiny take a break and let him steer; grabbing the wheel, Barbarax had the monster attack.
  • After some battling, Mutiny shoved Barbarax aside to finish them off.
  • In the castle, the planks beneath Barbarax's feet soon began steaming, and the floor began to glow red; Deviot said they were overheating, assuming it was Barbarax's fault.
  • Mutiny refused to break off the attack, but Deviot insisted he was destroying his own ship.
  • The steaming red Titanisaur plunged into the ocean, cooling itself off.
  • Barbarax insisted they had to attack again, but Mutiny had them disconnect the castle, pleasing Barbarax.
  • Titanisaur was eventually destroyed by the Rangers' Zords.
  • Mutiny's castle presumably left Terra Venture some point after detaching into the Ocean Dome.


  • Later the same day as Titanisaur's attack and the loss of Engine 4, Barbarax attacked a plaza, saying Captain Mutiny needed new slaves.
  • Now holding a small barrel bearing Mutiny's white symbol, Barbarax pulled off the lid for their first batch, and greenish-blue slime-like material flew out, wrapped around a group of people, and sucked them inside the barrel, which he shut.
  • As the Rangers were stunned, Barbarax and the Swabbies rowed away in their boat, Barbarax laughing that he'd be back for more.
  • Mike said this was crazy, and they had to find a way to stop him.
  • According to Mike, he could enter Mutiny's slave camp because the villains didn't know who he was, yet armored Mike had helped the Rangers against Grunchor, Hexuba's resurrected monsters, Titanisaur, and recently Barbarax, and had personally thwarted Hexuba's nightmare spell in her parlor in his civilian form.
  • At the slave camp later, Deviot stood on a cliff overlooking a massive mining crew below, saying it was going along nicely, and Mutiny came up behind him.
  • Barbarax landed nearby and had Mutiny look at today's catch, releasing a group of Terra Venture citizens (including GSA officer Mike) from the transportation goo of his barrel.
  • The captives landed in front of Mutiny, who said they were a fine catch indeed, and he welcomed them to his slave camp as Swabbies shackled them all.
  • Swabbies led Mike and the girl beside him, Haley, to a spot where they were forced to begin digging in the rocky dirt with pickaxes; like everyone else, they were to put gems and jewels they found into their buckets.
  • Later, a portal opened in space, and Terra Venture began to approach to escape the Lost Galaxy.
  • A Mutiny flag was outside Barbarax's slave cells, which appeared to be built into the side of a cliff.
  • As the Megaship lifted up over a mountainside, Mutiny, in the desert the next "morning," asked who that was, and Deviot replied it was the Power Rangers, taking the slaves.
  • With red energy, Mutiny's hook was replaced by a thin cannon-type barrel.
  • Mutiny aimed at the Megaship, but armored Mike shot him in the back with his Magna Blaster.
  • As the Megaship flew off, Mutiny turned and shot several blue energy spheres, making enormous explosions around Mike.
  • Losing his rifle, Mike rolled down a hill, and collapsed at the bottom, demorphing unconscious.
  • Above, Mutiny laughed at big, tough Magna Defender.
  • Deviot said there was still time to stop the Rangers, as they'd be heading toward the portal, and Mutiny said they would too, then.
  • Mutiny's castle pursued the Megaship toward Terra Venture and the portal.
  • Following Terra Venture, Mutiny's castle emerged from the tunnel with green light, with Barbarax at the wheel beside him; Mutiny observed, "Another galaxy! I'll rule it too!"
  • Suddenly, the Scorpion Stinger clamped its jaws onto one of the castle's spires.
  • Trakeena spoke, "There's only one ruler in this universe, and that's me."
  • Trakeena pressed a button, and the pincers crushed the portion of the castle; inside, Deviot, Barbarax, and Mutiny were shaken up as the room collapsed around them.
  • As the Scorpion Stinger flew off, the damaged portion of the castle was glowing with blue light, and the entire structure then exploded in a massive fireball, although a weakened Deviot would survive and return to the Scorpion Stinger.

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