- former student, soccer star
- former Green Turbo Ranger (519-PTT2 through 545-CIS2)
- former Black Space Ranger (602-FON2 through 643-CTD2, also 730-TenP, 731-PPnk)
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First Appearance: 514-ADTW
Last Appearance: 731-PPnk
Pictures: Carlos, before 518-PTT1, Carlos, circa PRT (shown at right), Carlos, circa PRiS, Carlos, circa PRLG
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  • Carlos, wearing red and black at practice, was the star player on Angel Grove High's soccer team, coached by Adam.
  • Adam wanted Carlos to try passing to a teammate named Barry, but Carlos explained that they couldn't afford to blow the Stone Canyon game and that if they got the ball to him, he'd score every time.
  • Adam tried to explain the value of teamwork and that he wanted everyone to get a chance to play, and when Carlos asked whether he wanted them to win, Adam replied that winning was great, but it wasn't the only thing that was important; as Adam and Carlos walked away in separate directions, Carlos remarked, "Man, I can't believe this guy."
  • Watching the soccer practice at which Adam was coaching, Carlos was practicing, and Ashley was cheerleading, Divatox (who had in 513-MiMe seen a hologram from the future which showed the one force capable of stopping the forces of evil) was elated, saying it was her lucky day; she told Elgar they had to get to work on that soccer game, as she thought she'd just found a new goal.
  • During practice, Carlos selfishly kicked the ball out from between Barry's legs to score the goal as soon as someone had passed Barry the ball.
  • When Adam asked Carlos what had happened to his teamwork, Carlos replied, "That was teamwork! I'm working to help the team win."; most of the team groaned, but Carlos was satisfied after one teammate nodded agreeably.
  • Divatox sent Piranhatrons to attack the soccer field; as the teens observed, the Piranhatron were after Carlos and Ashley, not Adam.
  • When Piranhatrons arrived at the soccer field, Adam urged everyone to leave the area, and as Adam fought the Piranhatron, Carlos grabbed a bag of soccer balls and began beating the Piranhatron with it.
  • Carlos and Ashley weren't familiar with the Piranhatrons despite their numerous attacks on Angel Grove.
  • Adam sent Carlos and Ashley home in case the Piranhatron came back, saying they should also rest up for the game tomorrow.
  • Carlos volunteered to walk Ashley home, to be on the safe side.
  • On the walk home, Carlos and Ashley told each other their names, both thinking it was cool how the other had stayed and fought the Piranhatron.
  • Ashley told Carlos he didn't have to walk her home, since she could take care of herself too, but he told her he'd just needed some excuse to talk to her, making her laugh.
  • As the soccer players entered the field at the beginning of the big game the next day, Ashley and Carlos locked eyes as he ran out, then Ashley seemed to giggle excitedly to the cheerleader beside her.
  • Carlos was #10 on the soccer team.
  • Carlos scored the first three goals for Angel Grove, scoring the third by apparently stealing the ball from Barry.
  • During a break in the game, Carlos asked Ashley what she thought of his goal, and she told him she didn't think it was cool at all, since he obviously didn't know what teamwork was.
  • With the score tied and opponents rushing toward him as time was running out, Carlos remembered what Adam had said about teamwork, then passed the ball to Barry, who scored the winning goal.
  • After the game, the Angel Grove team carried Barry in their shoulders as Carlos walked nearby; Adam congratulated Carlos on playing a great game, and Carlos told him he had a great coach.
  • Ashley told Carlos what he'd done was pretty cool.
  • Ashley asked Carlos if he could walk her home again, just to be safe, and when he said he'd thought she could take care of herself, she replied that she could, but that she just needed some excuse to talk to him.


  • Carlos and Ashley attended Angel Grove Cleanup Week.
  • Excited about Angel Grove Cleanup Week's reward of a donation to the charity or special program of their choice, Adam said their team could end up with enough money to fund the soccer camp he and Carlos had been talking about; when Justin reminded him that Ashley had seemed pretty serious about cheerleading camp, Adam said they might split it between both.
  • Carlos and Ashley were later helping out together in the Youth Center, which was being used as a recycling center.


  • Carlos, with longer hair and wearing an off-white shirt, helped army officers evacuate people during giant Flamite's attack; nearby, Ashley helped also.
  • As the Rangers helped evacuate the city during giant Flamite's attack, morphed Adam asked Carlos to help the Rangers and make sure everyone got to safety, calling Carlos by name.
  • Carlos and Ashley took a group of kids into the Youth Center, assuring the kids that the Power Rangers were on the job.
  • As Carlos sat with the kids who were on cots in the Youth Center after Flamite had been destroyed, morphed Adam momentarily stood in a hallway, watching Carlos.
  • At the power transfer ceremony, Adam had selected Carlos to become the new Green Ranger, due to his decisiveness and intelligence.


  • After Delisha was destroyed, all of the teens but Carlos ate together at the Juice Bar, but he'd been with the teens at the merchant area near the beach to look at Delisha's display for Ashley's jackets.


  • In the park, Carlos talked with Justin about wanting to ask a certain girl on a date, but Justin was bored with the topic of girls.
  • Carlos decided to ask the girl out.
  • Carlos convinced Justin to give soccer a try even though Justin had math homework to do.


  • After the Rangers had heard eyewitness reports of the Phantom's attack on Rygog, Elgar, and Piranhatrons, Carlos said he was glad the being was on their side.
  • After Ashley's (incorrect) observation that the Phantom Ranger was invisible until he moved, Carlos concluded that he wasn't human, but rather, a ghost.
  • After the Phantom had left, Carlos was going to play soccer with Justin and Nico.


  • Carlos drove a green convertible sportscar that looked quite nice.


  • In the Juice Bar, T.J., Cassie, and Ashley wanted the freeze key (which Divatox had used in her attempts to freeze the sun and the Earth) destroyed, but Carlos wasn't worried, as Justin had rewired it into a snowman freeze machine for the Juice Bar that was the fastest freezer Lt. Stone had seen.


  • In the Juice Bar, when Ashley gave Justin a ticket for the Angel Grove Monster Tour, which took people all around town to where Rangers had fought monsters, Carlos said they wouldn't catch him on the tour, but when Ashley showed him his ticket, he snatched it from her in acceptance.
  • Carlos wasn't enthusiatic at the monster tour, but Ashley and Justin were.
  • The next day, at sunset after Havoc had stolen the Turbo Megazord, the teens sat around a tree in the park, depressed about their defeat; Carlos was particularly pessimistic.
  • When Cassie wondered how they could defend Angel Grove without the Megazord, Carlos agreed, saying it was hopeless.
  • When Ashley considered that the Megazord had been taken into space, Carlos said there was no getting it back now.
  • When the Phantom Ranger appeared, Carlos said he doubted that even he could help them now.


  • When Phantom arrived in the Cirrus Dimension after it appeared that Cassie had been turned to stone, Carlos told Phantom it was too late and that Cassie was gone.


  • After T.J. had suddenly left the Rescue Megazord with a plan to use Lightning Cruiser to retrieve Phantom's Power Ruby, Carlos remarked that T.J. was either the bravest guy he knew or the craziest.
  • Returning to the Rescue Megazord after defeating Crosspatch and regaining the Turbo Megazord, T.J. thought the others had only been pretending to be helpless in the Rescue Megazord, and Carlos humored T.J. by going along with it.


  • While the other four robot teens were at Angel Grove High taking the places of the teens, robot Carlos was in the Youth Center when robot Justin fled there.


  • Carlos knew that Justin's dad had given Justin his special wishing coin, and he knew that his dad wanted to come back as much as Justin wanted him to.


  • Searching for the wishing coin with Justin, Carlos reported back to the Power Chamber that they'd found "nada."
  • Another day, Justin was depressed about wishes not coming true, but Carlos gave him some encouraging words after having been looking all over for him; Justin's dad then walked up, having gotten a new job in Angel Grove to be with Justin; Carlos nodded to Justin's dad as he approached.


  • Carlos and Ashley worked on a car in Mr. Decker's auto shop class at Angel Grove High, and the car wouldn't start.
  • When Ashley was down about not doing well in the class, which she'd taken to prove to her dad that a girl could work on cars, Carlos pointed out he wasn't doing much better than her to illustrate that he didn't think gender had anything to do with it.
  • After school the next day, Carlos volunteered to come with Ashley to the garage after Mr. Decker had offered her the chance to spend some extra time on her project.


  • After a fight with Piranhatron behind the Youth Center, Carlos was startled that he could still hear Crash and the Creeps' "Confusion" song during the fight, but the reason he could still hear the song was probably because he'd been singing it the whole time.


  • Carlos and Owen waited for the soccer coach outside his office for him to pick one of them as the new team captain.
  • Owen thought of Carlos as the coach's pet.
  • The coach said Owen had to work on sportsmanship, and Carlos sometimes missed practice.
  • At the field with Justin, Carlos didn't want to practice, as he'd been playing soccer with Owen since Carlos was ten years old.
  • During practice, Carlos did a slide tackle on Owen that appeared to make contact.
  • Owen's leg was hurt, seeming to be the result of Carlos's slide tackle, and he had to go to the hospital for treatment.
  • Owen was out for the season because of his sprained ankle.
  • Another day, Carlos couldn't focus at practice, as he couldn't stop thinking about Owen's injury.
  • After practice, Divatox sent down three Piranhatron disguised as Owen and two fellow players, but the other four Rangers soon arrived to warn Carlos that they were fakes sent by Divatox.
  • Carlos had told the Owen impersonator that he hadn't been anywhere near Owen's leg, but during the actual slide tackle, it had appeared that he'd made contact with Owen's leg to trip him.
  • Carlos fought Piranhatron alongside the four morphed Rangers without morphing himself.
  • Carlos decided to quit soccer.
  • At school, Owen still blamed Carlos when Carlos tried talking with him; Carlos, however, still thought the move was legal since he didn't think he'd tripped Owen.
  • As Carlos was bummed by the sidewalk, Blue Senturion stopped his parking duty to ask Carlos what was wrong, as he looked troubled.
  • Carlos told Blue Senturion that he'd always played soccer with his buddies and hadn't kept score, but now it had all changed; Blue Senturion said it didn't sound like a legal matter he was qualified to help with, and Carlos agreed, leaving to sort things out for himself.
  • Terrorzord flew in and landed beside Blue Senturion approximately fifteen seconds after Carlos had walked away; why Carlos didn't notice is unknown; when he teleported into the Power Chamber (moments before the other teens) shortly afterward, he casually asked what was up.
  • Later, Owen was surprised to learn that Carlos had quit the team.
  • Owen explained to Carlos that Carlos hadn't touched him; rather, he'd tripped over his own feet and wanted to blame somebody.
  • Carlos went to rejoin the team after signing Owen's cast.


  • Helping Cassie with the search for her missing dog Jetson, Carlos put up a flyer at the Upcoming Events bulletin board outside the Seventh-Day Baptist Church.


  • Carlos played rec baseball with T.J.
  • When Strikeout confronted the Rangers, Justin failed to hit the monster's pitch with his Turbo Blade; Carlos wanted a chance at bat next, but T.J. wouldn't let him, yet all four remaining Rangers then attempted to bat the pitch simultaneously.
  • Later that day, Carlos and T.J. rode by the baseball field on mountain bikes (with Carlos on a dark-colored bike) and watched Heath practice his pitching; Carlos then left, telling T.J. he'd see him later at the Youth Center.
  • When T.J. and Carlos stopped by the field during Heath's practice a different day, Heath taught T.J. how to hit his pitch, leaving Carlos to watch from a distance.
  • Carlos ran off when his communicator went off, and after Alpha had told him about Strikeout's return, he looked back in T.J.'s direction but morphed without getting T.J.'s attention.


  • Carlos and Justin went together to Bulk and Skull's vampire movie in the Youth Center one afternoon.
  • Walking through the park at dusk after the movie was over, Carlos was attacked by Piranhatrons and Count Nocturn, who bit him on the neck and then flew away.
  • The next day, Carlos came to school in all black clothes (with a dark green scarf) and shades, with his hair pulled back.
  • Carlos had Angel Grove Soccer paraphernalia inside his locker.
  • Carlos's eyes were sensitive to light, and while he'd had a hard time falling asleep the previous night, he was now very tired, he told Ashley.
  • Ashley invited Carlos to go to the blood drive at the Youth Center later that day, and he accepted.
  • When Carlos removed his shades to rub his eyes and yawn, he had red eyes and fangs.
  • In the resource center with Justin, Carlos was repulsed by the garlic Skull had given Justin.
  • Later in the hall with Ashley, Carlos was about to bite Ashley's neck when the other teens came running up.
  • Carlos didn't have a reflection.
  • Carlos refused to go with the teens to the Power Chamber to have Alpha check him out; rather, he turned into a bat and flew away.
  • Carlos went to the blood drive, but when Bulk and Skull spotted him, he slipped out the southeast exit, where T.J. and Ashley grabbed him, teleported him to the Power Chamber, and restrained him on the medical table.
  • After being sprayed with the antidote gas Alpha had made from the enzymes of a lunar bat, Carlos was temporarily cured of his vampiric symptoms, but as long as Count Nocturn existed, Dimitria said, he would remain under the monster's spell.
  • In an antique mirror in the Power Chamber, Carlos watched his reflection return.
  • Fighting the Rangers, Count Nocturn told Carlos it was time for Carlos to join him, but Carlos replied that he wasn't under the monster's spell yet.
  • When giant, Count Nocturn tried to regain control of Carlos's mind, but Carlos fought it.
  • Determined to resist Count Nocturn's spell after the Rescue Megazord and Turbo Megazord had been damaged, Carlos thought to combine the undamaged components of the Turbo Megazord and Rescue Megazord to form the Rescue Turbo Megazord.
  • The next week when Carlos and Justin went to another movie showing, Bulk and Skull no longer suspected that Carlos was a vampire; what explanation he had given them is unknown.


  • Carlos helped Justin stretch before Justin's track tryouts.
  • After Justin had gained super strength from an ant bite, Justin was planning on using his super strength to break all the school records, but Carlos had very strong feelings about Justin going to see Dimitria before he could use his super strength anymore.
  • In the Power Chamber, Carlos suspected Justin's super strength was one of Divatox's schemes.
  • Carlos seemed like the mystery of Justin's super strength was solved when he remembered Justin had been bitten by an ant.
  • In the Youth Center after Justin had beaten an arm-wrestling jock and flipped him off to the side of the table in front of a crowd, Carlos was angry with Justin for using his super strength to show off.


  • After T.J. had been perplexed by Elgar's remark that the Rangers would need Lightning Cruiser, Carlos went to check with Alpha if the "Command Center" sensors could find anything.
  • Carlos later bought two tickets for himself and his date, whoever she was, to go to the upcoming dance.
  • Bobby got advice from Carlos and T.J. about asking a girl out; they encouraged him just to "jump in."


  • Carlos had his hair pulled back into a ponytail in this episode.


  • Carlos was going to put Justin on the soccer team before Justin realized he had to move.


  • After the Piranhatron army invading the Power Chamber had seemed to retreat, Carlos and Justin admitted to each other that they were scared.
  • When the Rangers emerged from the rubble of the Power Chamber after Divatox and her villains had left for the Cimmerian planet, Carlos angrily threw a Divatox flag that was stuck in the rubble, waving in the breeze.
  • Carlos said they had to go to the Cimmerian planet, and when Cassie replied that they'd promised Dimitria to stay and protect the Earth, Carlos pointed out that Divatox was gone now, leaving the Earth safe.


  • When Alpha was talking in nonsense syllables aboard the Megashuttle, Carlos opened the robot's back and immediately removed his broken speech circuit board, which T.J. figured had been damaged in the Power Chamber explosion.


  • Soon after the teens had met Andros on the surface of the planet where the Megaship had crash-landed, Carlos was in the ship's engine room attempting to repair Alpha following DECA's instructions, while the other three teens spoke with Andros as he made repairs to the outside of the ship.
  • Later using an Astro Morpher Andros had apparently distributed to the teens at random, Carlos morphed into the Black Space Ranger.
  • Normally, but with some exceptions, Carlos would wear his hair pulled into a ponytail while in his Megaship uniform but down while in civilian clothes on Earth.


  • When Bulk, having drunk some hot sauce secretly put into his milkshake by Andros, rushed over to the teens' table at the Surf Spot and poured a jug of water into his mouth, Carlos asked "Bulkie" if he was okay.


  • The Megaship flew through space when the teens called it a night and went to bed; at the time, Carlos was finishing up work on the underside of the red Galaxy Glider.
  • Wiping his hands as he left the workbay, Carlos caught Andros alone watching a video of the kidnapping of his sister Karone from his childhood; Carlos stopped to watch without letting Andros know he was there.
  • Later that night, Carlos couldn't fall asleep, as he kept thinking about Karone's kidnapping.
  • In the morning, Carlos was already awake when DECA turned on the lights and told him it was time to wake up.
  • When Carlos, the last one to get breakfast in the workbay, asked where Andros was, the teens didn't know, but T.J. had thought he would've been with Carlos; what exactly T.J. was implying is uncertain.
  • Learning that Andros had gone down to KO-35, Carlos explained to the others that Andros was looking for his long-lost sister, who, if she escaped, wouldn't know that KO-35 had been attacked and abandoned years ago.
  • Worried, Carlos took an AmScanner from his locker, ate a bite of toast, and headed down to the planet, telling the others to stay behind to give Andros some space.
  • After he'd been searching the KO-35 city with an AmScanner nearby, morphed Carlos suddenly burst in on Ecliptor's and Andros's fight, shattering in through reality, with a starfield visible through the shattered hole.
  • When Ecliptor generated a cyber-shadow to blast the downed Andros, Carlos stepped in front of Andros, receiving a powerful blast from Ecliptor's eyebeams which gravely wounded him.
  • As Andros helped the semi-conscious Carlos up, he asked Carlos what he was doing there, and Carlos, clutching his chest as they retreated, reminded him they were a team.
  • Andros flew away with Carlos lying limply across the red Galaxy Glider, planning to return.
  • Carlos was soon sleeping on an exam table in the infirmary with his head and stomach wrapped in bandages.
  • As the three other Rangers soon helped Andros retreat from giant Ecliptor, a weakened but morphed Carlos limped up to the others.
  • Carlos told Andros he was a part of the team, and that Andros would need all the help he could get, and Andros agreed.
  • Carlos soon called Alpha to have him fire the Megalasers at Ecliptor, which made him retreat.
  • Carlos's left arm hurt.
  • Later, Andros was working out in a red sweatsuit when Carlos came in, feeling better.
  • Andros was surprised to learn that Carlos knew about his missing sister, and he agreed to let the others help him find her, as they were a team.
  • Andros felt they made a pretty good team, and he shook hands with Carlos.


  • When Carlos, after Andros's explanation behind the Megatank, added that it looked cool too, Andros shook his head in disdain, making T.J. chuckle.


  • After some kids' soccer practice, Carlos and Cassie loaded up some equipment into a black Jeep Grand Cherokee which they then rode away in, with Carlos driving.


  • Carlos instructed Cassie and the others in using their special weapons; then it would be his weapon attack which defeated Sting King, after which he, not Andros, would then stand in the center of the Rangers.


  • Carlos sat in the center seat of the Megazord while Andros was away.


  • When Carlos walked up to Ashley and her grandmother in the Surf Spot, Ashley took his arm, introducing Carlos as her boyfriend; when Carlos and Adelle were confused, Ashley stepped on Carlos's foot to make him play along, then told her grandmother they'd been dating for a year.
  • As Mrs. Hammond, pleased, was feeling Carlos's arm, his communicator on his opposite arm went off with its warble sound, and she clamored to get a look at it.
  • Carlos suddenly said he was thirsty, so Ashley had her grandmother order some drinks while she and Carlos rushed off into a side hallway.
  • Later in the park with the others after a Ranger battle, Carlos said they couldn't keep pretending to be a couple; T.J. joked that they could, but eventually they'd probably have to get married.
  • When Mrs. Hammond rushed up to take their picture, having been looking for them, Carlos explained that Ashley had always been one one of his best friends, but that they weren't really dating.
  • Mrs. Hammond was shocked but then realized that they really did like each other and could go on their first date.
  • On their date later, the other three teens and Mrs. Hammond watched from the bushes with mini-binoculars as Ashley and Carlos rode a merry-go-round with matching atrocious shirts provided by Mrs. Hammond.
  • Pleased, Mrs. Hammond called Ashley on a cell phone to ask what they were talking about; Ashley merely replied "stuff," and said they were about done since they were starved.
  • On their date, Carlos and Ashley seemed to be happy with one another but were tired of Mrs. Hammond's interference.
  • Over the phone, Mrs. Hammond told Ashley to hold Carlos's hand, and she did, annoyed at her grandmother.
  • Later in the Surf Spot, Adelle unamusedly served Ashley and Carlos a milkshake with two straws and gave Ashley a note from Mrs. Hammond telling her to share the drink with him.
  • Watching nearby, Mrs. Hammond was delighted, and the three other teens sat with her and laughed.
  • Ashley and Carlos were still sick of Mrs. Hammond's meddling, but they smiled faintly and drank together.


  • Fighting Quantrons with Cassie and T.J. on a jungle planet, Carlos was suddenly stung on the wrist by a Barillian Bug released by Darkonda from the bushes; he collapsed and grasped his wrist in agony.
  • Carlos immediately had a painful welt with blue veins around it on his arm.
  • Later in the Megaship's infirmary, Ashley used a handheld scanner on a shivering, shirtless Carlos as he lay on the table; he had blue and red veins prominent all through his skin, and the welt on his wrist was now dark red.
  • Carlos said he hadn't gotten a good look but that it had been some sort of bug; Andros curiously asked if it felt cold, and Carlos said it did, but Andros said he still wasn't sure whether he recognized the bite.
  • Andros subtlely gestured for T.J. to come into the hall with him, and the two left and spoke seriously in the hall as Carlos watched them; they then left after Andros had put his hand on T.J.'s shoulder consolingly.
  • Soon, on the bridge, Ashley and Cassie, listening to Andros's report from the alien planet, were frightened as Andros told them why they had to go to KO-35 immediately but that the girls first had to restrain Carlos before he turned into a monster.
  • Meanwhile in the infirmary, Carlos was spasming slightly with his eyes rolled back in his head, with prominent red and blue veins all over his body.
  • A cracking, oozing sound was heard, and when Carlos was shown partially again, a Barillian Bug monster hand, dripping with dark slime, was on his pants-covered legs.
  • When the girls entered the infirmary, they found Carlos in the form of an unclothed Barillian Bug monster dripping with green slime.
  • Hearing a struggle as they approached the infirmary after soon returning to the Megaship, T.J. and Andros ran in and found Ashley and Cassie having been knocked down, with Alpha sitting motionless on a bench beside the med table.
  • Bug-Carlos had gone into a duct near the ceiling, leaving behind a broken vent and green slime.
  • Soon, the teens confronted Bug-Carlos in the engine room, where he attacked them, somehow stinging Cassie on the neck during the struggle before escaping.
  • In the workbay, T.J. and Andros were confronted by Bug-Carlos, but they dodged his attacks and escaped into their jump tubes.
  • When Bug-Carlos and Bug-Cassie forced their way into the bridge and approached Ashley, she pleaded for them to stop, not wanting to shoot them, but T.J., arriving just in time, sprayed them each with mist from the antidote gun.
  • After collapsing, the monsters morphed back into fully-clothed Cassie and Carlos.


  • After Ashley and Cassie had been frozen by Darkliptor and T.J. had been gravely wounded, Darkliptor approached Andros while he cradled the limp T.J., but Carlos tackled Darkliptor aside but was frozen as well while planning for the three of them to retreat.
  • Struggling just before freezing, Carlos told Andros to take T.J. back to the ship.
  • The frozen Rangers would later be unfrozen when T.J. and Andros defeated Darkliptor.


  • At her birthday celebration in the park, Ashley thanked the teens for the great gifts, then found Carlos's present of a fire extinguisher, making Cassie frown and T.J. smack his arm; Carlos defensively replied that everyone needed one.
  • Ashley took the coveted corner cake piece from Carlos over to Andros.
  • In the workout room on the Megaship later, Carlos was benchpressing a rod when Astronema (disguised as Ashley) came in and asked to help, so he had her add some weight.
  • Astronema turned up the weight way too much, pinning the rod painfully to his chest, then pulled out her staff and aimed it at him.
  • Astronema had just dragged the unconscious Carlos into a storage room on Megadeck 4 when T.J. found her in the room and asked about the others.
  • As Astronema tried to hurry him out, T.J. heard Carlos groaning behind a bin, and when he went to help, Carlos awoke and was alarmed to see "Ashley" aiming her staff at them behind T.J.
  • The teens would be tied up but later freed by Alpha.


  • When the teens thought Zhane was dying and were being especially nice to him, Carlos offered Zhane some spinach from a plate of spinach, baby carrots, and perhaps slices of meat he'd been eating from.


  • In a top secret laboratory somewhere, the Rangers stormed in as Lizwizard drained information from the computers and unconscious scientists.
  • Outside, the Rangers used their weapons against Lizwizard, but when Cassie aimed her Satellite Stunner at him, he wrapped his tongue around her arm; when Carlos leapt through the air to strike the monster with his Lunar Lance, Lizwizard switched places with Cassie, causing Carlos to accidentally strike Cassie in the left shoulder with the lance, making her spark, shriek, and collapse.
  • As the others assisted the injured Cassie, Carlos rushed at the monster, but he and the Quantrons vanished.
  • Not believing what he'd done, Carlos asked Cassie if she was okay, and she groaned that it was her shoulder.
  • Carlos wondered how he could've done this to his friend, and his fist trembled by his side.
  • Some time later as the Megaship appeared to be orbiting KO-35, Cassie was in the infirmary wearing a silver sling on her arm without her jacket.
  • Carlos guiltily stood in the doorway once it had opened, and Cassie, playing checkers with Alpha, cheerfully had him come in.
  • Carlos, still quite guilt-ridden, asked how she was feeling, and she said a couple more days and she'd be good as new.
  • Carlos apologized, trying to make sense of how it had happened, but she held his hand, telling him, "It was an accident. We all take chances. Sometimes we get hurt."
  • Carlos pulled away, telling her it wasn't that easy, and that she could have been hurt far worse, all because of him; he then left, and she wanted to go after him, but her arm hurt too badly.
  • At a compound somewhere (with "poison" bins outside), the Professor, Bulk, and Skull were chased from their RV by Lizwizard.
  • Carlos, having been on a rooftop nearby in civilian clothes to think about injuring Cassie, approached a ledge to watch the chase below.
  • Once the three had stopped and were cowering, Lizwizard fired two green warning blasts near them; watching, Carlos was sweating and his hand was trembling, as he was too terrified to morph.
  • Behind a wall, Carlos clutched his Morpher, trembling, then remembered Cassie's reassuring words in the infirmary; he finally clicked open his Morpher and morphed.
  • Carlos leapt down, landing between the three and Lizwizard; he had them run and then proceeded to fight the monster, doing poorly against the monster's tongue attack and invisibility.
  • Suddenly, Adam Park flipped onto the scene and flying-kicked Lizwizard away from Carlos, then helped the startled Carlos to his feet.
  • Adam and morphed Carlos fought Lizwizard together, and the monster soon retreated.
  • When he demorphed after Lizwizard had retreated, Carlos had a bandage on his pinky which hadn't been present before his morph.
  • Carlos was pleased to see Adam and thanked him for his help.
  • Adam, perhaps having been told about Carlos's troubles, told Carlos, "Everybody needs a hand now and then, even the Black Ranger."
  • Carlos was frustrated by needing more help than usual lately, and Adam agreed to help; later, they talked at a park area.
  • Carlos said that ever since he'd hurt Cassie, he worried about his every move, fearing he'd make a wrong move; Adam told him, "You know, when you're fighting as a Ranger, nothing's for sure. You've gotta be willing to take chances, even if you mess up now and then."
  • Carlos was still discouraged, so Adam added with a chuckle, "Come on, man, don't worry about it. I had the same doubts. Every Ranger does!"
  • Adam started Carlos on an intense training session lasting numerous days, with them shown in four different wardrobes; the workouts included martial arts training and general workout exercises.
  • On another day, Alpha was quietly cheering Carlos on, holding a black water bottle and towel with a whistle around his neck, as Adam circled a blindfolded Carlos on a mat in the park.
  • Adam viciously attacked Carlos, not letting up until Carlos had been swept to the mat.
  • Adam firmly told Carlos to try again; Carlos got back up in a bit of a daze, and Adam confidently dodged and then elbowed him in the chest.
  • Carlos swung wildly, coming nowhere near Adam, and when he attacked again, Adam flipped him, and Carlos was furious.
  • Adam coached Carlos to focus and let his intuition take over, but Carlos furiously got up and threw off his blindfold; he shouted, "I can't do this! You're wasting your time! I'm no... Power Ranger!"
  • Startled, Adam put a hand on Carlos's arm as he was about to leave, but Carlos glared at him and then ran away.
  • Wearing civilian clothes and with hair down, Carlos placed his Morpher and communicator on a console on the Megaship bridge while the other four teens were confused; T.J. didn't think he could be serious.
  • Carlos put a black bag over his shoulder and went to the lift, saying he had to leave before he hurt someone again.
  • In the park another day, Alpha was telling Adam that what he was doing was really great and that he should keep it up, when Carlos walked up.
  • Adam planned to start with three miles around the lake, but Carlos somberly told him he'd already decided he wasn't the Black Ranger anymore, and he felt his bare wrist where there was no longer a communicator.
  • As Carlos walked away, he was blasted by explosions, and Lizwizard then appeared and attacked him; meanwhile, Quantrons attacked Adam, who fought back expertly.
  • When Adam saw Carlos sent reeling back from being struck by Lizwizard, he took his charred Power Morpher out of his bag.
  • As Adam, with fierce determination, held the Morpher around his right fist, Alpha told him it was too big of a risk, and Carlos shouted in protest, but Adam called and morphed into the Black Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger.
  • On Adam's insistence, despite Carlos's warnings that Adam would be destroyed, Carlos ran off while morphed Adam fought Lizwizard; Carlos soon stopped and looked back.
  • Carlos's protests that Adam would be destroyed by using the Power Morpher were unusual since he hadn't overheard Alpha's earlier discussion with Adam about the dangers of using the Power Morpher; in fact, the last ex-Ranger he'd seen morphing, Justin, had experienced no such dangers.
  • Winning, Adam remarked about it being just like old times, but he suddenly dropped to his knees in pain and said he was losing power; with sparkling, flickering orange patches, he demorphed in spots while clutching himself in pain.
  • Lizwizard struck morphed Adam twice, then grabbed him, at which point Carlos ran up and tackled Lizwizard, pulling him off Adam until being thrown back.
  • Lizwizard asked Carlos what he was going to do, since he was only human.
  • The other four Space Rangers arrived, and as they fought off Quantrons, Cassie threw Carlos his Astro Morpher; morphed Adam, clutching his chest, told Carlos he could do it.
  • Carlos told Lizwizard he was indeed only human, but he was also the Black Ranger; he then morphed.
  • After fighting the Quantrons with his Lunar Lance, Carlos saw Lizwizard grappling morphed Adam with his tongue, and he leapt through the air.
  • Lizwizard switched places with Adam, but Carlos leapt off Adam's shoulders and struck the monster twice with the Lunar Lance, freeing Adam, after which the two Black Rangers clasped hands.
  • When Lizwizard was enlarged, Carlos stepped forward, but Adam again dropped to his knees and demorphed painfully, this time for good.
  • Carlos helped Adam up, asking if he was going to be all right, and Adam, panting, told him he was okay and to go on; Carlos, leaving him, told Adam to get some place safe, and the five Space Rangers then summoned the Astro Megazord.
  • After the monster's destruction, unmorphed Carlos (trailed by the four other teens) and Alpha attended to the weakened Adam; Carlos exclaimed that morphing could have destroyed him, but he replied, "Worth a shot. Besides, with you around, I knew you were on my side."


  • After the four Rangers had arrived on KO-35 to help Andros against the needle monster, Carlos soon noted that the monster didn't know when to give up, then leapt in with a Lunar Lance attack, then stood in the center of the group and called for the Quadroblaster.


  • In the Surf Spot, Carlos was playing a WWF arcade game.
  • A young girl named Silvy watched Carlos curiously from nearby; spotting Carlos right as his game ended, Silvy's mom said hi, and Carlos was happy to see her; Silvy's mom explained to Silvy that Carlos had been one of her best students at Angel Grove High.
  • Silvy's mom asked Carlos to watch her for a minute while she got a soda for Silvy, and Silvy proceeded to beat him at the game.
  • When his communicator went off once he was by himself, Carlos covered it and ducked into a large alcove area with a cozy chair and a photo booth, with people using the payphones, and a Surf Spot employee in a back hallway as Carlos frantically looked for a place to go.
  • After two girls had left the photo booth with their pictures, Carlos ducked inside, and there were several quick snaps of the camera while Carlos was in the process of morphing.
  • Based on several pictures taken of him before the morph had even begun, Carlos should have noticed the flashes of photos being taken even before activating his Morpher.
  • That night, in his dimmed quarters on the Megaship in uniform, Carlos was typing something up from a thick book onto a notebook computer at his desk; he then finished by hitting a button and stretched, and the computer soon announced that he had email.
  • Carlos read, "I know who you are... Black Ranger. I have something you want. Meet me at the fun center at noon."; thinking the message had been sent by the Psycho Rangers, Carlos was there at noon the next day.
  • While Carlos waited anxiously, Silvy came up to him, and he was impatient with her, not realizing she was who he was waiting for.
  • Silvy's mom had given her permission to be there.
  • When Carlos kept trying to shoo her away, Silvy finally remarked, "You're kinda slow, for a Power Ranger," and told him she'd sent the email.
  • Carlos laughed at the idea of being a Power Ranger, saying, "Boy, wouldn't that be nice," and told her someone had played a joke on her by telling her that.
  • Silvy proudly showed him the photos of his morph in the photo booth, and he very regretfully groaned "oh no" and held his palms to his eyes.
  • Later, Silvy merrily skipped along with loads of loot she'd gotten at the fun park, with Carlos tiredly following her until sitting down on a bench.
  • Silvy suggested things they could play, but Carlos wasn't interested, wanting to take her home.
  • Silvy cheerfully gave Carlos a pager in case she needed him, and Carlos irritatedly told her he wasn't her personal Ranger who would show up whenever she called him.
  • Silvy got up and started announcing loudly that she had big news, and Carlos quickly agreed and went to take her home.
  • Eating with the others on the Megaship as it flew through space, Carlos talked about the situation with Silvy, and they agreed that he couldn't keep catering to her every need.
  • As Carlos agreed but considered that she might start telling people, his new pager went off, and he saw that Silvy wanted him to meet her at the fun center again.
  • The same day, Carlos was begrudgingly going on rides with a delighted Silvy.
  • Going up to her house later, with more loot, Silvy had had much fun, with her favorite ride having been the roller coaster.
  • For just one last thing before she promised to give him back the photos and never ever page him again, Silvy looked up at the moon and asked for a moonrock.
  • Carlos was furious, shouting at her for being spoiled rotten and wanting him to babysit her, then softly telling her he was a Power Ranger and he needed to help people in trouble, but instead he was here babysitting her.
  • Carlos told her to forget it, to keep the photos and tell everyone she wanted, as he had bigger worries; Silvy was sad to have upset Carlos as he stormed off.
  • That night, Carlos was in bed on the Megaship with his bed light on when Ashley came in, knocking after the door had opened for her.
  • Ashley asked if he was up, and he said he was, and that he couldn't fall asleep tonight, still thinking about Silvy and the nerve she had.
  • Before he went on, Ashley told Carlos there was something he should know.
  • Speaking with Ashley and Carlos in a medical clinic another day, a doctor told them Silvy's brother had become very ill, so the family had moved to Angel Grove to help him get better; Ashley told Carlos she didn't have any friends here.
  • When Carlos asked about her brother, the doctor said he'd died a few months ago; both teens were shocked to hear the news.
  • The doctor said Silvy had taken it pretty hard, and he showed them a picture of the two of them together: her brother was in front of a poster of the moon, with a telescope beside him, and he held a model rocket with Silvy beside him.
  • The two kids had wanted to grow up and become astronauts together, and they'd sworn to go to the moon someday; Silvy had promised to bring him back a moonrock.
  • Alarmed, Carlos jumped up and excused himself, rushing out; Ashley apologized and went after him.
  • Outside, Carlos gave Ashley the pager to hold and ran off, leaving her distressed not knowing where he was going.
  • Morphed Carlos then flew through space on his Galaxy Glider and would later join the others in defending Silvy from Datascammer near her brother's grave.
  • After Datascammer's destruction, Psycho Red had grappled Silvy as a hostage but then let her escape; once Psycho Black had teleported Psycho Red away, Silvy happily rushed out, calling out Carlos's name.
  • Morphed Carlos picked Silvy up and told her, "Don't worry! Whenever you call, the Power Rangers will come."
  • Unmorphed, Carlos took Silvy home, and she apologized and returned the photos, wondering if they could still be friends; he said of course, and handed her a small sparkling moonrock, delighting her.
  • Carlos offered to take Silvy to the one place better than any ride on the world; later, morphed Carlos was holding Silvy in place in front of him as she stood riding his Galaxy Glider through space with him.
  • Silvy said she didn't want to be an astronaut anymore; rather, she wanted to be a Power Ranger; Carlos told her to keep dreaming and someday she might just be one.
  • Carlos planned next to take Silvy to see the moons of Jupiter; such a visit might have featured the Mega Vehicles' Ganymede base.


  • As giant Psycho-monster Black was pulling the Mega Voyager into a vortex, Andros had thrusters set to maximum capacity, but it wasn't working, as they'd already exhausted all available energy.
  • Carlos insisted that they leave the Megazord for their own safety before they were sucked in, but Andros refused to abandon ship despite all efforts to convince him otherwise, so Carlos finally delivered a karate chop to the back of his neck, apologizing as he knocked out his friend.
  • The Rangers leapt down, with Andros recovering as they landed, and they watched the Psychos vanish with the Mega Voyager.


  • After Carlos, Andros, and Silvy had been captured in Secret City and shackled by Quantrons, Silvy took Carlos aside and told him his friend had dropped something; he impatiently told her not now, but when he saw it was the Battlizer, he urgently took it and thanked her.
  • Silvy coyly deduced that Andros was a Ranger too, but Carlos told her not to think whatever she was thinking; she assured him she wouldn't tell anyone.
  • As Vacsacker fought Andros and Carlos a short while later, Carlos shoved Andros aside and took a red energy bolt in the chest, making him collapse and writhe in agony for a bit.


  • The Megaship was in orbit as the teens ate aboard it, but Carlos was in Angel Grove playing soccer in the park with some teenagers.
  • When Carlos went after a wild kick through the trees, Tankenstein raced toward him on the road behind the trees; the vehicle beamed him away with a red portal beam from its front just before it would've run him over.
  • Carlos dropped from the red portal into a desert wasteland where his communicator didn't work; he would eventually be joined by Cassie and T.J. and then Ashley and Andros.
  • On the road near the soccer field, Cassie found Carlos's championship ball; apparently no one had gone in after him.


  • When the Space teens arrived on Terra Venture to help fight the Psycho Rangers, Carlos now had short hair.


  • After Pink Galaxy Ranger Kendrix had sacrificed her life to save Cassie, Carlos deeply wished things had turned out differently.


  • According to information on Farley's Power Rangers in Space fruit rolls, Carlos's last name was Vallerte (pronounced "Vayerte"). (Source: Submitted by Eva Beckwith, spelling corrected by Sonya Edinburgh)
  • Also from the aforementioned fruit rolls was the following description: "Carlos is a 17-year old Mexican American.  He's good-looking, athletic, and comes from strict parents who have done all they can to instill good values in the youngest of their four kids.  Carlos is the star of the Angel Grove soccer team and is every girl's dream date.  He is a good student, and popular with the other kids.  He can be headstrong at times and has a strong sense of justice, always seeing an issue as either black or white." (Source: Submitted by Eva Beckwith)
  • According to a FAQ page featured for a time on the Fox Kids website after 643-CTD2, Carlos, Cassie, Ashley, T.J., and Andros brought peace to the world and were celebrated as heroes.

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