Carolyn Pickets
- movie star on Terra Venture; identical to Kendrix Morgan
Carolyn Pickets
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First Appearance: 707-DblD
Last Appearance: 707-DblD
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  • Leo showed Kendrix a Glitz Movie Magazine featuring an exclusive interview and a photo collection of Carolyn Pickets, a movie star who looked just like Kendrix.
  • Outside Carolyn's room, a small crowd was clamoring for photos and autographs; she politely signed one and retreated into her room.
  • Once in her room with her manager, a bald man in a gray-jacket Terra Venture suit, Carolyn was mocking and tired of her fans; she wondered why they couldn't find some other star to chase around.
  • The manager looked in his book and found a 2:00 photo shoot and a 4:00 press conference, but Carolyn snottily demanded that she wanted to go shopping, saying that was that.
  • In a mountain park, Carolyn was at a photo shoot with her manager coaching her, but she got bored and tired, whining.
  • When the five teens approached to compare Kendrix and Carolyn, Carolyn whined upon seeing "more fans."
  • Nearby Wisewizard, a squid wizard monster, sent a glowing blue page flying from a notebook onto the camera; sticking, it made the camera explode into pieces, knocking down Carolyn and her manager.
  • Wisewizard checked the scrap on the tripod and found nothing.
  • As the teens ran up, with Kendrix calling for the monster to hold it, he pulled out another page, and it flew, glowing blue, and stuck to Kendrix's left thigh.
  • The page exploded with a spark explosion, knocking Kendrix down as the manager and Carolyn watched.
  • As the teens helped, Kendrix groaned clutching her leg, in which the glowing blue remnants of the Japanese symbol from the page faded out.
  • Wisewizard faded out walking away, saying he'd find those Lights if it was the last thing he did.
  • After Wisewizard had left, Kendrix managed to stand.
  • Carolyn initially told her manager she was fine, but she suddenly feigned an injured ankle.
  • The teens were impressed that Carolyn looked so much like Kendrix, and the manager was amazed, realizing she could take Carolyn's place.
  • Carolyn rose, upset, but then got back down, owing.
  • Kendrix said she wasn't an actress, but the manager laughed and looked back at Carolyn, saying there was nothing to it.
  • As the manager begged, Kendrix agreed.
  • Another day at a movie studio, the manager drove up with Carolyn after they'd gone shopping; her right foot was in a cast, and she used crutches to go into the studio, whining about the pain but not wanting to miss Kendrix's first day.
  • On the final day, Carolyn watched as Kendrix had to sit down from leg pain while reading her script; remembering the monster attack, Carolyn went up to her, knowing it was her leg.
  • The symbol glowed faintly with pink energy in Kendrix's thigh, and Carolyn insisted she tell them she had to quit, as she was hurt, but Kendrix said she was going to do what she'd told them she'd do.
  • On repeated takes, Kendrix came up the hill as directed; by the fourth take, her leg was aching, and by the eighth, she was limping badly and collapsed partially up the hill.
  • The director was fuming, but Kendrix pleaded him for another try, and he gave her one more.
  • From the bottom of the hill, Kendrix limped with determination up the hill, with Carolyn watching with concern, wishing she would just quit.
  • Kendrix finally reached the top and gave a moving final line, then embraced her co-star, and the director was astonished, calling it perfect.
  • After praising Kendrix's performance, Carolyn admitted to always quitting when things got tough, seriously admiring Kendrix.
  • Kendrix explained that making a promise was easy, but keeping it was what was hard.
  • When Wisewizard attacked and the crew fled, Kendrix stood her ground, with Carolyn cowering behind her.
  • Wisewizard tapped his wand to his notebook, and another page flew onto the movie camera, blowing it apart, but the monster found nothing there.
  • Kendrix jump-kicked the notebook out of Wisewizard's hand, grabbed it, and threw a glowing blue page at him, but he held out his hand and made the page fly back at Kendrix, where it stuck to her right leg and exploded, knocking her down.
  • Wisewizard said his name approaching while Kendrix, and she hobbled away.
  • Watching, Carolyn took off her shades and scarf so her outfit was quite similar to Kendrix's.
  • Wisewizard went around the other side of the movie truck and found Carolyn with his notebook while clutching her legs on the ground.
  • Wisewizard told her she'd interfered with his plans for the last time, but the real Kendrix emerged from the back of the truck and side-kicked him back, then took a defensive stance until Carolyn joined her.
  • As the two girls stood side-by-side, Wisewizard blasted at the girls with a beam from his wand, then projected another page toward Kendrix, but the four Rangers, sans Pink, got in front of the girls as Kendrix was in a defensive stance.
  • Wisewizard mentioned his search for the Lights of Orion before running off with the four Rangers in pursuit.
  • Kendrix helped Carolyn up and thanked her; Carolyn promised that Kendrix could count on her any time.
  • Kendrix began to hobble away painfully, and when Carolyn asked if she was okay, Kendrix gave a cheerful reply of being fine.
  • An indeterminate amount of time after the filming of Star Crossed Lovers, Carolyn was on Terra Venture television accepting what looked identical to an Oscar, which she dedicated to her friend Kendrix, who had taught her the value of keeping a promise and working hard.

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