- young adult firefighter
- former or current Red Lightspeed Ranger (801-OpLs through 840-FLs2, also 933-TFLs, 1034-FRed)
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Full Name: Carter Grayson (801-OpLs)
First Appearance: 801-OpLs
Last Appearance: 1034-FRed


  • As firefighters scrambled over an apartment fire, Carter Grayson was up on a ladder, from where he leapt into the flaming building.
  • Lightspeed's dossier photo for the Red Ranger candidate showed Carter smiling in firefighter gear in front of a brick wall.
  • With his mask, Carter went through the burning hall calling for people and found a coughing girl on the floor, reassuring her and leading her out wrapped in a blanket with her close to him.
  • Carter was #97.
  • As they passed a hallway, Carter looked and saw a monster shape masked in the flames, with a dull growl, shocking him.
  • With evil laughter, a wall of flame rolled down the hallway, and Carter leapt out a window in front of the explosion with the girl; they were caught by firemen below, and Lightspeed cadet Dana Mitchell briefly tended to the girl before the paramedics took over.
  • During the emergency, Dana explained to Carter that she was a paramedic.
  • As Carter then took a breath by a fire truck, Dana approached him with her two men in black; she told him plaintively she knew it was a bad time, but she needed him to come with her.
  • Soon, a white helicopter with the teens inside flew out to sea toward a submarine, into which Carter figured they were going.
  • In the helicopter and afterward, Carter was out of his firefighting gear, wearing a red long-sleeved shirt and jeans which would be his normal attire.
  • Having heard out Mitchell's story behind the demons and the Aquabase, Joel got up calling him nuts, but Carter told him to wait, remembering what he'd seen in the fire and concluding it had been one of the demons.
  • After Mitchell had showed the teens scenes of the chaos in Mariner Bay, Carter was first to agree to be a Ranger.
  • As the teens were impressed by the Rescue Rover in Transport, Dana tossed Carter the keys to drive, and he would henceforce be the regular driver.
  • The Rover screeched up to the chaos downtown where people fled from Batlings and Ghouligan, and the teens gaped until Carter had them go help the people.
  • As the four teens attempted to fight Batlings and had people run, Carter drove angrily toward Ghouligan, but the monster blew a fireball at the Rover, making him swerve to a stop from a large explosion.
  • Ghouligan ran up and grabbed the stunned Carter, throwing him through the air into a lamppost; they would then morph and destroy the monster.


  • Carter appeared to have blue eyes.
  • After giant Magmavore had landed downtown, Mitchell had the teens put the Rail Rescues to work, and Carter immediately agreed despite the lack of certainty in the others.
  • When Kelsey people in the elevator of a burning building, Carter and Dana tried to pry open the doors as Dana warned that the building was about to go down, but Carter insisted they had to get the people out first.
  • Dana replied they might not have time to get them out, but Carter told her they had to make time, calling the Aquabase for help, at which point they received the Rescue Bird to pry open the doors.
  • After the Lightspeed Megazord had destroyed giant Magmavore, Chad congratulated Carter on the great work, but Carter congratulated all of them as a team.


  • As the teens discussed crazy stunts in the past, Carter laughed that Joel's childhood window-jumping wasn't just crazy, it was stupid.
  • As they left, Dana asked Carter whether he'd always wanted to be a fireman, and he distantly referred to one night but wouldn't finish the story.
  • In the training shack, cardboard cutouts of demons popped up around Carter as he used a goo-shooting gun to splatter them with clumsy aim.
  • Carter finished outside at 52 seconds, impressing Mitchell, and the others giddily congratulated him on the fastest time yet, with Carter swinging Kelsey around.
  • After surveying inside, Mitchell called Carter over and told him he might have had the fastest time, but he'd gotten the lowest score; he said he had to take time to his his brain before he ever used a blaster.
  • Confused, Carter said he'd hit every target, which meant nothing, Mitchell replied, as he hadn't thought it through; sometimes, he said, the obvious choice was the wrong choice.
  • During a battle, Vypra fought Carter in a parking garage, firing numerous blasts from her sword until Carter spin-kicked a blast back toward her, striking the wall and making rubble fall.
  • Carter and Vypra faced off gun-to-sword, and he told her to put down her weapon nice and easy, shouting again to put it down, but she smiled and blasted into the ground, making a wall of flames between them before vanishing with blue demonic energy.
  • Mitchell was watching through Carter's view as people were in peril from falling rubble, but Mitchell ordered him to put out the fire behind him first despite Carter's serious objections.
  • Grudgingly, Carter put out the fire with his blaster, but rubble then fell onto the mother and son, knocking the boy out.
  • The boy was barely conscious as the mother panicked, and Joel and Dana took him away for help; furious, Carter ran off.
  • In the base, unmorphed Carter stormed into Mitchell's quarters, shouting that he'd been wrong to tell him to put out the fire.
  • Mitchell calmly replied he'd done the right thing, but Carter spat that the little boy had gotten hurt because he'd listened to him, and Mitchell sighed; Carter stormed out.
  • In a hospital in Mariner Bay, Carter entered the boy's room; the boy was on a heart monitor, bandaged and unsconsious.
  • Carter apologized and took the boy's hand.
  • Carter wished he could have been like "him," saying he'd been about the boy's age when it had happened, perhaps seven or so.
  • Carter didn't know how it had happened, but the whole place had been on fire, so hot he hadn't been able to breathe.
  • A young blond Carter in a black and red shirt had nearly collapsed, but a masked fireman, secretly Captain Mitchell, had come in asking if anyone was in there, and he helped Carter exit before a flaming beam came down and landed on him.
  • His back catching on fire, Mitchell had held the beam up to allow Carter to escape; then as a falling shelf slammed the door shut and another fireman took young Carter away, Mitchell had removed his mask.
  • Carter didn't know who the fireman was, but ever since that day, all he'd wanted was to be just like him, but he now lamented that he would never be as good as the fireman, as he would have saved the boy just like he had saved Carter.
  • Carter later surveyed the training area, seeing the fallen demon cutouts and stumbling upon an explosive canister which he'd accidentally shot in the chaos.
  • With sudden insight, Carter ran to the parking garage and found the buried gasoline drums, realizing that if he hadn't first put out the fire, the whole place would have exploded.
  • Mitchell walked up, repeating that sometimes the obvious choice was the wrong choice, and Carter knew Mitchell had known about the explosive canisters.
  • Mitchell told Carter it wasn't easy being a leader, and that he learned tough lessons every day.
  • As Joel called for help when it quaked again, Carter told Mitchell he wasn't sure he was cut out to be a Ranger, but Mitchell was, moreso now than ever; with regained confidence, Carter ran off to join the others.
  • Vypra went to pound another quake stake, but Carter blasted the hammer from her hand, making her attack him.
  • As Carter drew his blaster, Vypra had him come on, but he holstered it, realizing now wasn't the time; rather than fight Vypra, Carter tossed a stake into the air and blasted it into embers, telling the others they had to destroy the spikes.
  • After the Rangers had destroyed Quakemon, Carter returned to the kid's room, which was empty as the kid was in the hall.
  • The boy was robed with a still-bandaged forehead and a scratched cheek and hand.
  • Carter was thrilled to see he was okay; the boy replied, "Thanks to you," and planned to be just like Carter when he grew up.
  • As Captain Mitchell watched happily nearby, Carter gave the boy a wrapped present, and the boy gave him a high-five and told him he was awesome.


  • As the space shuttle was going down, Kelsey got a crazy idea, calling Rescuezords, and Carter let her call the shots.


  • As the Rangers were bombarded by Fireor's fireballs from the sky inside an abandoned building, the Rangers collapsed limply, but as Fireor stomped on Carter and summoned another fireball, Carter suddenly grabbed his foot, and they all grappled him, jumping away at the last second, allowing the two fireballs to destroy him.


  • Carter was especially disgusted over the Rangers' defeat in the Rover by Vypra's new Vyprari.
  • Later, the repaired Rover drove up to an area of injured people and burning wreckage, and as the teens aided the victims, they wondered what could have done this.
  • Nearby, Vypra revved watching them, and she raced off, Carter angrily chasing in the Rover before she vanished again.
  • Alone, Carter told Mitchell in the conference room they'd never had a chance to stop her, saying the city was fair game, but Mitchell said she was in for a surprise, having him meet him with the others in Transport to see the Lightspeed Cycles.


  • On a plaza bridge, the teens looked to Carter for guidance as Chad asked him if he thought the Cyborgs were better than them; Carter didn't know.
  • When the teens saw a billowing explosion behind a building downtown, the effect of another lightning bolt, Chad and Carter agreed they should check it out even though they weren't Rangers; they would end up rescuing the scientists from the rampaging Cyborgs.
  • Later, giant Strikning shot three spikes into the Megazord's chest without a word command, but with its left ladder arm on Carter's command, the Megazord clamped its hand over Strikning's mouth and hoisted him into the air; when the lightning hit the Megazord, it flowed through the ladder arm, electrocuting Strikning instead.


  • As the Rangers regrouped outside after Kelsey had smashed through a parking garage wall to rescue people, Carter in the cockpit with her, Carter noogied her helmet playfully over her stunt.
  • Smogger and Batlings attacked, and as Smogger rolled off while the others were grappled, Carter sent Chad and Kelsey after him for a mission in which Kelsey would end up rather seriously injuring herself.


  • As the Rail Rescues arrived to form the Supertrain Megazord, Miss Fairweather told the Rangers to break down the Megazord; the uninformed Carter didn't want to retreat, but Mitchell insisted they weren't retreating, telling him, "Just do it!"


  • The teens, Miss Fairweather, and Mitchell watched from a booth (Joel running up just in time) as techs attached electrodes to Carter in the pool room in preparation for his testing of the Titanium Morpher, which was placed around his wrist by a tech.
  • Miss Fairweather spoke into the mic, "Here we go," and Carter nodded.
  • After activating the Morpher, Carter painfully pulsed with blue flashes of the partial Titanium suit, his glowing red nervous system and heart visible during the agonizing flickers which included blue energy waves on the border of the partially-formed pieces of Titanium Ranger suit.
  • During the excrutiating process, Carter struggled to hold out his hand, almost pleading for mercy, but the morph spasms continued to wrack his body.
  • Agonized, Carter finally dropped to his hands, gasping as the blue ripples trailed off; he would tell an alarmed Miss Fairweather between gasps that he was okay as the teens rushed out to help him.
  • As the Rangers regrouped after fighting Vypra and Batlings the next morning, Carter shouted he wouldn't tell her again - get out of Mariner Bay.
  • Pounded by the evil Titanium Ranger, the Rangers retreated outside onto the roof; with the Unilaser, Carter told Titanium to stop right there, but he transformed his weapon in response; saying he'd warned him, Carter fired, but the axe blade absorbed the blast.
  • Confronting Titanium a second time later, Carter told Titanium not to make them do something they didn't want to do, but Titanium told them to give it their best shot, pounding them easily.
  • As Titanium saw his axe nearby after the Rangers had turned the tide with their new V-Lancers, Carter shouted, "Don't do it!" but as he ran, Miss Fairweather told the Rangers to go to blaster mode.
  • While the Rangers readied the V-Lancers to fire, Titanium grabbed his blaster and aimed, at which point Carter called for the Spectra Blast, and the Rangers brought their converging beams onto Titanium, making a large explosion.
  • When Titanium got back up laboriously, Carter was astounded, saying, "Nothing could have survived that!"
  • As Titanium turned, his visor was open, revealing human eyes within.
  • Carter ordered, "Stand down before this escalates! Don't force us to destroy you!" but Titanium nodded his visor shut and approached weakly with his blaster aimed.
  • Miss Fairweather, watching, called for energy level ten, and they switched to full power.
  • As the Rangers aimed the V-Lancers on full power, which they surely expected to be fatal following the previous incident, Mitchell painfully told them not to fire, repeating the order when Carter was surprised.
  • In the conference room, Mitchell stood as the angry teens came in, all but Dana furious that he'd had them retreat during their perhaps only chance; pausing, Carter sighed and asked why, and Mitchell wearily replied it was his son.


  • After the Rangers had destroyed Liztwin, Carter saluted, "Mission accomplished!", which was otherwise normal, except that the monster had been only a small distraction in their search to stop the rogue Titanium Ranger.


  • About to knock on Ryan's door, Carter heard Ryan muttering to himself, and he saw through the cracked door just before Ryan put his shirt back on, covering up the large cobra tattoo on his back.
  • Finding Carter outside, Ryan feigned cheeriness, and as Carter offered to take him to the training area, Mitchell called the Rangers to Ops.
  • When Ryan was agonized in battle with Demonite, Carter asked what had happened, but the pained Ryan replied it was nothing.
  • As Demonite's clone grappled Carter and Demonite approached, Carter aimed his blaster inside his holster and shot Demonite, causing the clone to spark and release him; Carter was initially baffled but figured the arriving Ryan had freed him.
  • As the Rangers fought Demonite, Falkar, and Thunderon while Ryan fought Demonite's clone elsewhere, Carter realized that the clone had been hit when he'd hit Demonite earlier; they then ran off, pursued by the monsters.
  • In the alleys of giant metal crates, the Rangers vanished around the corner as they'd done on a previous occasion; Thunderon said he was sick of this silly game.
  • As the Rangers hopped overhead silently, Demonite quickly turned and eyeblasted them off the top of the bins, making them fall, but Carter wasn't there.
  • Carter suddenly sprang out blasting with his V-Lancer, Unilaser in other hand, and he thrust both against Demonite's chest, pinning him to the wall; he demanded that Demonite freeze and call off his clone, but the monster cockily refused.
  • Falkar reminded him he'd blow himself up at such close distance; Demonite proceeded to egg him on, shouting to give it to him, although he cringed faintly in preparation for the blast.
  • Carter finally withdrew, saying this wasn't the right way, and he planned to help Ryan; as he turned, however, Demonite went to attack, at which point Carter twirled into a crouch and fired both weapons pointblank into Demonite, engulfing the area in an explosion.
  • As Dana thought Carter was gone, he kicked two empty metal drums aside amidst the flaming rubble, rising weakly with burnt patches in his suit.
  • As the Rangers supported him, Dana told Carter he'd scared them, and he chuckled he'd scared himself pretty good too.
  • As the Lightspeed Megazord was being mangled in combat with giant Demonite, Carter left and formed the Supertrain Megazord after telling the others to keep him busy.
  • After they had destroyed giant Demonite, the burnt Carter exhaustedly sighed in his cockpit saying that had been a tough one.
  • When Ryan answered the door of his quarters shortly afterward, Carter checked on him, knowing about the tattoo; Ryan dismissed it as a going-away present from Diabolico, but Carter described it as seeming alive during the fight.
  • As Ryan revealed it was alive, explaining his fate, Carter insisted he had to tell his dad, and he would leave as Mitchell entered to speak with Ryan, having overheard about the tattoo.


  • Eyeblasted by Thunderon, the Rangers collapsed; as Thunderon approached, Dana's visor slid up as she asked Carter if he thought this would work; he replied it had to.
  • Finally, at pointblank range, Carter had the Rangers spring an ambush, shooting pointblank into Thunderon with the V-Lancers and destroying him.


  • When Diabolico confronted the Rangers, Carter told him, "Don't you get it? We destroyed your monsters. Don't make us destroy you too!" but Diabolico had them give it their best shot.
  • The Lightspeed Solarzord's glide-hovering apparently used buildings as cover, blasting during clear shots; when Diabolico returned fire, Carter dodged left, allowing the blast to blow up a building where the Megazord had been standing.


  • As the Rangers chased after Impus's giant cocoon, Carter had them fire at the cocoon despite Dana's wanting to wait, and the four fired, causing a wall of flame to wash over them and the villains as the cocoon crashed into the ground, making a crater from which Olympius would arise.
  • Olympius introduced himself while hovering above the Rangers; he told them to bow to him, but Carter leapt to tackle him, and as the two fell, Olympius flew away as flaming energy, then stomped on the fallen Carter from above.
  • After pummeling Carter, Olympius landed in front of the others and sucked them into his star gem before retreating in pain while approaching Carter.
  • At the base, Ryan explained what he knew about Olympius and the Star Power until a tech picked up a signal from Chad, and Carter drove out to the site, not realizing the "Chad" he brought back to base was Olympius in disguise.
  • Back at the base, Carter had "Chad" get cleaned up and meet him in Rescue Ops while he searched for the others, but he noted that "Chad" was going the wrong way for their quarters, and "Chad" guessed the monster had hit him hard than he'd thought.
  • As Carter, Ryan, and Mitchell planned to send out search parties for the other teens, "Kelsey" cheerfully greeted the three and told them they'd all made it back, so they could call off the search party; in parting, Carter wondered how she'd known of the search party, and she explained she'd just assumed.
  • When the entry gate began to open, Carter saw the demons waiting outside in a security camera view from Ops, shouting for Miss Fairweather to close the entry gate.
  • After Miss Fairweather's struggle with "Joel" over the entry gate controls, Carter picked up the dropped passkey, and "Joel" pretended to be his buddy.
  • Carter angrily confronted the impostor, shouting for him to get away from the console, but "Joel" grabbed Miss Fairweather and morphed into Olympius.
  • Olympius demanded the passkey, and as Carter handed it over, Ryan struck the villain and grabbed Miss Fairweather away, and the passkey fell to the floor; Carter then tackled Olympius, using a leg trip to knock the both of them into the pool, making bright white energy flashes as they were lost from view.
  • Carter and Olympius washed up on a shore, where the weakened villain released the four Rangers before vanishing.
  • In Transport, Carter was tuning up the red Lightspeed Cycle with as the teens approached, pretending to be insulted that he hadn't known the difference between them and Olympius.
  • Carter anxiously backed away from them until he fell into the pool, and they laughed that he'd learned his lesson, thinking next time he'd be a little more careful.


  • On the teens' day off, Carter did a kata in a blue workout suit; afterward, Mitchell arrived in the same suit.
  • Carter explained he never took a day off training, so Mitchell offered some company.
  • Mitchell invited Carter to attack, and they sparred, Mitchell urging Carter not to go easy on him; Mitchell blocked and fought back well, eventually flipping a startled Carter to the grass.
  • Mitchell asked what was next, and Carter smiled; the two ran up a hillside, Mitchell trailing; Carter offered to slow down for him, but Mitchell, tired, played tough, telling Carter he was already going too slow for him as it was.
  • At the top of the hill, Mitchell wearily jogged up to the seated Carter, and they joked over Mitchell's exhaustion; Mitchell teased he would have left him in the dust when he'd been Carter's age, as he'd trained just like him, but even he'd taken a day off every now and then.
  • Honestly, Mitchell said he'd never seen anyone so driven, asking why that was, and Carter explained that everything he did was to be as good as the fireman who'd saved his life as a kid; Mitchell reminded him that even heroes were only human.
  • When a streak flew from a storm cloud to a power plant below, the two ran to check it out.
  • On the scene, Carter morphed and then watched as Mitchell put on a uniform and gear from a fire truck, confusing Carter.
  • Together, Mitchell and Carter ran in, helping out plant workers as the other Rangers arrived.
  • As Shockatron attacked the second power plant, Miss Fairweather called Mitchell over the radio on his gear, so he sent the Rangers off, saying he'd keep things under control here.
  • As the Rangers returned from destroying Shockatron at the second plant, Carter learned Mitchell had gone back in after a missing girl, and he rushed in despite the fireman's cries that it was too dangerous, as the building was about to blow.
  • Inside, Mitchell braced a large pipe for the girl as he'd done years ago for Carter with the burning beam.
  • Arriving, Carter hugged Ginny and watched, visor up, as Mitchell tried to throw the pipe off himself but was struck painfully in the shoulder, but the captain waved Carter away, at which point Carter left and leapt off the roof with Ginny, landing nimbly and giving the girl to her chaperon. 1 Firemen shouted for everyone to get back, and a powerful explosion erupted from the building; Carter shouted for Mitchell, and Mitchell then climbed down a fire hose from the roof.
  • Carter, visor up, told Mitchell the girl was okay, and Mitchell laughed happily.
  • In the Aquabase infirmary, Carter found Miss Fairweather bandaging Mitchell's left shoulder.
  • On Mitchell's right shoulder, an old injury which wasn't being treated, was a large area of blistered, scarred skin, and Carter remembered the fireman's right shoulder and back being on fire from his childhood rescue.
  • As Miss Fairweather left, Carter asked it was him who had saved him as a kid, and Mitchell said yes after a moment.
  • Mitchell explained he'd been keeping an eye on Carter ever since that rescue; he'd watched him become a fireman, and then he'd chosen him to be the Red Ranger.
  • Carter felt he owed Mitchell so much, but he replied he didn't owe him anything, saying Carter had returned whatever he'd given him over and over to the people he'd saved.
  • Carter promised to train even harder, an extra hour in the mornings, two extra miles, but Mitchell assured him he trained hard enough, telling him to get out of here.
  • As the others were back at the beach, Carter surprised them by showing up to actually have some fun; he grabbed an icy water gun from a cooler and chased the teens around.


  • As he and Joel drove in the Rover, Carter was enjoying some pop music on the radio, but Joel changed it to a country song and sang along loudly; Carter minded Joel's singing more than he did the music.
  • After Ryan had infiltrated Spellbinder's ceremony site and caused Queen Bansheera to vanish, the Rangers panicked seeing the fiery building below, but, unnerved, Carter had them keep it together, still having work to do, and they promptly destroyed giant Spellbinder.


  • When the Omega Crawler was pinned to Olympius's asteroid by rocky spines after having planted explosives in the rocky surface, Miss Fairweather shouted for them to get out of there, but Carter shouted back that the asteroid was alive; he planned for them to detonate the explosives manually despite Mitchell's warning that it would be too dangerous.
  • After the Omega Megazord had transformed, Carter inserted his blaster grip calling for the Omega Missile, and Joel hoped this worked; the Megazord then plunged its staff into the asteroid's surface, and giant explosions blew the asteroid apart.


  • As the Rangers battled an apartment fire, Carter called to find out where Joel was, at which point he flew up from behind a building in Aero Rescue Three.
  • As Joel manuevered into a better position, Aero Rescue Three roared over the Rangers' heads, causing them to fall over, and Carter scolded him that he could've hurt somebody.
  • As Aero Rescue Three turned and flew off after dousing the flames, it left a cloud of paper fliers which rained down on the rescue crowd, and people clamored for the fliers.
  • Carter incredulously picked up a flier and told Joel he was such a hot dog.
  • Later, the teens watched by the Rover as unmorphed Joel signed flyers for an excited civilian crowd.
  • Carter amusedly asked Joel why he always had to be the center of attention; he replied he didn't have to be, just that he usually was.
  • In a park plaza later, a little girl named Heather was crying on a fountain edge when jacketless Carter spotted her and told her it couldn't be all that bad, offering to help and telling her his name.
  • Seeing his Morpher and asking if he was a Power Ranger, he chuckled that he was.
  • After describing a monster taking her mom and then trying to get her in an elevator, Heather was disappointed to see Carter didn't believe her either, and he didn't reply.
  • An office security agent, secretly Triskull in disguise, approached, and Heather startled that he would try to get her; returning the girl's lost ball, the man remarked on kids' wild imaginations, and Carter agreed politely.
  • After the man had left, Carter privately told Heather he did believe her, leaving to check the guy out, but as he secretively followed the man behind some bushes, he spotted Heather sneaking up as well, so he pulled her aside.
  • Although Carter told Heather it was too dangerous for her to help, she she insisted he'd taken her mom, and she wanted to help find her, so Carter agreed but said she had to do what he said.
  • Delighted, Heather asked, "Kinda like I'm a junior Ranger?" and Carter searchingly agreed.
  • Following human Triskull in an alley, Carter and Heather were soon confronted by five Ghouls, whom Carter attempted to fight while unmorphed.
  • As Heather was grappled and nearly slashed by Ghouls, the Blue and Yellow Galaxy Rangers leapt in and kicked the Ghouls away, and Carter fought as well after looking at them and thanking them.
  • Once the Ghouls were destroyed, Carter incredulously remarked, "Lost Galaxy Rangers? No way," but they were indeed, and Blue Ranger Kai spotted the unconscious girl whom Carter then picked up.
  • Kai she'd just fainted, and Carter said they should get her back to the Aquabase (using an unknown mode of transportation); there, they would meet up with the other four teens as well as Red Galaxy Ranger Leo.
  • As the five Lightspeed teens sat in the galley with Leo, Kai, and Maya, Carter told Leo it was really great to meet him, saying he couldn't have come at a better time, and Leo replied they'd known they needed help against Trakeena.
  • After Leo had explained Trakeena's plot to gather people's life energy to restore her power, Carter pondered as Joel realized that was why she'd kidnapped Heather's mom.
  • In the guys' quarters, Heather lay in the bottom bed of Chad's bunk as Carter came to check on her, Dana by her side saying she'd be fine.
  • Heather asked if he was going to save her mom, and Carter replied they were going to do their best.
  • Carter asked Heather where she'd seen the monster; she sat up to show him, but he laid her back down, saying she was awesome.
  • Just then, Chad ran up and reported trouble, and as the eight teens met in a hallway, Heather ran after them.
  • Carter told Heather she couldn't come this time, but she protested he'd said she was a junior Ranger, and the other Lightspeed and Galaxy teens nodded approvingly, so he let her come.


  • When Heather ran up to the defeated and unmorphed teens in Triskull's wake, Carter told Heather they were okay and that they were going to get her mom now; Dana and Kelsey pointed out they couldn't just storm into the building, as innocent people were inside, but Carter had an idea and asked for Heather's help.
  • Hiding behind bushes near the glass skyscraper, Carter told Heather to pull the fire alarm when no one was watching; she protested that her dad had told her not to except in an emergency, and he agreed but said this was a special case.
  • When the fire alarm was tripped, a police car, ambulance, and fire truck (#54) soon arrived on the scene to evacuate people; among the geared-up firefighters were the eight teens.
  • Among fleeing people, Carter stopped Heather and congratulated her, having her wait nearby.
  • Going in, Carter told a police officer leading people out that no one was to go on the thirteenth floor, and he nodded.
  • As Leo, Carter, Maya, and Kelsey met up outside after everyone was evacuated, Carter and Leo went in as the girls wished them luck, waiting behind.
  • In a stairwell leading to the roof, Carter and Leo ditched their firefighter gear as they ran up to the roof; there, they morphed and confronted Triskull in a plaza.
  • Hiding behind bushes near the glass skyscraper, Carter told Heather to pull the fire alarm when no one was watching; she protested that her dad had told her not to except in an emergency, and he agreed but said this was a special case.
  • When the fire alarm was tripped and rescue personnel drove up, the eight teens got off a fire truck (#54) in firefighter gear.
  • Among fleeing people, Carter stopped Heather and congratulated her, having her wait nearby.
  • Going in, Carter told a police officer leading people out that no one was to go on the thirteenth floor, and he nodded.
  • As Leo, Carter, Maya, and Kelsey met up outside after everyone was out, Carter and Leo went in as the girls wished them luck, waiting behind.
  • In a stairwell leading to the roof, Carter and Leo ditched their firefighter gear as they ran up to the roof; there, they morphed and confronted Triskull in a plaza.
  • Blasted by Triskull, Leo said they couldn't give up now, and Carter agreed.
  • After Carter had apparently slain Triskull with his Battle Booster punch, the two ran off to find the hostages in the skyscraper above.
  • On the thirteenth floor, morphed Leo and Carter kicked in the lab door, finding the shrunken people whose life energy was almost completely drained.
  • Attacked by Ghouls, the Red Rangers attempted to fight back until being joined by the Green and Pink Galaxy Rangers; Trakeena would then emerge and blast the Rangers.
  • When Trakeena blasted the four Rangers right out the wall of the skyscraper, they were unmorphed as they fell, but they landed in a large landing bag launched from the Rover by Chad.
  • As giant mutated Trakeena arose while the Galaxy Rangers lay unconscious following the defeat of the Galaxy Megazord, Carter had the Omega Megazord pick up the prone Galaxy Rangers in its hand to protect them from Trakeena.
  • Carter was tremendously relieved as the Galaxy Rangers came to, and their Orion power suddenly began to spread from their bodies into the Omega Megazord.
  • Carter had them combine all of their powers and weapons, and their energized dual slash destroyed Trakeena and released her victims from her lab.
  • Happily hugging her parents, Heather told them she'd helped the Rangers, and Carter approached, giving Heather a silver Lightspeed Rescue badge as he told them that she was in fact an official junior Ranger.


  • To get the fifth Starlight Crystal, Carter and Kelsey walked up to the extravagent mansion of the very rich Grandmother Winslow; inside, Carter observed Grandmother Winslow had been into some cool stuff, seeing her various sports photos.
  • As Kelsey ran off after her grandmother had ordered her out in furious disappointment following the loss of the crystal, Carter turned back with exasperation and told the old woman, "You have all this... but nothing in here," pointing to his heart.
  • Outside, Kelsey cried to Carter that all she'd ever wanted was for her grandmother to like her, and Carter said he was sure she loved her, but Kelsey protested that she didn't, running off and blaming herself; Carter then returned to base and asked about Kelsey.


  • Cyclopter challenged the Rangers to a fight to prove he was the best; saying they weren't falling for that, Carter blasted the monster.
  • Cyclopter got up, upset over the unfairness of the use of his weapon, and as Carter had them summon their V-Lancers, he urgently cried for them to hold on, and they did, Chad and Dana agreeing for the team when he challenged them to fight him in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Arriving as Cyclopter terrorized the city later, Carter blasted ineffectively with his Lightspeed Cycle lasers.
  • Carter told the monster to leave now while he had the chance, but Cyclopter invited them on, and the four Rangers fought him in hand-to-hand combat.
  • As Chad prepared to fight Cyclopter with his V-Lancer, Carter nearby aimed his Rescue Blaster, but Chad told him it was his fight, and the other Rangers backed off.
  • As giant Cyclopter pounded the Omega Megazord with moves Mr. Tamashiro had taught him, Carter had them fight back in kind, and the Megazord flipped him.


  • In a simulation room as Joel and Miss Fairweather stood nearby, Carter attempted but failed to master the controls of the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle in a sky simulation.
  • Removing his helmet, Carter gasped over the simulation's intensity, telling Joel he made it look so easy to fly; Joel assured him that simulations could seem pretty real but that he'd get the hang of it.
  • Miss Fairweather told Carter he'd have to fly the real Mobile Armored Vehicle the next day, asking if he would be ready to fly it; Joel put his hand on Carter's shoulder and said he'd be ready.
  • In the galley the next morning as Joel told the others flying the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle would be a handful but Carter was ready, Carter entered a bit uneasily, and Joel invited him over.
  • After Dana had read a joke from the newspaper and Kelsey had crashed into the chef upon rollerblading in, Joel took Carter out to earn his wings.
  • In Transport, techs were scanning the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle as Miss Fairweather told Carter they'd be testing all the flight systems, and then he'd return to base.
  • Joel told Carter just to go easy until he got the hang of it.
  • Getting in after morphing, Carter told them everything looked good, giving a thumbs-up.
  • Flying, Carter found all systems normal and thought he was getting it, and Miss Fairweather told him he was doing great, but there was suddenly a crackling burst in a rear cylinder as his engines malfunctioned and gagues went haywire.
  • Told to land, Carter set down the vehicle in a wooded field.
  • Demorphed in an open field by the woods, Carter hung his jacket on a tree branch and got to work with a kit of standard tools, removing the back panel of the landed Red Mobile Armored Vehicle to take some readings.
  • When Kelsey called as the four needed help in battle, Carter morphed and got in, fumbling with the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle's controls, but the engines wouldn't start.
  • Carter furiously watched in a small monitor as the Rangers were being beaten downtown; as he pounded his controls in despair, the engines flared, and he lifted off vertically, his departure blowing his forgotten jacket off its branch.
  • Flying, Carter struggled to keep his fuel pressure down, but the engine still misfired; as Olympius aimed the Unilaser at the four Rangers downtown, Carter angrily said he didn't have enough speed, and the others were apparently wounded fatally by the blast, Carter crying that he was too late.
  • Carter said his gagues were completely haywire, at which point he looked down through the bottom orange bubble dome, then back up, asking what was going on, as he was suddenly rocketed through some sort of warp tunnel.
  • Carter screamed and convulsed beside the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle the previous day during the flight simulation, prying off his helmet and gasping as Joel urged him to calm down.
  • Sweaty and shaken, Carter exclaimed that Joel was alive, but Joel replied it was just a simulation; Carter stammered about trying to get there in time, but Joel reassured him that simulations could be pretty darned real but that he'd get the hang of it.
  • Miss Fairweather asked if he would be okay for the test the flight day, and Joel replied he would, taking him out as he had the first time around.
  • In his bed that night, Carter dreamed about the fatal blast and then startled awake.
  • In the galley, Dana again read the joke, and Carter gave the obvious reply; when she asked how he'd known, he thought she'd told them the previous day, startled as he checked her newspaper and saw that it was that day's.
  • Kelsey then skated up, and Carter watched eerily and then grabbed the chef aside just in time; Joel then took Carter out to earn his wings.
  • In Transport, Carter was wearing his jacket, although he would later find the forgotten jacket from the previous timeline somehow still in the field.
  • When Miss Fairweather again listed the flight systems they'd be testing, Carter eerily whispered the ending to himself, remembering what she'd said the first time through.
  • Asked if he had any questions, Carter hesitantly explained feeling like he'd lived the day before since yesterday's simulation, but Miss Fairweather told him simulations could be very disorienting, just to stay focused, and he reluctantly approached the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle.
  • Flying, Carter again found all systems normal and thought he was getting it, but when the engines again malfunctioned, he told Miss Fairweather he'd known it would happen.
  • As Carter got out after landing in the same spot, he removed his helmet and looked around; Miss Fairweather then told him to check the power circuits, and he replied defeatedly that he knew, apparently having been told this the first time around.
  • Going around back and apparently beginning to scan inside the rear panel, Carter caught sight of his jacket lying on the ground ahead; picking it up in astonishment, he remembered spiraling out of control and said he knew it hadn't been a simulation, concluding he'd gone back in time.
  • When Kelsey called for help, Carter realized the attack was happening again; running to the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle with his jacket, Carter shouted into his wrist telling Miss Fairweather she had to call back the Rangers, but she was preoccupied.
  • Carter shouted not to send in the Rescue Bird, frantically asking if anyone could hear him, but there was no response, so he jumped into the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle with his helmet and lifted off immediately.
  • Carter flew up just in time to save the others, saying he wouldn't let them down twice.
  • After blowing up the fleeing Mantevil with his missiles, Carter barrel-rolled overhead, and the Rangers watched impressed; pursued by the flying Olympius, Carter engaged hyperspeed mode, then pulled out of a steep dive to leave Olympius crashing to the ground below.
  • Returning to the others, Carter remarked they didn't want to know what would have happened to them if he hadn't shown up; he noted he was glad to have the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle with him.
  • As the teens congratulated Carter later, he said he'd learned from the best, and Joel mirthfully agreed.
  • Joel gave Carter an identical version of his hat, saying he'd earned it, and Carter put it on as Kelsey told him now he was a sky cowboy too.


  • After their last chance to destroy Vilevine's pods on their wrists had been foiled, the teens stood in despair until Carter was suddenly inspired by a jet overhead to call for the Solarzord, realizing the spores couldn't hurt anyone in outer space.


  • After Miss Fairweather had been frozen solid, Joel was sucked into the monster with a blue beam, and the others were then captured as well, with only Carter managing to leap out of the way.
  • As Vypra and Loki arrived and Diabolico then fought Olympius, Carter soon thought of Miss Fairweather and had the two cowering techs carry her to the Rover to get her back to base, and he grabbed the Thermo Blaster case in parting.
  • At the base, Carter oversaw the defrosting unconscious Miss Fairweather in the infirmary, and he told Mitchell outside that her temperature was returning to normal and she would be okay.
  • In Ops, Olympius on the monitors issued a challenge for Red Ranger to meet him or he would destroy the others.
  • Carter had to go, so Mitchell had him take the Thermo Blasters, and he drove out on the Lightspeed Cycle-Rescue Speeder.
  • Fighting Olympius and Freezard, Carter used his thermograph scanner to check on the teens' condition.
  • Surrounded, Carter leapt to his cycle, but it was promptly frozen solid.
  • As Freezard snow-blasted, Carter (with his Battle Booster on his wrist) shot a steady laser stream from his Thermo Blaster into the monster's gut while being frozen; he did not stop until falling back frozen solid, his impact against the ground finally dislodging his finger from the trigger.
  • Carter was defrosted when Dana entered a code on his Battle Booster to heat him up.


  • As the Lightspeed Megazord had been defeated by giant Infinitor and the Omega Missile proved ineffective, Carter thought of one last chance, and the embattled Omega Megazord leapt and grabbed the discarded Lightspeed Megazord Saber, destroying the monster with a supercharged slash.


  • To ambush Bird Bane during a ransom, the teens loitered in various disguises: Carter wore a suit with glasses with his hair slicked back, and he carried a briefcase.


  • At the pool after Chad had fixed a communications cable, the teens wondered what was taking him so long, but as Carter grabbed gear to go in after him, Chad's unconscious body surfaced, and Kelsey and Carter dove in to pull him out.


  • Remembering only his civilian life when Dana told the amnesic teens they were Rangers, Carter didn't know Dana but knew he was no Ranger.
  • In the Aquabase infirmary, Carter resisted, having to get back to his job as a fireman.
  • Hooked up to a memory restoration apparatus, Carter was prompted to remember being approached by Dana and the two men in black (in 801-OpLs).
  • As more personal memories were targeted, Carter was prompted to remember swinging Kelsey around after his seemingly successful trial (803-TByF), surviving Demonite's explosion (814-CCob), doubting himself but being reassured by Mitchell (803-TByF), being given his own sky cowboy hat (825-YAgn), and being idolized by the bandaged hospital boy (803-TByF).
  • Later as the other three teens awoke with their memories restored as the process was complete, the machine overloaded and sparked as Carter's readings oscillated between full and empty; as the machine shut down, Carter awoke with a headache.
  • As Mitchell received word that Dana was in trouble fighting Memorase alone, Carter was still stunned and unsure, so Mitchell ordered the other three to go.
  • Staring at the monitor as morphed (and then demorphed) Dana was being pummeled severely by Memorase, Carter remembered both losing at chess to her and attending a sports game with her, and he then suddenly realized, "Dana!" and rushed into battle to save her.
  • Carter's aforementioned chess memory had the others watching in the galley as the two played chess with the chess set from the guys' quarters, and she had beaten him.
  • The sports game memory featured the two (sans jackets) at a game, and when the crowd cheered, Dana had accidentally dumped her vanilla ice cream on him and then gasped in a friendly way.
  • As Carter asked Dana if she was okay, she said she was now, and he helped her up; they then fought Memorase together, the two holding and flipping off each other.


  • At a dirt testing track, Miss Fairweather had Carter run tests on a dirtbike prototype for the Trans-Armor Cycle, but the armor mode test knocked Carter off and caused the bike to explode nearby.
  • As the teens left a meeting with Mitchell, Miss Fairweather had Carter stay, needing him to test the Trans-Armor Cycle prototype again.
  • Soon, Joel called Carter for help, but when he arrived in the plaza, the others were gone, so he returned to the base as instructed by Mitchell.
  • Not long afterward, as Carter walked by a lab in the Aquabase, Miss Fairweather stopped him, needing him to test the armor mode on the real cycle, but he first checked with Mitchell about the others.
  • Soon finding webbing in Ops and everyone missing, Carter frantically called Miss Fairweather in Transport but was too late as Arachnor then struck, abducting the techs around her.
  • When Carter arrived, only Miss Fairweather arrived, and she managed to throw him her red keycard to the Trans-Armor Cycle lab before vainishing.
  • Taking the cycle, Carter used it to destroy both the Vyprari and Arachnor in two separate battles.
  • At a later point as morphed Carter completed a test of the Trans-Armor Cycle, Miss Fairweather happily asked how everything had checked out, and he declared it a definite success.
  • When Dana was startled by a falling headset reminiscent of a dangling spider, unmorphed Carter teased the others (and girls in general) about being afraid of spiders, but Joel scared him with a plastic black and yellow spider on his shoulder, making everyone laugh.
  • Carter amusedly attacked Kelsey with the spider, making her giggle.


  • Carter appeared slightly anxious when Mitchell decided to send the four teens without Dana after being unable to contact her.


  • In the woods, Carter was jogging alone when he spotted Jinxer scurrying by to tell someone some news; he followed and watched Jinxer enter a cave.
  • As he watched, Carter was called by Mitchell concerning a problem at the stadium, but Olympius suddenly confronted him, stunning Carter.
  • Flung around repeatedly by Olympius, Carter heard the approaching Red Mobile Armored Vehicle; dodging fireblasts, he morphed and flew away.
  • As Carter tried to call the others, Mitchell told him the others had been sucked into a vortex at the stadium, and he flew up and dove into it after Mitchell had told him to be careful.
  • In the Skull Cavern, Carter found the four Rangers being burned alive by constant flames and was blasted back as he tried to approach.
  • Emerging from the flames, Diabolico told Carter he could help him save his friends, at which point the initially hostile Carter eased off his holster.
  • Beginning to spark from the flames, Diabolico told Carter the only way to save them was to strike Bansheera exactly where her heart would be.
  • Hearing Bansheera's echoing laughter, Carter told the others to hang on just a little longer, and he ran off, climbing the enormous flight of steps up to the castle.
  • Venturing through the castle, Carter fought hordes of Batlings before shooting all the ones he didn't have time to fight.
  • Reaching the empty central lair, Carter heard Bansheera's laughter coming from within the glowing blue maw statue, so he dove in and eventually came upon Bansheera's lair.
  • As Bansheera welcomed him to her lair, Carter said at last they met, and she agreed, having been waiting for this day.
  • When her veils drew back to reveal Bansheera's monstrous form, Carter charged with his baton, but mist from her hand slammed him back into a column.
  • Smoking painfully as he was levitated by an energy bolt, Carter startled Bansheera by telling her he knew her only weakness, and it was his greatest strength; a laser blast then caused her to drop him.
  • Carter declared his strength came from within - he had a heart.
  • With his Battle Booster, Carter leapt and delivered a glowing red punch to her midsection, although he was supposed to aim for where her heart would have been.
  • As explosions rumbled through the castle, the four Rangers were teleported back to the city; there, they feared Carter hadn't survived, but he then ran up to them and hugged Dana.
  • Carter thought that was the last they'd see of Bansheera, but giant Bansheera loomed over them; she would eventually retreat from the Lightspeed Megazord, confusing the Rangers.


  • During a fight with Olympius and a zombie-like Diabolico, Carter flew in on the Trans-Armor Cycle blasting Olympius and then slammed the bike's rear end into the prince.
  • Telling Diabolico, "That's it for you," Carter raced for the hypnotized demon, but Olympius blasted him off the bike, and Diabolico lifted him into the air.
  • Carter urged Diabolico to remember Bansheera's betrayal, having destroyed Vypra and then forced him to destroy Loki, but how Carter would have known Vypra's fate is unknown; he might have guessed in 837-WrQn from neither seeing her in the skull castle nor hearing of any remaining generals in Bansheera and Diabolico's dialogue, but his last known contact with Vypra was her fiery defeat during his destruction of the Vyprari in 835-WebW.
  • Dropping Carter, Diabolico approached Olympius despite the prince's orders to stop; the two again locked in combat.
  • During the brief clash, Olympius sent Diabolico flying with a kick, but while flying back, Diabolico blasted back with his staff, impressing Carter.
  • As Diabolico landed painfully, Carter rushed over to him despite Chad's concern.
  • Carter urged Diabolico they could beat Olympius, and Diabolico confided he had grown to hate Bansheera more than him.
  • Diabolico nearly handed Carter the Golden Key which would help him defeat Bansheera, but as Olympius blasted with his pike, Diabolico shoved Carter out of the way; critically wounded, Diabolico fell and exploded.
  • Carter angrily protested, "He didn't deserve that!" and brought their weapons back online for Olympius's turn.
  • When Olympius and Diabolico were resurrected into advanced forms, Carter tried to wave down Diabolico, telling him not to let Bansheera control him, but he blew a (relatively harmless) fireblast from his mouth at them.
  • Saying they didn't have a choice anymore, Carter summoned the Zords: Chad manned the Omega Megazord, Joel the Supertrain Megazord, and Carter the Lightspeed Solarzord.
  • Blasted and almost out of power following the defeat of the Supertrain and Omega Megazord, Carter suddenly had the Lightspeed Solarzord inexplicably jump in front of a skyscraper to shield it from Olympius and Diabolico's combined mouthblasts, totaling the Megazord.
  • After an eclipse had supercharged giant Diabolico and Olympius, Carter observed the downed Lightspeed Solarzord and decided it was up to him; below the two giant demons, Carter shouted to them that his Megazord was down but he wasn't, shooting with his Rescue Blaster and Thermo Blaster.
  • Giant Diabolico swung his sword down, sending Carter flying when he was struck by the tip; nearby, Chad and Joel rushed to his aid, and the Lifeforce Megazord soon arrived.
  • In the Lifeforce Megazord, Carter led the Rangers in destroying giant Diabolico and Olympius with full lifeforce power.


  • After losing a signal from Ryan in the tomb, the teens were a bit stunned to realize Bansheera had captured him, but Carter deduced she would probably take him to the Skull Cavern, so he intended to go there to rescue him.
  • Dana insisted she would go instead, but Carter replied the queen would never expect his arrival in the Mobile Armored Vehicle, and Chad agreed that was because it was crazy.
  • Mitchell agreed the plan was very risky, but Carter left, assuring the others he'd bring Ryan back.
  • As the Mobile Armored Vehicle was being prepped, Dana and Joel visited Carter; Joel joked that he shouldn't have taught him how to fly and shook hands with him soberly, and Dana hugged him with a wish of good luck.
  • Landing the Mobile Armored Vehicle on the rock bridge in front of the skull castle, Carter got out and ran up the steps.
  • Carter was unmorphed as he wandered through an area of columns; nearby, he spotted an enormous stadium full of thousands of Batlings where Bansheera announced that their palace would soon arise from Mariner Bay's destruction.
  • Finding Ryan held captive in a chamber elsewhere, Carter quickly beat up his two Batling guards and unlocked his chains with a dropped keyring.
  • Ryan told Carter that Bansheera would start the ceremony when the solar eclipse happened, which Carter noted was today.
  • As Carter planned for the both of them to escape and then form a plan to stop Bansheera, they heard her nearby; Ryan pretended to still be chained, and Carter hid in a nearby sarcophagus.
  • Hearing a Morpher beep from within the nearby sarcophagus after she'd landed to taunt Ryan, Bansheera noted they had a visitor, at which point Ryan sprung free and kicked her; Carter lunged out as well, kicking her aside.
  • As Batlings flooded in, Bansheera noted the two were outnumbered by a million to one, but they morphed and began fighting.
  • Overpowered, Carter and Ryan were blasted and then grappled by Batlings.
  • Queen Bansheera pointed to a flaming hologram above in which the Omega Megazord, hijacked by Jinxer, slammed a giant stone into place downtown; once the circle was complete, the ceremony could begin, at which point, Bansheera said, no one - not even the two of them - would be able to stop her.
  • That said, Bansheera shot two beams from her hand, sending both Carter and Ryan flying out of the skull castle.
  • As the eclipse began, the Omega Megazord prepared to place the sixth and final stone around the skull castle downtown, but it was interrupted by blasts from Carter and Ryan on the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle.
  • Circling around, the duo fired together multiple times, and the Omega Megazord returned fire with a cannon; they managed to dodge the blasts, although one shot nicked the Mobile Armored Vehicle.
  • As the Omega Megazord went to place the last stone, Carter decided there was only one thing they could do to stop it, and Ryan agreed.
  • Leaping at the last minute, Ryan and Carter ejected as the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle slammed into the Omega Megazord's back with a large explosion, making the torso completely explode.
  • Despite the two Rangers' efforts, however, the stone fell into place as the Megazord's exploding legs collapsed.
  • Upon meeting up downtown, the four teens morphed to raid the skull castle with Carter and Ryan.
  • As Carter attacked Bansheera during her ceremony (on Ryan's suggestion while fighting Batlings), she blasted him with a red hand beam, slamming him into a column and knocking his helmet off.
  • Taunted, Carter hurled his broken helmet at Bansheera, and she swatted it aside, blasting at him with her red beam, but he rolled and propelled himself through the air, kicking her back into the coffin.
  • Bansheera's tentacles suddenly grabbed Carter's wrist and pulled him in, and he barely was able to hold onto the rocky interior of the shaft as Bansheera hung from him.
  • The tendrils now around his neck and chest, Carter was unable to reach Ryan's hand.
  • As the purple eclipse beam continued into the shaft below, Carter shouted to close the lid, but Ryan and the others refused to close it without him.
  • Just then, Diabolico's spirit flew up from the pit, telling Bansheera he was there to help the Rangers destroy her for good.
  • A blast from Diabolico's staff severed Bansheera's tendrils, and she and Diabolico both plunged into the Shadow World below.
  • After the Rangers had pulled Carter up with a rope and Ryan had locked the coffin shut, the six evacuated as the skull castle and surrounding stones all crumbled into dust.
  • As the Rangers, Mitchell, and Miss Fairweather watched the skull castle disintegrate, Ryan smiled at Carter.
  • As Carter proudly removed his Morpher and handed it to Mitchell another day in the park, he apologized about the Aquabase, but Mitchell replied at least Bansheera and her demons were gone forever and Mariner Bay was safe again.
  • After all five teens (but not Ryan) had returned their Morphers, Carter bet they were all ready to return to normal life, and Joel agreed.
  • Carter told Mitchell it had been a pleasure, saluting, and Mitchell saluted back.
  • Just as the teens were parting ways, a fire truck raced by toward a dark mass of smoke on the horizon.
  • Patting Chad on the arm, Carter dashed off, followed by the other five.

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