- former student, teen singer
- former Pink Turbo Ranger (519-PTT2 through 545-CIS2)
- former Pink Space Ranger (602-FON2 through 643-CTD2, also 730-TenP, 731-PPnk)
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Full Name: Cassie Chan (528-FOPh)
First Appearance: 518-PTT1
Last Appearance: 731-PPnk
Pictures: Cassie, circa PRT (shown at right), Cassie, circa PRiS, Cassie, circa PRLG
See Also: Teens, group 9, Cassie's relatives


  • On a bus, Cassie sang awfully with a Walkman on, wearing black, gray, and white.
  • Cassie was sitting across the aisle from T.J., whom she didn't know at the time.
  • When T.J. told her her singing was bothering the other passengers, Cassie admitted she did that all the time.
  • T.J. and Cassie introduced themselves to each other.
  • Cassie was headed to Stone Canyon, as she had some "really great relatives" out there, and they were going to help her "crash the music scene."
  • Cassie wanted to be a singer; she was going to Stone Canyon to see if she was any good at singing.
  • Outside a gift shop in the middle of nowhere, T.J., apparently having heard the explosion of Tommy's truck as Tommy and Kat were attacked by Piranhatron nearby, ran off in case someone needed help, and Cassie yelled to tell him he'd miss the bus.
  • When T.J. still hadn't returned when the bus driver had to leave, Cassie stayed behind.
  • Cassie tossed her suitcase into the bushes when she heard Kat's shrieks upon being confronted by Piranhatrons.
  • T.J. and Cassie watched Kat, a stranger to them, fight the Piranhatrons.
  • T.J. had to go help, despite the danger, and Cassie reluctantly followed him into battle.
  • When more Piranhatron teleported in, Cassie said she was getting out of there right now, but both she and T.J. fought the creatures with martial arts.
  • While fighting, Cassie wondered what she'd gotten into.
  • Cassie attributed her martial arts skills to her ancestors' having invented it.
  • Cassie urged Kat to get away, but Kat was determined to find where Tommy had been taken by the Putrapod.
  • Kat looked pleased as she watched T.J. and Cassie fight the Piranhatron.


  • Cassie and T.J. recognized the Power Rangers on sight.
  • Blue Ranger spoke in the presence of T.J. and Cassie, but they made no mention of his childlike voice.
  • Before leaving, Cassie made sure Kat would be okay, telling her she'd stay with Kat if she wanted, but Kat let her go.
  • As she and T.J. walked away, Cassie said she'd wanted to be like Tina Turner rather than T.J.'s dream of being a Power Ranger.
  • When T.J. excitedly followed a blue slime trail left by the Putrapod going up toward the hills, Cassie left to find her bag and leave, but she then ended up beating him to the top of the hills; she explained that her parents had taught her never to leave a friend in need.
  • T.J. and Cassie followed the Putrapod's tracks and a howling sound into a cave, where they discovered Tommy hanging over a vortex.
  • When T.J. and Cassie found him, Tommy told them to run, but they stayed to fight the Piranhatron, then rescued him.
  • T.J. and Cassie heard a whooshing sound as Tommy apparently teleported from nearby in the woods after thanking them.
  • At the power transfer ceremony, Kat had selected Cassie to become the new Pink Ranger, due to her sense of loyalty and trustworthiness which had led her to come to Kat's defense.


  • Ashley was in a design class at Angel Grove High when Cassie came in, and they left together for a break; Cassie seemed to be as much an inhabitant of Angel Grove as the other teens despite her plans in 518-PTT2 to head to Stone Canyon.
  • When Ashley wondered if her jacket was tacky, Cassie agreed, saying people were probably complimenting it so they wouldn't hurt Ashley's feelings.
  • At an outdoor merchant area near the beach with Carlos and Justin, T.J. jokingly took Cassie's arm as they went to inspect the jacket frenzy nearby.


  • After the invisible Phantom Ranger had defeated Rygog, Elgar, and Piranhatrons outside Angel Grove Bank, morphed Cassie spotted him walking away from the bank, invisi-warped.
  • After the Rangers had found that Phantom had beaten them to the gold mine that the villains soon attacked and had handled the situation, morphed Cassie could see the Phantom hiding behind a truck, but he was only visible in the truck's mirror.
  • When Cassie went around and couldn't see Phantom, he shortly became invisi-warped (slightly visible), and he stood there as she reached out and touched him.
  • When asked who he was, Phantom replied, "A friend," and turned to walk off; he then vanished without answering Cassie's question of where he came from.
  • Cassie was impressed by her encounter with the Phantom Ranger.
  • After the Phantom had left, Cassie had said she wanted to play soccer with Justin, Nico, and Carlos, but as they played, she was merely looking thoughtfully at the sky, wondering if the Phantom would ever come back.


  • In the Juice Bar, Ashley and Cassie giggled as a guy with green hair had walked by their table.
  • Ashley thought the guy was okay, but the green hair was too much; Cassie noted that all the girls in her band had had green hair for weeks.
  • Cassie said she liked her guys tall, dark, and mysterious.
  • Invisi-warped Phantom turned opaque in front of morphed Cassie after he'd beaten up the Piranhatron and made them retreat.
  • Phantom helped Cassie up and asked if she was all right, then turned invisible while walking away after she'd asked who he was.
  • Cassie was a bit distracted after her encounter with Phantom.
  • Following Cassie's confused directions as they chased Translucitor's image in Lightning Cruiser, T.J. skidded to a stop in the street, and Storm Blaster ran into it, not seeming to damage either.
  • After the crash, Cassie, holding her fingers to her mouthplate as though the accident had upset her, told Ashley she'd just gotten the wind knocked out of her.
  • When invisible Translucitor was laughing at the morphed girls in the woods as they searched for him and the guys, invisible Phantom Ranger beat the monster up, making him visible; Phantom then turned visible but soon turned away and vanished when Cassie asked him who he was.
  • Cassie used the Turbo Navigator in the Turbo Megazord to tell the Rangers where giant invisible Translucitor was.
  • Back in the Juice Bar, Ashley figured out that Cassie liked the Phantom Ranger, but Cassie tried to deny it.


  • When the Rangers arrived after Phantom had rescued T.J. from the Piranhatron, Phantom took a moment to look at morphed Cassie as she looked back at him expectantly; he then vanished, and she wondered who he was.


  • Cassie and T.J. were hiking in the mountains, following Cassie's idea since it was such a beautiful day.


  • Cassie was for certain attending Angel Grove High; if she'd been living in Stone Canyon, it seems she should have been attending Stone Canyon High.
  • Cassie sat on the steps in Angel Grove High daydreaming about Phantom Ranger saying things he hadn't really said, such as, "Phantom Ranger, at your service," and "I will always remember you."
  • Cassie's last name was Chan.
  • Miss Appleby had told Mr. Caplan that Cassie wanted to take an upcoming major test at a later time, as she'd been "very busy with other interests", but Mr. Caplan made her take the test as scheduled.
  • Cassie had Polaroids and a magnetic pencil box inside her locker door at Angel Grove High.
  • In Cassie's locker was a black card in a black envelope, secretly sent by General Havoc; the words "Meet me at Angel Grove Park / A Friend" appeared in white writing on the card; she assumed it had been sent by the Phantom and was soon in the park to meet him.
  • Cassie, unmorphed, went to see the Phantom; he stepped out from behind a bush but then turned into General Havoc, who had ambushed her.
  • Vines wrapped around Cassie's arms to restrain her.
  • Sending a transmission to the Power Chamber, Havoc conversed with the unmorphed teens, showing them Cassie lying unconscious on a table in the Cirrus Dimension with him, saying a pinch of Narvanian dust would turn her to stone forever.
  • Rygog and Elgar were in the Cirrus Dimension with Piranhatron when the Rangers arrived to save Cassie; Rygog and Elgar fought fiercely for Rygog to carry out Havoc's orders of sprinkling Narvanian dust on Cassie to turn her to stone, even though the stone Cassie would actually be Havoc in disguise.
  • Phantom held his Power Ruby over the stone Cassie's face, and she returned to normal, but then revealed herself to be Havoc in disguise; Havoc grabbed Phantom and teleported away.
  • Soon afterward in the Cirrus Dimension, Divatox kissed the ruby in her hand while Piranhatron restrained Cassie; meanwhile, Havoc, Elgar, Rygog, and Piranhatron brought the weakened Phantom to Divatox.
  • Divatox was about to remove Phantom's helmet when Cassie got free, and Phantom hit Cassie's communicator out of Divatox's hand to Cassie; she reluctantly teleported away, promising to return.
  • After Lightning Fire Tamer had taken the Phantom's cage from Metallasaurus and set it on the ground, morphed Cassie leapt down to free the Phantom.


  • Cassie was extremely worried about Phantom as he lay dying in the Power Chamber's medical table without his Power Ruby.
  • Once the Turbo Megazord and Power Ruby were reclaimed, Cassie personally inserted the ruby into Phantom's chest in the Power Chamber, restoring his life.
  • Phantom thanked Cassie, but she thanked him instead; Dimitria then said, seemingly speaking to Phantom, "You have fought valiantly on the Earth's behalf," but Phantom replied, "They have indeed."
  • When Phantom began to walk away, Cassie urgently told him to wait, asking if he was leaving them (though at first she seemed to be about to ask if he was leaving her).
  • Phantom told the five teens, "I go where I am needed and stay as long as I am needed."
  • When Cassie asked Phantom what if they needed him again, he replied, "I will always remember you," just like she'd daydreamed about him saying in 528-FOPh.


  • When morphed T.J. told Cassie to help him get the net down after Erutan had been trapped in it, she, unable to see Erutan, shot it down with her Auto Blaster, and T.J. caught Erutan.


  • Cassie and her friend Vicki played a song about love on their guitars for a crowd in the Juice Bar.
  • Cassie had been thinking that she and Vicki should start a band and audition some other players, and the girls did so in the Youth Center another day.
  • Among the auditioners was a girl with an accordian, a man on bagpipes, a beatnik woman on drums, a woman on a kazoo, a man with a banjo, a guy on drums, a guy on a keyboard, two guys on cymbals, and Bulk (as a long-haired rocker on drums) and Skull (a death metal rocker on the guitar).
  • When Crash and the Creeps auditioned with their "Confusion" song (click here to listen), Cassie and Vicki loved them and wished they could accept them all, but Crash made the girls accept the whole band or none of them.
  • Vicki played bass, but she stepped out and said she'd write the songs and maybe play now and then; Crash agreed to Vicki's writing the songs and their playing them.
  • Another day, "Cassie with Crash and the Creeps"' first performance, with Cassie singing with Crash, was at the Youth Center, and everyone loved "Confusion."
  • When the teens congratulated Cassie on having a hit, T.J. hugged her.
  • Another day at school, "Confusion" was driving the teens crazy, but Cassie just thought it was a big hit.
  • Yet another day, Cassie was sick of the song and saw everyone at school groaning the lyrics as though hypnotized; she realized they needed a new sound.
  • Another day, Crash, handing out flyers at the resource center for Crash and the Creeps' upcoming broadcast from Angel Grove Lake on Friday, told Cassie that Vicki was out.
  • When the Rangers arrived at the lake to deal with the villains there, morphed Cassie tried to warn Crash about the villains around him, calling him by name without knowing he was a monster.
  • The teens were shocked to discover that Crash's band was really Divatox's band.
  • In the Juice Bar another day after Crash and the Creeps had been destroyed, Cassie apologized for forgetting about Vicki with the song's success, and Vicki admitted she'd just been jealous of their success.
  • It's unknown what was public knowledge concerning Crash and the Creeps, but people had heard Vicki and Cassie were now short on band members.
  • Cassie and Vicki decided to start a two-girl band and have no more auditions.


  • Cassie played with her golden lab Jetson at the lake while the other teens were on a picnic with her.
  • Cassie brought Jetson into the Juice Bar.
  • Overhearing that Bulk and Skull needed a newspaper, Cassie sent Jetson to buy one with a dollar from the Youth Center's hallway; after returning with the paper, the dog slipped Cassie two quarters as change from his paw.
  • Cassie told the others she had to go, but then she was shown at the lake sitting with Jetson, saying that sometimes she wished he was a person, wondering what he'd say.
  • When Cassie was attacked by Mr. Goorific, Jetson attacked the monster, and in the fall down a hillside, Jetson was turned into a human, unbeknownst to Cassie.
  • On Jetson's tag was the phone number 555-6262.
  • When she told the teens in the Juice Bar about Jetson's disappearance, Cassie left out the parts about Mr. Goorific, as she didn't want Lt. Stone, nearby, to hear that she'd been attacked by the monster.
  • As the teens and Bulk and Skull later helped with the search and with putting up flyers, Cassie frustratedly made phone calls from the Juice Bar.
  • Jetson, in human form, started to tell Cassie his name in the Juice Bar but said Jethro instead.
  • Cassie was excited that Jethro had Jetson's collar, and he agreed to take her to look for him.
  • Jethro took Cassie and Justin to the lake on their search for Jetson.
  • As Cassie and Justin looked around, Jethro was frollicking with a dog in the park.
  • Cassie offered Jethro a ride home (presumably in a car she had), but Jethro said his family was here on vacation, and he didn't have anything else to do, so he could help them look some more.
  • Jethro mysteriously knew about Dr. Simon, Jetson's vet, despite claiming to be there on vacation.
  • After returning Elmo, a lost dachshund, to his owner, Jethro and Cassie ate hamburgers at a table at the lake.
  • When Cassie mentioned missing playing with Jetson, Jethro had her play frisbee with him, and then he made a comment about himself which T.J. had made earlier about Jetson.
  • Inside, Jethro explained that his family was leaving for home, and Cassie and Jethro had a warm, close goodbye.
  • Jetson, now back in dog form, knocked Goo over in the park just as he was about to goo morphed Cassie.
  • Cassie again brought Jetson into the Juice Bar later.
  • Sitting with Justin, Cassie curiously realized the similarities between Jetson and Jethro; she tried to ignore them, but she did find them odd.


  • Cassie didn't believe in vampires.


  • Cassie and Bobby were already friends, and both she and Ashley had a crush on Bobby.
  • Another day, Bobby made plans for a dance lesson with Ashley the next day, then went to the park with Cassie.
  • Cassie was playing her guitar for Bobby at the park when Ashley, playing catch with T.J., nearly hit Cassie with a thrown baseball which Bobby luckily managed to catch.
  • Cassie reluctantly agreed to play catch when Bobby was enthusiastic about it.
  • Cassie intentionally threw the ball hard at Ashley.
  • Ashley looked at a sprinkler and a puddle in the grass, then threw the ball toward it, and Cassie tripped and fell into the puddle trying to catch the ball.
  • Later, Bobby was going to drive Cassie somewhere, but he accidentally flooded the engine, giving the enthusiastic Ashley the opportunity to flaunt her auto mechanics skill.
  • Bobby was impressed when Cassie admitted that Ashley had taken auto shop, and even more when she made his car start.
  • When Cassie's communicator went off just as she mentioned the dance, she told Bobby it was her pager, and she asked him to wait a minute.
  • When told by T.J. that Justin and Carlos were in trouble, Cassie tried to have T.J. and Ashley handle it, but T.J. told her Bobby would have to wait.
  • By the time Cassie eventually returned from her Ranger business, Bobby had driven off, taking Cassie's guitar with him.
  • The next day in the Juice Bar, Cassie and Ashley apologized to each other after Bobby had asked out Glenda rather than either of them.
  • Cassie and Ashley told the guys they needed dates; T.J. and Carlos both had dates, so Justin volunteered to take them both, and they shrugged to each other, replying, "Deal!"


  • As the Rescue Megazord was being utterly battered by Goldgoyle, Cassie headed for the door to try reconnecting their power manually, as all of their systems were failing and powerless, but T.J. wouldn't let her.


  • Once Andros had walked off after the teens had first met him, Cassie teased Ashley for being surprised that he was human.
  • Later using an Astro Morpher Andros had apparently distributed to the teens at random, Cassie morphed into the Pink Space Ranger.


  • At breakfast on the Megaship, Ashley wasn't enthusiastic about tasting the bacon and eggs she'd made in the Synthetron, but T.J., smothering his breakfast in catsup, said the breakfast was good; after teasing T.J. about all his catsup, Cassie took it and put some on hers.


  • In the Surf Spot one morning, Cassie was affixing to a page in her diary a photo of her and Ashley standing together in the hallway at school.
  • When Adelle came to fill her drink, she asked what the big secret was, and Cassie admitted with some embarrassment that it was her diary.
  • Soon packing up quickly to go to school after looking at the time, Cassie accidentally left her diary in the Surf Spot.
  • Talking with Ashley at school, Cassie recalled the best dream she'd written down in her diary the other day, about flying.
  • Cassie, worried, suddenly checked her bag and realized she'd left the diary at the Surf Spot.
  • When Ashley said it wasn't the end of the world, Cassie quietly mentioned she might've put in a picture of her as the Pink Ranger.
  • When two guys named George and Lenny bumped into the girls, George introduced himself and the timid, silent Lenny.
  • George proposed a deal with Cassie, and Lenny pulled out her diary from his pocket; when she tried to take it, he told her she'd have to go on a date with Lenny.
  • George said she and Lenny had a lot in common; for instance, Lenny liked to write too.
  • Unlocking and flipping through the diary, George told her to meet them in the park at 2:00, or else they might not have anything else to do other than read a page or two.
  • Needing to get the diary back, Cassie reluctantly decided to go on the date.
  • As Cassie walked in the park with George and Lenny, George described, "Lenny was on the football team. He made twelve tackles in the last game! He can bench over 200 pounds. And he knews everything about cars, sports cars, monster trucks, motorcycles... he can do anything!"
  • Cassie asked why he didn't talk, since it was supposed to be his date too, and George interrupted Lenny, saying he never said anything except to him since he was always saying something stupid.
  • Cassie stopped, saying she was thirsty, and when George went to get some sodas, Cassie happily dragged Lenny away to ditch George.
  • After getting him to talk to tell her he didn't need George to be on a date with him, Cassie warmly had them go off to have some fun, but she made him promise to give her her diary back later.
  • Elsewhere, Lenny got Cassie a pink balloon from a clown, and she had him choose what to do next, as it would be good dating practice.
  • Lenny suggested the restaurant at the top of the glass skyscraper nearby, and they rode the elevator up to it.
  • Cassie and Lenny sat at a table where Cassie let her balloon float to the ceiling, but then she spotted another table with a better view and had them move without taking her balloon.
  • When Elephantitan began to headbutt the base of the building, making it rock, the people in the restaurant panicked and began to run out.
  • Cassie tried to make Lenny go, saying she'd catch up later, but he wouldn't leave her, as they were together; suddenly, a chunk of ceiling hit his head, knocking him out; by now, everyone else had left.
  • Cassie tried to get Lenny to go, and he was partially conscious, but soon, he had lost consciousness completely.
  • Soon, worried, Cassie called and prepared to morph by calling out, "Let's ro--!", but she stopped suddenly when Lenny groaned and began to come to.
  • Cassie took Lenny out; then, soon taking shelter from falling ceiling debris, the two went through a wooden door, on which were a bright yellow sign reading, "Caution: Radioactive Materials," and a normal door sign reading, "Plutonium Room."
  • In the room, which was probably part of Professor Phenomenus's lab, Cassie spotted a large tank with digital controls, with a striped sign reading, "Radioactive Plutonium Reactor."
  • After the tank's alarm sounded, and a display flashed "Overheating," Lenny realized in a panic that the door had locked them in, and he started yelling for help.
  • Later, Lenny continued to yell for help, looking back as Cassie tremblingly held her communicator.
  • The reactor suddenly sparked and began leaking white gas, terrifying Lenny.
  • Soon, as the reactor continued sparking, now leaking glowing blue gas, and as Lenny continued freaking out, Cassie, by herself, softly told him to get ready for the shock of his life; she began punching her morphing code into her Morpher, but the Megatank then burst in, and Cassie ran over to him, still wearing her Morpher, and excitedly told him it was the Power Rangers.
  • Then, as the Megatank was speeding down through the building after neutralizing the plutonium, the building finally fell over and was destroyed, but the Megatank flew from the explosion and screeched to a stop nearby; Cassie and the two Rangers got out, but Lenny was now unconscious in the Megatank.
  • Beside the rubble of the skyscraper, Cassie met up with the four Rangers; she stood in front of the Rangers and angrily shouted up at the monster, "All right, you've caused me a lot of trouble!" then summoned her Morpher and morphed to give him some trouble in return.
  • Another day, George and Lenny approached Cassie in the Surf Spot; Lenny returned the diary, promising they hadn't read it.
  • As Cassie flipped through the diary, a few items inserted between its pages could be seen: first was a pink cut-out shape with big drawn letters saying, "I want to go to the snow", and somewhere after that was a group photo of T.J. (in red), Carlos (in black or green), and a girl (probably Ashley) with them; finally came the photo of Cassie and Ashley at Angel Grove High.
  • Cassie thanked Lenny but told him he shouldn't have taken it in the first place, and when Lenny said then she wouldn't have gone out with him, she told him all he had to do was ask.
  • Lenny pulled out a bouquet of flowers and asked Cassie out.
  • Cassie spoke with Ashley and told her they were going out on a double date, so she was going with George, delighting Lenny and George as she dragged the reluctant Ashley over.


  • When Alpha alerted Cassie to a disturbance in the forest and saw Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus running from something in the viewscreen, she casually left to check it out just in case it was serious.
  • After leaping in and kicking Waspicable away from the three, Cassie looked back to tell the three she'd take over from here, but, seeing them not wearing pants, she quickly covered her visor and apologized, telling them she wasn't looking.
  • After dodging Waspicable's bee blasts, Cassie shot him with two consecutive beams, hurting his feelings, to which she replied, "Are you kidding? You're a monster! What did you expect me to do?"
  • As he charged, Waspicable dodged another Satellite Stunner blast, pounded her, and then aimed the weapon at her as she lay on the ground; his hand then trembled, and he sobbed and admitted he couldn't do it.
  • Cassie was amazed that Waspicable was a monster with a heart, and he tried to prove monsters didn't have hearts by aiming the weapon at her again, yet he still couldn't bring himself to fire, calling himself a failure.
  • As Cassie reassured the monster that it was good he hadn't fired, the other Rangers leapt in and prepared to blast him; Cassie quickly stopped them, explaining that the monster hadn't destroyed her despite having had the chance.
  • Frustrated and confused because Pink Ranger was supposed to be his enemy, Waspicable flew off as a yellow speck of light; Cassie was surprised to realize she'd hurt his feelings.
  • Later, Cassie was helping at young Sherry's birthday party in the park.
  • Emerging from the bushes, Waspicable blasted at the party with his eyeblasts, making people scream, and Quantrons ran up.
  • Cassie had the kids (and one mom) run, then was swarmed by Quantrons.
  • Cassie fought off some Quantrons so Sherry and her mom could escape; Sherry briefly looked back to see Cassie grappled, but as they ran off, Cassie then fought them fairly well but was soon grappled.
  • Arriving with Astronema, Sting King prepared to blast Cassie, but Waspicable jumped in the way of the blast; then, as the hail of lasers continued to buffet him, Waspicable charged toward Sting King and tackled him despite Cassie's screams of protest.
  • As the villains regrouped, Cassie freed herself and rushed over to the fallen Waspicable.
  • Once the other Rangers had arrived, Cassie sobbed that Waspicable had saved her, then looked angrily at a quite worried Astronema and morphed.
  • Near some bushes in the park after Sting King's destruction, Waspicable was on one knee clutching his chest.
  • The Rangers ran up, and Cassie demorphed; Waspicable painfully told Cassie he was okay.
  • Cassie thanked him for his help, and he apologized, saying he'd just wanted to be good at something rather than hurt anyone; he still didn't think he was much of a monster and felt he was a failure.
  • Cassie explained that being nice wasn't a failure, but rather the exact opposite; Waspicable said it might not be a failure if he were human, but he didn't even know what he was anymore.
  • Once the monster had flown away, the teens watched from a hill above as Waspicable, as a speck of light, returned Sherry's balloons to her, delighting her.
  • Cassie had a feeling Waspicable would be good, forever.
  • Cassie ran up to Sherry, asking wasn't it wonderful how her balloons had come back; Sherry happily agreed, and Cassie wished Sherry a happy birthday and looked into the sky smiling.


  • When the Megaship received an emergency recording, Cassie was quite concerned upon learning that it had come from the Phantom Ranger.
  • As the Rangers arrived just in time to help the injured Phantom against Ecliptor after the villains had left with Zordon, Cassie helped Phantom up, asking if he was all right; his weakness worried her, but he assured her he was fine.
  • Later, the Rangers returned to Hercuron to search for Phantom but found only a holographic recording he'd left, telling them, "I knew you'd return, Rangers! But I've left to follow Dark Specter. You must keep searching for Zordon, no matter how difficult the search may be. Until we meet again, Rangers."
  • As the teens were walking away after demorphing, the others consoled a saddened Cassie, but she then went back, hearing the hologram device still active.
  • Phantom's recording added, "I'll be all right, Cassie. Please... don't forget me."; he waved from his head like a salute and then told her, "I'll see you soon," and she smiled happily, waved, and joined the others after the hologram had vanished.


  • As the teens and Mrs. Hammond watched from the bushes with mini-binoculars as Carlos and Ashley went on a date to please Mrs. Hammond, Cassie used her binoculars to look up at the sky rather than at Carlos and Ashley.


  • As the teens confronted Carlos (who'd turned into a Barillian Bug monster) in the engine room, he attacked them, somehow stinging Cassie on the neck during the struggle before escaping.
  • In the infirmary, the three teens sadly strapped Cassie onto the med table, and she looked back up at them with worry; her arms had been left unrestrained.
  • As the guys left, Ashley told them to hurry with the antidote, and she then thought she heard something in the vent above the restrained Cassie but left anyway.
  • Shortly afterward, DECA announced a disturbance in the infirmary, and Ashley saw on the viewscreen the empty med table with broken straps.
  • When Bug-Carlos and Bug-Cassie forced their way into the bridge and approached Ashley, she pleaded for them to stop, not wanting to shoot them, but T.J., arriving just in time, sprayed them each with mist from the antidote gun.
  • After collapsing, the monsters morphed back into fully-clothed Cassie and Carlos.


  • After blowing out the candles on her birthday cake in the park, Ashley wouldn't tell Carlos what she'd wished for; Cassie could guess, and the girls looked at Andros sitting by himself, staring into space, and Ashley chuckled.
  • Ashley winked at Cassie while hugging Andros after he'd given her a rare gem from KO-35.
  • Later walking through the park with Cassie, Ashley said sometimes she thought Andros liked her, but he was so shy; Cassie pointed out that he'd been riding around in a spaceship for years and probably hadn't had much of a chance to date.
  • Quantrons suddenly grabbed Ashley, covering her mouth and taking her behind a group of bushes where Ecliptor and Astronema (disguised to look and sound exactly like Ashley) were, while Cassie kept walking and talking.
  • Astronema stepped out and joined Cassie; as Cassie went back to check on the noise she'd heard, Astronema snapped her fingers, summoning Quantrons, then positioned one to appear as though it was attacking her; meanwhile, Ecliptor and the Quantrons vanished with the real Ashley as Cassie fought the attacking Quantrons.
  • The Quantrons eventually retreated from Cassie, and Astronema waved away the ones around her, then suggested they get back to the Megaship.
  • On Megadeck 1, Astronema accidentally stumbled upon the workbay and was spotted by Cassie before she could leave.
  • Cassie asked for a hand; with various devices at the table, Cassie was using a gun-shaped scanner or tool on an Astro Blaster, with three other Astro Blasters in a stand nearby.
  • Cassie asked for an AmScanner, but Astronema didn't know which one it was.
  • Behind Cassie, Astronema was then holding her staff, aiming it at Cassie; she would be tied up but later freed by Alpha.


  • On the bridge soon after his telling of Zhane's story, Andros remembered the sample they'd gotten from Kadix, and Cassie cheerfully went to get it from the cargo bay.
  • In the cargo area, Cassie found the broken pod and was attacked from above by the fully-grown Lunatick monster; in the struggle, Cassie dropped her Morpher and was lifted up by her arm while reaching for it.
  • As Cassie ran for the door, Lunatick managed to press a button on the control kiosk which sealed and locked it.
  • After fighting the monster more, Cassie grabbed her Morpher and, holding onto the kiosk, opened the cargo bay doors slightly, creating a strong vacuum.
  • Lunatick held onto the netting above, but it soon broke, and Cassie shut the doors; finding the doors had shut on the end of the cargo net, Cassie briefly forced the doors open manually for a moment to release the net.


  • In a top secret laboratory somewhere, the Rangers stormed in as Lizwizard drained information from the computers and unconscious scientists.
  • Outside, the Rangers used their weapons against Lizwizard, but when Cassie aimed her Satellite Stunner at him, he wrapped his tongue around her arm; when Carlos leapt through the air to strike the monster with his Lunar Lance, Lizwizard switched places with Cassie, causing Carlos to accidentally strike Cassie in the left shoulder with the lance, making her spark, shriek, and collapse.
  • As the others assisted the injured Cassie, Carlos rushed at the monster, but he and the Quantrons vanished.
  • Not believing what he'd done, Carlos asked Cassie if she was okay, and she groaned that it was her shoulder.
  • Some time later as the Megaship appeared to be orbiting KO-35, Cassie was in the infirmary wearing a silver sling on her arm without her jacket.
  • Alpha and a cheerful Cassie played a game of checkers on a black board with gold and silver pieces.
  • Carlos guiltily stood in the doorway once it had opened, and Cassie cheerfully had him come in.
  • Carlos, still quite guilt-ridden, asked how she was feeling, and she said a couple more days and she'd be good as new.
  • Carlos apologized, trying to make sense of how it had happened, but she held his hand, telling him, "It was an accident. We all take chances. Sometimes we get hurt."
  • Carlos pulled away, telling her it wasn't that easy, and that she could have been hurt far worse, all because of him; he then left, and she wanted to go after him, but her arm hurt too badly.


  • Loving her burger in the Surf Spot after the teens had been away in space for some time, Cassie said the Synthetron had never made a hamburger as good as Adelle's.


  • As the Megaship was in orbit, Cassie, near a disheveled cleaning cart, frustratedly swept up around the jump tubes while Ashley ate at the workbay table; Andros got up from the table after making sure he and Ashley were still on for practice at the Simudeck soon.
  • Ashley casually asked Cassie if she'd washed her sheets yet, and Cassie said with annoyance that she'd been a little busy.
  • Leaving the table a mess, Ashley got up with her last piece of what was probably pizza, and Cassie was upset, having just cleaned up.
  • The girls began shouting at each other, with Ashley arguing that things could get dirty again, and Cassie arguing that Ashley never cleaned up.
  • Ashley shouted that she'd cleaned up three weeks ago.
  • Entering with Carlos after hearing the shouting, T.J. soon reminded them that they'd all agreed to divide the duties, at which point Cassie stormed out after giving T.J. the broom.
  • Later, Cassie was dusting on the bridge when Andros asked her to check out the Hyper Rush converters, but Cassie frustratedly said checking the system functions was Ashley's job this week, then obsessively pointed out the clean floor.
  • T.J. brought in an annoyed Ashley and had the girls sit beside each other; when the two began bickering, T.J. said they'd all been on this ship a long time and that they were all a little tired.
  • During a fight on Earth, Psycho Pink tackled morphed Cassie and fought her; Ashley and T.J. helped defend Cassie, with T.J. taking a strong energy bolt in the chest.
  • As Cassie realized it was all her fault, Psycho Pink blasted her; the other two went to help Cassie, but she shoved them back, saying she was who Psycho Pink wanted.
  • After fighting Psycho Pink with T.J., Ashley rushed to help an old woman blasted by Psycho Pink, but the woman formed futuristic cuffs on Ashley's hands and turned into Psycho Yellow, then grappled Ashley and slowly sank into a ripple warp in the ground with her, laughing over having lied to Psycho Pink about planning to capture Pink Ranger.
  • Cassie leapt at the empty spot on the ground but was distressed greatly to find they'd both vanished.
  • After Andros had made Psycho Pink retreat, the four teens returned to the Megaship, where they scanned for Ashley as Cassie was stunned.
  • When asked by T.J., Cassie was troubled over having been mad at her best friend over cleaning, and she and T.J. soon sat at the front seats to scan.
  • Later, after Psycho Pink had knocked Ashley out of an industrial building into a field, Cassie flew in blasting Psycho Pink with the Satellite Stunner, then swooped in on her Galaxy Glider and flew Ashley out of there.
  • During the fight with Psycho Pink, Ashley suddenly got a plan and pointed to her eye while telling Cassie to do exactly what she said; while soon grappling Psycho Pink, Ashley told Cassie to use her Satellite Stunner, and Cassie did so in Booster Mode, shooting Psycho Pink in the cracked eyepiece.
  • Once Mega V-3 had been summoned to use against giant Psycho-monster Pink, Cassie typed at her controls and said the missile was ready and locked on target; suddenly, however, as the Mega Voyager stood ready, the lights in the cockpit dimmed, making Cassie wonder what was going on, as everything was locked up.
  • Ashley told Cassie, "Auxiliary power to weapons!" and Cassie, typing, complied; a schematic of Mega Voyager showed a yellow arrow from Mega V-4 going into Mega V-3 with the text "Energy Charge" and a meter rising toward 100.
  • Red energy bolts from Mega V-4 charged up the Mega V-3 Missile Mode, making it glow red; Cassie announced that weapons were online, and the glowing red V-3 destroyed Psycho Pink.
  • In celebration, Ashley and Cassie gave each other high fives.
  • Eating in the workbay, the teens planned to strategize on the bridge, but when the girls began fighting over who would clean up, both wanting to do it, T.J. told them to stop, saying the guys would clean up; leaving, the girls congratulated each other.


  • When T.J. was in the infirmary with injuries he'd gotten battling Psycho Blue, Cassie brought him a fancy cart full of food, but he wasn't there.


  • While the teens waited for more Psycho Ranger attacks, Cassie was out shopping at a plaza in the Angel Grove Mall.
  • Cassie sneezed from allergies.
  • As Cassie was walking at the plaza, her pager went off, and she looked at it; it said, "Do not talk. Call 555-0175 now."
  • Cassie walked right by the Psycho teens looking for a phone, with neither Cassie nor the Psychos recognizing each other.
  • At a phone booth, Cassie dialed the number, and Andros, using a phone line tapped by Alpha, told her not to say anything but had her tap the phone to show she understood.
  • Andros and Ashley explained the situation and that she couldn't make any noise or the Psychos would find her; furthermore, they said, she couldn't use her communicator or Morpher, as they already knew those sounds.
  • Told to start walking as far as possible, Cassie hung up and started to walk off, leaving her shopping bags in the phone booth; when a guy ran up and gave her the bags she'd left, she bowed slightly in thanks, unable to talk.
  • Running off, Cassie bumped into an old guy who told her she owed him an apology, and she handed him a flower from nearby, pleasing him, then ran off; she almost sneezed from the flowers while running.
  • Looking around, Cassie noticed in horror that a baby carriage behind some conversing people had begun to roll toward a long flight of stone steps; struggling with what to do, Cassie eventually screamed, "Look out!!" and the people above averted disaster.
  • Cassie fled the scene; in a covered area alone, she was surrounded by the three Psycho teens but wouldn't speak to confirm their suspicions.
  • As the Psycho teens surrounded Cassie in a secluded area, Zhane interrupted in a clown suit with balloons, and he winked to Cassie over his oversized glasses.
  • After Zhane had pranced away around a corner, the three refusing his offers of candy and such, Psycho Red called Cassie "Pink Ranger," but Zhane, using a boombox with his and Cassie's voices on it, lured the Psychos away.
  • Meanwhile, the four teens happily joined Cassie, initially startling her; Carlos joked he hadn't thought she could stay quiet that long, and she playfully put up her hands and punched him in the stomach.


  • When the Space teens arrived on Terra Venture to help fight the Psycho Rangers, Cassie looked the same.


  • In a mountain clearing perhaps the same day, the five Galactabeasts stood as the ten teens ran up laughing.
  • Cassie climbed atop the Wildcat's head and danced and sang, slightly worrying Ashley, and the beast roared and bucked, sending Cassie falling to a heap on the ground far below, but she was unharmed as the other teens laughed.
  • Later, Cassie was walking alone in a plaza, perhaps in the Industrial Dome, when she spotted Kendrix running by and stopped her; meanwhile, the other eight teens were elsewhere at park tables with some drinks.
  • Kendrix told Cassie Psycho Pink was alive, and they ran off; at the kiosk area which looked quite similar, Psycho Pink emerged from the kiosk monitor, and Kendrix and Cassie ran up and morphed.
  • After Psycho Pink had escaped, Kendrix described the Savage Sword to Cassie as more powerful than all the Quasar Sabers combined, having seen it in the Galaxy Book.
  • Kendrix started to run off, blaming herself, but Cassie told her they Pink Rangers had to stick together, and Kendrix thought and agreed.
  • As the two flew through space, Kendrix in her Jet Jammer and Cassie on her Galaxy Glider, Kendrix called the others and told them of their chase to Rashon.
  • Searching the planet's surface, the two girls came upon Psycho Pink pulling the Savage Sword from a stone despite their cries to try to stop her.
  • Wielding the gleaming pink blade, Psycho Pink fought the Pink Rangers; she slashed Cassie three times, weakening Cassie, and the blade then transformed with a pink gleam into a second form, now having two larger black rectangular designs on its hilt and a thicker black blade.
  • Knocking Kendrix back, Psycho Pink managed to slash Cassie once more; after more fighting, Psycho Pink eventually struck and held the blade against Cassie's shoulder, draining pink energy from her through the sword and into herself.
  • Psycho Pink kicked Cassie back, and the sword gleamed into its third form, a hugely massive blade shown in the Galaxy Book.
  • After many energy-draining slashes from the Savage Sword, Psycho Pink delivered a final blow which demorphed the extremely weakened Cassie with a pink gleam, her Morpher rolling aside in the sand.
  • Approaching to finish Cassie off, Psycho Pink suddenly saw the Morpher and told Cassie she'd get her later; morphed Kendrix and demorphed Cassie were too weak to get up as Psycho Pink stood over the Morpher.
  • Psycho Pink said the Astro Morpher held much power, and that power would be hers; she thrust the Savage Sword into the Morpher, impaling it, and a large red column of energy vapor whirled up around the sword, tossing Psycho Pink out and morphing her into monster form.
  • As Psycho-monster Pink approached Cassie, planning to drain every last ounce of Cassie's strength and use her power, Kendrix blocked her path.
  • In the energy cyclone, the Savage Sword glowed pink, draining energy from the split Morpher, and Cassie groaned in pain and weakness; Psycho Pink then grew to giant size with pink energy.
  • As the Galaxy Megazord, and soon the Astro Megazord, fought giant Psycho Pink, Kendrix reassured Cassie that they'd get her powers back, but numerous energy drains crippled Cassie in agony, leading Kendrix to decide she had to do something.
  • Cassie screamed as Kendrix pressed against the energy wall but was knocked back by a blast; she continued pushing again, however, despite repeated bursts and Cassie's screams of protest.
  • As Kendrix stood facing the Savage Sword once inside the barrier, the weakened Cassie screamed for her to get out of there, but Kendrix said she had to destroy it forever; meanwhile, the eight teens ran up following Psycho Pink's destruction.
  • Shouting that this had to work, Kendrix struck the hilt of the Savage Sword with her gleaming Quasar Saber, and a pink explosion engulfed her a second later.
  • The Savage Sword collapsed in two halves, in its original form, and the energy storm dissipated, leaving a small glowing white column of light which was apparently the spirit of the deceased Kendrix.
  • The limp, glowing white, translucent morphed form of Kendrix, holding her Quasar Saber, hovered in front of the teens, and it demorphed with a gleam into Kendrix, initially appearing unconscious.
  • Opening her eyes, Kendrix looked around and then smiled, and told them, apparently with a bit of disbelief herself, that she was okay, and she reassured the teens that she would always be there.
  • Kendrix's ghost was absorbed by the floating Quasar Saber as pink energy, and as the glow vanished, the saber turned upward and streaked into the sky with a sparkling trail.
  • On the ground, Cassie's mangled Astro Morpher reassembled with pink energy; Cassie picked up her Morpher in despair, and the others went over to her to console her.
  • Later, Cassie was forlorn as the Space Rangers prepared to leave for Earth; consoling her, Andros told her that they'd all taken a risk upon becoming Power Rangers, saying Kendrix had known that.
  • Cassie wished she could stay and help, but Andros reminded her of their mission: Kendrix had sacrificed her powers, he said, to get Cassie's back, and she would want Cassie to go on; Cassie agreed, and the Space Rangers flew away, leaving the four stunned Galaxy teens wondering what to do next.


  • Information on Farley's Power Rangers in Space fruit rolls included the following description: "Cassie, a 17 year old Asian-America, is a bit of a rebel.  Her taste in clothes leans toward a slightly grunge-rocker style.  She used to play guitar in an all girl rock band.  Her attitude can get her in trouble, but she's not afraid to speak her mind.  She also has a softer side and will do anything for her friends.  Cassie is strong-willed and independent.  She knows what she wants out of life, and knows how to get it." (Source: Submitted by Eva Beckwith)
  • According to a FAQ page featured for a time on the Fox Kids website after 643-CTD2, Carlos, Cassie, Ashley, T.J., and Andros brought peace to the world and were celebrated as heroes.

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