Caves of Deception
- illusion-filled cavern beneath moon leading to Zeo Crystal's former hiding place (330-MVA2)
Caves of Deception
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First Appearance: (flashback) 329-MVA1, (actual) 330-MVA2
Last Appearance: 330-MVA2
Pictures: Caves of Deception (shown at right), Zeo Crystal being hidden by M51 monks


  • Thousands of years ago, the people of galaxy M51 had hid the Zeo Crystal from Master Vile deep inside the Caves of Deception, beneath the surface of Earth's moon, and placed a powerful forcefield around it to protect it from anyone not pure of heart.
  • The Caves of Deception were directly beneath Rita and Zedd's palace.
  • Zedd had taken over the "alien palace" above the caves; his evil corrupted the palace but couldn't destroy the pure good in the caverns below.


  • After running down a hallway in the northeast corner of the chamber of command, White Ranger arrived at a junction of what looked like three (soon four) tunnels; either he knew that the two side tunnels were the wrong way, or the side tunnels were actually mere alcoves.
  • When Tommy told Zordon through his communicator that he was at the entrance to the cave but didn't see anything, a hidden doorway in the rock wall slid open in front of him, revealing golden light within; Zordon then told Tommy to be extremely careful, as nothing in the cave was what it appeared to be.
  • Before Tommy had even stepped into the cave, he was faced with a brief illusion of Goldar, which disappeared as he fought it.
  • After his first illusion, Tommy's communicator stopped working.
  • As soon as Tommy had gone into the cave, the four Rangers walked up to Tommy, saying they'd lost, that Kat was totally evil now, and that Master Vile had agreed to spare them and their families if they gave him the Zeo Crystal; Green Ranger was then with the other four, saying they had joined with Master Vile rather than surrendering, and the Rangers dissipated when Tommy stood his ground as they charged.
  • Illusions of Rita and Kat then walked up to Tommy, with Rita saying she'd turned Kat evil and he was next, and with Kat telling him that deep inside, his true nature was evil; he made them vanish by declaring that they both had the power inside them.
  • Inside the Zeo Crystal's cavern, Tommy encountered an illusion of Kat who told him that Master Vile was about to take the Zeo Crystal; when Master Vile appeared in the cavern, saying, "The crystal," Kat said it was their chance to get him; Tommy hesitated, saying Vile wasn't making a move, and he had them wait since it could be another trick; the Vile illusion then vanished.
  • As Tommy approached the Zeo Crystal's podium, the Kat illusion, not denying that she was an illusion, told Tommy that he had too much evil in him to approach the crystal; he declared that he wasn't evil and then shoved his hand into the Zeo Crystal's forcefield.
  • After Tommy had removed the Zeo Crystal, he remembered his time as the evil Green Ranger, then helping the Rangers as the Green and White Rangers; after Tommy's good memories, the forcefield faded, as did the Kat illusion.

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