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  • Zordon knew that Rita had escaped and that she was attacking the planet.
  • Zordon somehow knew the teens' names and personality traits.
  • Zordon knew that Rita had sent Goldar to Angel Grove.


  • The alarm first sounded as a result of the portal opened by Baboo's time device.
  • Monsters often tripped the alarm upon appearing on Earth; at other times, the alarm would be tripped only after the monsters had attacked something or someone; at still other times, the alarm wouldn't be shown going off at all.
  • Zordon often knew the names of monsters and details about them, such as powers and weaknesses.


  • The Putties fighting Kim and Trini at the waste dump tripped the alarm.
  • Apparently, neither the Minotaur nor Goldar tripped the alarm.


  • Zordon knew that Madame Woe was supposed to capture Billy but got Marge instead.


  • Squatt apparently didn't trip the alarm while administering a sleeping potion to Kim's uncle Steve's soda.
  • Zordon said the Command Center scanners showed Kim at an altitude of 5,000 feet and dropping.


  • The alarm was going off, perhaps due to Squatt's camera spewing Ranger-colored spheres of light or the Nasty Knight fighting Zack.


  • Goldar had the Genie go to Earth in the lamp so Zordon couldn't detect him.
  • Zordon sensed a dangerous disturbance in the Morphing Grid, and he had the teens retrieve "a lamp" from the park, sensing Rita was up to something.
  • The Putties tripped the alarm.


  • The RADBUG's arrival in the Command Center seemed to trip the alarm.


  • The alarm went off when Green Ranger's ripping out of control panels and wires caused Zordon to lose contact with this dimension.


  • Scorpina tripped the alarm.


  • When Green Ranger was in the Command Center's force field, the computer had locked on to his interspatial biovibrations, and it eventually discovered Tommy to be a match.


  • Zordon was picking up unusual power surges from Rita's "moonbase," more massive than any energy he had sensed before.


  • During the earthquake caused by the opening of the bottle containing the map to the Mirror of Destruction, Zordon said that he sensed something unusual in the Morphing Grid.


  • Zordon tracked Goldar, Squatt, Baboo, and Samurai Fan Man to the Putty Bowl Restaurant.


  • Zordon knew that Goldar, not Rita, had sent down Babe Ruthless.


  • Zordon couldn't get a lock on Tommy and concluded Rita must have been holding him in her dimensional prison (which was the Dark Dimension).
  • Billy failed at trying to tune into the frequency on Tommy's Morpher while Tommy was in the Dark Dimension.
  • Cyclops tripped the alarm while disguised as Dragonzord.
  • The sensors were able to detect that the Dragonzord on a rampage was actually an imposter (Cyclops).


  • Alpha found the molecular energy patterns left by the Putties in the park when they took Tommy, and the energy patterns would serve as a doorway to the Dark Dimension.
  • Cyclops again tripped the alarm, this time disguised as the Dragonzord Battle Mode.
  • Zordon knew after the Rangers' battle with Cyclops that the Green Candle had been extinguished.


  • The moon palace's vortex beam which teleported everyone in Angel Grove but the teens to another dimension tripped the alarm.
  • After the beam had teleported the people of Angel Grove, Zordon had Alpha lock the scanner onto the dimensional beam and carefully track its coordinates for any movement toward Earth, fearing Rita would move her palace to Earth, greatly increasing her powers.
  • Rita's palace in Angel Grove apparently tripped the alarm.
  • Zordon's sensors indicated that the people of Angel Grove were all safe but trapped inside Rita's dimensional vortex.


  • Alpha said it was impossible to find the teens with the communicators down.


  • Zordon had Alpha use the geomolecular scanner to locate Pudgy Pig.


  • Zordon's sensors indicated a major disturbance in the Morphing Grid as a result of the growing Octoplant beneath the park.


  • The sensors detected a disturbance (actually Goo Fish) in the ocean off Angel Grove Beach.


  • Alpha detected an unknown energy source (actually Mantis) landing in the park.


  • Zordon detected something amiss when Billy teleported into the Command Center while under Rita's control.


  • The alarm went off when Zordon's image vanished as a result of Zordon's weakness after powering up Green Ranger.
  • Dramole surfacing from underground tripped the alarm.


  • When Grumble Bee was in the Viewing Globe, Alpha didn't know that Jason, Kim, and Zack had been captured in magic rope in the park, but Zordon did.


  • Lizzinator's supposed attacking of another building tripped the alarm, but the Rangers then immediately confronted him in the rock quarry.


  • The evil pumpkins Squatt and Baboo had planted in the park apparently tripped the alarm once they had reached a certain ripeness.


  • Alpha said his warning sensors were going crazy, but he couldn't pinpoint the monster's location.
  • Slippery Shark was impossible to track with the Command Center equipment.


  • Zordon knew that Rita was feeding the Soccadillo energy to allow it to transform into monster form and to increase its powers; Zordon predicted that in less than an hour more of charging, the Soccadillo could be invincible.


  • Zordon knew about the football game Rita was planning, with Rhinoblaster and the Putties against the Rangers.


  • Rita's summoning of Oysterizer and the Ecocyte Pearl apparently tripped the alarm.


  • Something tripped the alarm, and Zordon had Alpha activate the intergalactic scanners, suspecting Zedd's arrival.
  • Zedd's monsters tripped the alarm just as Rita's monsters had.
  • Zordon's sensors told him Pirantishead's name and that the monster had been created from a piranha.


  • The evil Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord's attack on the Rangers tripped the alarm.


  • The evil Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord's movement toward the motor rally tripped the alarm.
  • The sensors showed Alpha that Bulk and Skull's bikes were still out of control after Pirantishead had been destroyed.


  • Due to a galactic imbalance caused by a linear alignment of the planets in the solar system, Zordon temporarily de-ionized; this galactic imbalance tripped the alarm.


  • Putties attacking Billy and Zack in the park tripped the alarm.
  • Saliguana attacking the beach tripped the alarm, but it was actually Putties at the beach while Saliguana was at the rock quarry.


  • Zordon's sensors indicated some evil creation of Zedd's was near the teens.


  • Preliminary analysis of Robogoat showed high levels of electromagnetic and sonic distortion ability.


  • Octophantom's presence in the park, or perhaps the capture of morphed Tommy, tripped the alarm.


  • Once Billy's tracking device had discovered the coordinates of Venus Island, the sensors located Hallie and showed her, in a cave on Venus Island, on the Viewing Globe.


  • Zordon said his sensors had detected an unusual disruption in the Morphing Grid; he may have been referring to Guitardo's mind-controlling powers.


  • Zordon said that scanners revealed Turbanshell's name and that his power level was dangerously high.


  • Alpha did a sector scan for the four missing Rangers, and all the locations occupied by the Rangers in the last twenty-four hours appeared on the Viewing Globe.
  • Alpha located the four missing Rangers in Zedd's Dimension of Doom.


  • The Rangers fighting imaginary monsters tripped the alarm, which Alpha called an "emergency signal."
  • Alpha said the sensors revealed no monsters anywhere, but Trumpet Top was watching the Rangers from nearby; Zordon soon showed the Rangers Trumpet Top in the Viewing Globe.
  • Putties attacking Curtis and Richie in the park tripped the alarm; at this point, Zordon told the teens that his sensors indicated a disturbance involving innocent citizens in Angel Grove Park.


  • Alpha saw in the Viewing Globe that Bulk and Skull were about to open Rita's space dumpster.


  • The White, Pink, and Blue Rangers being outnumbered by monsters in the haunted forest dimension apparently tripped the alarm.


  • Zordon said it was imperative they establish the location coordinates of the kidnapped Rocky, Adam, Aisha, and Mr. Anderson; when the computer reported that they were in a closed area in another dimension, Alpha realized they must've been taken to Zedd's "Dimension of Despair."
  • Zedd had managed to jam the Command Center's scanner frequency, preventing them from locating Terror Blossom, even though the monster had tripped the alarm and was shown in the Viewing Globe.
  • While the sensors were presumably still being jammed, Zordon told Alpha to sector-scan the park for a heat source Terror Blossom might use; Zordon soon congratulated Alpha on the sensors being back online.
  • Cardiatron beginning to reassemble giant Hatchasaurus tripped the alarm.
  • After Tommy had apparently left the Tigerzord to destroy Cardiatron as ordered, Giant Hatchasaurus's completed reassembly, which had been aided by energy from Zedd, tripped the alarm again, and Zordon then asked Alpha what was happening.


  • Terror Blossom heading toward the power plant to germinate his seed pods tripped alarm.


  • The Rangers' losing against giant Four Head apparently tripped the alarm.


  • Zedd's charging of Serpentera tripped the alarm; sensors indicated that he was charging "some sort of massive weapon."
  • The sleep cloud from Zedd's sleep machine tripped the alarm; sensors were able to indicate that the cloud was coming from the park, which is where the sleep machine was located.
  • The alarm went off when Serpentera's blast on the Deserted Planet caused an expanding circular chain reaction of red energy, consuming everything in its path and rapidly approaching the Rangers as they were retrieving the Sword of Light.


  • The Viewing Globe showed the captured Adam and Aisha before Alpha had determined their location.
  • Goldar and Scorpina tripped the alarm upon growing.


  • The alarm went off after Scatterbrain had demorphed Tommy, Billy, and Kim and wiped their memories.


  • Cannontop tripped the alarm; Alpha said sensors indicated there was trouble in Angel Grove, and Zordon had Alpha activate the Viewing Globe; Zordon would then ask Alpha what he saw.
  • Once Alpha had said there was a new monster (Cannontop), Zordon knew its name and object it was created from, as well as the fact that it was powerful enough to blast the Rangers into the Lost Dimension.
  • As giant Cannontop fought the Thunder Megazord, Zedd finally succeeded in opening the Lost Dimension, as a Command Center computer scan revealed.


  • From the Command Center, Alpha monitored Zedd's recharging of Serpentera.


  • As the Rock of Time was supposedly turning back time, Alpha detected an irregularity in the Earth's rotation.


  • The alarm light was spinning in one shot of evil Alpha but not in the next.
  • The alarm later tripped, apparently as a result of the Rangers teleporting into the Spectre Theater, a power vortex.


  • When the alarm sounded, Zordon knew that it meant the Rangers had to battle Zedd's giant monsters.


  • When the alarm sounded, evil Alpha knew that it meant Zedd must have sent monsters and Putties to guard the Rangers in the theater.
  • Zedd's army of monsters tripped the alarm.


  • Following Green Ranger's hint that the teens were in a place where history was repeating itself, Alpha activated the time processor to pinpoint the teens in the past, scanning back through time from the present for their genetic markers.


  • The rampaging Dragonzord tripped the alarm.


  • Rita, Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar together in the park tripped the alarm.


  • By tracking their communicator signals to the storybook dimension the three were trapped in, Billy brought up Tommy, Rocky, and Kim on the Viewing Globe; all Zordon said the sensors revealed about their location was that they were in the middle of a storybook, not the location of the book itself.


  • Zordon located the book at the book fair despite saying earlier that they couldn't locate the book.


  • Billy was having trouble moving his signal through the time barrier so that he could locate Kim wherever the time hole had taken her; as soon as Billy tried something else, he got an image in the Viewing Globe of Kim unconscious.
  • Billy checked the power transformer and said they might need to increase the voltage to carry an ongoing signal.


  • The alarm in the Command Center in the year 1880 was going off before Kim had teleported in; presumably it had been tripped by the Putties, Goldar, and Needlenose, but Zordon and Alpha were unaware of the creatures in Angel Grove until Kim spoke of them.
  • 1880's Zordon told Kim he was detecting a recent disturbance in the timestream and that it seemed she had been accidentally swept into a time hole.
  • Present-day Zordon had Alpha set the Viewing Globe to pick up chronoton particles so that they could see what was happening in the past; Zordon said that chronoton particles existed outside the space-time continuum, allowing them to receive images from the past.
  • After the teens had been watching the past in the Viewing Globe for some time but then were frustrated at being unable to help with the events they were watching, Alpha lamented that he wished they'd been able to find the chronoton particles.


  • After Tommy had asked Zordon whether he'd asked Billy to fix the communicators, Zordon had Alpha begin a scan of Billy's (actually evil Billy's) life readings to confirm his identity.
  • Just after Billy had disabled the forcefield holding him in place in the Dark Dimension, Alpha's scan revealed that evil Billy was a fake and that the real Billy was being held "in Goldar's Dark Dimension, surrounded by toxic fog."


  • Alpha had been monitoring the galactic scanner when he'd picked up a distress signal from Edenoi.
  • Alpha's scan picked up no trace of King Lexian, and Edenoi appeared to be under heavy attack.
  • From the printout of the scan of Edenoi, Billy noticed that the path of signals definitely showed some interference within the planet's environment, revealing that Edenoi was in trouble.


  • Zordon asked Alpha if he had located the source of the disturbance on the moon (Rito's arrival), but Alpha said the parametric spectrometer was acting up again; without it, Zordon said they could not monitor Zedd and Rita's activities.
  • Rito, Fighting Flea, Lizzinator, Stag Beetle, and Octophantom tripped the alarm, but while the sensors indicated trouble on the outskirts of Angel Grove, the monsters themselves didn't appear on the Viewing Globe.


  • When Vampirus threatened the Temple of Power from the Desert of Despair (perhaps located on Rita's planetoid), Zordon said his sensors were picking up a disturbance and that he was scanning Angel Grove now.
  • After the Viewing Globe had shown only a residential district in Angel Grove and then, on Billy's suggestion, the Youth Center, Kim concluded that everything looked fine, and Billy told Alpha to try the solar system, but the solar scanner still wasn't working properly; Tommy said that whatever it was, it wasn't anywhere on Earth.


  • Alpha seemed unable to locate both Kim and her communicator while she was still searching for the dropped device.


  • When Adam had the teens in the Youth Center check the Viewing Globe, they saw Lanterra, but the alarm hadn't gone off.


  • Alpha's weather scanner showed a snowstorm approaching the mountains to which Centiback had taken all of his football captives.


  • When the alarm went off, Alpha said he was getting a high reading of hate dust in Angel Grove.
  • Zordon's sensors told him the teens were being bombarded with hate particles.


  • When Tommy was captured, Zordon and Alpha had gotten only a visual on him, showing him in a car in some sort of warp with an unidentified girl (Kat).


  • Alpha said Tommy's signal was very weak and that he couldn't lock it in to find Tommy's location.
  • When red energy around Tommy's head knocked him out, the Command Center lost his signal, and the image vanished from the Viewing Globe.
  • To get the signal back, Billy suggested decreasing the attenuation, but Alpha said he had and that it had had no effect.
  • When Billy asked Alpha if he'd tried retracing the signal from Tommy's communicator, Alpha said it seemed that all their tracking devices were being blocked; Zordon said Rita and Zedd were generating a powerful shield that prevented their signal from getting through.
  • The Viewing Globe again showed Tommy shortly after he'd awoken.
  • Billy and Adam went to Billy's garage, where they designed a device to get through Rita and Zedd's shield; Billy installed it under one of the Command Center's control panels, allowing Billy to get Tommy's coordinates.


  • Alpha's scanners indicated that Zedd had initiated the power infusion to the Shogunzords.


  • After seeing the Crabby Cabbie monster, Zordon had Alpha activate the X-ray scanner, fearing there were people inside; the scanner showed a color image of Bulk, Skull, and Kim trapped inside the monster.


  • Alpha suddenly got a reading on the pink Power Coin once it was in the hands of good (Kat's hands).


  • Ravenator, shrunken and now inside Tommy's stomach, tripped the alarm.
  • When Zordon told Alpha to locate the monster on the Viewing Globe, it showed Tommy; Zordon had Alpha set the Viewing Globe on X-ray magnification, and it showed a color image of Ravenator inside Tommy's stomach.


  • With Adam and Aisha's help, Billy modified the tracking system in the Command Center to locate the Zords after Master Vile had sent them to another galaxy.


  • As Master Vile worked to summon the Orb of Doom on the moon, a gravitational disturbance from the moon decalibrated the Command Center's instruments.


  • In the simulated past (see "Orb of Doom"), when Alpha plugged the control panel back in, the alarm went off, and the Viewing Globe showed a picture of the six kids caught in a duststorm in the desert.
  • As Zordon was sending a powerful transmission to Aquitar, the alarm didn't sound as Rito and Goldar stood just outside to plant their implosion device.


  • Immediately after the transmission had ended, the alarm sounded in reaction to the implosion device which had been planted outside.
  • Zordon explained that their security scanners must have weakened due to the distress transmission to Aquitar.


  • The alarm never did sound as a result of the presence of Rito and Goldar (and briefly Rita on two occasions) in the long-forgotten tunnels below the Command Center.


  • Due to the Earth's time regression, the Command Center couldn't access the location of a pure water source for Cestro.


  • The alarm sounded when Zedd's preparation of the dimensional teleporter to tap into the dimensional galaxy caused a major drain of external heat energy "in the area"; the location of this heat drain, whether it was even on Earth, is unknown.
  • Once the dimensional teleporter was ready, Alpha said the energy grid showed that Zedd was attempting to teleport someone or something from Aquitar.


  • To contact young Aisha on her Zeo quest, Zordon had Alpha scan all temporal dimensions for Aisha's biorhythms; Alpha soon said he was getting a signal through the time hole, and after young Aisha and young Tanya had appeared on the Viewing Globe, Zordon's image appeared in the sky in the African savannah above the two girls.

    Pilot Episode

  • Zoltar knew that Rita had escaped and that she was attacking the planet, saying his sensors had picked up her evil vibrations.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • Alpha said the subtronic interfacers were short-circuiting, and that he had to find a way to alternate the frequency modulators; a massive surge of evil energy was overloading their sensors.
  • Zordon's sensors told him that the Rangers had been too late and that Ivan was on his way to the Command Center.

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