Command Center computer
- computer system within Command Center
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  • Alpha verbally told the computer to activate a force field around the intruder, and a white energy field surrounded Green Ranger when Alpha pushed a button.
  • When Green Ranger was in the Command Center's force field, the computer had locked on to his interspatial biovibrations, and it eventually discovered Tommy to be a match.


  • Alpha successfully re-established the computer linkup between the Command Center and Zordon.


  • After Rita had summoned Lokar and used his power to reconstruct Cyclopsis, Alpha was scanning the computer memory for more data on Lokar while Zordon had the teens wait for their Zords to re-energize.


  • Alpha discovered that because Rita was on Earth, the Command Center computer was able to penetrate her data bank, giving them access to her files of spells and secrets and allowing them to reduce her power or even stop her altogether.


  • Zordon had Alpha bring up on the Viewing Globe all of their data on Mantis.


  • Data on the Two-Headed Parrot showed that it liked to eat pamangos.


  • In the Command Center, Billy used what looked like a light pen of some sort to trace over the alien writing left behind by Goldar's instructions from Zedd and scan the writing into the computer to analyze it; the computer translated it to read, "Take Hallie to Venus Island, where she'll join us forever."
  • The computer discovered Invenusable Flytrap's weakness to heat.


  • The Viewing Globe was able to show Goldar and Kim in a cave of which the location was unknown; the computer calculated Kim's location, given a bit of time.


  • Billy was able to use the computer in his garage to access the Command Center's activity on a CD he'd removed from the Command Center console.
  • The activity disc revealed the presence of the doorway of light and the sequence of controls that Alpha had entered to access it.


  • While using the computer to attempt to devise a way to reverse Pursehead's compact ray, Billy needed more power to complete his calculations, but Trini told him the system was almost at maximum capacity already; the Command Center's hydro-generator was already overloading when Zordon told Alpha to make sure it didn't overload.


  • As giant Cannontop fought the Thunder Megazord, Zedd finally succeeded in opening the Lost Dimension, as a Command Center computer scan revealed.


  • Sensing a disturbance in the Earth's rotation, caused by the Rock of Time, Alpha programmed the computer to monitor the teens while he tried to fix the Earth's rotation.


  • Trying to think of an explanation for the shutdown of the Command Center and Zordon, Alpha realized there was only one person familiar with their entire command system: Billy (who was currently under a hate spell).
  • Alpha said Billy knew everything about the Command Center's computers.
  • When Aisha activated the feed between Alpha and the Command Center computer (a length of wire running from the computer, up the bottom of Alpha's chestplate) with one of the round buttons on his chest, Alpha was able to pinpoint the source of the power blockage, coming from the Juice Bar.


  • Due to the Earth's time regression (see "Orb of Doom"), the Command Center couldn't access the location of a pure water source for Cestro.


  • In the Power Chamber for the first time, an awed Billy explained that it was the next generation in strategic command outposts; he said he'd seen plans for it in the mainframe, but he had no idea it existed.

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