Command Center inventions/devices
- technology used in or derived from Command Center
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  • Billy had Trini try a subatomic manipulator on Alpha as they were attempting to repair the robot.


  • Alpha used a handheld scanner to check the vital signs of the unconscious Tommy.


  • Alpha used a handheld scanner to scan Tommy for internal damage due to crossing dimensions (from Earth to the Dark Dimension and back).


  • Alpha used an epidermal scanner on Jason's rash.
  • Alpha sprayed Jason's arm with a temporary formula to neutralize the itching until Jason came in contact with Fighting Flea again.


  • Alpha made a blue device bearing the Triceratops symbol to blow foam on Grumble Bee, presumably to disrupt his ability to generate sonic attacks.
  • The device sprayed white foam, covering Grumble Bee with blue gel.


  • A black handheld device in the Command Center ran a computer analysis on Lizzinator.


  • Billy used a handgun-like scanner on helmetless Tommy after Stag Beetle had drained the Green Ranger powers.


  • In the Command Center, Billy used what looked like a light pen of some sort to trace over the alien writing left behind by Goldar's instructions from Zedd and scan the writing into the computer to analyze it.


  • Alpha used a handheld scanner on unmorphed Tommy to study his remaining powers.


  • After the teens had teleported into the darkened Command Center after getting no response from Zordon or Alpha, Billy used a flashlight; either he'd thought to bring one along before knowing the Command Center would be dark, or he obtained it from somewhere inside the Command Center; he would later be shown using the flashlight while helmetless after retreating from the battle with Nimrod.


  • Alpha used a scanner in the form of a red rod device to analyze the Rangers, now in the form of oversized pachinko balls, thanks to Pachinko Head.
  • Alpha used a device to transform pachinko ball Rocky into unmorphed Rocky, even though he'd been in the form of Red Ranger before being turned into a pachinko ball; Rocky was no longer under the effects of Zedd's irresponsibility spell.
  • Unable to restore the other four pachinko ball Rangers, Alpha turned up the voltage, and the transformation was then successful.


  • Zordon sent Alpha to the park with the laser stun scanner to stop Goldar from taking from young Bulk and Skull the photograph in which the six kids were trapped.
  • Alpha used two pink beams from the laser stun scanner to cause young Bulk and Skull to fall asleep and lose their recent memories.


  • Alpha used on the helmetless Tommy and Kim a handheld scanner with moving pincer-like projections on it to determine that the couple was under a powerful spell.
  • Following Billy's idea, Alpha created a handheld electromagnet with a range of ten yards for White Ranger to use to retrieve Saba from Rita.


  • In the Command Center, Billy used a hand scanner on the book in which Tommy, Kim, and Rocky were trapped.


  • After the Viewing Globe had been adjusted to detect chronoton particles to receive images in the past, Billy aimed a handheld scanner at the Viewing Globe, which brought up an image on the Viewing Globe of Doc Skullovitch and One-Eyed Bulk in 1880.


  • Alpha used some sort of rod with a clear orb on top to tap the residual power of the Command Center to teleport the teens to the Desert of Despair.


  • In the damaged Command Center, Alpha used a small gun-like device on an array of wires on the Viewing Globe's rim, activating the globe.


  • To aid Ninjor and Rocky with Rocky's plan of inverting Centiback's energy wave, Alpha gave them two modified plastic buckets; when Ninjor and Rocky used the buckets to catch Centiback's magic football and toss it back at his football captives, they changed back into Rangers and people.


  • Alpha used a fairly bulky handheld scanner on Aisha to analyze what had protected her from Hate Master's spell.
  • Alpha created a red device which sent out a positive energy beam from the love in Aisha's family necklace to counteract Hate Master's hate spell over various people in Angel Grove, including five of the teens; as soon as the spell was lifted from Bulk and Skull, the two held each other's hands and told each other, "I love you, man."


  • Alpha scanned Kim's bio-waves with a red rod device, and he discovered that she was under a love spell.


  • Billy used a handheld scanner to determine that Kim was in a deep sleep, her body having been very weakened by the loss of her Power Coin.


  • Alpha used a handheld scanner to determine that Brick Bully had miniaturized the four Rangers and encased each inside a real brick.
  • To free the shrunken four Rangers from the bricks in which Brick Bully had encased them, Kat worked with Alpha to design small chamber to simulate pollution to erode the bricks away from the Rangers without hurting them.


  • Outside the Command Center in the simulated past (see "Orb of Doom"), Alpha nervously used a device to deactivate the implosion device's main core with purple energy, then he snipped a wire on the implosion device, stopping the fuse in its tracks.


  • In the Command Center, young Billy used a magnifying glass and a helmet with an in-visor display to construct a regenerator to return the kids to their normal ages based on Cestro's instructions.
  • Alpha was holding a rod device with a glowing blue crystal-like end as he thanks Cestro for helping him repair the Command Center's retro-animating circuits.

    Cell-based stimulator
    - invention used to remove Terror Blossom's freeze spell (223-NjE2 through 224-NjE3)
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    First Appearance: 223-NjE2
    Last Appearance: 224-NjE3


  • Billy used a device called a cell-based stimulator, set on high, to try to reverse the effects of Terror Blossom's freeze spell on morphed Jason, Trini, and Zack, but the device didn't work.


  • Some time later, the device was starting to work, and Billy had Alpha give him all the power available despite Alpha's warning that the device could blow up; the device shone a black stream of energy at Zack, red at Jason, and yellow at Trini, slowly reanimating the frozen Rangers.

    Molecular descrambler
    - invention used by Alpha Five to return child Rangers to normal (240-RBT2)
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    First Appearance: 240-RBT2
    Last Appearance: 240-RBT2
    See Also: Molecular scrambler


  • Zordon had Alpha construct a "remote molecular descrambler" device to restore the six kids back into teens so they could destroy the Rock of Time as Rangers.


  • Alpha called his device a molecular rescrambler.
  • A white beam from the descrambler device scanned the photograph and then split up into the six Ranger-colored beams which caused the six kids to rematerialize from the photo, with ink moustaches on the kids on whose images young Bulk and Skull had drawn moustaches.
  • By rescrambling the six kids' molecular structures, the molecular descrambler returned the kids to their normal ages; it did so with six sequential Ranger-colored beams followed by Ranger-colored energy swirls around the kids.

    Molecular scrambler
    - invention used by Alpha Five to remove passengers from Crabby Cabbie (321-FCab)
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    First Appearance: 321-FCab
    Last Appearance: 321-FCab
    See Also: Molecular descrambler/rescrambler


  • When Bulk, Skull, and Kim were trapped inside the Crabby Cabbie monster, Billy asked Alpha if he could come up with a solution using the molecular scrambler, but Alpha warned that with three people, the molecules were hard to control: they could wind up with a "Kimber-bulk."
  • Alpha used the molecular scrambler to separate the human molecules from the inside of giant Crabby Cabbie and draw them out.
  • The device caused giant Crabby Cabbie to warp with red energy, and the three people teleported from the inside of the monster with red energy and then fell out, normal size, from his low, rear tailpipe.

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