- Billy's Aquitian mate
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First Appearance: 448-RTW2
Last Appearance: 448-RTW2
Pictures: Cestria (shown at right), Cestria and old Billy
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  • Delphine told the teens that they'd found a way to treat Billy's accelerated aging, but it could be dangerous; an old friend, Cestria, was bringing him water from the Aquitians' Eternal Falls.
  • For Aquitians, the Eternal Falls were like the humans' legendary Fountain of Youth: it made them younger; the effects it would have on a human, however, were unknown.
  • Cestria wore a purple long-sleeved shirt with slightly extended pink shoulder pads, gold sleeve cuffs, a seemingly plastic pink miniskirt, and had the same Aquitian head covering as the Aquitian Rangers had; her legs were bare, except for gold boots.
  • Cestria had short black hair sticking out from beneath her head covering.
  • Cestria's main wardrobe color was pink.
  • Billy was lying on the Power Chamber's medical table with his eyes closed when Cestria came in; as soon as he heard her voice, his eyes snapped open.
  • Cestria wished they were seeing each other under better circumstances.
  • Cestria fondly told Billy that he was the same Billy no matter what age he was; he looked at her, smiling.
  • When the effects of the Eternal Falls water didn't last, Alpha suggested that Billy go to Aquitar for long-term treatment with stronger doses; Billy was willing to take the chance of the treatment doing more harm than good.
  • Cestria told Billy that she would never forgive herself if anything were to happen to him; he put his hand on hers, which was resting on his leg, and said that he would be all right and that he was going.
  • Billy told Jason to tell the others, and he and Cestria teleported away without any supplies.
  • As she teleported away with Billy, Cestria's teleportation effect was a pink version of the Aquitian Rangers' teleportation.
  • An unknown number of days later, the Power Chamber received a transmission from Billy on Aquitar, but the strength of the transmission had been compromised by the recent overuse of the Aquitians' teleportation systems.
  • Cestria told the teens that they wanted to let them know that the Eternal Falls had worked and that Billy was young again.
  • Standing beside Cestria in the same clothes as he'd worn on his transmission to Earth in 413-MnSc, Billy's voice sounded nothing like Billy, but the teens didn't notice anything unusual.
  • Billy surprised the teens by telling them that he wasn't coming home; he'd made an important decision, and while he would miss the teens, he was staying on Aquitar with Cestria, as he thought he'd found someone he could really relate to.
  • While Billy was off-screen for a moment, Cestria happily told the teens that Billy was so happy, he was speechless.

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