- martial artist, aquatics expert
- former or current Blue Lightspeed Ranger (801-OpLs through 840-FLs2, also 933-TFLs)
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Full Name: Chad Lee (801-OpLs)
First Appearance: 801-OpLs
Last Appearance: 933-TFLs


  • At a killer whale stunt show, Chad was doing tricks with a whale as an announcer announced delightedly, "That was Chad Lee!"
  • As the whale Daisy swam up to greet the audience, Chad swam to a wall to get fish from a bucket, wearing a black wetsuit, but two men in black walked up, addressing him by name, and they would take him to the limo nearby where Dana was waiting.
  • Lightspeed's dossier photo for the Blue Ranger candidate showed Chad posing in diving gear at a lake.
  • Soon, a white helicopter with the teens inside flew out to sea, where a huge black submarine was surfaced; Carter figured they were going in the submarine, but Chad was nervous.
  • In the helicopter and afterward, Chad was out of his wetsuit, wearing instead a plaid blue overshirt, a blue undershirt, and jeans, which would be his normal attire.
  • Chad's dossier listed him as a marine specialist, his skills list including "Scuba Diving 10."
  • Fighting Batlings unmorphed, Chad was much more adept at martial arts than the others' attempts.
  • Morphed, Chad generally performed more impressive kicks and leg moves than his fellow Rangers in combat.


  • After giant Magmavore had landed downtown, Mitchell had the teens put the Rail Rescues to work, and Carter immediately agreed, although Chad was unsure, Kelsey reminding Chad that none of them were; Miss Fairweather reassured Chad that the Rail Rescues were programmed to assist them automatically and that they'd be fine.
  • After the Lightspeed Megazord had destroyed giant Magmavore, Chad congratulated Carter on the great work, but Carter congratulated all of them as a team.


  • As Joel joined the teens in the descending Rover after trying to ask out Miss Fairweather, Chad teasingly tossed Joel his jacket which he'd forgotten.
  • Later, Chad and Carter were interested in Joel's efforts to ask out Miss Fairweather, and he told them of a surprise she was making for him.
  • Chad wished he had Joel's touch with girls, and Joel told him it wasn't too late - just keep an eye on him.
  • In the booth overlooking Transport, the teens met Mitchell Miss Fairweather following their second encounter with the Vyprari; Joel reminded Chad to act surprised, and he nodded excitedly.
  • After revealing the Lightspeed Cycles, Miss Fairweather noted that Joel didn't seem to like them, and Joel stomped Chad's foot to silence him about what he'd thought the surprise would be.


  • When General McKnight relieved the teens of their duties and an officer grasped Chad's wrist to remove his Morpher, Chad firmly grasped the officer's hand in return, but Mitchell shook his head, making the teens surrender the Morphers.
  • On a plaza bridge, the teens looked to Carter for guidance as Chad asked him if he thought the Cyborgs were better than them; Carter didn't know.
  • When the teens saw a billowing explosion behind a building downtown, the effect of another lightning bolt, Chad and Carter agreed they should check it out even though they weren't Rangers.


  • Scuba diving at the ocean floor early one morning, Chad pet a large grouper fish and swam by the sunken remains of what looked like an old submarine.
  • After emerging from the Aquabase pool, Chad rapped on the girls' door, calling for Kelsey to wake up and meet him in the galley.
  • In the Aquabase's galley, Chad was already clothed in a black vest with a blue shirt, just finishing his breakfast as Kelsey entered yawning.
  • Chad cheerfully returned his tray, having eaten what looked like eggs and pancakes.
  • Taking the blender cup the chef had made, Kelsey headed to the table as Chad talked happily about making friends with a huge grouper fish; Kelsey couldn't believe Chad got up every morning to swim with the fish.
  • As Kelsey tried to drink from the blender cup, Chad cheerfully dragged her off to teach her something new.
  • At a large open shrine, Chad showed Kelsey slow tai chi moves, but she was awkward and unsure, thinking skateboarding was more her thing.
  • Chad said this would help her achieve inner peace, which she needed; she was insulted, and as he stammered about her being adventurous and totally fearless, but sometimes overexited, she play-hit him.
  • Pulling up on a motorcycle, Brian confronted the two Ranger teens, saying he thought they fought monsters, not each other.
  • Brian teasingly wouldn't shake Chad's hand when Chad introduced himself.
  • Brian said Chad thought he was tough, but Chad said no; the girl bet he was nothing without his fancy Ranger powers.
  • Brian challenged Chad to fight, but Chad pulled the aggressive Kelsey away, explaining that he didn't have to prove himself to anyone, as he knew who he was.
  • Nearby, Brian put his foot on Chad's towel; after saying "excuse me" twice, Chad yanked the towel, making Brian fall back, and the girl egged him on, so he attacked, but Chad dodged each attack, finally tripping him and sending him falling to his girlfriend's feet.
  • At that point, the two teens were called away on their Morphers and ran off.
  • As the Rangers regrouped outside after dealing with a building collapse and three trapped victims, Chad congratulated Kelsey on her HazRescue Four stunt.
  • Smogger and Batlings attacked, and as Smogger rolled off while the others were grappled, Carter sent Chad and Kelsey after him.
  • Chased by Chad and Kelsey into a run-down old industrial area, Smogger rolled into a building, the doors slamming shut behind him.
  • Kelsey drew her Rescue Blaster to blast him out, and Chad tried to have her think this through, but she replied she knew what she was doing, blasting dozens of holes into the door.
  • Thinking she'd gotten him, Kelsey approached, but Chad spotted the white gas briefly emerging from the holes but being sucked back inside, shouting it was a backdraft.
  • Kelsey barged in to see the gas flowing away quickly, but a violent explosion then blew her and Chad back.
  • A singed Chad and Kelsey demorphed, and Chad went to Kelsey, who groaned that she was sorry for not listening to him; she humorously asked if that was what he meant by getting overexcited, and she then passed out.
  • With burns, scrapes, and a bandaged head, Kelsey slept on a hospital bed as Chad, in his normal plaid outfit, checked on her; the doctor had earlier said Kelsey would be fine.
  • Outside, the four jacketed teens conversed: Chad blamed himself, but Joel said no one could stop that girl from doing anything. Called by Mitchell, the four teens ran out the front entrance of the hospital, but Chad, the last one out, saw a Batling luring him away; Carter thought it was a trap, but Chad said he'd meet up with them.
  • Behind an ambulance, the Batling handed Chad a scroll from Brian challenging him to a fight now that he had new skills under the training of Vypra.
  • Chad followed the messenger Batling to a desolate field near a powerline tower where Brian was training in a demonic black gi with Vypra, breaking boards.
  • Chad told Brian he'd get him out of there, but Brian shouted that he was going to fight him, attacking on Vypra's order while Chad attempted to defend himself.
  • Eventually, Chad removed his jacket to do this the hard way, fighting back against Brian.
  • Kicking Brian as the rival kept attacking, Chad actually struck Brian in the face with a jump spinning kick, following with a foot sweep.
  • Chad delivered a strong leaping kick, knocking Brian down; he then extended a hand to go, and Brian almost took it waveringly before Batlings grappled Chad.
  • Vypra ordered Brian to finish the job, but he was insulted, saying it was his fight and that this wasn't right, but she sword-butted him, telling him to destroy Chad or be destroyed.
  • Brian approached and delivered a strong punch, sending a Batling flying back, and he smiled at Chad, his eyes back to normal.
  • Vypra was alarmed as the two fought Batlings together.
  • Brian said firmly no one would tell him what to do anymore, making Vypra drive away after telling Chad he'd regret this.
  • As Chad put on his jacket, Brian thanked him and apologized; Chad told him now he didn't have to prove himself to anyone, and Brian smiled and shook his hand before Chad rushed off to join the others in battle.
  • After helping destroy Smogger, Chad told Kelsey she was supposed to be in bed, but she replied that he should know her better than that.
  • In a recreational area another day, Kelsey, healed, did some smooth, calm, tai chi with Chad, but then excitedly bounced that she'd done it.
  • Kelsey told him not to laugh, but she actually felt a lot calmer, and Chad was happy.
  • Kelsey and Chad noticed Brian jogging with a team of yellow and orange belt children, and Chad called and waved, and he happily waved back saying it was good to see them; Kelsey was amazed that people really could change.
  • Kelsey said they now had to think of something she could teach him; just then, a girl called to watch out, and Chad sidestepped a flying tennis ball as it instead smacked Kelsey straight in the forehead.
  • Chad apologized, got the ball, and met the cute female tennis player who owned it, but he stammered and didn't know what to say, then awkwardly returned the ball.
  • As the girl left, Kelsey figured out she'd teach him how to talk to girls, and she grabbed him away by the wrist.


  • When Ryan attacked the city again after the teens had promised Mitchell they wouldn't fight his son, the teens debated fighting Ryan: Kelsey didn't want to, but Chad said he'd destroy the city.


  • In the galley, Joel and Chad didn't like Ryan being ordered not to morph, but Dana and Carter disagreed, as the tattoo could destroy him.


  • At the beach on the teens' day off, Chad and Kelsey surfed in wetsuits with Ranger-colored surfboards bearing their Ranger crests.
  • Later, Chad went surfing with Ryan.
  • When Carter arrived to have some fun, spraying the teens with an icy water gun, Chad got the gun and sprayed him back playfully.


  • Chad and Kelsey were out rollerblading together when they saw a black cloud billowing in the sky, and they returned to base.


  • To make a place to land the Omega Crawler on the spikey asteroid below, Chad blasted lasers to clear the area.
  • As the Rangers planted explosives with the crawler, Chad wanted to get out of there soon, as it gave him the creeps.


  • Chad drove the Rescue Rover in Carter's absence.
  • As the four teens drove in the Rover, Chad coyly suggested going for a dive when they got back, and Joel objected that the water was cold and salty, but Kelsey cheerfully agreed.


  • As the five teens packed their gear into the Rescue Rover following a training session in the woods, Mr. Tamashiro, nearby, asked Chad if he'd abandoned all of his training.
  • Chad was pleased to see Mr. Tamashiro, but the man regretfully told him he'd been his best student, telling the teens Chad could have been a world-class karate master, but instead he'd become a Power Ranger, bitterly calling it a waste.
  • Chad hurtfully pointed out he had to choose his own path, but Mr. Tamashiro, leaving, replied he'd chosen the wrong one.
  • Back at the base, Kelsey understood that Chad felt really bad, as he'd said Mr. Tamashiro had been like a second dad to him.
  • Mr. Tamashiro had taught Chad everything Chad knew about martial arts, and Chad suspected Mr. Tamashiro had really wanted him to follow in his footsteps, disappointing his sensei when he'd become a Ranger.
  • Kelsey interjected being a Ranger was important too, but Chad replied not to Mr. Tamashiro: martial arts was his whole world.
  • Upset over Carter's use of his blaster during their confrontation, Cyclopter challenged the Rangers to fight him without their weapons, in hand-to-hand combat, and Chad and Dana agreed for the team, if that was what it would take for him to leave.
  • After Mr. Tamashiro had tossed Cyclopter down a flight of stone steps, Chad started to introduce his friends, but Mr. Tamashiro began to walk away; Chad then invited him to the Lightspeed Aquabase, but as Chad mentioned the Rangers, Mr. Tamashiro replied he had no interest in such foolishness.
  • Kelsey told Chad to go follow him, but he wouldn't, so she did instead, not having much luck.
  • Mr. Tamashiro had a framed picture of Chad accepting a trophy from him (or sharing it with him) with a few other students in the background.
  • Chad was jogging through the woods in his workout clothes when he saw Mr. Tamashiro fighting Cyclopter, so he rushed in but was reassured by his sensei that it was okay.
  • Mr. Tamashiro explained he'd finally found a student who was truly dedicated; Chad exclaimed he was a monster, but Mr. Tamashiro said he'd given him his word of honor that he wouldn't use his training for evil, but Chad insisted he wouldn't keep his word.
  • Chad fought Cyclopter unmorphed but was soon defeated, and Mr. Tamashiro congratulated the monster, proudly telling him he learned quickly; the two then left together as Chad got up painfully.
  • In his room and now back in his normal clothes, Chad tossed a shirt into his closet and ranted to Kelsey about his sensei's stubbornness, but Kelsey soon interrupted that Mr. Tamashiro was in trouble and all Chad could think about was his pride; Chad realized she was right and rushed out to find him.
  • Chad found the injured Mr. Tamashiro in the woods near his home; the sensei was upset that he'd been such a fool.
  • Called by the others, Chad, having helped his sensei sit up against a rock, said he had to go, but Mr. Tamashiro told him he'd trained Cyclopter well, saying Chad had forgotten his training by now.
  • To test him, Mr. Tamashiro had Chad fight him; they clashed briefly, and Chad soon flipped his sensei to the ground and helped him up.
  • Chad said he remembered everything he'd taught him, and Mr. Tamashiro agreed and told him to go.
  • Cyclopter claimed to be the best in the universe, having defeated the four Rangers, but unmorphed Chad walked up and shouted for the monster to leave them alone.
  • Chad faced off with Cyclopter, and they fought viciously hand to hand.
  • Chad performed amazing flips and kicks, eventually kicking Cyclopter back and posing in an impressive crane stance, and the four Rangers congratulated him.
  • Cyclopter summoned a forked staff from orange energy, and Chad declared in tired annoyance that he just didn't learn, morphing.
  • As Cyclopter fought the Rangers, Chad fought him off and summoned his V-Lancer after telling him not to say he hadn't warned him.
  • As Chad prepared to fight Cyclopter with his V-Lancer, Carter nearby aimed his Rescue Blaster, but Chad told him it was his fight, and the other Rangers backed off.
  • Holding his V-Lancer behind him braced on his shoulders as the blade faintly glowed blue, Chad blocked once and then swung the weapon around by the end for a long-range slash, then spun around for a final slash with the weapon on his shoulders again.
  • As giant Cyclopter pounded the Omega Megazord with shoulder butts, Chad observed he was using the moves his sensei had taught him, so Carter concluded that was how they'd fight back, and the Megazord flipped the monster as he charged.
  • In his room, Chad looked at a karate trophy, one of numerous trophies he'd removed from cardboard boxes full of packing material.
  • When asked by Joel, Chad figured Mr. Tamashiro was still disappointed that he'd chosen to be a Ranger.
  • Just then, Kelsey popped in asking if everyone was decent, having a surprise.
  • Mr. Tamashiro entered and politely asked if it was too late to have a tour of the Aquabase, and Chad was dumbfounded until Kelsey prompted him by nodding.
  • Chad proudly showed the awed sensei into Rescue Ops, from which he said they could monitor the city and make sure everyone was safe; Mr. Tamashiro told Chad he'd chosen a very worthy path and that today the teacher had learned from the student, and Chad bowed his head and thanked him.
  • Chad had been Mr. Tamashiro's student for many years.
  • After Chad had proudly introduced Miss Fairweather and Captain Mitchell, Mr. Tamashiro eagerly told the two that his student Chad was now the Blue Power Ranger, and they congratulated Chad awkwardly as he bowed.


  • As the four Rangers (sans Carter) were losing to Mantevil despite Chad's use of Battle Booster strength, Chad summoned the Rescue Bird, but as it arrived in Unilaser mode, Olympius pulled the weapon to himself with a red ray from a horned device, Chad just barely missing as he leapt for it.
  • When the day repeated, Chad summoned the Rescue Bird just after Mantevil charged rather than just before as he had originally.


  • In a holographic Western simulation in the mountains, Chad fought Batlings and Olympius with the new Thermo Blaster, remarking to Miss Fairweather it was awesome.


  • In the guys' room after Miss Fairweather had raved over Clark (secretly her brother), Chad took Joel's picture of Miss Fairweather and teasingly imitated her saying Clark would do anything for her, but Joel left with a bouquet saying Clark didn't stand a chance.
  • In the bushes as Clark and Miss Fairweather had a picnic in his convertible, Joel watched with binoculars; beside him, Chad was bored and looking up and around until Joel handed him the binoculars which were around Chad's neck.
  • As Miss Fairweather ate with Clark in the car, Chad observed that guy was smooth, and Joel thought he was going to throw up.
  • Dismayed, Joel dropped his gaze and suddenly saw a sprinkler beside the car, and he had Chad come with him to turn them on.
  • Braving the water, Miss Fairweather scolded Joel, and they turned off the water as Joel stammered; just then, a volley of missiles struck the car, making an explosion which left Clark unconscious in the burning car.
  • Joel and Chad held Miss Fairweather back as she panicked.
  • Sharing a nod with Joel as they were confronted by Infinitor, Chad leapt in and fought Infinitor unmorphed as best he could while Joel rushed in after Clark.
  • Chad was being beaten until Joel joined him, and they both morphed, losing until Miss Fairweather called out for them to use code 8-6-1 for the Mega Battles.
  • When Miss Fairweather was alarmed that Joel thought her brother Clark was her boyfriend, the teens laughed, although at least Chad had apparently thought the same.


  • To ambush Bird Bane during a ransom, the teens loitered in various disguises: Chad was a fisherman at the railing with a moustache which was only half stuck to his face.


  • As three rowdy guys on a pier tossed trash into the ocean, Chad, on a blue surfboard floating nearby, scolded the guys, but when they laughed and threw more trash in, Chad swam on his board under the pier, then stood and delivered a spinning heel kick which caused a thundering rumble, shaking the pier with earthquake-like intensity and knocking the guys off into the water.
  • Chad asked whether they were going to clean it up, and the guys nervously agreed.
  • Nearby, Marina giggled, and Chad, seeing her, greeted her and told her his name, apparently no longer shy toward girls.
  • When Kelsey called out to Chad from shore that they had to go, the shy Marina was gone.
  • As Chad suited up in a full-body wetsuit, Mitchell told the teens of a broken communications cable, needing Chad to swim out and make any necessary repairs.
  • When another rockslide occurred after Chad had fixed the cable, Marina swam urgently to the buried Chad, and his unconscious body would soon surface in the Aquabase's pool.
  • When Chad awoke in the infirmary, he told the teens somebody had pulled him from the rocks, but as he silently remembered glimpses of Marina's face and mermaid tail, he remarked it was impossible.
  • After the teens had left, Chad seemed to sense something and pulled the curtains open, finding Marina swimming outside, and he remarked, "It was you."
  • Chad approached slowly and put his hand to the glass; smiling, she matched her hand to his, and he contentedly said he'd known he hadn't imagined her.
  • After a lingering moment, Marina happily swam off, allowing Chad a glimpse of her mermaid tail, although Chad seemed merely wistful rather than startled at this point.
  • At sea on a jetski the next day, Chad looked around with binoculars before returning to an industrial dock.
  • At that point, Marina emerged and greeted him, and he thanked her for saving his life but realized he didn't know her name, at which point she told him, and he said it was nice.
  • Marina gave Chad a small ornate box as a gift, and he told her she shouldn't have but thanked her nonetheless; he opened the box, but the pewter dolphin inside knocked him back and formed chains around him as Vypra, Loki, and Batlings arrived.
  • Vypra congratulated Marina, but Marina insisted she'd been tricked.
  • When Vypra prepared to strike a finishing blow to Chad, Chad bowed his head in resignation, but Marina yanked on Vypra's foot and then swam off, but Loki and Batlings captured her in a net.
  • After attaching a massive weight to her net, the Batlings hurled her back into the water, and she pleaded to Chad but was then pulled under, and Chad screamed for her.
  • Managing to press a button on his briefly present Battle Booster, Chad broke free and soon dove underwater with a Batling's sword to cut Marina loose.
  • Eventually flying morphed from the water, Chad scolded Vypra for using someone so innocent for her dirty work, and he fought Batlings until the others arrived.
  • After the villains had retreated, Chad was fine but worried about Marina, not knowing where she was.
  • At sunset, Chad was sitting alone on the pier when Marina suddenly swam up smiling, and he was pleased she'd come back.
  • Marina apologized, never wanting to do anything to hurt him, and he knew, sorry that Vypra had used her.
  • Chad said he'd never let Vypra hurt her again, and they could be together, but Marina regretfully replied they came from different worlds.
  • Chad had never met anyone like Marina; she told him softly she'd never forget him either, and she slowly released his hand and swam away, telling him he'd always be in her heart.
  • Joined by Kelsey, Chad told her Marina had been the right girl, and Kelsey consolingly put an arm around him.


  • Remembering only his civilian life after Memorase's attack, Chad explained from his stretcher in the Aquabase that he was supposed to be at the pool.
  • Hooked up to a memory restoration apparatus, Chad was prompted to remember being approached by men in black following his whale trick (in 801-LsTm).
  • As more personal memories were targeted, Chad was prompted to remember scuba diving in the morning (808-UpCh), teaching Kelsey tai chi at the temple (808-UpCh), being taught to rollerblade by Kelsey (unseen, but within 819-QRet), and dodging Brian's attacks (808-UpCh).
  • Chad's aforementioned rollerblading memory included Chad stumbling as Kelsey attempted to teach him how to rollerblade; this would have taken place before the two saw Queen Bansheera's dark clouds.
  • As Kelsey and Chad awoke with their memories restored, Miss Fairweather asked their Ranger colors, and they confusedly told her.


  • It was Chad's idea to destroy Gatekeeper's staff to stop the monsters pursuing them in the Shadow World.


  • At the beach, the teens drove up in the Rover and ran out for some fun, but Chad was sullen and sluggish.
  • As Chad sat on the shore with his surfboard nearby, Kelsey knew something was wrong when he didn't want to surf.
  • Chad said the ocean reminded him of Marina, and Kelsey knew he missed her, putting a comforting hand on his back.
  • As Chad later sat at the beach alone, Marina walked out of the water with human legs.
  • Chad was amazed, but Marina told him there was no time, explaining that her father was King Neptune and the demons had stolen his trident, which was being used to drain the water from the bay.
  • As Marina ran through the woods with Chad, she was suddenly pained and weakened; Batlings briefly attacked, but Chad fended them off.
  • Lying weakened on the ground, Marina explained that mermaids could only stay out of water a short time, sending him after the trident, and Chad ran off reluctantly.
  • After morphing on the way, Chad met the other Rangers by the pond and dove in with no time to explain.
  • Grabbing the trident after pulling himself toward Aquafiend during their underwater struggle, Chad emerged and tossed it to Carter.
  • After Aquafiend's destruction, Vypra arrived with Marina as a hostage, but Marina told Chad not to give her the trident; to help him decide, Vypra had Aquafiend enlarged, and the trident grew with him.
  • To save Marina, Chad summoned his Mega Battle armor and doused Vypra with a jet of water, causing her and the Batlings to retreat.
  • Upon demorphing, Chad carried the unconscious Marina away to salt water as the others summoned the Zords.
  • In the pool in the Aquabase's weapons lab, Marina floated unconscious, stretched out with her mermaid tail restored, as Chad delicately poured water over her from his cupped hand.
  • The teens and Miss Fairweather watched as the watery form of King Neptune arose from the pool to take his trident and his daughter home.
  • Prompted to leave by Neptune, Marina looked into Chad's eyes and sank into the water.
  • On the beach at sunset, Marina walked up to the lone Chad; he was pleased, but she could only stay a few moments, wanting to thank him for everything he'd done.
  • Chad wished Marina didn't have to go, and she knew.
  • Chad suddenly realized that just because she couldn't stay on land didn't mean they couldn't spend time together, and they ran into the water holding hands.


  • Blasted by Loki's bazooka, the four Rangers collapsed limply but then quickly rose in ambush, following Chad's idea, as Loki approached; this was traditionally a tactic employed by Carter but apparently enacted by Chad in his absence.


  • Chad briefly protested in concern as Carter rushed to Diabolico's aid during the demon's fight against Olympius after Carter had prompted him to remember Bansheera's betrayal.


  • When Carter planned to enter the Skull Cavern in the Mobile Armored Vehicle noting that Bansheera would never expect it, Chad agreed that was because it was crazy, but he went despite the others' concern.


  • Turning to sit beside Kelsey as she was visibly nervous, Chad asked if she was scared; she said a little, and he answered he was.
  • Chad bumped shoulders in a friendly gesture and said at least they were scared together, and she smiled faintly and put her arm around him, the two leaning their heads together.
  • Finding a maintenance shaft flooded with water, Chad passed out oxygen canisters from the wall and volunteered to swim down first to investigate despite Dana's concern.
  • As the Rangers, Mitchell, and Miss Fairweather watched the skull castle disintegrate downtown following Bansheera's defeat, Kelsey smiled at Chad.
  • Returning his Morpher to Captain Mitchell another day, Chad happily said he'd have a chance to get back to surfing.
  • Just as the teens were parting ways, a fire truck raced by toward a dark mass of smoke on the horizon.
  • Carter dashed off after patting Chad on the arm; Chad and Kelsey then exchanged excited glances and followed.

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