Chamber of Command
- Lord Zedd's chamber in the moon palace
Chamber of Command, Zedd in foreground
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First Appearance: 201-Mut1
Last Appearance: 401-AZB1
Pictures: Chamber of Command (shown at right), balcony, throne


  • After Zedd had teleported into the palace, causing the palace to quake violently, Goldar said that Zedd was where he belonged, his chamber of command; Goldar then left to greet Zedd.
  • The chamber of command's balcony was about halfway up on the right side of the palace's main, front tower.
  • Zedd's balcony faced toward the Earth, just like Rita's observatory.
  • If the balcony of the chamber were designated as "south," with the fan wall as "east," then Goldar entered the chamber from Rita's observatory through an entrance on the "east" side of Zedd's observatory. (Source: Corrected by "Josh G.")
  • The chamber had two doorways, one on the north wall and another in the west wall; beyond the northern doorway, which was up several steps, was a starry sky. (Source: Corrected by "Josh G.")
  • Rita entered the chamber through the northern doorway.
  • There was another room adjacent to the chamber of command; Squatt and Baboo would often look into the chamber through two peepholes in the wall between the two rooms.
  • The chamber of command turned red when Zedd glowed with anger.
  • When Goldar put the lid on Rita's space dumpster, there was a starry sky above him rather than ceiling.
  • The Putties hurling Rita's space dumpster into space from the balcony had no shadows on the nearby exterior wall, yet the balcony itself cast a shadow.
  • Often in the chamber, the shadows on Goldar from the chamber's rotating fan blades wouldn't match with Goldar's position in the room.


  • In his workshop, Finster could apparently hear Zedd's angry ranting in his chamber of command.


  • Putties were often shown standing along the walls of the northern entrance of the chamber.


  • The lighting from inside the chamber of command cast a shadow on the space and Earth backdrop beyond the balcony.


  • After Skelerena's destruction, Goldar entered the chamber of command from a hallway to the left of the northern entrance; this hallway would later be shown to lead to Finster's workshop.


  • After teleporting away following his defeat by White Ranger on Earth, Goldar walked in from the hallway leading to Finster's workshop.


  • Rita, Squatt and Baboo went toward a hall to the east of Rita's old observatory to go to the procession in Zedd's chamber of command; she would later emerge into the chamber from the northern entrance.


  • Goldar went through the chamber's northern hallway to deliver Zedd's request to Rita, who was in an unknown location, perhaps elsewhere in the palace.


  • Rita teleported a letter for Tommy from a black podium which was in the chamber; the same podium would be used as the temporary place for the cactus from which Needlenose was created in 250-WWR1, but at that time, the podium was against the western wall.


  • In the starfield visible through the west entrance was what appeared to be Rita's planetoid; it would continue to make frequent appearances outside this entrance during the rest of Rita and Zedd's stay in the palace, up to 401-AZB1.


  • Zedd referred to his chamber as his throne room.


  • Both of the doorways in the chamber had Z's on the walls above.


  • When Rita unleashed the Face Stealer in the chamber, Zedd entered from the east side of the balcony, wondering what all the noise was; he would later storm off in this direction.


  • During Rita and Zedd's second honeymoon in Serpentera, there was a microphone on the balcony railing which was communication with Serpentera.
  • Once they'd returned in Serpentera, Rita and Zedd entered the chamber of command from the north end of the east wall; this was the machine wall in which the giant fan was located.


  • As Rita's plan involving Kat was first starting, Zedd and Goldar entered the chamber together from the east side of the balcony.
  • Rito was heading toward the north doorway to take a nap when Zedd had him go to Earth.


  • Zedd again stormed off toward the east side of the balcony after arguing with Rita.


  • Morphed Tommy and Kat were able to teleport into the moon palace; they appeared in the northern doorway of the chamber, then Tommy hid behind an obscure hallway just to the right (in the northeast corner of the chamber).


  • The spotlight used for Dischordia's entrance into the chamber from the western doorway illuminated part of the space backdrop which was supposed to be outer space, not a wall.


  • In this episode and in 340-ACSp, there was an hourglass on a stand near the eastern wall of the chamber.


  • In the chamber of command after the villains had packed up and left, the lights were off, paper trash was floating around, the throne was gone, and there was a "For Sale" sign in the chamber.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • Chamber of Command, MMPR: The Movie The chamber, although larger and constructed with crude architecture from some sort of rock, still had the same basic layout, including the giant fan in the background.
  • Across from the balcony, where the northern west entrance would have been, were two large sliding doors, with a Z above them, which opened as Ivan Ooze entered; past the doors was a corridor leading to the right, with what looked like large rain spouts glowing red from the inside, and two thin vertical window openings with light streaming in through them.
  • The chamber had a rock floor covered by a thin layer of mist.
  • All of the vertical columns in the chamber and adjoining corridor seemed to have the red rain spout-like openings.
  • There was a Z inside the chamber above the opening to the balcony.
  • The sliding doors across from the balcony had a large Z on them.

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