- robotic foot soldiers used by General Havoc and Divatox (526-DrkD through 534-TOWW)
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First Appearance: (Porto's) 504-Shad, (Havoc's) 526-DrkD
Last Appearance: (Porto's) 504-Shad, (Havoc's) 534-TOWW


  • Porto completed work on the Chromite, and Elgar walked it in from the lift as it held his arm and a bouquet of roses, with a Piranhatron tossing up confetti and a spotlight following the couple.
  • Porto's Chromite was just like General Havoc's future Chromites, but it was gray, it could speak, and it seemed to be more intelligent.
  • Porto said the Chromite had the special power Divatox had asked for.
  • Studying Porto's detonator, the Chromite seemed to be fanatic about colors.
  • Chromites all had infinity symbols on their belts, and peacock-like symbols on their arms and thighs.
  • As Adam, Tanya, and Kat were morphing, the Chromite shot a white beam from a black gunlike device with a silver pyramid tip; once Adam had morphed into his Turbo Ranger suit but before his helmet had had a chance to form, rings of white energy flowed into the Chromite's device as Adam's morphing powers were drained; a gray version of the Green Shadow Ranger then materialized behind Adam, and green energy flowed out of Adam to colorize the Shadow Ranger; finally, Adam demorphed with a flash of green energy, and the Shadow Ranger rose up from the ground; the Yellow and Pink Shadow Rangers then rose up behind demorphed Tanya and Kat as well.
  • The Chromite had the three Shadow Rangers take the three teens away, and the Shadow Rangers took them to the "Chromite Cave."
  • The Chromite's device had intercepted the Rangers' powers during their morphs.
  • The Chromite's teleportation effect was a multicolored blob of energy, the same effect as seen during the Shadow Rangers' teleportation.
  • After Tommy and Justin had been captured following the creation of the Blue Shadow Ranger, the Chromite had the Shadow Rangers take Justin to the Chromite Cave but leave Tommy behind.
  • As he told the Shadow Rangers in the Chromite Cave, the Chromite's plan was for the Pink Shadow Ranger to guard the teens while the others captured Tommy so nothing would interfere with Porto's detonator.
  • After watching Tommy dissolve the three Shadow Rangers using their vulnerability to being in shadow, the Chromite retreated to the construction site where the detonator was.
  • Tommy's helmet's headlights produced a special light which rendered the normally invisible polygonal multicolored Chromite footprints visible.
  • The Chromite shot purple lasers from his fingertip.
  • Justin noted that they had to figure out how to get the Chromite into the darkness, but at that point, the Rangers knew only that the Shadow Rangers had a vulnerability to darkness.
  • The Turbo Megazord cast a shadow on the Chromite, making it dissolve and the detonator's paint puddle vanish.


  • Two Chromites, one green and one blue, were by General Havoc's side when he entered Divatox's subcraft.
  • Havoc said that the Space Base was big enough for Divatox's entire crew, as well as his private army of robot soldiers.
  • Two Chromites, one red and one black, flagged in the approaching subcraft from the docking bay of the Space Base.
  • Once the subcraft's doors had opened, the black and red Chromites rolled out the red carpet, then the blue and green Chromites helped Elgar take the anchor out from the bridge of the subcraft.
  • Havoc told Divatox her Piranhatrons could run the Space Base as efficiently as his elite forces (Chromites).
  • Havoc told the Rangers the Chromites were a great deal tougher, presumably than the Piranhatron.
  • Havoc said the Chromites, calling them his special troops and his robot warriors, felt no pain and had no need to breathe and thus were superb fighters both on land and underwater.
  • After the Rangers had refused their one last chance to surrender, Havoc had the Chromites leap out of the water near the pier and attack the Rangers.
  • Pink, green, cyan, and red Chromites flew out of the water, wielding rod weapons.
  • Havoc called off the Chromites after a very brief fight, bringing forth Metallasaurus.
  • After Metallasaurus had wrapped its tail around the Turbo Megazord, Havoc had the Chromites (for once using their name) scale the Megazord, which they did using grappling hooks.
  • Once they'd scaled the Turbo Megazord, the Chromites used their rod weapons to shatter the cockpit's front panel of glass and break in; more Chromites then entered the cockpit through the rear door, using their rod weapons to blast the Rangers out with red energy blasts.


  • After Metallasaurus had been defeated by the Rescuezords, Porto and blue, pink, green, and gray Chromites (with the Chromites in lab coats) studied the captured Turbo Megazord in great detail to figure out how everything worked.


  • When General Havoc, in Angel Grove Park, dissolved his Phantom Ranger disguise with gold sparkles, two Chromites (red and blue) appeared with the same gold sparkle effect while two Piranhatron also appeared with their splash effects; this was the only time Havoc's Chromites were shown teleporting.


  • There were Chromites manning the Space Base even after Havoc's departure in 528-FOPh.
  • Porto and the Chromites were back in the Turbo Megazord cockpit, this time modifying it to work under the villains' control while its power was booster by the Phantom's Power Ruby; Porto said it should be completed within the hour.
  • Piloting the evil Turbo Megazord once it had been sent to Earth were Crosspatch in Red Ranger's seat and blue, red, green, and gray Chromites in the Blue, Pink, Green, and Yellow Rangers' seats, respectively.
  • The Chromites could only chirp in agreement with Crosspatch rather than speak.
  • The blue Chromite did Justin's L gesture before firing the Turbo Megazord's chest ray.
  • Once the ruby and battery pack were removed, the Turbo Megazord's eyes turned back to yellow, and the Rangers cheered that the Megazord was theirs again, but the four Chromites had never been shown leaving the Megazord when T.J. lured Crosspatch out.


  • After revealing the battle wagon he'd built in Angel Grove High's auto shop garage, Maniac Mechanic sped away in the vehicle, which was being driven by a blue Chromite on the wrong side of the vehicle.
  • Ashley shot a gold energy beam from an Auto Blast Defender (see "Turbo Navigators" and "Auto Blasters") into the turbine of the wagon, destroying it with a massive explosion which apparently took the Chromite with it.

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