- hand-held laser pistols used by Time Force Officers, including the Time Force Rangers
First Appearance: 901-Fut1
Last Appearance: 1025-RFF2
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-   All Time Force Officers had as part of their uniform, a Chrono-Blaster stored in a holster on the right side of their belt, which was secured with a black strap around their upper right thigh.
-   Chrono-Blasters were white hand-sized laser pistols, with mostly-black handles (at the side of the base of the handle, was a small silver triangled TF insignia). The tip of each came to a sharp point, made of yellow plastic material. A red, silver-edged arrow pointing toward the tip on each side, with a silver & gold knob on the top back, and a silver infinity symbol on the upper back side.
-   In the cryogenic detainment tower of Funaro Maximum Security Prison, Nadira used a Chrono-Blaster against the guards, the bolts fired made of pink energy.
-   Flashy explosions erupted upon each guard struck by a boltblast, each man getting knocked unconscious (if not dead) after one hit.

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