- devices used to morph Alex and the Time Force teens into Time Force Rangers
First Appearance: 901-Fut1
Last Appearance: 1034-FRed
Subcategories: Morphing
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-   Red Ranger's Chrono-Morpher was embedded into, and visible on, the left wrist-gauntlet of his suit, and would be the same for each Time Force Ranger while morphed.
-   The Chrono-Morpher was a gray device with a black glass oval shape in the middle, which contained a LED set of 4 red (one against each side of the oval) and 8 green lights encircling the boarder within; a trio of small red buttons at the vertical base of the oval; visible circuitry embedded into the dark grey area-face of the device; a small silver triangled Time Force insignia at the very bottom of it below the buttons; and a silver wristband, also with one upon it.
-   Alex was the sole Time Force Ranger in the year 3000, and though later flashbacks showed he had his Chrono-Morpher for some time, the warehouse capture of Ransik is the first known time he used its powers against a mutant.
-   Following his fatal battle with Ransik, Alex slipped the velcro straps off his left wrist, and handed his Chrono-Morpher to Jen.
-   He throatily stated, "There's four more... in the Time Ship. It's the only way you'll ever stop Ransik..."
-   Once inside the Time Ship's lower capsule, Jen found and opened a square-shaped, yellow and silver case near the table.
-   Within it, in slots amid foam padding, were four Chrono-Morphers, with an empty slot between two at the top and above two on the bottom, where Alex's came from (How exactly he got his in the first place, and why they were stored inside the Time Ship was never made clear).
-   All were indentical, with nothing on them to determine what power-color went to what Morpher.

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