- sabers used by Time Force Rangers
First Appearance: (red) 901-Fut1, (pink & blue) 902-Fut2, (yellow & green) 903-STFF
Last Appearance: (red) 1034-FRed, (others) 940-EOT3
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-   When lunged at by Ransik, Red Ranger spun sideways as he flipped back, reached out and reclaimed his Chrono-Saber from the control station (which had been thrown there in a scene cut from the episode. See "Other Sources")
-   Chrono-Sabers had blades made of mostly-transparent, glassy material; the blades extended out of large silver and red-lined arrow pointing upward; a silver triangled TF insignia was upside down within that arrow (pointing the same upward direction), just over the handle; and the handles were black with silver circuitry embedded within, and red lines which ran up and connected to the lines in the upper-hilt arrow.
-   After Ransik pulled out his bonesword, Alex charged at the mutated creature, the two locking blades, causing a backlash of energy to swirl around at the clanging together of their sabers.
-   The Red Ranger cautiously made his way onto the vacant landing pad of the prison, holding his Chrono-Saber in dual-blade mode, at the ready.
-   Dual-blade mode involved a basic Chrono-Saber, attached to a second, nearly identical one, by a silver clock-dial at the base of each handle. The Ranger would hold the double-sided weapon at the connected handles.
-   The Red Ranger's second Chrono-Saber had a red triangle tip.

-   In preview promos for the series that aired on Fox Kids a few months prior to the debut of the series, a scene deleted from 901-Fut1 was shown, revealing that Alex actually made himself noticed in the warehouse by throwing his Chrono-Saber at the arch control console, damaging it before Ransik could attempt an escape through the timestream.

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