- sentient robot owl from the year 3000, presumably created by Trip; summoner of Time Force Zords (903-STFF through 937-Calm)
First Appearance: 901-Fut1
Last Appearance: 1025-RFF2
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-   In the courtroom during the trial of Ransik, Trip had the white & black backpack he constantly wore off for a change, lying on the tabletop in front of him.
-   The contents of the bag stuck its head out, revealing Circuit, a watermelon-sized blue bodied, white-breasted, robotic owl; a thick copper screw head in the center of the chest; two big blinking eyes, with a glass dot between them that blinks red when sending a transmission; a pair of golden talons for feet; and a LED indicator gauge on his stomach, with several red lights within, notably a pair of opposite sided rising bars.
-   Circuit had a high pitched, usually excited-sounding voice, like that of a young boy.
-   Struggling to get free of the confines of the bag while lying on his back, Circuit yelled, "Trip! I can't see anything down here! Would you help me up?!"
-   Trip frustratedly turned around and grabbed the bag, informing the robot, "Please, Circuit! This is a courtroom!"
?   For the first few episodes, characters who said Circuit's name while facing the screen would actually be mouthing the word "Digit" instead.
-   Circuit wouldn't be seen nor heard from again during the trial, nor would make a peep through the entire ambush of the prison transport convoy.
-   The next day, Lucas asked Circuit to give him a hand in driving the Time Ship, leading to the robotic owl popping out of Trip's bag, and confirming his constant state of conciousness by proclaiming excitely, "I thought you'd never ask!"
-   A small bit of light, the signs of some sort of thruster system, came on underneath Circuit's metal-feather tail as he hovered into the air, flapping his wings briefly, and landing on the interface-disk at the center of the round table.
-   With Trip, Katie, Lucas and herself strapped into their chairs, Jen nodded to Circuit, as he linked with the computer system, and stated, "We're secure and ready to launch!"
-   Circuit remained attached at the center of the table as it spun around, during the voyage through the Time Gate and timestream.

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