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- cultural liazon for nation of Kahmala (312-FiFO)
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First Appearance: 312-FiFO
Last Appearance: 312-FiFO


  • Azina was the cultural liazon for the nation of Kahmala; she was responsible for the exhibit on ancient Kahmalan culture.
  • After Azina had discovered that the Face Stealer's urn was gone (secretly stolen by Rito, Squatt, and Baboo), Tommy told Azina they'd start looking for clues, then the five teens dashed off.
  • Azina recognized the Power Rangers when they came to the museum; she agreed to let them borrow the ancient masks from the exhibit to defeat the Face Stealer.
  • After Bulk and Skull entered the museum with the urn and masks which they had been given by the Rangers, two security guards captured the two junior police, saying they'd been told to bring anyone seen in possession of the stolen artifacts; oddly, this implies that not only was the urn reported stolen, but also the masks, which Azina had loaned the Rangers.
  • Azina went to the Juice Bar to tell the six teens that the Face Stealer's urn had been returned to them safely and that they now had extra guards to watch the artifacts.
  • With Azina standing beside her, Kim said learning about other cultures was great, but that sometimes reading about it was better than living it; she then made a face and looked up at Azina.

    - wise man in Korea's past or present (340-ACSp)
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    First Appearance: 340-ACSp
    Last Appearance: 340-ACSp


  • In the Diamond Mountains in Korea, presumably some time in Korea's past, young Adam told a Korean woman that he was looking for a wise man, and that he was told he could find him here; the woman told Adam that she had heard stories about a wise man named Kai-Ogi who lived inside a waterfall, but that she didn't know where Kai-Ogi was, as it was merely a legend she had heard as a little girl.
  • Kai-Ogi happily emerged from some bushes and followed young Adam around.
  • After young Adam had frustratedly acknowledged Kai-Ogi, the old man seemed to have known Adam's name ahead of time; he was able to sense within Adam the spirit of the frog.
  • When young Adam said he was on a quest, Kai-Ogi excitedly said there hadn't been a good quest around there for ages and that he was coming with Adam; Adam tried to leave Kai-Ogi behind, but the old man continued to follow him.
  • When young Adam was trying to speak with an old man in a park, Kai-Ogi pestered him about his Korean pronunciation, saying he sounded like he had a frog in his throat.
  • Later sitting by a waterfall, talking with young Adam, Kai-Ogi warned Adam of running past his true goals while chasing what he sought; after recalling that he had been searching for Kai-Ogi but had only found this old man, Adam realized that Kai-Ogi was the old man, at which point Kai-Ogi performed a slide-teleport (see "Ninja Rangers") into a standing position on a rock at the bottom of his waterfall.
  • As young Adam anticipated, the green Zeo Subcrystal was sticking out of a rock, hidden behind Kai-Ogi's waterfall.
  • Kai-Ogi said that it had been Adam, not himself, who had found the subcrystal.
  • Kai-Ogi seemed a bit startled after watching young Adam fly up into a dark blue portal.

    Mr. Stenchy model
    - model drenched in perfume by Skull (437-SOAW)
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    First Appearance: 437-SOAW
    Last Appearance: 437-SOAW


  • Detective Stone assigned Bulk and Skull to be undercover security for a professional model who was in the fashion show.
  • While turning around onstage, unsure of the end of his line, Skull accidentally knocked a model into a podium, thus dumping an oversized bottle of Monsieur Stenchy perfume onto the professional model below.
  • Alone with the perfume-drenched model, Skull apologized to her and shyly had a conversation with her, then told her that she didn't have to worry about being lonely in Angel Grove, since he wasn't leaving her side.
  • The model seemed to grow to like Skull.
  • The model later thanked Detective Stone for assigning Detective Skullovitch to her, as he'd been able to remove the smell with a huge barrel of tomato juice, a trick he'd seen on an old rerun of The Partridge Family.
  • At the end of the fashion show, the model and Skull walked down the runway together, and after Skull had correctly said his line (after models had removed the skunk head from his costume), the model kissed Skull on the cheek.

    Inspector Cousteau
    - inspector who recruited Bulk and Skull to France (450-Good)
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    First Appearance: 450-Good
    Last Appearance: 450-Good


  • Just as Bulk and Skull, now official detectives, planned to find themselves a really tough case to earn Detective Stone's respect, a balloon with a note from a French detective named Inspector Coustaeu drifted into the agency office; the note read, "Meet me at the northmost bench in Angel Grove Park in 1600 hours. Don't be late. -- I.K."
  • At four o'clock in the park, Inspector Cousteau met Bulk and Skull, having been sent to recruit detectives for a secret mission off the coast of France; Cousteau told them he would have their assignment to them before the end of the day, and by that time the next day, they would be on the streets of Paris.

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