Citizens of Angel Grove
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  • Melissa's new friend Beth and three of Beth's friends were hypnotized by the Gnarly Gnome as they left the Youth Center with Melissa to go to Beth's house to tell her mom that they were going to the mall because of a sale.


  • Matt, a guy with fairly long brown hair, hit on Kim in the Youth Center, impressed that she'd landed the plane by herself.


  • At school, two girls named Stephanie and Keisha, along with a third girl, laughed at Billy (in Kim's body) for his lack of ability at applying makeup.


  • Everyone in Angel Grove but the teens was teleported into another dimension by the moon palace's dimensional vortex beam.
  • Zordon's sensors indicated that the people of Angel Grove were all safe but trapped inside Rita's dimensional vortex.


  • The people of Angel Grove were returned unharmed as Rita's palace retreated from the Earth.


  • The owner of Pierre, the lost dog Jason had found, had put up at least one "lost" flyer at Angel Grove High, which seems to be near where the dog had begun following Jason to the Youth Center.
  • After being abducted by Bulk and Skull, the dog returned to the Youth Center because, as Ernie guessed, it liked Ernie's chili.
  • Pierre's owner, a wealthy woman, handsomely rewarded Ernie for taking care of the dog.


  • The children watching Peckster's attack on the TV in the Youth Center were for the most part amused, although one child appeared terrified; one girl said, "I'm not worried.  I know the Power Rangers will save us."


  • All of the students in Miss Appleby's class fled from Miss Appleby's iguana when Bulk and Skull let it roam around on the floor to sniff out the Rangers; the iguana had previously fought the Rangers in the form of Saliguana.


  • Kim and Laura wore green uniforms to take the Angel Grove Angelettes, a group similar to the Girl Scouts, on a hike in the woods so that the girls could try to earn badges for compass use; after their ordeal of Magnetbrain's geomagnetic disruption (during which several of the girls had been laughing rather than panicking), the girls were given bravery badges.
  • One of the Angelettes remarked that the best part of their experience out in the woods had been seeing the White Ranger, who had fought Goldar and the Putties while the girls had watched.


  • On Halloween, costumes being worn by kids included Pink, Blue, and Red Ranger costumes.
  • Mrs. Marx, mother of a girl named Karen, thought the community outreach program whereby teenagers chaperoned kids' trick-or-treating was a wonderful idea.


  • Beamcaster used his Zedd waves to hypnotize people of Angel Grove (according to Zordon, almost all of the city's population); they were later freed from the spell with Beamcaster's destruction.


  • The gas from Zedd's sleep machine knocked out the people in Angel Grove Park and Angel Grove High and may have affected people in other areas of Angel Grove as well.


  • A girl named Jessica Peterson asked Rocky to the vice-versa dance, and he couldn't believe it.


  • In Rocky and Adam's karate class, a bigger kid named Butch picked on a small student named Shawn for being a loser who would ruin their team in the karate finals; after Shawn had impressed the class with his improved martial arts sometime later, Butch was friendly to him.


  • Kayla, one of Rocky's young students, was supposed to practice with Rocky for her green-belt test, but he brushed her off while under his irresponsibility spell; after he'd later conquered the spell, she was again excited about practicing and wasn't angry with Rocky.


  • Following the Power Rangers' endorsement of school on the Harvey Garvey Show the previous night, Jonathan, a student in Miss Appleby's class, said that if the Rangers thought school was cool, then so did he.


  • When young Dougie was afraid of monsters being in the lake, a little girl reassured him that the Power Rangers protected Angel Grove.


  • Photomare turned people in the park into photographs.


  • Two girls behind Bulk and Skull at the outdoor cafe were talking about wanting to find out who the Rangers were, with one saying she just wanted to find out who the male Rangers were, since she loved a man in uniform; this conversation inspired Bulk to have himself and Skull join the Junior Police Patrol.


  • The faces freed from Face Stealer included two adult faces, a baby's face, Adam and Aisha's faces, three more adult faces (one wearing glasses), Bulk and Skull's screaming faces, and one more adult face.


  • Miss Chief, invisible, used a love potion to make large numbers of people in Angel Grove High fall in love, but Finster later used an antidote on everyone.


  • Bulk and Skull had Kat's chimp Kelly show them where Ernie's stolen bananas were; she led them to a fruit stand run by a Jamaican man who dressed Kelly up in a vest, shades, a mop top for braids, and a beret.
  • The fruit stand owner watched Kelly be transformed into the Sinister Simian.
  • Days later, Bulk and Skull dragged the Jamaican fruit vendor into the Juice Bar, but, as Ernie had merely misplaced the "stolen" bananas, the innocent vendor told Bulk and Skull they'd be hearing from his attorney.


  • Master Vile and fellow villains took over the Youth Center and were forcing the people in the Youth Center (who had presumably been called out by Bulk, Skull, and Ernie) to dance; the outdoor cafe was decorated and full of dancing people and monsters, with the sign "Master Vile's End of the World Party" above the door.
  • At the party, Dischordia, seated at a table, ordered a sundae from a little girl; also at the party were four cheerleaders in purple and gold cheerleading suits.
  • People seemed to be having a good time partying at the End of the World Party; several children were serving drinks; one human was playing a customized alien keyboard.


  • In the simulated past (see "Orb of Doom"), after Rito had peeked into the windshield and scared the driver of the bus the kids and Bulk and Skull rode in, Rito pried the doors open and stepped on, at which point the driver told him, "Hey, you just can't come in here. We got rules!"; Rito used blue eyebeams to make him fall asleep briefly.


  • When giant Bratboy poured a bottle of polluted water onto the Aquitian Rangers in the past, the polluted water got all into the water system of Splash City, most likely endangering the visitors that used the water park during and after that time.


  • Young Bulk and Skull were wearing "I <heart> Aliens" pins and shirts, indicating that some of the people of Angel Grove, if not the world, were welcoming of extraterrestrials, particularly since the arrival of the Aquitian Rangers.
  • When young Skull told his teacher that he and Bulk were talking about the Alien Rangers rather than thinking of a topic for their science project, she said that although they all admired the Alien Rangers, the two boys should concentrate more on their assignment.


  • Still in the past, everyone swimming at the lake was wearing wetsuits, including young Bulk and Skull, who had boogie boards.
  • The people still in the lake cheered for the Aquitian Rangers as they fought Hydro Hog on the shore.


  • The kids in the audience of Captain Pete's show in the Youth Center replied that their favorite superheroes were the Power Rangers.
  • Other than Captain Pete, Tommy, Kat, Rocky, a confused Ernie, and a fascinated Bulk and Skull none of the people in the Youth Center, including children and parents, appeared to find anything odd about Cogs teleporting onto the set and soon teleporting away in public view.
  • Evil Puppetman shot blue beams from his fingertips, turning the kids in the audience (but not their parents) into brats who proceeded to trash the Captain Pete set, the Youth Center, and the Juice Bar.
  • Arnie's eyes were initially glowing purple like the rest of the kids, but he yelled "Charge!," seeming to be out of the trance, and he and the other kids proceeded to trash everything around them.
  • On his way to the satellite center following Machina's idea, evil Puppetman turned any kids he saw into brats.
  • After the Rangers had broken evil Puppetman's spell over the kids and destroyed Puppetman, Alpha had reassembled Puppetman, this time with a deflector to prevent Mondo from regaining control; Puppetman was back in Captain Pete's act that same day, and the kids still loved the show.


  • People at the Angel Grove High music recital in the Youth Center were chuckling and murmuring when Skull came on to play the piano, but everyone was stunned by his piano talent once he'd begun playing.


  • Robocupid apparently made everyone in Angel Grove fall in love with machines; the spell wore off in 416-Sno2 when Robocupid was destroyed.


  • When Defector rescued a little girl's dog from the path of an oncoming car, the girl casually thanked the monster, apparently unfazed by his hideous robotic appearance.


  • The granddaughter of Old Man Murphy, a man who had been looking for gold out in the desert, hired Bulk and Skull to look through Murphy's old notes and go mining to see if he had really discovered the mother lode, the richest vein of gold in the United States.
  • Murphy's Mine was apparently so well-known that Tanya referred to it as a landmark; therefore, it's unknown why people prior to Bulk and Skull wouldn't have already discovered that the mine was full of the gold sparkles of iron pyrite, or "fools' gold."


  • A man impersonated a deliveryman from Smith and Smith Locksmith to steal the safe Bulk and Skull were guarding in the detective agency; the safe contained a secret recipe for egg salad sandwiches.
  • Somnibot put Bulk, Skull, and the supposed repairman to sleep just as the two detectives caught him about to load the safe into a large moving truck which Klank would soon steal.


  • The giant Midas Hound turned things all over the city into gold to feed the giant statue; everything that the Midas Hound had turned to gold apparently returned to normal when the Red Battlezord destroyed giant Midas Monster's golderizer.


  • Humphrey and Bogart, two high school detectives in trenchcoats, calling themselves "Ace Crimesolvers," bought numerous prank items from the Angel Grove Novelty Shop and set them up around Angel Grove High to weasel in on Bulk and Skull's business; they eventually tried to frame the new kid, Robert for the pranks but were revealed when Tanya and Kat brought in the delivery man from the novelty shop, who identified them as his best customers.


  • Two kids followed Pharaoh around the stunt show stage; when Pharaoh told the kids to go home, one kid said he couldn't tell them what to do, then with martial arts foot swept Pharaoh off his feet, then told him his costume stank.


  • Bit by bit, Translucitor caused everything and everyone in Angel Grove to shift into an alternate dimension in which the people could see the normal dimension as usual, but they were intangible, inaudible, and invisible to the people still in the normal dimension.
  • The Auto Blast Defender (see Auto Blasters and Turbo Navigators) shot a red stream of flaming energy which knocked Translucitor down and caused everything which he'd turned invisible to return.


  • According to Bulk on the Angel Grove Monster Tour, a lot of people saw monsters at a certain spot next to Angel Grove Lake; he made references to Pudgy Pig, Eye Guy, and Peckster.
  • A group of people taking the monster tour weren't impressed when Bulk and Skull said they'd seen an alien spacecraft land in the lake; a girl said she'd seen some aliens once, and another man said he'd seen an alien ship too.


  • After Elgar had accidentally knocked Divatox's last wishing coin to Earth, Wicked Wisher, Blue Senturion, and Piranhatron were getting coins from people in the park, looking for the coin.


  • Seeds from Wild Weeder's bag of seeds wrapped people in vines and turned them into bee-like Diva Drones hypnotized into searching the wishing coin; they were eventually returned to normal after the destruction of Wild Weeder.


  • Everyone who heard Crash and the Creeps' song "Confusion" (click here to listen) at their performance at the Youth Center loved the song and couldn't stop singing it; days later, everyone at Angel Grove High was so addicted to the song that they were groaning the lyrics as though they'd been hypnotized by the song.
  • Days later, after Crash and apparently the other Creeps had been destroyed by the Rangers, no one could remember how "Confusion" went.


  • One night after thousands of Craterites had parachuted into the city from the Megaship, young Patrick woke up and looked out his window to see large numbers of people moving things, such as large, long boxes, from trucks and through the street in a mysterious operation of some sort; frightened, Patrick jumped under his covers.
  • The next day, the teens discovered that the Craterites had tied up people and disguised themselves as the missing people to hide in wait for the Rangers.
  • Eventually, downtown, an enormous mob of thousands of Craterites or quite possibly more, with hundreds on the balconies of a long building, cheered excitedly as a leader Craterite with a black head, boots, and gloves stood somewhere high and addressed them with a burbling nonsense voice.


    MMPR: The Movie

  • Once a construction crew had inadvertently uncovered Ivan Ooze's hyperlock chamber, a foreman named Dave had the workers use a crane to remove the lid.
  • After a metallic, giant, three-clawed hand holding a very large purple egg had arisen from the opened hyperlock chamber, a worker named John held his hand near the egg, and a purple energy bolt threw him back a considerable distance, leaving him lying prone on the ground, his eyes staring into space.
  • Purple energy from Zedd's staff knocked out two security guards, one of them named Curt, that night at the construction site.
  • A large number of parents of Angel Grove were hypnotized by touching their children's ooze (distributed by Ivan Ooze), making them all walk in trances to eventually gather at the construction site and do Ivan's bidding.
  • A TV reporter announced that Angel Grove police had been fielding hundreds of calls from concerned citizens as the number of missing parents continued to grow, yet these supposedly missing parents were all walking in trances down public streets.
  • The parents were later all at the construction site, each wearing a hardhat, digging up Ivan's Ectomorphicons.
  • Later, the parents were at the chemical plant, each wearing a purple smock, producing boxes of ooze and assembling the Ectomorphicon parts.
  • Once the Ectomorphicons were complete, Ivan commanded the parents to return to the construction site and leap to their doom; it took them several hours to walk from the chemical plant to the site.
  • That night, a large crowd of kids had apparently overrun Ernie's; there were empty jars of ooze lying all over the bar, some kids were pouring the purple ooze into a blender and what looked like a juice machine, others were playing with ooze like silly putty, one girl even appeared to be blowing a bubble of ooze from her mouth, and all of the kids, as well as Bulk and Skull, who were eating there amidst the chaos, had ooze smeared on their heads; the crowd was, for the most part, wearing purple.
  • Fred whistled loudly, instantly getting the attention of every kid in Ernie's; he told them, "'ve all been brainwashed! Ivan's taking over the planet, and he's using all of us in his plans! And he's got our parents!" and, "Look, Ivan Ooze is evil. And if you don't come with me right now, our parents are gonna die! You gotta believe me!"; a number of kids, as well as Bulk and Skull, were later shown hurrying with Fred to the monorail to save the parents.
  • At the site, Fred blasted the hypnotized parents (and the kids trying to hold them back from walking off a cliff) with water from a bucket lift, but it didn't accomplish much except push them back a bit.
  • The white shockwaves coming down to Earth from the explosion that destroyed Hornitor-Ivan in space broke the spell over the parents.

    Angel Girls Club
    - elitist girls' club at Angel Grove High
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  • The Angel Girls Club was a community-oriented club run by Veronica; it seemed to be filled with snobby rich girls.
  • Kim was accepted into the club because her mother had been a member, but Aisha was turned down because her parents didn't make enough money; Kim quit because of this.


  • The other girls kicked Veronica out of the club after finding out what she was doing, and a girl named Diane invited Aisha back into the club.
  • Kim and Aisha joined the club.
  • The club was supposedly about honor, acceptance, service, and staying with one's friends.

    Mr. Kelman
    - father of Fred Kelman
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    MMPR: The Movie

  • When Mr. Kelman, Fred's dad, had participated in the Angel Grove Jump-a-thon skydiving contest, he'd landed in the parking lot, embarrassing Fred.
  • Mr. Kelman was in the fire department's jump team in the Jump-a-thon.
  • Mr. Kelman had an Australian accent.
  • Driving up to his house the next day in a silver Toyota S.U.V., Mr. Kelman was listening to "SenSurround" by They Might Be Giants.
  • Upon seeing Fred's jar of ooze on the kitchen counter, Mr. Kelman opened it, sniffed it, and then scooped out a large portion with his fingers; purple electricity from the ooze hypnotized Mr. Kelman, making him walk down the street with other hypnotized parents to eventually gather at the construction site to do Ivan's bidding.
  • Mr. Kelman was eventually freed from Ivan's mind control when white shockwaves from Ivan's destruction in space reached the parents in the construction site.

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