Citizens of Angel Grove (MMPR season 3)
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  • In the simulated past (see "Orb of Doom"), the five kids were walking together through the Angel Grove Warehouse District, where a megaphone from a police van told them and others there that the city was under attack and under a mandatory curfew; at the time, Professor Longnose and five monsters were attacking the desert.
  • The mandatory curfew over Angel Grove was lifted following the victory of the Aquitian Rangers, with whom the people of Angel Grove were unfamiliar.
  • A TV reporter believed young Bulk when he said they'd seen the superheroes, but she didn't believe young Skull when he said the superheroes were aliens that had come from the sky.


  • The six kids all went to Angel Grove Elementary School; while the others may have reasonably ridden home from Angel Grove Elementary to Stone Canyon or wherever Tommy lived at the time, Kat must have been missing from Australia for days.
  • Four of the kids rode on "Angel Grove Unified" bus 119, on which young Bulk and Skull also rode; young Billy and Adam walked to Billy's house.
  • Alpha said that the closest body of water from the Command Center was the fountain in the town square, but in 335-ARA2, the closest body of water seemed to be the lake.
  • At the supposed town sqare, which Alpha later said was in the center of town, no buildings could be seen around the park in which the fountain was located, only trees and mountains.
  • Shortly after the Aquitian Rangers' victory over Slotsky, Mayor Carrington, stood at a podium near the fountain at which the Aquitian Rangers had rehydrated and morphed in front of a crowd of people; a sign at the gathering read, "Thank You Aquitian Rangers"; with the unmorphed Aquitian Rangers standing beside her, Mayor Carrington told the crowd, "Citizens of Angel Grove, as you know, our town has come under the attack of horrible alien forces. But thanks to our new friends from a faraway land, all is well. We are safe, and it is for this reason that I present our Aquitian Rangers with the highest honor for bravery: the Golden Star!"

    Ranger fan girls
    - two girls fascinated by the Power Rangers (302-FIN2 through 303-FIN3)
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    First Appearance: 302-FIN2
    Last Appearance: 303-FIN3


  • Two girls in the Juice Bar were, as Bulk told Skull, nuts over the Rangers.
  • Skull told Bulk, so that the two girls could hear, that the Rangers gathered at a secret location every day, in the mountainside near East Angel Grove Heights.


  • The blonde girl drove herself and her friend in a beige, relatively new Ford car on their trip to East Angel Grove Heights, thinking they were going to discover the Rangers' secret meeting place.
  • The black-haired girl referred to Bulk and Skull as "the two clowns back at the Youth Center."
  • The girls didn't believe for a second that Bulk and Skull, in their Ranger-like suits, were actually the Power Rangers.
  • When Repellator appeared on the scene, and made the four teenagers flee, the two girls wouldn't let Bulk and Skull into their car to protect the two punks from the monster.
  • Although the girls had seemed to drive off without Bulk and Skull, they came into the Juice Bar, frustrated, with Bulk and Skull immediately behind them trying to explain, at which point they decided to ditch the "geeks."
  • At the Juice Bar, the two girls began talking with two attractive guys.

    - friend to Billy's family; keeper of Japanese garden in park
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    First Appearance: 309-PsLn
    Last Appearance: 309-PsLn


  • Billy's parents had met Ko years ago when Ko was living in the Orient; he had been running his huge garden (presumably just the one in Angel Grove) since Billy was ten years old.
  • Ko knew several different languages.
  • Ko had a large collection of Oriental lanterns.
  • The inscription on the lantern Ko's father had given Ko on his fourth birthday explained courage, reading, "The dragon you fear is only as potent as your imagination."; Adam asked what it meant but knew when Ko asked him what it meant to him.
  • When Adam asked if he was right in his interpretation that fear was only as powerful as you make it in your mind, Ko told him, "If you believe it, then it is so," which could have been another translation of the message or a reply to Adam's question of whether it was right.
  • Ko translated the message on Adam's lantern; Adam didn't understand the message, and when Ko said that they were wise words but that like all others, they were only words, Adam didn't understand that either; Ko said that, as before, Adam must discover what this meant to him.
  • Billy privately told Adam that some of the advice Ko gave him didn't make sense until a day or two later.
  • Bulk, Skull and Ko were all somewhere in the area when the teens morphed into Ninja Rangers and fought the Tengas.
  • Soon after Ko had left Billy and Adam alone in the area holding his Oriental lantern collection, Squatt and Baboo stole most of the lanterns, leaving only a few behind, with two of them ripped apart.
  • A sign in the park near Ko's huge garden read, "To Japanese Garden."

    - Rocky DeSantos's dyslexic friend and science partner (311-FD&L)
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    First Appearance: 311-FD&L
    Last Appearance: 311-FD&L


  • Rocky and Alan were lab partners in Mr. Wilton's chemistry class.
  • Alan read the chemistry problem wrong and inadvertently had Rocky create a mixture which spouted smoke out of the beaker, forcing the class to leave the room.
  • Billy guessed from Alan's notes and the reaction that had occurred that Alan had read the elements backward.
  • Mr. Wilton told Alan that until he could get his grades up, he was going to suggest that the coach suspend Alan from the football team; when Rocky offered to help Alan study, Mr. Wilton agreed not to say anything to the coach if he could see that Alan was making an extra effort.
  • Rocky said Alan was smart and he didn't understand why Alan had so much trouble with school.
  • Ever since he was a kid, Alan hated reading since it seemed words and numbers were out to trick him because he would occasionally see them upside-down and backwards.
  • After Bulk and Skull had been turned into footballs, Centiback's spiked football turned Alan into a purple football; they were all later turned back to normal with the use of two modified buckets Alpha had given to Rocky and Ninjor to reverse the spiked football's energy wave.
  • After being restored, Bulk, Skull, and Alan (and Joe Haley, Centiback's final victim) probably saw Red Ranger and Ninjor briefly before being teleported in white energy back to the football field by Alpha.
  • Alan got to stay on the football field because he'd tested positive for dyslexia.
  • As Lt. Stone scolded Bulk and Skull in the outdoor cafe, not believing their story of being turned into footballs, neither Rocky nor Alan nor Joe Haley made any attempt to verify Bulk and Skull's story as they watched with amusement.

    - snobby rich girl
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    First Appearance: 313-SHM1
    Last Appearance: 427-GHnr


  • Veronica ran the Angel Girls Club.


  • The other girls kicked Veronica out of the club after finding out that she was turning girls down whose families weren't rich enough.


  • Shawn and Veronica walked up to Tanya while she was watching Adam practice for the upcoming kung fu tournament.
  • Veronica was Shawn's new boyfriend.
  • When Tanya told Veronica it was nice to meet her, Veronica replied that she was sure it was.
  • Veronica scoffed at Tanya's mention of Adam's secret weapon: honor.

    Dr. Wheeler
    - veterinarian
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    First Appearance: 316-Cat1
    Last Appearance: 316-Cat1


  • Aisha did volunteer work at the animal shelter with Dr. Wheeler.
  • Aisha ninja-morphed loudly in the back room of the animal shelter.
  • Dr. Wheeler met Kat, who told her she was new from Australia and wanted to adopt a puppy, but then Kat vanished when Aisha, Kim, and Tommy entered.
  • Another person worked in the animal shelter with Dr. Wheeler and Aisha.

    - girl sad on Christmas Eve (325-IDWR)
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    First Appearance: 325-IDWR
    Last Appearance: 325-IDWR


  • At the preparations in the Youth Center for the Christmas Eve party, Becky was sad because she wanted her dad to come hear her sing, but he couldn't come because he had to work.
  • During the party, Becky's dad came, promising to spend more time with her.
  • Becky sat on Bulk's lap (as he was dressed as Santa) to thank him for bringing her dad home and fulfilling her Christmas wish.

    - former martial arts student of Tommy Oliver (326-Pita)
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    First Appearance: 326-Pita
    Last Appearance: 326-Pita


  • Tommy was giving karate lessons to a kid named Danny in the Youth Center.
  • At the Juice Bar, Tommy ordered a veggie pita and a fruit smoothie; Danny ordered a double cheeseburger, fries, and a shake, but Tommy reminded him that what he put into his body made a big difference in how he felt, and Danny changed his order to match Tommy's.
  • When Tommy suddenly began devouring large amounts of junk food (secretly as a result of inadvertently swallowing the shrunken Ravenator monster), Danny said he couldn't believe he'd looked up to Tommy, then left, calling him a total fake.
  • Later, Danny, Tommy's best student, didn't want to hear any more of Tommy's lies and was quitting karate.
  • Tommy admitted he'd made some mistakes and apologized but told Danny that martial arts wasn't about believing in him; it was about believing in himself.
  • Danny and Tommy had practice early the next morning.

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