Citizens of Angel Grove (PRiS)
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Car thieves (Chuck, David, Susie)
- three car thieves; two eventually reformed
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First Appearance: 607-ARAT
Last Appearance: 607-ARAT


  • As Adelle told two police officers about her stolen Surf Spot delivery van, stolen around ten that morning after someone had taken her keys, Chuck listened, amused.
  • On his way back to the pool table where his friends David and Susie were, Chuck casually slipped some money out of a woman's purse without being noticed.
  • Chuck, a grungier character than his fellow thieves, told David and Susie that the police didn't have a clue.
  • Susie amusedly watched Andros at a table trying to bite into a banana without peeling it; she advised him to peel it first, and after peeling it and finding it quite tasty, Andros approached the pool table and gave them some friendly advice on the best shot to make.
  • Chuck bet Andros his milkshake he couldn't make the shot Andros had recommended; after handing Susie his banana, Andros made the shot perfectly, impressing and amusing David and Susie; Chuck grumbled that he'd been lucky, but Andros cheerfully replied, "Actually, it's physics."
  • Later walking out of the Surf Spot, Andros found Chuck trying to unlock a car door with a coat hanger on the curb with the other two by him.
  • Andros assumed Chuck couldn't get into his own car, and Chuck went along with it.
  • Looking at the door with the others probably not watching all that carefully, Andros made a gesture with his fingers, unlocking the door with his telekinesis.
  • Susie asked how he'd done that, and Andros came up with the answer that you just had to know your cars.
  • After introducing himself, David, and Susie, Chuck suggested they show Andros some sights and maybe he could help them out with some of the stuff they had to do; Andros agreed, telling them his name, and shook hands with Chuck.
  • While driving the hot-wired car, Chuck offered Andros some gum, which Andros swallowed and then asked for another.
  • Susie showed Andros how to blow a bubble, and he blew a large one with his new piece which popped all over his mouth, making his three friends laugh.
  • Chuck spotted his friend Mikey and pulled up to a curb near some shops where a guy in ragged jeans ran up and grabbed an old woman's purse; as Mikey was running, Andros got out of the car and grabbed the purse from him, struggling with him until a police officer ran up and restrained Mikey.
  • When Andros got back into the car and told his friends if there was one thing he couldn't stand, it was a thief, Chuck blinked and drove them away.
  • As they drove, Andros spotted some blue electricity hopping between high voltage lines, and he had Chuck stop the car, then ran off, telling his friends he just remembered something he had to do.
  • David called out to ask Andros if he needed a hand, but Chuck told him they had business to take care of, calling him "bonehead."
  • Soon, Andros walked up to his friends in a place full of scrapped cars outside of which he'd seen their car parked.
  • Andros found the thieves taking the seat out of the Surf Spot van and cheerfully recognized it as Adelle's missing van; Chuck said she'd loaned it to them, but Andros, looking around at the junkyard full of scrapped cars, realized they were the car thieves.
  • Upset and having thought they were becoming friends, Andros asked, "David? Susie?", and the two felt ashamed.
  • Before storming off, Andros said the cars were all going back to their owners, and Chuck went after him despite David's insistence to leave Andros alone.
  • Elsewhere in the large junkyard, Voltage Hog appeared just before Chuck rounded a corner to see him, startling him.
  • Voltage Hog turned and growled, then charged Chuck, making Chuck try to run in terror, but the monster grabbed him and threw him against a truck, then picked him up high above the air, making him shout in panic.
  • David and Susie ran up, hearing his cries, just in time to see Voltage Hog hurl Chuck a long distance into another truck.
  • Laughing evilly as the two helped Chuck up, Voltage Hog told them they were in for a shock, but Andros suddenly ran up and jump-kicked the monster in the back, then stood in front of the thieves, telling Voltage Hog he had to go through him to get to them.
  • When Voltage Hog charged Andros, he took a quick defensive stance and fought the monster.
  • As Chuck ran, David and Susie stayed to help; when Andros was sent spinning through the air and crashing into the ground, stunned and clutching his chest, David and Susie threw a tire and a bin at the monster, knocking him over.
  • The three retreated together, with Andros remarking that he guessed they weren't so bad after all.
  • As David and Susie kept running, Andros ducked into an alcove in the aisle of cars to morph once they were gone.
  • Another day, two police officers caught Chuck trying to hot-wire a red Jeep and took him away.
  • In the Surf Spot, Andros wanted to speak with Adelle, but David and Susie, sitting at a table looking guilt-ridden, were already waiting to talk with her, so Andros backed off and let them speak with her instead.
  • Susie apologized to Adelle, saying what they'd done was so stupid, and David gave her back her van keys; Adelle was initially delighted but then realized that they'd been the ones who had stolen it.
  • After some thought, Adelle told them that any fool in the world could make a mistake but that it took someone with a big heart and a truckload of courage to admit it.
  • Susie told "Mrs. Ferguson" they'd make it up to her, and David said they could wash dishes or clean or whatever she wanted; Adelle happily told them to make the deliveries for her, not to speed, and to check the map before every trip and not to forget the napkins, then added, "And never call me Mrs. Ferguson. My friends call me Adelle."

    George and Lenny
    - two guys who found Cassie's diary
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    First Appearance: 608-WPCS
    Last Appearance: 608-WPCS


  • After Cassie had lost her diary at the Surf Spot one morning, a diary which might have contained a picture of her as the Pink Ranger, two guys named George and Lenny wound up with it at school.
  • While George was talking to Lenny about a truck spinning out and flipping over, the guys bumped into Ashley and Cassie in Angel Grove High, and George introduced himself and the timid, silent Lenny.
  • George proposed a deal with Cassie, and Lenny pulled out her diary from his pocket; when she tried to take it, he told her she'd have to go on a date with Lenny.
  • George said she and Lenny had a lot in common; for instance, Lenny liked to write too.
  • Unlocking and flipping through the diary, George told her to meet them in the park at 2:00, or else they might not have anything else to do other than read a page or two.
  • As Cassie walked in the park with George and Lenny, George described, "Lenny was on the football team. He made twelve tackles in the last game! He can bench over 200 pounds. And he knews everything about cars, sports cars, monster trucks, motorcycles... he can do anything!"
  • Cassie asked why he didn't talk, since it was supposed to be his date too, and George interrupted Lenny, saying he never said anything except to him since he was always saying something stupid.
  • Cassie stopped, saying she was thirsty, and when George went to get some sodas, Cassie happily dragged Lenny away to ditch George.
  • After getting him to talk to tell her he didn't need George to be on a date with him, Cassie warmly had them go off to have some fun, but she made him promise to give her her diary back later.
  • Elsewhere, Lenny got Cassie a pink balloon from a clown, and she had him choose what to do next, as it would be good dating practice.
  • Lenny suggested the restaurant at the top of the glass skyscraper nearby, and they rode the elevator up to it.
  • Cassie and Lenny sat at a table where Cassie let her balloon float to the ceiling, but then she spotted another table with a better view and had them move without taking her balloon.
  • When Elephantitan began to headbutt the base of the building, making it rock, the people in the restaurant panicked and began to run out.
  • Cassie tried to make Lenny go, saying she'd catch up later, but he wouldn't leave her, as they were together; suddenly, a chunk of ceiling hit his head, knocking him out; by now, everyone else had left.
  • Cassie tried to get Lenny to go, and he was partially conscious, but soon, he had lost consciousness completely.
  • Soon, worried, Cassie called and prepared to morph by calling out, "Let's ro--!", but she stopped suddenly when Lenny groaned and began to come to.
  • Cassie took Lenny out; then, soon taking shelter from falling ceiling debris while he assured her he was fine, the two went through a wooden door, on which were a bright yellow sign reading, "Caution: Radioactive Materials," and a normal door sign reading, "Plutonium Room."
  • In the room, which was probably part of Professor Phenomenus's lab, Cassie spotted a large tank with digital controls, with a striped sign reading, "Radioactive Plutonium Reactor."
  • After the tank's alarm sounded, and a display flashed "Overheating," Lenny realized in a panic that the door had locked them in, and he started yelling for help.
  • Later, Lenny continued to yell for help, looking back as Cassie tremblingly held her communicator.
  • The reactor suddenly sparked and began leaking white gas, terrifying Lenny.
  • Soon, as the reactor continued sparking, now leaking glowing blue gas, and as Lenny continued freaking out, Cassie, by herself, softly told him to get ready for the shock of his life; she began punching her morphing code into her Astro Morpher on her wrist, but the Megatank then burst in, and Cassie ran over to him, still wearing her Morpher, and excitedly told him it was the Power Rangers.
  • Yellow Ranger helped them into the Megatank, at which point Lenny looked at Cassie worriedly; then, as Red Ranger maneuvered to neutralize the plutonium, Lenny carefully watched Yellow Ranger at her controls.
  • Then, as the Megatank was speeding down through the building, the building finally fell over and was destroyed, but the Megatank flew from the explosion and screeched to a stop nearby; Cassie and the two Rangers got out, but Lenny was now unconscious in the Megatank.
  • Another day, George and Lenny approached Cassie in the Surf Spot; George began to tell her that Lenny wanted to give her back her diary, but Lenny interrupted, telling him he could speak for himself, awing George.
  • Lenny returned the diary, promising they hadn't read it.
  • Cassie thanked Lenny but told him he shouldn't have taken it in the first place, and when Lenny said then she wouldn't have gone out with him, she told him all he had to do was ask.
  • Lenny pulled out a bouquet of flowers, perhaps handed behind his back from George, and asked Cassie out.
  • Cassie spoke with Ashley and told her they were going out on a double date, so she was going with George, delighting Lenny and George as she dragged the reluctant Ashley over.

    - overimaginative child who knew of Craterite invasion
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    First Appearance: 609-CrIn
    Last Appearance: 609-CrIn


  • After soccer practice, near the Jeep into which Cassie and Carlos were loading up some of the soccer equipment, Patrick showed a group of kids some long scars on his arm he'd supposedly gotten from a bear bite, but his mother washed off the fake scars, disappointing the other kids.
  • Patrick's mom took Patrick to a beige minivan, which she drove to their apartment and parked on the curb; as she walked Patrick up to the apartments, she told him he couldn't keep telling stories or one day nobody would believe him when he did need help.
  • On the steps leading up to the apartments with his mom, Patrick told Officer Hemming, who was walking by, that he'd seen a bank robbery happening back some distance; the officer gave a skeptical look, but Patrick kept it up.
  • Officer Hemming told Patrick those tall tales would get him into trouble one day.
  • Leading him up toward the door, Patrick's mom again told him not to tell stories.
  • That night after thousands of Craterites had parachuted into the city from the Megaship, Patrick woke up and looked out his window to see large numbers of people moving things, such as large, long boxes, from trucks and through the street in a mysterious operation of some sort; frightened, Patrick jumped under his covers.
  • The next morning, Patrick's mome woke him up to tell him she'd put his lunch on the table and the next-door-neighbor Mrs. Jenkins would drive him to school; she then kissed him goodbye and left.
  • Soon, Patrick left his apartment with his bookbag and lunchbox, then knocked on the neighbor's door but got no answer.
  • Looking in through the window, Patrick saw (apparently in a mirror) Craterites dressed as a mother and father preparing their daughter (a small Craterite) for school; Patrick was terrified and ran out of the apartment hallway onto the sidewalk, where he saw every person around him as a Craterite, most likely just due to his overactive imagination.
  • Apparently after school had let out, Patrick ran to a plaza of normal-looking people, where he found Officer Hemming talking to a woman who then left; while Patrick described what he'd seen to Officer Hemming, both of them looked into the patrol car's side mirror, in which Officer Hemming could be seen to be a Craterite as well.
  • The officer slowly looked back at Patrick and asked sinisterly, "What'd you see next door, Patrick?" making Patrick back away and run off.
  • Patrick ran up to the group of kids from before, who were now skateboarding, and he told them about aliens everywhere being after him, but they didn't believe him.
  • Patrick sat on a bench nearby and put his head down in despair.
  • When Cassie and Carlos asked him what was wrong, Patrick said no one would believe him, not even his best friends, and Cassie explained it was because of the stories he always told, then the two teens walked him home.
  • Outside his door, Patrick took a key from under the doormat (with Cassie and Carlos watching) and unlocked the door.
  • Patrick asked the two teens to come in until his mom got home, but they had something they needed to do; when Carlos reassured him that when the going got tough, he could always count on the Power Rangers, Patrick told Carlos that now he was the one telling the stories.
  • Some time later, Patrick opened his door and was amazed to see the Pink, Black, and Red Rangers; Pink Ranger, calling him by name, took his hand to get him out of there.
  • Once Black Ranger had gone a different direction after Red had told them to split up, Patrick was alarmed to see Officer Hemming rounding the corner; Red Ranger assured him it was only an officer, but when he shimmered into a Craterite, Red was startled.
  • The Craterite called in more Craterites, at which point Patrick ran, and Red Ranger called out for him to wait up as he and Pink ran as well.
  • Just then, Patrick's mom pulled up, and, frightened seeing the two Rangers running from Craterites behind a scared Patrick, had Patrick get in, after which Pink Ranger told them to get out of there fast.
  • Some time after the Craterites' destruction, Patrick was in the Surf Spot with the teens.
  • When the real Officer Hemming came in, Patrick apologized for telling lies, having learned his lesson; Officer Hemming told him it was a hard lesson to learn.

    - girl whose birthday party was trashed by Quantrons
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    First Appearance: 610-Wasp
    Last Appearance: 610-Wasp


  • Sherry was a young girl with a birthday party in the park, where Cassie helped out.
  • Emerging from the bushes, Waspicable blasted at the party with his eyeblasts, making people scream, and Quantrons ran up.
  • Cassie had the kids (and one mom) run, then was swarmed by Quantrons.
  • A screaming Sherry and her mom were cornered in the pavillion by Quantrons, one of whom took Sherry's balloons, which she really liked, and deliberately let them all go.
  • Ecliptor congratulated Waspicable on the attack, but the monster felt terrible.
  • Cassie fought off some Quantrons so Sherry and her mom could escape; Sherry briefly looked back to see Cassie grappled, but as they ran off, Cassie then fought them fairly well.
  • After Sting King's destruction, Sherry was crying as she and her mom walked back up to the trashed picnic area.
  • As a speck of light, Waspicable returned Shelly's balloons to her, delighting her.
  • From a hill above, Cassie ran up to Sherry, asking wasn't it wonderful how her balloons had come back; Sherry happily agreed, and Cassie wished Sherry a happy birthday and looked into the sky smiling.

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