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  • Arriving in the other-dimensional skull castle following their release from the apparently Egyptian Tomb of Forever (located beneath ruins which looked like the ruins of Bansheera's palace), Loki declared they were free to reclaim the palace of Queen Bansheera, but Diabolico noted she wasn't around.
  • Asked by Diabolico who had done this, Loki explained humans had built their cities right on top of their palace, showing Bansheera's palace as it had been in the past, then showing modern-day Mariner Bay in its place.
  • Loki lamented that the humans had built their ugly city (Mariner Bay) on their sacred ground, leaving them with no palace, no queen, and no ultimate power.
  • During an attack by Ghouligan and Batlings, the five Lightspeed teens drove up in the Rescue Rover and morphed into Lightspeed Rangers.
  • The Rangers leapt over the villains, and bystanders' jaws dropped before they began to clamor with delight, apparently familiar with the Power Rangers; following the monster's destruction, the people would cheer and congratulate the teens upon their demorphing.


  • Within minutes after giant Magmavore's crash-landing downtown, the enormously massive Train Bay rose from the bay on four thick silver legs from the Aquabase below.
  • A long giant train track segment, merging the five Rail Rescue tracks into one, then arose from the water directly in front of the Train Bay.
  • On the long adjacent structure next to the Train Bay, people watched in amazement from the railing as the track rose up in front of the Train Bay, apparently only running and amazed about the track, as though they were already familiar with the Train Bay.
  • As the Rail Rescues approached the end of their formerly submerged track, part of the nearby suspension bridge swiveled over through the water to join to the end of the Rail Rescue track, and the Rail Rescues rolled down the middle of the four-lane bridge, with all cars, including several rescue vehicles, parked on the shoulder lanes; this would be the standard procedure for all Rail Rescue deployment in the future.
  • The giant train would then race unobstructed along highways and rail lines through the city.
  • In crises, the people of Mariner Bay would apparently evacuate skyscrapers and streets quickly, fleeing to unknown locations.


  • When Red Ranger fought Vypra in a parking garage, rubble (caused by Carter's deflection of a blast with a kick) fell onto a taped-off section of gasoline drums; as Carter drew his Rescue Blaster and ordered her to put down her weapon, she blasted the ground to make a wall of flames before vanishing.
  • The ceiling began to crack, and people cowered and panicked, including a boy and mother; arguing with the captain into his earpiece, Carter grudgingly put out the fire with mist from his blaster, but the rubble fell onto the mother and son, knocking the boy out and breaking his red toy jet.
  • The boy was barely conscious as the mother panicked, and Green and Pink took him away for help; furious, Red Ranger ran off.
  • In a hospital in Mariner Bay, Carter entered the boy's room; the boy was on a heart monitor, bandaged and unsconsious.
  • Carter apologized and took the boy's hand, telling the story of being rescued by a fireman in his own childhood.
  • After the Rangers had destroyed Quakemon, jacketed Carter returned to the kid's room, which was empty as the kid was in the hall.
  • The boy was robed with a still-bandaged forehead and a scratched cheek and hand.
  • The boy knew Carter's name, and Carter was thrilled to see he was okay; the boy replied, "Thanks to you," and planned to be just like Carter when he grew up.
  • Carter gave the boy a wrapped present, and the boy gave him a high-five and told him he was awesome.


  • During Fireor's attack, the city grew quite hot, making people grow faint, and a giant lens was used to shoot fireballs at various locations.


  • After their distribution by Demonite, Falkar, and Thunderon, explosive feathers were all over Mariner Bay: in childrens' backpacks, on a swing, in a supermarket display, floating in water, and all over a park where kids played with piles of them; when darkness fell, they would explode violently.
  • Around 6:00, a reporter came on TV, the inserted graphic showing a long white feather landing, one of many which were by this point scattered around the city.
  • The reporter spoke of the explosive feathers scattered throughout Mariner Bay, saying that Lightspeed had declared a city-wide emergency and that rescue teams had been mobilized around the city.
  • By this point, Diabolico and Lightspeed were public knowledge.
  • Across the city, police evacuated people from dangerous areas as bomb squad members carefully placed the stray feathers into blast-proof boxes.
  • Just as nightfall hit, all of the feathers across the city glowed blue and exploded violently; presumably if the one on Katie's bookbag (removed by Ryan) had been so easily overlooked, many others had been missed by the bomb squad.
  • After Ryan had chased away Demonite, Falkar, and Thunderon, Miss Fairweather in Ops reported very little damage in the city, saying no one was hurt.


  • Downtown soon following Diabolico's giant destruction, the sky thundered as the six teens pulled up in the Rover.
  • With a purple cloudy pulse, Queen Bansheera's hazy blue face was visible in a descending blue billowing cloud; she spoke, "Hello, Rangers."
  • Meanwhile, people on the street watched the sky tentatively.
  • Bansheera explained, "Diabolico proved himself unworthy. But I assure you my son will not."; she continued, "Behold my heir, and your destructor."
  • The blue cloud turned orange as Queen Bansheera vanished, and a massive red cocoon descended from the clouds over a skyscraper, perhaps a bit smaller than a giant monster.


  • The cocoon flew over the city blasting random orange energy bolts and blowing up buildings; chasing it, the Rangers would eventually blast at it, causing a wall of flame to wash over them and the nearby villains as the cocoon crashed into the ground, making a crater from which Olympius would emerge.


  • In a power plant, a chaperon led a hardhatted group of kids around on a field trip, saying the plant was where they made most of the electricity for Mariner Bay.
  • One girl, Ginny, said her teddy bear suggested next time they should go on a field trip to the cookie factory.
  • Trapped in the plant after Shockatron had set the facility on fire, the field trip children were rescued by Firefighter Mitchell, who took off his mask to have them follow him out, but as they went, Ginny went back for her teddy bear Jeremy.
  • Soon, Mitchell called out for Ginny and found her coughing, giving her his mask to breathe into; when a large pipe fell, he held it for her on his back.
  • Arriving, Red Ranger hugged Ginny and rushed her out, leaping off the roof with her and landing nimbly, giving the girl to her chaperon; Captain Mitchell would later climb down from the roof following an explosion.


  • As the planets neared a unique alignment not seen in 3,000 years, a black cloud billowed in the sky; it blasted the city with explosions in the shape of Spellbinder's emblem, with the parking garage in the center point of intersection used for Spellbinder's ceremony.
  • As the ceremony was completed, a giant energy cyclone spewed upward from the roundish-shaped building as a beam of light connecting the city to the clouds above, bathing the city in golden light.
  • Giant downtown after bursting out from the parking garage, Spellbinder called forth, "Queen Bansheera arise, take form in the skies!" and as his chest emblem glimmered, the energy cyclone continued, and the sky billowed with black clouds.
  • Soon, as the Zords fought giant Spellbinder, a speckled blue energy ring coalesced into Queen Bansheera's spectral head giant in the sky off the coast, her voice preceding her to announce, "I, Queen Bansheera, have returned!"
  • As Bansheera announced she would destroy the city herself, the Lightspeed Solarzord continued fighting the monster.
  • Bansheera asked if the Rangers thought they could stop her from restoring her palace, and a giant tidal wave loomed behind the Train Bay as she announced the tidal wave would wash their city away.
  • After Titanium Ranger had leapt down to the parking garage and caused a huge explosion from the garage, Spellbinder was stopped in his tracks, and the golden beam, Bansheera, the tidal wave, and the dark clouds all vanished.


  • Young inventor Simon asked if friend Joel thought he was ready to work at Lightspeed, but Joel told him they did serious work, but that someday if he worked hard enough, he could work wherever he wanted.


  • As Heather described to an elderly receptionist her encounter on the thirteenth floor in which a monster had grabbed her mom, the lady replied while covering the phone she was answering, "Now you know dear, there's no such thing as monsters."
  • In a park plaza, Heather was crying on a fountain edge when Carter offered to help, telling her his name; seeing the Rescue Morpher on his wrist, she asked, "You're a Power Ranger?" and he chuckled that he was.
  • When Carter eventually agreed to let Heather join him in going after her mom, she asked, "Kinda like I'm a junior Ranger?" and saluted with a cry of, "Lightspeed Rescue!"


  • The sky was filled with dark clouds as Trakeena mutated into an enormous monster with long tentacles stretching out over the city, and she breathed fireblasts at the city below, a train passing just beneath her.


  • Grandmother Winslow knew the name Vypra and that she was in danger, but whether she reflected common or special knowledge is unknown.


  • Kelsey was friends with a man named Mr. Litton who owned a fruit stand, and she chased teenager Artie as he stole some fruit.
  • Another day, Kelsey learned that Mr. Litton had let Artie work to pay for what he'd stolen and was now keeping him around for a regular job.


  • Remembering only their civilian lives, the teens were not unfamiliar with the concept of Rangers, although they were convinced they were not Rangers; meanwhile, Chad oddly examined the Morpher on his wrist.


  • From a giant web under a bridge between two buildings downtown, Arachnor lifted many people up with her web strands, catching them in the giant web, and she and the web soon vanished.

    - martial artist; sought to challenge Chad in a fight (808-UpCh)
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    First Appearance: 808-UpCh
    Last Appearance: 808-UpCh
    Pictures: Brian with girlfriend (shown at right), evil Brian


  • At a large open shrine one morning, Chad showed Kelsey tai chi moves, and as Kelsey was play-hitting Chad, a young man named Brian drove up on a motorcycle with a woman riding behind him.
  • Showing off, Brian confronted the two Ranger teens, saying he thought they fought monsters, not each other.
  • Brian teasingly wouldn't shake Chad's hand when Chad introduced himself; Brian said Chad thought he was tough, and the girl bet he was nothing without his fancy Ranger powers.
  • Challenging Chad to a fight, Brian put his foot on Chad's towel; after saying "excuse me" twice, Chad yanked the towel, making Brian fall back, and the girl egged him on, so he attacked, but Chad dodged each attack, finally tripping him and sending him falling to his girlfriend's feet.
  • The girl was outraged, saying she thought Brian had said he could beat that guy, but as Chad and Kelsey were called away on their Morphers, Brian was angry as the girl said he'd blown his chance; this was the last time said girl would be seen.
  • In a run-down old industrial area, Brian pulled up alone on his motorcycle and watched Smogger rumbling by in ball form as morphed Chad and Kelsey chased him into an old building.
  • Brian watched nearby as Kelsey shot a barrage of lasers at the door, making dozens of tiny holes; then then approached, but as Chad realized it was a backdraft, a violent explosion then blew her and Chad back, causing Brian to cover his face from the heat.
  • As Smogger left laughing to tell Vypra after looking over the unmorphed and singed teens, Chad went to Kelsey, who soon passed out and would be taken to the hospital.
  • In a warehouse with Batlings, Vypra was delighted by Smogger's news, wanting him to blow up all of Mariner Bay; listening, Brian accidentally made a noise and was captured by Batlings.
  • As Vypra prepared to have the spy destroyed, Brian said he wanted to join her, and as the Batlings released him, Smogger ordered him to bow his head, and he bowed obediently as he said he wanted to be her student, as only she could teach him how to destroy the Blue Ranger.
  • Intrigued, Vypra blew kiss-like purple vapor to Brian's head, giving him zombie-like orange-irised eyes, and he then called her his mistress.
  • Later, a Batling delivered a winged-skull-tipped scroll to Chad; inside, the dripping evil blue writing read, "Blue Ranger, Under the guidance of my new master Vypra, I now have the skills to defeat you. I challenge you to fight me again, and this time I will be the victor. Brian."
  • Chad followed the Batling to a desolate field near a powerline tower where Brian was training in a demonic black gi with Batlings, breaking boards; sitting on her Vyprari, Vypra told him he learned quickly and thought he was ready for battle.
  • Chad told Brian he'd get him out of there, but Brian shouted that he was going to fight him, attacking on Vypra's order.
  • Eventually fighting back, Chad performed numerous kicks, knocking Brian down; he then extended a hand to go, and Brian almost took it waveringly before Batlings grappled Chad.
  • Vypra ordered Brian to finish the job, but he was insulted, saying it was his fight and that this wasn't right, but she sword-butted him, telling him to destroy Chad or be destroyed.
  • Brian approached and delivered a strong punch, sending a Batling flying back, and he smiled at Chad, his eyes back to normal; they then fought Batlings together.
  • Brian said firmly no one would tell him what to do anymore, making Vypra drive away after telling Chad he'd regret this.
  • As Chad put on his jacket, Brian thanked him and apologized; Chad told him now he didn't have to prove himself to anyone, and Brian smiled and shook his hand before Chad rushed off to join the others in battle.
  • In a recreational area another day, Kelsey and Chad had done some tai chi when they noticed Brian jogging with a team of yellow and orange belt children, and Chad called and waved, and he happily waved back saying it was good to see them.

    Steve Harrison
    - former bus driver turned robber/hijacker
    Steve Harrison
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    First Appearance: 809-GVol
    Last Appearance: 809-GVol


  • Riding a bus which ran from a point 32 miles from Mariner Bay up the 41 miles to Mt. Jasmine, an Asian man in black named Steve Harrison nervously tried to keep his bag closed, which had money inside.
  • Steve looked back as Dana watched him; she was wearing her Lightspeed jacket at the time.
  • When an earthquake hit as Mt. Jasmine's dormant volcanic core was being heated up, the bus driver screeched to a stop, saying the volcano's earthquake was too dangerous and they had to turn back.
  • Steve grabbed the driver, and an old woman with her husband told him about the earthquake and having to go back, but he shoved her down.
  • As Dana helped, asking who he thought he was, Steve said he was in charge, pulling a pistol from his coat.
  • Steve said he didn't want to use the gun, but he would, ordering the driver to drive.
  • When Mitchell's voice alerted Dana of seismic activity in her area, Steve shouted that he'd said no talking; after he'd harrassed Dana but then looked back at the driver, Dana began fighting Steve, knocking the gun from his hand and kicking and kneeing him fairly well.
  • Another earthquake hit, and the bus plunged through a bridge railing, teetering on the edge of the bridge.
  • The impact nearly sent Steve falling out the front door, but he caught the edge, and Dana struggled to help him up.
  • Watching intently as Dana struggled to help Steve, the old woman got up and grappled Dana to help her, and the driver grabbed Steve's hand as well, and they successfully pulled him up as the bus teetered.
  • Rescued, Steve looked around awkwardly, and Dana smiled with relief; just then, another quake hit, and the driver injured his arm falling.
  • After Green Ranger had saved the bus and Dana had told the Rangers the volcano was about to erupt, Chad told the driver he had to get the bus out of there right away, but his shoulder was too hurt, and Dana agreed, checking it.
  • Carter asked if anyone knew how to drive a bus, and Steve reluctantly replied he used to be a bus driver; the real driver angrily said he wasn't driving his bus, as he belonged in jail, and the woman said he'd had a gun.
  • Carter and Joel were miffed, not letting him drive, but Dana said they all had to trust him, as there was no other choice; Steve took off his ski cap and told her she could trust him.
  • Steve put his gun and cap into his bag and slid it behind a seat, and everyone exchanged nods.
  • The Rangers and Dana left, and Steve drove the bus away, the Rangers rushing off after another quake.
  • The driver told Steve he was a pretty good driver; Steve replied he used to like driving, saying it felt pretty good to have all those people trusting him, and the driver knew the feeling.
  • An eruption sent fireballs flying out, and rolling boulders emerged into the road; dodging a rift opening, Steve swerved onto another road and dodged a field of boulders before stopping.
  • The driver congratulated Steve.
  • At a service station, everyone got out of the bus, and the teens ran up and congratulated them; the driver thanked them for saving Mariner Bay, and Dana told Steve he was a hero too.
  • Reserved and shy, Steve said he'd just done what was right, and the driver remarked that was half the battle, and the old woman added that if he kept doing so, he was home free; Steve thanked them all, especially Dana, who had saved his life.
  • A police car pulled up, and two officers apprehended the calm Steve.
  • Before handcuffs were put on, Dana told one officer that whatever Steve had done wrong, they should know he'd saved these people, and everyone nodded; intrigued, the officer thanked her for letting him know as they took him and his bag away without handcuffs.
  • Steve looked back and told Dana not to worry, as he wasn't afraid to pay for what he'd done wrong, as from now on his life was going to be a lot different.

    - gifted young inventor, friend of Joel Rawlings
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    First Appearance: 820-OPrj
    Last Appearance: 820-OPrj


  • In the room of a brilliant inventor kid named Simon, the boy got a new telescope working and had Joel take a look; Joel was impressed at the telescope Simon had invented, having modified the lens.
  • Simon passed a high frequency scanner he'd invented over Joel's Morpher.
  • Simon asked if Joel thought he was ready to work at Lightspeed, but Joel told him they did serious work, but that someday if he worked hard enough, he could work wherever he wanted.
  • Joel then left to get back to the Aquabase, disappointing Simon.
  • As his mom called for bedtime, Simon suddenly saw something in his telescope, turning the magnification up from x1000 through 2 and 3 to finally x4000, seeing a giant spiked asteroid approaching in a cloud of smaller fragments; Simon was awed.
  • The next morning, Simon called Joel's Morpher with his scanner.
  • Answering, Joel was upset, but Simon explained he'd hacked into the frequency and had an emergency.
  • Joel drove up to Simon's house in the Rover, and the waiting Simon got in with a backpack.
  • Joel chastized Simon that his Morpher was just for emergencies, but Simon explained a giant asteroid was headed straight for Mariner Bay; Joel was skeptical, but Simon gave him a binder containing a notebook full of calculus equations, explaining he had the position, velocity, and everything.
  • As Joel brought Simon into Transport, Miss Fairweather was too busy with a series of tests to listen to Joel's important news, so Simon sneaked into the control booth and locked the door, accessing the computer.
  • As the test program was interrupted, a tech, Joel, and Miss Fairweather tried to open the door as Simon kept working at the computer, referring to his notebook.
  • As they rushed in and Joel grabbed Simon, the boy hit Enter, bringing up a zoomed shot of the approaching asteroid cluster, and Miss Fairweather looked at his notebook in astonishment.
  • As the alarm sounded, Miss Fairweather thanked Simon and kissed his cheek, making Joel jealous, but Miss Fairweather had him go while she helped Simon with something.
  • As the Rangers fought Olympius, Simon continued to study his notes beside Miss Fairweather, but Simon soon realized the asteroid was bigger and faster than originally thought, and Miss Fairweather realized the Lightspeed Solarzord didn't have a chance of bringing it down, so she had the Rangers return to initiate the Omega Project.
  • As the Rangers rode the lift down from Transport to launch the Omegazords, Joel raised his visor and saluted Simon, telling him to keep an eye on them.
  • After the Rangers had lifted off, Miss Fairweather took Simon into Rescue Ops, where Captain Mitchell saluted back when saluted by the boy.
  • As the Omega Crawler began to leave the asteroid after depositing two explosives, Miss Fairweather shouted for them to get out of there as the asteroid grappled them, but Carter shouted back that the asteroid was alive; he planned for them to detonate the explosives manually despite Mitchell's warning that it would be too dangerous.
  • After transforming, the Omega Megazord stabbed its staff into the asteroid, and giant explosions blew the asteroid apart; the last seen by Ops was a cockpit view of the Rangers groaning amidst sparks before the view went to static.
  • People in Ops groaned miserably, but Carter's voice then asked if anyone could hear them, reporting the asteroid had been destroyed and they were still in one piece; the video then showed the Solarzord-Rail Rescue train flying out of the explosion.
  • The teens later emerged from the lift to a crowded Ops full of applauding techs.
  • During the celebration, Joel met up with Miss Fairweather and Simon, and Miss Fairweather congratulated the boy.
  • Simon thought this place was great, especially Miss Fairweather.
  • Putting his hat on Simon, Joel secretly had Simon ask Miss Fairweather on a date, saying he could do it.
  • Finding Miss Fairweather in the crowd, Simon talked with her, then returned saying she'd agreed to take him (Simon) to the planetarium, and she came and escorted him away.

    Grandmother Winslow
    - wealthy grandmother of Kelsey Winslow
    Grandmother Winslow
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    First Appearance: 823-FiCr
    Last Appearance: 823-FiCr
    Pictures: Grandmother Winslow, cranky (shown at right), Grandmother Winslow, fun-loving


  • The day after the fourth of five Starlight Crystals was stolen, Special Agent Myers wanted to use the fifth to set a trap for Vypra, handing out printouts of the fifth, green crystal.
  • As Dana wondered how they would find the fifth Starlight Crystal, Myers looked to Kelsey, who admitted her grandmother had it.
  • Together, jacketed Carter and Kelsey walked up to the extravagent mansion of the very rich Grandmother Winslow.
  • Kelsey hadn't talked with her grandmother for years, as they didn't have a lot in common.
  • Inside were old photos of her grandmother in her youth (looking nearly identical to Kelsey), one on a horse, one in a karate match with an audience, one posing in fencing gear, and one ice skating; also present was a bowling or discus trophy.
  • Carter observed Grandmother Winslow had been into some cool stuff, but Kelsey said maybe a long time ago, as she'd personally never known her grandmother when she'd cared about anything but her money.
  • Entering, the old woman was scolding her butler.
  • Grandmother Winslow said a prim hello to Kelsey, and Kelsey rushed over and hugged but had no response, so she introduced her friend Carter.
  • Carter extended his hand, but she merely looked at him.
  • Carter remarked she'd been quite an athlete, and she dismissively said that was a long time ago, but now she was off to the bank, unable to sit and chat; she asked them to come back next week, but Kelsey told her they needed her help now.
  • Prepared to walk out, Grandmother Winslow matter-of-factly asked how much she needed, removing money from her purse, but Kelsey protested in the butler's presence that they needed her Starlight Crystal.
  • Startled, Grandmother Winslow told Kelsey she'd gone mad, as it was priceless, but Carter interjected that all of Mariner Bay could be destroyed unless she helped them.
  • As Grandmother Winslow was unmoved, Kelsey warned that she herself was in danger, as Vypra would be coming after it; concerned, her grandmother asked if there was some other way, and she then soberly waved her butler away to get it.
  • Grandmother Winslow's mother had given her the crystal, and her mother had given it to her; if anything happened to it, she didn't know what she would do if anything ever happened to it.
  • The butler returned with the green Starlight Crystal on a silver tray under a glass lid.
  • Kelsey promised her it would be safe, and her grandmother delicately handed it to her; she happily kissed her grandmother on the cheek, and as the two teens left, Grandmother Winslow touched her cheek and smiled very faintly.
  • Back at the mansion after Kelsey had lost the crystal to Vypra, Grandmother Winslow was furious, and Kelsey tried to apologize that they had been tricked.
  • Saying she never should have let Kelsey have it, Grandmother Winslow remarked she couldn't be more disappointed in her, shouting goodbye while pointing at the door.
  • As Kelsey ran off, Carter turned back with exasperation and told the old woman, "You have all this... but nothing in here," pointing to his heart.
  • Grandmother Winslow watched out the window as Kelsey cried to Carter and then ran off, the young man going after her.
  • As Moleman had the Batlings push his laser cart near the open warehouse door inside his compound while Kelsey was restrained to watch, Grandmother Winslow suddenly burst in driving a forklift while wearing sports padding and wielding a hockey stick.
  • When Moleman ordered the Batlings to destroy the Ranger, Grandmother Winslow shouted to stay away from her, grabbing her stick and charging in the forklift.
  • Grandmother Winslow rammed through Batlings, and Kelsey fought her captors.
  • Grandmother Winslow knocked attacking Batlings off the forklift with her hockey stick; she then furiously rammed the forklift into the laser cart, laughing maniacally as it was ruined.
  • Telling her to stay away from his laser, Moleman shoved Grandmother Winslow out of the forklift, but she did a flipping tackle on a Batling, taking its shortsword and slashing it furiously, not stopping until Kelsey pulled her away as the laser neared critical temperature.
  • Outside following the destruction of the laser and apparently the Starlight Crystals along with it, Grandmother Winslow said she had come to get the most precious thing in the world to her; Kelsey disappointedly thought she meant the crystal, but she replied her granddaughter, and they hugged.
  • At that point, Carter called needing help, and Grandmother Winslow happily reassured she'd be fine, telling her to go help her friends.
  • As the teens ate lunch at an outdoor table, Kelsey whizzed up on rollerblades joined by her whooping, rollerblading grandmother.
  • Grandmother Winslow invited the teens to come with them on their picnic, but they declined, so she teasingly called them chicken.
  • Grandmother Winslow giddily challenged Kelsey to a race to the park, and they dashed off, the old lady energetically skating over a picnic table bench and leaping off joyfully.

    Mr. Tamashiro
    - former sensei to Chad Lee
    Mr. Tamashiro
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    First Appearance: 824-ChoP
    Last Appearance: 824-ChoP


  • As the five teens packed their gear into the Rescue Rover following a training session in the woods, Mr. Tamashiro, nearby, asked Chad if he'd abandoned all of his training.
  • Mr. Tamashiro looked just like Billy's mentor Ko from 309-PsLn, but with a gray beard and moustache.
  • Chad was pleased to see Mr. Tamashiro, but the man regretfully told him he'd been his best student, telling the teens Chad could have been a world-class karate master, but instead he'd become a Power Ranger, bitterly calling it a waste.
  • Chad hurtfully pointed out he had to choose his own path, but Mr. Tamashiro, leaving, replied he'd chosen the wrong one.
  • Back at the base, Kelsey understood that Chad felt really bad, as he'd said Mr. Tamashiro had been like a second dad to him.
  • Mr. Tamashiro had taught Chad everything Chad knew about martial arts, and Chad suspected Mr. Tamashiro had really wanted him to follow in his footsteps, disappointing his sensei when he'd become a Ranger.
  • Kelsey interjected being a Ranger was important too, but Chad replied not to Mr. Tamashiro: martial arts was his whole world.
  • As the Rangers were pounded by Cyclopter at a dojo, Cyclopter claimed no one could beat him, but Mr. Tamashiro, holding bags and sipping a carton of juice or milk, casually replied he could defeat him; Cyclopter laughed at the old man, but Mr. Tamashiro asked whom he was calling old, casually tossing the empty carton at his head.
  • As Cyclopter charged, Mr. Tamashiro grabbed the monster by the horn and flipped him down the flight of stone steps below.
  • As Cyclopter ran away in shame, the sore Rangers demorphed and gaped in awe.
  • Chad started to introduce his friends, but Mr. Tamashiro began to walk away; Chad then invited him to the Lightspeed Aquabase, but as Chad mentioned the Rangers, Mr. Tamashiro replied he had no interest in such foolishness.
  • Catching up to Mr. Tamashiro elsewhere, Kelsey asked if she could talk with him a minute, and he said yes.
  • Kelsey noted Chad really looked up to him, asking why he couldn't appreciate him for what he really was, the Blue Power Ranger, but Mr. Tamashiro replied it wasn't what he should be, walking off.
  • Kelsey made a face but then left when the man looked back.
  • Outside a shrine or building in the woods, Mr. Tamashiro looked at a framed picture of Chad accepting a trophy from Mr. Tamashiro (or sharing it with him) with a few other smiling students in the background.
  • Approached by Cyclopter, as well as Batlings in gis, Mr. Tamashiro asked what he wanted; Cyclopter humbly asked to be his student, which Mr. Tamashiro found ridiculous, saying he would never teach his skills to someone as evil as him.
  • As Cyclopter claimed to have left the evil side, now only wanting to learn from the greatest teacher, Mr. Tamashiro chuckled that that might be true, but he didn't trust him.
  • Just then, Loki appeared and stormed up, as he was supposed to be destroying the Power Rangers, but Cyclopter kicked him back, and Loki vanished saying he'd regret this, at which point the Batlings scurried off confusedly.
  • As Cyclopter pleaded, saying he would never fight for evil again, Mr. Tamashiro thought at length and then was shown training the monster, including going through various moves, Cyclopter lifting a dumbbell of giant boulders over his head, Cyclopter dragging Mr. Tamashiro on a sled of boulders, and Cyclopter sending a crude punching bag flying.
  • As Mr. Tamashiro sparred with Cyclopter, Chad rushed in but was reassured by his sensei that it was okay.
  • Mr. Tamashiro explained he'd finally found a student who was truly dedicated; Chad exclaimed he was a monster, but Mr. Tamashiro said he'd given him his word of honor that he wouldn't use his training for evil, but Chad insisted he wouldn't keep his word.
  • Chad fought Cyclopter unmorphed but was soon defeated, and Mr. Tamashiro congratulated the monster, proudly telling him he learned quickly; the two then left together as Chad got up painfully.
  • On a cliff, a boulder rolled off, and Cyclopter leapt up from below and grasped the falling boulder; as they both fell, the monster spun in a blue energy cyclone, smashing the boulder into bits on the ground, a move Mr. Tamashiro had apparently taught him.
  • As Cyclopter cheered for himself and asked for Mr. Tamashiro to teach him more, the sensei proudly told him there was no more he could teach him, as he was the strongest warrior he had ever seen, even better than himself; pleased, Cyclopter flipped the old man to the ground, not needing him around anymore.
  • Chad soon found the injured Mr. Tamashiro; the sensei was upset that he'd been such a fool.
  • Called by the others, Chad, having helped his sensei sit up against a rock, said he had to go, but Mr. Tamashiro told him he'd trained Cyclopter well, saying Chad had forgotten his training by now.
  • To test him, Mr. Tamashiro had Chad fight him; they clashed briefly, and Chad soon flipped his sensei to the ground and helped him up.
  • Chad said he remembered everything he'd taught him, and Mr. Tamashiro agreed and told him to go.
  • Mr. Tamashiro then watched secretively as Chad fought Cyclopter skillfully both unmorphed and morphed before destroying him with his V-Lancer; the sensei then left thoughtfully, apparently not watching as the monster was resurrected and fought by the Omega Megazord.
  • As giant Cyclopter pounded the Omega Megazord with shoulder butts, moves which Chad noted were moves taught by his sensei, the Megazord soon flipped the monster as he charged, then destroyed him with a glowing staff strike, supposedly using Mr. Tamashiro's moves in return.
  • Preceded by Kelsey, Mr. Tamashiro, in civilian clothes rather than his black gi, entered Chad's Aquabase room, having a generic green ID card clipped to his shirt.
  • Mr. Tamashiro politely asked if it was too late to have a tour of the Aquabase, and Chad was initially dumbfounded.
  • Chad proudly showed the awed sensei into Rescue Ops, from which he said they could monitor the city and make sure everyone was safe; Mr. Tamashiro told Chad he'd chosen a very worthy path and that today the teacher had learned from the student, and Chad bowed his head and thanked him.
  • Miss Fairweather and Captain Mitchell entered, and Chad introduced them proudly.
  • Chad had been Mr. Tamashiro's student for many years.
  • Shaking their hands, Mr. Tamashiro proudly told the two that his student Chad was now the Blue Power Ranger.

    - skateboarding teen thief
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    First Appearance: 829-EggC
    Last Appearance: 829-EggC


  • Spotting a teenager named Artie putting apples into his backpack at Mr. Litton's fruit stand, jacketed Kelsey shouted, and he fled in irritation on his skateboard; she chased on her rollerblades.
  • Skating down stairs, Artie knocked over bins which Kelsey dodged, shouting repeatedly for him to stop.
  • On a pier, Artie held up a rope across Kelsey's path, and when she hit it, he pulled it taut, sending her rolling back.
  • Laughing, Artie then rode after a departing truck full of cardboard boxes, leaping with his skateboard into the back and knocking boxes and a guy off the truck, laughing at the fallen man and whooping over his victory.
  • Kelsey chased on her rollerblades, but Artie rolled out many apples from his backpack, making Kelsey stumble.
  • As the truck driver stopped and shouted for him to get off, Artie smiled dismissively and skated away.
  • Kelsey skated around looking for Artie, and he was hiding behind a bush by a pond, chuckling to himself.
  • Nearby, Artie ducked and watched anxiously as Jinxer had Batlings gently set a brown egg into the pond in a wire cage, unable to emphasize its worth enough.
  • Curious about what it was, Artie tripped over his own skateboard and was discovered by Jinxer; saying hey, he began to run but was blocked by Batlings, and he shouted for help.
  • Jinxer asked the grappled Artie who'd sent him there, but Kelsey bladed up and punched the various villains and morphed despite Jinxer telling her it didn't concern her.
  • Soon, the other Rangers arrived, and the Batlings holding Artie left him by a tree to join in the fray, and Artie soon ran off, secretly stealing the egg from the pond.
  • Alone with the egg, Artie laughed over stealing it; he wondered what it was but noted it was worth a bundle as everyone wanted it, so he tucked it into his backpack.
  • As Bird Bane accidentally told the teens that when the monster hatched, it would destroy all of Mariner Bay, a shower of fliers began raining down on them.
  • The fliers were photocopied cut-out letters which read, "If you ever want to see your egg again, bring twenty thousand dollars to the dock at noon. Or else!" followed by a drawing of an egg cracking open.
  • Kelsey spotted Artie running on the roof above, discarding his fliers, and the teens would chase him as he got down from a ladder on the other side of the building.
  • Surrounded elsewhere, Artie gave up and handed Kelsey a paint can, but when she opened it, fake snakes sprang out, and Artie escaped during the distraction, laughing, "Suckers!"
  • As a gang of men in dark suits and hats arrived with a briefcase, a remote-controlled model helicopter flew overhead carrying the egg in a webbed net, and Artie's voice came from it, telling the men to put the money in the trash can.
  • One of the men put the briefcase into a yellow recycle bin by the railing, but Artie, speaking into a CB-like radio, then rode away on a stolen Harbor Patrol jetski, pulling the bin behind him, and the helicopter dropped the fake rubber ball painted to look like the egg.
  • Climbing onto a pier with the briefcase, Artie gleefully looked at the bills inside and considered all he could buy with it.
  • Batlings suddenly kicked Artie down, trying to take the briefcase, but he struggled with them.
  • As one Batling swung its sword to decapitate the struggling Artie, morphed Kelsey blasted it as she flipped in.
  • Getting in front of Artie, Kelsey asked if he was okay and fought the Batlings.
  • Cowering, Artie yelled as one approached him, but Kelsey shot it.
  • Once the Batlings were all defeated, Artie hoped Kelsey didn't think she was taking the money, as he'd earned it; raising her visor, Kelsey retorted that he'd stolen it and was nothing but a common thief, saying he should be ashamed - people were in trouble, and all he could do was think of himself.
  • As Artie looked out at the water, Kelsey gave a "whatever" and lowered her visor, running off.
  • Artie called out that she was wrong about him.
  • As Bird Bane was beating the five Rangers elsewhere, Artie called out for the birdbrain and hurled the egg; as the monster ran for it, Artie impatiently told the Rangers to get him, and they got up and fired the Unilaser, destroying him, and the egg splattered against the ground.
  • Artie whooped that that had been awesome; her visor open, Kelsey giggled, thanks to him.
  • To make him pay for interfering, Jinxer shot his cane end at Artie, making spark explosions around him, and he fell clutching his chest but not seriously injured as Kelsey helped him.
  • Angry that they'd ruined his plans, Jinxer recreated Bird Bane in titan size with an advanced growth card, and the Rangers would use the Supertrain Megazord to destroy him.
  • Another day near the street vendor area, Kelsey saw Artie under a stairwell giving three homeless people some food, apologizing that it was the best he could do, but the man thanked him, saying he was always so kind to them.
  • Artie told Kelsey he wasn't going to steal anymore, and he'd even given the money to the police; he told her he'd found another way to help his friends now.
  • Mr. Litton had let Artie work to pay for what he'd stolen and was now keeping him around for a regular job.
  • As Artie helped Mr. Litton, Kelsey called out that maybe later he could show her some of his moves on his skateboard, but he threw an orange at her, playfully telling her she'd never keep up.

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