Citizens of Millennium City
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  • At least before any major changes to the timestream, Millennium City, a metropolis on Earth in the year 3000, was populated by humans, mutants, and members of various alien races.
  • Hovercar traffic was pretty much random, limited to any open space between buildings, not all too high above the pedestrians on the ground and atop roofs.
  • The Trans-Warp Megazord roamed freely around on the horizon of the city. The citizens in the area surrounding it were unphased, as if its presence is an everyday occurance.
  • A large number of citizens shown living in Millennium City wore mostly white outfits; Women were usually in flowing robe-type gowns, and men in white leather attire.
  • At least one bronze-suited Cyclobot was visible among a small group of humans, appearing to be used a helper robot.
  • At the Time Force Courthouse, the majority of non-TF Officer attendants wore fully-body jumpsuits, made of grey-felted material and high-collars, with red sections that varied in their coverage and design from person to person.
  • Others, including quite a number of women, wore black robe outfits, flashy-silver poncho-type coverings, or light-grey jumpsuits.
  • Hair colorings for these people ranged from regular, to such abnormal hues as pink, white, or black with reddish highlights.
  • Standing at the back row, was a purpley-pink haired female, of a similiar mutant look to the auctioneer's assistant from 732-PQsS.
  • A female Aquitian sat to Katie's left, wearing a dark grey jumpsuit, with the neck and surrounding area all red.
  • The whole courtroom erupted in applause and cheering over Ransik's life cryogenic detainment sentencing.
  • The next day, on the outskirts of Millennium City, Jen stopped a small white hovercar, which was driven by a blonde-haired man in a dark grey jumpsuit, with reddish coloring across his shoulders.
  • The man asked with a snobby attitude, "Hey! Wait do you think you're doing?!"
  • Jen informed him, "Time Force! This is an emergency. We need to commandeer your vehicle." He scoffed carelessly, telling her, "Get lost!"
  • At the Funaro Maximum Security Prison, a pair of paramedics and several bulletproof vested-TF Officers raced up the stairs and onto the landing pad, attempting to aid Alex. It's possible the paramedics had been summoned to tend to the guards shot by Nadira earlier, or were stationed elsewhere in the prison.
  • The paramedics wore pure white, loose-material two-piece jumpsuits, with double vertical silver-stripes across the chest & back, and a red cross over their left breasts, featuring some writing around it.
  • The male medic had a small first aid case, with a red cross on it, which he set next to Alex's lifeless body, and opened it up.
  • The female medic assured Jen, "We'll take it from here", and tried to gently pull her away from her seemingly dead boyfriend.
  • She struggled angrily, not wanting to leave him, but she finally gave up, yanking her body out of the woman's grasp and leaving in a huff, letting the medics try their best to resuscitate Alex.

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