Citizens of United States
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  • White House sources reported that international spy Johann Gauss was last seen on the southern coast of the United States; he was approximately five feet eleven inches with gray hair and blue eyes, and he spoke with a thick accent; he was to be considered extremely dangerous.

    Hasper City ninjas
    - opponents of Rocky, Adam, and Aisha in Ninja Tournament Finals (222-NjE1)
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    First Appearance: 222-NjE1
    Last Appearance: 222-NjE1


  • The three ninjas, all wearing black, were sitting on a hill in Angel Grove Park as Rocky, Adam, and Aisha talked with Mr. Anderson.
  • The three ninjas were excited about being on TV because of their participation in the upcoming Ninja Tournament Finals.
  • Jacob's reaching for something (most likely cookies) caused his empty stroller to roll down a small hill and into one of the Hasper City ninjas' motorcycles; as the ninjas bullied Mr. Anderson around, they made him bump into Jacob's stroller, which Jacob was now in, sending the stroller rolling out of control down the park path.
  • While bullying Mr. Anderson, one of the ninjas asked, "Do you know who we are?" and another answered, "We're ninjas!"
  • The Hasper City ninjas lost to Rocky, Adam, and Aisha in the Ninja Tournament Finals.

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