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First Appearance: 401-AZB1
Last Appearance: 1034-FRed
Pictures: silver Cog, close-up, silver Cogs, long shot (shown at right)
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  • One night, a fleet of gear ships was shown in Earth's orbit, with one gear ship hovering over an army of Cogs, perhaps on the moon, and releasing a number of Quadrafighters.
  • The next day, Bulk and Skull were asleep in a field as a gear ship hovered overhead while Mondo and Machina observed the two; as the ship descended toward the mountains below, Bulk woke up and got Skull's attention, and then as they ran away, the gear ship quickly rose back up from the mountain.
  • Soon, hiding behind rocks, Bulk and Skull watched silver Cogs marching in different directions through the field; when Lt. Stone arrived and saw the Cogs as well, a Cog opened its face and shot three sets of energy pulses in their direction as they fled.


  • The Quadrafighters were always piloted by silver Cogs.
  • An enormous mob of seemingly all-silver Cogs was on what looked like the moon, with its darkened tint effect and gray sky, chanting, "Mondo"; above them, quite a few Quadrafighters were hovering, and in the background was an enormous gear ship.
  • The Cogs' chants of "Mondo" were in non-robotic voices, yet at all other times, the Cogs' voices would sound robotic.
  • The Cogs in the mob were holding spears.


  • A gear ship near the surface of what looked like the moon was shown beaming down a squadron of Cogs in a blue energy beam from its underside.
  • Zordon said that the Cogs, King Mondo's highly sophisticated mechanized fighting robots, had no fear and had to be completely dismantled to be defeated, but both statements would eventually be disproven.
  • There were silver Cogs and dull brown Cogs poking around the Angel Grove Construction Company.
  • In the sentai footage, silver Cogs were much darker, almost a shiny black, while in the US footage, they were bright silver with iridescent sparkles.
  • A silver Cog sensed an intrusion moments before the Zeo Rangers came onto the scene.
  • The Cogs spoke with robotic voices.
  • The Cogs weren't familiar with the sight of the Zeo Rangers.
  • In reaction to some attacks, Cogs (of both colors) would short-circuit by crackling with electricity and spasming uncontrollably; such defeat mannerisms were merely temporary, and Cogs experiencing these symptoms could regain functionality in a matter of moments.
  • As a Cog crackled with electricity, showing some of its inner workings as a sort of x-ray image, a robotic skull could be seen inside its head, complete with jaws and teeth like a human; at all other times, however, such x-ray images would show no jaws or teeth, but merely a mouth slot.
  • To shoot energy blasts from its eyes, a Cog would have the upper half of its face slide up to reveal various gears and inner workings, and it would shoot two sparkling blue pulses of energy from its eyes beneath; although Cogs of both colors were able to shoot these eye blasts, only silver Cogs would be shown in the close-up of the opening face.
  • With only a few exceptions, the teens would always morph into Zeo Rangers to fight the Cogs.
  • Six Cogs retreated after Zeo Ranger Five's Zeo Flying Power Kick, but there had been far more than six Cogs involved in the fight.
  • The Cogs generally teleported using the traditional Machine Empire gear portal effect.
  • Zordon told Billy that King Mondo could manufacture Cogs at the rate of one an hour.


  • After being sent by Mondo to infiltrate the Zeozord Holding Bay and sabotage the Zeozords, a group of Cogs emerged from some bushes and approached Bulk and Skull, whose patrol bike had broken down on a road in the mountains less than five miles from the holding bay.
  • After the Cogs (of both colors) had surrounded Bulk and Skull, a brown Cog told the others to leave the humans alone, as their objective was the Zeozords.
  • The Cogs' x-ray crackling revealed the presence of what looked like spines along their backs.
  • The colors and number of the small crowd of Cogs on which Tommy performed his Zeo Flying Power Kick changed before, during, and after the kick.
  • The Cogs again retreated after Tommy had performed his Zeo Flying Power Kick.


  • In a junkyard in Angel Grove, Cogs of both colors were using spare parts to construct the body of Silo; where they obtained the parts for the missiles or the rocket fuel for his flight is unknown.
  • A brown Cog told the others that they were almost done and that their king would be so pleased.
  • In the balcony room of the Machine Skybase, a medical table was set up, and Cogs dressed as doctors were making modifications to Orbus, and then Klank as well, to enable them to make Mondo's creations grow.
  • Silo's body looked exactly like the robot fighters in the computer game Rocky and Jennifer were designing at the time the Cogs were finishing up Silo's construction.
  • When Cogs attacked Adam and Rocky, a Cog fired two sets of eye blasts at the two unmorphed teens, but Adam and Rocky didn't appear hurt.
  • After stealing Rocky's backpack, a silver Cog used the password inside to transfer Rocky's and Jennifer's computer game from the resource center's computer onto a 3.5" floppy disk; once it had finished the transfer, the Cog warped into the computer monitor and then emerged from a purple and blue starry fissure in the junkyard.
  • Soon afterward, the Cog backflipped into another fissure to teleport away from the junkyard.


  • The Cogs which came to help Boohoo the Clown fight the Rangers wielded gold-tipped spears.
  • The Cogs shown in the US footage didn't have spears, but they did in the sentai footage; this problem would reappear in the following episodes: 407-EDog, 409-IORS.
  • The dark, non-silver Cogs in the sentai looked to be dull gray (perhaps purple) rather than the light brown color shown in the US footage.
  • Spearless silver Cogs surrounded Alpha, then one Cog held its spear near Alpha, and yellow energy bolts electrocuted Alpha, shorting him out.
  • Teleporting with Boohoo as he kidnapped baby Joey, several Cogs turned into several flying gears and flew away.
  • To confront the Rangers elsewhere, silver Cogs teleported in with blurry effects, their faces following after their bodies.
  • More silver Cogs teleported in with differently-colored shimmers.


  • In a batting cage, space bulged, then tore open to reveal a Cog transport fissure, through which flew several Cog heads; as the fissure disappeared, the Cogs' silver bodies appeared.
  • The Cogs quickly rebuilt the pitching machine to allow it to capture Rocky and then produce the People Pitcher with Rocky inside him.
  • The Cogs high-fived after completing their modifications.


  • The Cogs in the forest, walking toward Digster's cave, would have been able to hear Kat's yelling for Smokey, but they apparently ignored her.
  • One Cog told the others, all of them silver, to follow him, as Digster was expecting them.
  • The leader Cog ordered the others to pick up the pace once they'd reached the cavern entrance.
  • After Digster's blasts had knocked Kat down a hill, causing her to demorph, damage her communicator, and injure her ankle, the spear-wielding silver Cogs ran down the slope after her.
  • One Cog led the others in a certain direction to search for Kat in the woods.
  • Another Cog had a voice that sounded more female than the previous Cog voices.
  • All but one of the Cogs climbed up a tree to flee from Smokey when the dog came running; Kat pulled herself free from the remaining Cog and then backhanded it in the face, making it backflip onto the ground and lie still.
  • After the Cogs had fled from Smokey, Mondo noted that they could be so inept sometimes.
  • Silver Cogs were shortly afterward shown wading through a stream; the water did not short them out.
  • The Cogs were randomly stabbing their spears into the water in their hunt for the injured Kat; they were apparently trying to kill her.
  • The Cogs didn't notice Smokey's panting nearby as Kat and Smokey hid from them.
  • Once Digster called the Cogs back to the cave, one Cog yelled at the others, "You heard him! Back to the cave!"


  • A group of silver Cogs appeared on the Captain Pete set in the Youth Center in a clear tornado effect from a fissure warp.
  • A Cog told the Captain Pete show audience, containing children, parents, and Tommy, Kat, and Rocky, "You will soon bow down to the Machine Empire, Power Rangers."
  • Puppetman threw a bucket of water into a Cog's face after it had said "Power Rangers"; as it short-circuited, the Cog crackled but did not spasm.


  • Cogs appeared on the set of Invasion of Blueface from a warp fissure in the ground.
  • While the cameras were rolling, Biff Starr tried to punch the Cogs in the stomach for a fight scene, but they were extremely hard; Rocky smashed the Cogs' fists together, then flipped them both back, before they could punch Biff.
  • After the Cogs had stolen three monster costumes from the Invasion of Blueface set, Rocky, Tanya, and Kat chased after them and stumbled into a field full of Cogs, more than the Rangers had ever fought at once.
  • Five Cogs sliced by Zeo Ranger Five's sword slice special attack exploded into red clouds of smoke.
  • The Rangers apparently defeated the entire mob of Cogs.
  • After the Rangers had been captured in Sprocket's movie dimension, Sprocket had silver Cogs working the sound equipment in his control room.


  • To help the Hydro Contaminator fight the Rangers, Cogs appeared from swirls, accompanied by white and blue streaks of light, in the air.
  • When a Cog landed in the lake after being thrown by Adam and Tanya, it exploded into Cog parts.
  • A Cog crackled with yellow electricity when Adam slashed it with both of his hatchets.
  • Kat slashed a Cog in the face with the side of her shield, making the Cog fall to pieces.


  • To teleport away after stealing Rocky's plants, a Cog vanished into a portal of some sort obscured between two trees; the other Cogs then walked through an invisible portal (shown from the side), with blue energy around their places of entry.


  • Several Cogs had been sent by Sprocket to capture Angel Grove High's mystery pianist (actually Skull); they climbed in through the window of the music room, and when Skull fled the room as Adam entered, the Cogs stared Adam down for a moment and then teleported away without fighting him.
  • To teleport away, the Cogs' heads flew into a warp fissure, and their bodies dissolved.
  • The next day, Cogs appeared in the hallway with a white fade-in.
  • The three Cogs ran into a different hallway and vanished, then five Cogs appeared.
  • The Cog heads bounced out of a warp fissure and then down the stairs, then their bodies appeared.
  • During the fight, morphed Adam danced briefly with a Cog as Skull's classical music played in the background.
  • Adam surfed on the back of a Cog across a soapy floor, then allowed the Cog to smash into steps on which two other Cogs were lying; when the three Cogs stood up, they were smoking, the surfed Cog's face was on the side of his head, and parts began to fall from the Cogs.


  • The teens were about to teleport somewhere when the ground shook and several Cogs walked through a warp fissure.
  • With its glowing white finger, a Cog sliced open a warp fissure in space, then the Cogs walked through and vanished.


  • Having been sent to the Angel Grove Pines ski resort to sabotage warning signs, three silver Cogs with odd snowboarding hats (bearing "Gray" alien head designs) and carrying snowboards rode a ski lift, then snowboarded down the mountain (and partially down the Widowmaker) to get to the proper sabotage location.
  • As soon as the Cogs had removed the warning signs from the edge of a cliff on the Widowmaker, they charged Kat as one of them said, "Destroy the Power Ranger."


  • Watching Cogs being cranked out of an assembly area, Mondo wondered why he kept making useless Cogs if the Rangers kept destroying them; he was sick of wasting valuable masterials on robots that always ended up as junk.


  • When Sprocket wanted a new toy, Mondo complained that Sprocket had already broken half of the Cogs in the army.
  • On Earth, Sprocket held up his hand, and blue energy bolts emerged from his finger, then Cogs flipped out of an invisible portal with blue streaks.
  • A fallen Cog's x-ray crackling revealed that it had three toes inside each boot.
  • When Billy drove his remote-controlled toy truck past the Cogs with a chromium magnet attached to it, they appeared to be dragged along in a stupor behind the truck; one fell down and short-circuited, then eventually the rest did the same.


  • During the Rangers' pie fight with the Cogs, the Cogs would short-circuit when hit in the face with pies, but not when hit in the chest with pies.
  • A chain of pink energy gears sliced through space above the Cogs, opening a fissure into which all but one of the Cogs flew up; the lone Cog asked, "Hey, hey, where did they all go?" before being bombarded with more pies from all of the Rangers.
  • Mondo was again disappointed in the Cogs, and Machina suggested a tune-up for them.
  • On a different occasion, Cogs appeared from purple starry silhouettes.


  • Kat dumped a bucket of water on a Cog's head, making it short-circuit while standing, and then she shoved it into a large barrel of water.


  • During their fight, the Cogs vanished quite suddenly with a grainy particle effect.


  • Cogs appeared with vertical stretch effects which began as purple vertical lines.
  • After fighting Gold Ranger for a while, the Cogs ran away.


  • Leaky Faucet turned Angel Grove's water supply into Cog oil, a bright green, highly toxic liquid which normally powered the Cogs.
  • Adam and Tanya recognized the liquid to be Cog oil from its familiar smell.
  • Gold Ranger smashed a Cog in the face with his Golden Power Staff, knocking its face open (as if to fire eye blasts) and making it short-circuit.


  • The Cogs and Rangers fought while wading in a stream, and the Cogs were unaffected by the water, at least until being submerged by the Rangers; the effects of their submersion weren't shown.


  • After Klank suggested that Gold Ranger was using a cloaking device to hide, Mondo told Klank and Orbus send down every Cog in the army to search the entire planet; an enormous mob of Cogs was then shown somewhere in or near the Machine Skybase's territory.
  • While searching for Pyramidas on a hillside near Angel Grove, a group of Cogs ignored Bulk and Skull, but another group of Cogs closed in on Tommy and Adam, who were watching them from afar; they fought the two Rangers once they'd morphed.


  • Cogs appeared from bulges in space on the ground.


  • Cogs vanished with purple starry clouds.
  • Silver Cogs shot dual blue energy beams, presumably from their eyes, at morphed Jason, rather than their traditional sparkling blue energy bursts.
  • After they were sent flying back away from Gold Ranger, a group of Cogs disintegrated with particle effects after short-circuiting.


  • Cogs appeared from a warp fissure which passed upward.


  • To summon the Cogs, Gasket raised his arm into the air and shot a blue energy bolt upward, then a blue energy bolt came down from the sky near the lake, and silver Cogs appeared from the energy.
  • A Cog waggled a red tongue from its mouth hole at Kat and Jason to taunt them.


  • Cogs of both colors were in the large crowd of monsters (both from the Machine Empire and Rita and Zedd) in Prince Gasket's other-dimensional Machine Arena.


  • A silver Cog in the Machine Arena sent a brown Cog with a set of keys to ready the next opponent; hiding when the Cog entered the cell, Trider attacked it, flipping it onto the ground and causing it to fall into component body parts with wires hanging out; Trider, Bulk, and Skull then escaped, holding the Cog's disembodied head, arm, and leg, respectively.


  • Cogs infiltrated the Zord Holding Bay after Quadrafighters had blasted the exterior; morphed Jason fought them off.


  • Cog Changer shot his gears into the open faces of the Cogs, and gear badges appeared on the Cogs, making them super-durable.


  • Cogs dropped from the sky, initially looking like their yellow inner skeletons, but they then materialized into their normal forms.
  • When they fought the Rangers, the Cogs didn't have gear badges, and they were back to their normal durability.
  • When the Cogs warped away, a large pipe nearby was also sucked into the warp.
  • The large battalion of Cogs which later fought the Zeo Rangers and Aquitian Rangers had the gear badges, but the eleven Rangers were able to fight them fairly successfully.
  • Several Cogs were submerged by Cestro's "Aquitar Waterfall" maneuver, which summoned a large volume of water into the area.
  • The gear badge Cogs were last seen fighting Gold Ranger and the Aquitian Rangers.


  • Gasket used Cogs in the desert and at the lake to fight the Rangers.
  • All of the Cogs fighting morphed Jason short-circuited as they flew back away from him, and they then vanished in multicolored energy.


  • When Rita and Zedd interrupted the Cogs' pursuit of the weakening Gold Ranger in the forest, Rita and Zedd and Mondo sent the Cogs and Tengas to battle each other.
  • The Tengas and Cogs appeared to be evenly matched.
  • During the battle, a group of Tengas completely ripped apart a Cog.
  • After the fight, a partially-plucked Tenga ran away from a pile of mangled Cogs, with perhaps some Tengas in the pile; the fight had no victor.
  • After the Quadrafighters and Cogs had failed to prevent the Gold Ranger powers from being transferred, King Mondo appeared from blue energy in the desert, giant-sized, along with four giant Cogs.
  • No more giant Cogs were standing when King Mondo fell, defeated by the giant Rangers.


  • Mondo and Machina attended Dark Specter's assembly of villains on the Cimmerian Planet following Zordon's capture; they had brought along brown and silver Cogs.
  • Later, as cloaked Red Ranger fended off villains' attacks upon being revealed as a spy, a brown Cog handed Zedd his staff, and Zedd used it to try to strike Red Ranger.


  • In the streets of the Old West town on the planet Onyx as Andros flew from pursuing Velocifighters, several Cogs stood behind the railing of the nearby building with what appeared to be the Toy robot as a rope was held across the street; more Cogs and Coralizer were chasing Andros on foot.


  • When the Machine Empire got the order to begin the takeover of the universe, Klank had already prepared their forces, and in the Machine Skybase factory complex, the massive Cog army stood up at once.
  • Numerous brown and silver Cogs were among the Machine Empire's army on the Phantom Ranger's home planet.


  • All of the Cogs in the invasion army were turned into sand by Zordon's energy wave.

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  • At a United States military installation, King Mondo sent "Cognitos," Cogs in human disguises, to infiltrate the base; their human faces would split open vertically when punched.
  • All of the Cogs had purple bodies.

    Cog defeat mannerisms
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  • In reaction to some attacks, Cogs (of both colors) would short-circuit by crackling with electricity and spasming uncontrollably; such defeat mannerisms were merely temporary, and Cogs experiencing these symptoms could regain functionality in a matter of moments.
  • The following tables show whether Cogs short-circuited in response to certain attacks in various episodes. For each attack, the tables list the episodes in which a Cog or Cogs did and didn't short-circuit.

    flipped onto back 402-AZB2 413-MnSc 424-BlkF 430-OBOR 435-MLSt 410-GrBl 412-InOD 413-MnSc 425-SSYw 428-PwOG 428-PwOG 429-SmPr 432-DIKY 433-RvOG 444-BMOT
    thrown onto hill and sent rolling down none 402-AZB2
    slammed into ground 409-IORS 409-IORS 450-Good
    group is knocked over none 409-IORS 441-ZR5?
    footswept onto ground 428-PwOG 430-OBOR 432-DIKY 410-GrBl 414-MBWR 428-PwOG 429-SmPr 432-DIKY 434-GHom 442-Kng1 442-Kng1 448-RTW2 450-Good
    knocked down and sent sliding on floor 412-InOD none
    knocked down 429-SmPr 402-AZB2 402-AZB2 403-ShSt 403-ShSt 412-InOD 412-InOD 413-MnSc 427-GHnr 434-GHom 435-MLSt 435-MLSt 437-SOAW 442-Kng1 443-Kng2 448-RTW2 448-RTW2
    swept by Golden Power Staff 432-DIKY none

    struck by Zeo Ranger Five's Zeo Flying Power Kick 402-AZB2 403-ShSt 421-Bro? none
    struck by Zeo Ranger Four's Zeo Power Punch 403-ShSt none
    backhanded in the face, causing it to backflip onto ground and lie still none 407-EDog
    group knocked over by flying attack none 411-AFBS
    accidentally karate chopped in back by another Cog none 412-InOD
    sent flipping onto back by punch none 413-MnSc
    sent flying back from kick none 421-Bro?
    group hit by Zeo Ranger Three's flying punch special attack 425-SSYw none
    sent flying back or flipping from kick 430-OBOR 432-DIKY none
    kicked over none 430-OBOR 433-RvOG 433-RvOG 434-GHom 435-MLSt 444-BMOT 450-Good
    knocked back by kick 433-RvOG 434-GHom 450-Good none
    knocked back by punch 433-RvOG none
    karate-chopped in stomach 435-MLSt none
    group sent flying back away from Gold Ranger 435-MLSt (****) 449-HZeo (****) none
    sent flipping by kick none 444-BMOT
    group sequentially knocked down by Gold Ranger 446-AS&D (****) none
    kicked in face 450-Good none

    thrown into group of Cogs 402-AZB2 (*) none
    one kicked into others none 405-FCOL 409-IORS
    one thrown into others none 409-IORS 413-MnSc

    water splashed in face 408-PuBL (**) none
    thrown stomach-down into lower level of snow 415-Sno1 (**) none
    hit in front and back of head with pies 425-SSYw none
    hit in face with pie as it is flipped onto back 425-SSYw (**) none
    hit in face with pie 425-SSYw 425-SSYw none
    hit in face with pie and kicked over 425-SSYw none
    hit in chest with pie none 425-SSYw
    has bucket of water poured on its head 427-GHnr none

    clotheslines itself on a metal pole none 402-AZB2
    knocked into tree trunk 403-ShSt none
    punched and sent flying into a fence 404-Trgt none
    used as a surfboard on soapy floor and then sent crashing into stairs 412-InOD none
    knocked into a railing none 412-InOD
    snowboards into a tree 415-Sno1 none
    kicked against a large rock 450-Good none

    group writhes in pain from Zeo Ranger Three's arm blades none 409-IORS
    group hit by Zeo Ranger Four's hatchet special attack 425-SSYw none
    group hit by Zeo Ranger One's fireball special attack 425-SSYw none
    flipped onto its back and apparently struck by Power Pod sword while on ground none 427-GHnr
    group knocked over by Gold Ranger's energy streak attack 428-PwOG (***) none
    group knocked over by Gold Ranger's blurred rush attack 428-PwOG (***) none
    falls after face is smashed open by Golden Power Staff 430-OBOR none
    group struck by Zeo Ranger Five's sword slice attack 433-RvOG none
    knocked over when hit by Golden Power Staff none 448-RTW2 (*****)

    group falls after being dragged along by a chromium magnet 424-BlkF none
    mountain bike is sent rolling between group 432-DIKY none
    tripped by barrel 443-Kng2 none

    *all short-circuit
    **energy crackling but no spasming
    ***spasming but no energy crackling
    ****group then vanishes
    *****   Cog has gear badge from Cog Changer

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