Command Center
- original base of operations for Zordon and Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (101-DOTD through 343-HdA2)
Command Center
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First Appearance: 101-DOTD
Last Appearance: (interior) 343-HdA2, (exterior) 545-CIS2
Pictures: exterior among mountains, exterior (shown at right), interior, exterior, circa 1880
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  • The Command Center was built on a double-peaked mountain in the mountainous desert.
  • When Angel Grove experienced an earthquake from Rita's presence, the Command Center experienced it as well.
  • To teleport between Angel Grove and the Command Center, the teens flew over a considerable amount of mountainous terrain.
  • The teens' teleportation streaks flew into the Command Center exterior through the main tube structure, then materialized inside with the help of energy from the two neon columns near the Viewing Globe.
  • If Zordon's plasma tube were designated as "north," then the Command Center had paths leading away from the central control ring to the "west," "south," and "east"; the west path led into a wall of stars (as covered seemingly all of the walls but north), and the south path led to the Viewing Globe.
  • To leave the Command Center, the teens walked down the south path, beyond the Viewing Globe; they were then shown walking away from the dark rectangular area in the lower right of the Command Center exterior.
  • There was vegetation past the right front edge of the Command Center.


  • The communicators Billy had designed accidentally tapped into the Command Center's teleportation unit.


  • Alpha teleported Billy and Kim, both under the effects of a punk potion, into a transparent force field generated by vertical, glowing, yellow bars in the southwest area of the Command Center, outside of the control ring.
  • Alpha's hands and the glasses of singing squash juice passed through the force field, with energy crackling around their point of entry.
  • Alpha said, "Power grid off", causing the golden bars to darken and the force field to go away.


  • Kim's uncle Steve had planned to fly north through the mountains; since they flew over the area where the Rangers had been the first time they'd morphed and this area had been most likely between the Command Center and Angel Grove, the Command Center was probably north of Angel Grove.


  • When Alpha was preparing to destroy the Genie's magic lamp in the teleporter, Zordon warned that if Alpha supplied too much power at once, it would destroy the Morphing Grid; Alpha had to increase the power slowly, or, Zordon said, they'd all be vaporized.


  • The RADBUG was shown flying into the Command Center through the main exterior tube.
  • Teleportation and communication had been out for hours, for some reason.
  • Some of the "stars" in the background of the Command Center were turning on and off in sequence; this happened again in 118-GWE2 and 135-GrC2.
  • When the teens were in the Command Center, the neon rings around all of the gold pillars (including the ones beside Zordon's tube) were all on at once rather than their normal oscillation; in close-ups of Zordon, however, the lights beside his tube were oscillating again. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")


  • Rita said that as a Ranger, Tommy could now enter the Command Center.
  • Alpha recharged at a stand with a red electrical orb suspended at about head height; he was unaware of his surroundings and probably unconscious while recharging.
  • Zordon said that only those with a Power Coin could enter the Command Center undetected.
  • Green Ranger's ripping out the control panels and their wires caused Zordon to lose contact with this dimension and disabled communication and teleportation.
  • Trini said that no one had access to the Command Center without a Power Coin.


  • Beyond the east walkway was a lab station, with three orange bubble walls in the background and a blue workspace with a black tabletop; this was where Trini and Billy repaired Alpha.
  • Once the control panels had been at least superficially repaired, Billy hooked the main computer back up, and Alpha then activated the subgenerators.
  • Alpha checked the Morphing Lock and found that the computer had locked on to Green Ranger's energy field.
  • The subgenerator had locked on to something, but Alpha wasn't sure whether it was Zordon.


  • When the subgenerator was failing, Alpha switched to an alternate power source, but it was still too weak to lock on to Zordon's signal.
  • Billy had to manually key in Jason's coordinates even though the computer had locked on to his communicator.
  • When Zordon's signal was barely coming in, Billy told Alpha to lock on to Zordon's molecular pattern and increase the power.
  • Something was draining power from the Command Center.
  • When giant Goldar stabbed his sword into the ground somewhere, the Command Center rumbled; Goldar was then shown attacking downtown Angel Grove.


  • The Morphers backfired by shooting sparks when the teens tried to morph; apparently this and the dimming of the Command Center's lights were due to an interdimensional power surge caused by the beam which was trying to locate Zordon; it shut down all sources of energy in the Command Center and throughout the Morphing Grid, preventing the teens from morphing until after the surge had ended.
  • Billy restored power by rewiring the control panels.
  • Green Ranger worked the controls to try to banish Zordon to another dimension.
  • Alpha verbally told the computer to activate a force field around the intruder, and a white energy field surrounded Green Ranger when Alpha pushed a button; Green Ranger remained trapped until Rita freed him with a spell.


  • In his extreme pessimism, Alpha told the teens Rita would "destroy the Command Center again."
  • Alpha successfully re-established the computer linkup between the Command Center and Zordon.


  • Alpha tried to boost their signal to the Island of Illusion by rerouting the main computer's microflux transponder; in trying this, Alpha accidentally blew the computer's quasitronic fuse.
  • When Alpha tried the bypass circuit, the controls repeatedly zapped Alpha's posterior with white energy bolts.
  • When Alpha touched a button on the supposedly repaired control panel, a spark sent him running out of control through the Command Center; Alpha then kicked the control panel, causing it to smoke from the bottom.


  • The Command Center was affected by the earthquake which struck Angel Grove once the bottle containing the map to the Mirror of Destruction had been opened.


  • After being knocked out from the gas from Samurai Fan Man's bottle, Tommy was teleported onto a black chair-like cot in the Command Center.


  • The Command Center console ring had a printer in it.


  • When everything in the Command Center went haywire, Zordon was familiar with the disturbance and suspected that Rita was using her lion-goat, Goatan.


  • Tommy had been lying on a black lawn chair in the Command Center while unconscious.


  • Alpha focused a beam from the Command Center onto a small portion of the magic rope holding Jason, Kim, and Zack and managed to loosen it enough to free the three teens.


  • When the Rangers were unable to teleport out of Rhinoblaster's multidimensional vortex, Zordon had Alpha reconfigure the teleportation mechanism in an attempt to bring them back.


  • Primator attempted twice to make Alpha take him to the Command Center.


  • Zedd used the Green Crystal to seal off the Command Center, preventing Zordon from helping the teens.


  • By breaking through the forcefield, Billy's computer showed a shot of Alpha from inside the Command Center.
  • The destruction of the Green Crystal disintegrated the forcefield around the Command Center.


  • After Jason had called, "Back to action!" in the Command Center, Zedd said to himself before throwing a grow bomb, "Ah, they want more action? Well, I'll give them more than they can handle!"


  • When Alpha pointed out that all was safe and secure in Angel Grove, Zordon suggested they use the lull to prepare for the secret mission they had to embark upon; he had Alpha ready the master control panel and prepare to transport into the hidden chamber.
  • After Alpha adjusted the controls, Zordon's image dispersed into his side cylinders, and after saying preparations were complete, Alpha walked through a doorway of light which had appeared in the southwest quadrant of the Command Center outside the control ring; Alpha walked west to pass through the doorway.
  • After Alpha had vanished into the doorway of light, the computers shut down, and everything but the basic lights shut down.
  • Investigating Zordon and Alpha's disappearance, Billy theorized that the Command Center might have had an energy spike, forcing Zordon and Alpha to shut down.
  • The access code for the doorway of light was "1296-#".
  • Billy fell through a void of white light upon stepping through the doorway, and he then landed on a shiny black surface with blackness around him; nearby was a ceiling grate looking down into the hidden chamber in which Zordon and Alpha were creating the White Ranger.


  • The Command Center was shut down apparently because all of its energy was being concentrated into the creation of the White Ranger.
  • In the Command Center after the completion of the White Ranger, Alpha brought the master control panel back online and restored full power; Zordon then reappeared in his tube from his side cylinders; Alpha, excited, told him everything was ready and that it was time to summon the Rangers.
  • After Zordon had introduced White Ranger to the teens, a white light shone down from an area high above the southern portion of the Command Center, and the White Ranger slowly floated down from the source of the light.
  • While the unmorphed Billy, Tommy, Zack, and Jason held up Rita's space dumpster, Alpha used an energy beam from the Command Center to beam the canister into space with gold energy, formed from tiny amounts of Ranger-colored energy from the four teens.


  • While using the computer to attempt to devise a way to reverse Pursehead's compact ray, Billy needed more power to complete his calculations, but Trini told him the system was almost at maximum capacity already; the Command Center's hydro-generator was already overloading when Zordon told Alpha to make sure it didn't overload.
  • While the Red Dragon Warrior Mode was being clobbered by giant Lipsyncher, Zordon said that Red Ranger's power systems were overloading; Billy added that they'd destroy their entire system if they tried to elevate the power level any more.


  • When Billy was reconfiguring the teleporter and amplifying wavelengths to try to bring back White Ranger, the only Ranger not yet materialized in the Command Center, Alpha warned him that he was overloading the system.


  • The Rock of Time didn't seem to affect Alpha and Zordon in the Command Center.
  • While Alpha was trying to work on the descrambler device, electricity from the control panels sent Alpha running around the Command Center out of control.


  • Billy was unable to contact the Command Center with his communicator while in 1790's Angel Grove with the other four teens.
  • In one shot of the Command Center as the Green Ranger was leaving, the control panels were wrecked, but Green Ranger had not damaged the controls this time.


  • When Aisha requested colored pencils from Alpha, the robot merely picked up a bundle of colored pencils off the console, as though they'd been there all along.


  • Kim was unable to contact the Command Center with her communicator while near Angel Grove in the year 1880; while in 1790's Angel Grove the attempted communicator use had resulted in an offline tone, now Kim merely got silence.


  • When the morphed Kim teleported to the Command Center in 1880, the building had the same central core structure, yet the side wings were constructed of wood as though built of 1880's building materials; the interior looked the same as it would in the present day; near the outside of the building were cacti that were not there in present day.


  • When Rocky requested more power during the Thunderzords' fight with giant Rito and four monsters, Zordon told Alpha to proceed with caution, as the power accelerator was almost at its peak level; Alpha replied that the Zords' power bank was leaking like a spaghetti strainer and that he had to try to siphon some energy back into it.
  • Alpha soon said the controls were going crazy and that he was afraid to push the power accelerator any harder; as the controls crackled and a humming sound grew louder, Zordon warned the Rangers that the power accelerator was becoming increasingly unstable and that the flux of power could ultimately strip them of their powers; Tommy said it was a risk they would just have to take.
  • As the lights flickered, the neon columns beside Zordon remained lit. (Source: Submitted by Michael Hardy)
  • When the Command Center controls began to explode with sparks, Alpha was unable to stabilize the accelerator, and he shrieked that the Zords were going to blow up; there was then a final, large explosion of sparks from the Command Center console, after which Alpha woefully asked what they were going to do now; soon afterward, the combined attacks of giant Rito and the monsters made the Rangers eject and demorph just in time to watch the Thunder Megazord and Tigerzord Warrior Mode explode, fall apart, and explode some more.


  • In the darkened Command Center, where the control panels were wrecked, Billy was unable to give the teens good news, as he had no idea how to repair the Command Center's power core (perhaps the Morphing Grid); Alpha said that such repair could take centuries.
  • Zordon said that since the Command Center's power was nearly depleted, there was no way to revitalize the lost Thunderzords.
  • Immediately after Billy and Zordon had been talking about the Command Center's power core, Adam asked where their Ranger powers had come from in the first place.
  • Alpha used some sort of rod with a clear orb on top to tap the residual power of the Command Center to teleport the teens to the Desert of Despair.
  • Bright flashes of light in the Command Center showed that the starlike points of light on the walls were actually strung together like Christmas lights.


  • Upon returning with their new powers, the teens helped repair the Command Center.


  • From the Juice Bar, Billy, under a hate spell, crafted a palm-sized device which completely shut down the Command Center, Zordon, the teleportation system, and the backup generators.
  • Trying to think of an explanation for the shutdown of the Command Center and Zordon, Alpha realized there was only one person familiar with their entire command system: Billy.
  • Alpha said that unless they could find an alternate power source, he would be unable to transport anyone in or out and that they'd be trapped inside forever.


  • As the teens discussed Zedd's recent obtaining of the pink Power Coin, the Falconzord, and Ninjor, Zedd overheard something Tommy said in the Command Center; how much else he overheard is unknown.
  • Kim was lying on what appeared to be a table with black leather cushioning, but it wasn't shown clearly.
  • Zedd was able to hear what was being said inside the Command Center, and to appear on the Viewing Globe and speak with the Rangers; this ability to access the Command Center, an ability it seems he didn't ordinarily have, may have been granted by his and Rita's possession of the pink Power Coin.
  • Looking around the Command Center, Zedd said it wasn't a bad place, though somewhat tacky; he planned for Rita to redecorate once he took over.


  • On Christmas Eve, the Command Center's interior was decorated with an assortment of Christmas decorations.


  • Upon discovering that the shrunken Ravenator was inside Tommy's stomach, Zordon wouldn't allow Tommy inside the Command Center because the monster would be smuggled in as well.


  • Master Vile's arrival on the moon temporarily disabled the Command Center's power, but teleportation still worked.


  • To undo Master Vile's eclipse spell, the Command Center briefly turned blue, and a yellow beam of energy flowed out of the main tube, then two more thin beams shot out from the sides of the Command Center, moving the moon out from in front of the sun.


  • As Master Vile worked to summon the Orb of Doom on the moon, a gravitational disturbance from the moon decalibrated the Command Center's instruments, and, at the time, Zordon was absent from his tube; his head soon rose up through the tube from a lower level (rather than materializing from his side columns), and he explained he had been monitoring the situation from his "private chamber," perhaps referring to the future Power Chamber or the hidden chamber used to create the White Ranger.
  • After the Orb of Doom had turned back time, Alpha said they were losing power and he couldn't find the teens.


  • Master Vile planned for Rito and Goldar to blow up the Command Center with an implosion device which, once detonated at the base of the Command Center, would cause a chain reaction that would wipe out the Morphing Grid forever.
  • Rito and Goldar later followed the six kids through the desert, with Rito suspecting that the kids would lead them to the Command Center; the kids were teleported away in the middle of their journey.
  • The Orb of Doom had reverted the Command Center to its past form, but Alpha and Zordon retained their memories of the present.
  • Alpha noted that their power banks were still out, but he then realized that at that point in the past they had been spring cleaning, and Alpha had unplugged the control panel to plug in the vacuum cleaner, a gold sort of Dustbuster which was now lying on the floor in the dimmed Command Center.
  • To call the Aquitians, Zordon had Alpha aim a galactic alert transmission toward Aquitar; Zordon's broadcast shot out from nearly the entire top of the Command Center as an enormously wide green beam with yellow rings.
  • Rito and Goldar were later standing beside the Command Center; they teleported away after planting and arming the implosion device.
  • There was a shiny area on one part of the Command Center to the left of the main section, looking like some sort of vent, window, or solar panel.
  • A bush and well-kept grass could be seen beside the Command Center.


  • Trees could be seen behind the Command Center as Alpha defused the implosion device outside.
  • Seeing Master Vile's small armada of monsters in the desert, Alpha said it looked like they were about to be attacked; this may have implied that the monsters were closing in on the Command Center.
  • As the Aquitians stood side-by-side with arms held up and holding hands with their eyes closed after young Billy had worked on a briefing on the Shogunzords' summoning and operation, there was a holographic display in front of them, displaying images of the Shogunzords and Shogun Megazord, accompanied by rapidly scrolling text (see 335-ARA2 entry on "Billy" page for a transcript of the humorous text).


  • Cestro helped Alpha fix the Command Center's retro-animating circuits; they hadn't been running right lately.
  • Alpha said that the closest body of water from the Command Center was the fountain in Angel Grove's town square, but in 335-ARA2, the closest body of water seemed to be the lake.
  • The Command Center still had power after the Power Coins had been destroyed.


  • Zedd told Rito and Goldar that in his search for a weakness in the Command Center, he'd located an ancient scroll map in the long-forgotten tunnels beneath the Command Center; Rita told them to follow the map to the Command Center's most vulnerable spot, where they were to plant an implosion device that would supposedly blow Zordon into antimatter.
  • While the Aquitian Rangers were fighting giant Bratboy with their Battle Borgs, which were weak for some reason, Zordon told the kids and Billy that the Command Center's power level was already strained, but that he would attempt to teleport the kids and Billy, as they had asked.
  • The dehydrated Aquitian Rangers had Zordon teleport them back to Aquitar.
  • Billy had Alpha teleport himself, the kids, and young Bulk back to the water park, and Alpha did so without being sure he could muster up enough power.


  • Goldar said they were supposed to place the implosion device at the base of the Command Center; this was presumably the Command Center's weakest spot, to which Zedd had referred in 338-Bulk.
  • Alpha was eventually able to de-energize the shield that Zedd had generated to block the Battle Borgs from coming to Earth.


  • To block Zedd's transmission to Hydro Hog, Alpha used a thermal energy charge, locked onto Zedd's energy beam, and activated a shield; the Viewing Globe showed a green beam being blocked by a purple beam from Earth.


  • A blue beam from Earth intercepted Zedd's initial decoy energy bolt from his staff, but his second bolt, several seconds later, got through.


  • As Alpha had guessed, there were a few jugs of water in the Command Center's earthquake readiness kit; young Tommy and young Adam brought in the jugs from what looked like the south walkway of the Command Center.
  • In the present, Rito and Goldar were able to teleport up into the Command Center's main chamber from the basement.
  • When the implosion device, its pieces spread throughout the basement reached zero, small explosions began to rock the Command Center, and the structure quaked violently.
  • Over forty seconds after the implosion device had begun generating small explosions, the Command Center finally exploded, leaving only a smoking, charred lower framework behind.


  • As soon as the Zeo Crystal had caused the teens to fall down a shaft in the ground into the basement, pieces of rubble in the ruins of the Command Center began to levitate and reassemble themselves.
  • Below, the teens wandered through the tunnels in search of the source of a loud clunk and a vibrating noise.
  • The teens soon heard Alpha's echoing voice (seemingly coming from above) saying, "Re-established communication with data pathways. Serial port enabled."
  • Approximately the same time as the Command Center exterior had been completely rebuilt, just after Alpha (his voice seeming to come from above) had exclaimed, "Ai yi yi!", the tunnels quaked with what sounded like an explosion; Billy theorized that the foundation was re-settling.
  • After verbally guiding the six teens into the Power Chamber, Alpha explained, "The Power Chamber has always been here. We knew there could be a time when the Command Center would become vulnerable to an attack."


  • As the Rangers fought Defoliator, Zordon told Billy they couldn't risk having Defoliator grow again, and Billy said he'd adjusted the Zeo Blaster to maximize the "Command Center"'s power cells.


  • When the Rangers returned expecting Billy to have become the Gold Ranger, Billy, looking crestfallen as he turned to face them, said that the power of the Gold Ranger couldn't be infused into him; he said he'd run a biomolecular scan on himself and explained that when the Command Center had blown up, he'd absorbed an extremely high dosage of "negative proton molecules" which resisted the Golden power like two magnets (presumably the like poles of two magnets) put together.
  • The term "negative proton molecules," at first glance nonsensical technobabble, could actually describe the antimatter version of ionized hydrogen (though anti-electrons would be required), but contact between matter and antimatter would annihilate both and release large quantities of energy; if Billy had absorbed anti-hydrogen, he most certainly would not have survived.


  • With Dimitria, Alpha Six, Zordon, and Alpha Five witnessing the event, the teens passed on their powers to the new teens in a large, black ceremony chamber which strongly resembled the ruins of the Command Center.

    Pilot Episode

  • interior front, pilot episode interior rear, pilot episode The Command Center exterior was the same, but the interior, while bearing a somewhat similar design, was quite different in appearance.
  • There was no Viewing Globe; instead, images of Rita, her palace, Goldar, and downtown Angel Grove appeared in a hologram on Zoltar's left.
  • Billy described the hologram as a proton projection.

    MMPR Interactive CD-ROM

  • Alpha found a way to maintain communication following Zordon's imprisonment in his time warp by constructing an interdimensional communication device in the Command Center.
  • The Rangers' powers supposedly emanated from the Command Center.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • exterior, MMPR: The Movie The Command Center's exterior was a bit different: it had a thinner central tube, it seemed to be a bit tapered toward the top, and it had antennas on its roof.
  • interior, MMPR: The Movie The Command Center's interior was vastly more advanced while still bearing the same basic layout; there was a central console ring, to the north of which was Zordon's tube (with Zordon initially absent), and the interior still contained gold columns with blue neon rings.
  • To the west of the console ring was a short walkway to the Viewing Globe; two other walkways led to the south and east, respectively; all the walkways had red railings.
  • Surrounding the console ring was a sea of mist, beyond which was a walkway which traced along the perimeter of the chamber; on the walls beyond the west, east, and south walkways were metallic sliding double doors, a set for each of the three directions.
  • The floor inside the console ring was divided into pie slices which sequentially glowed white around the circle.
  • The Command Center controls were red, yellow, blue, and white abstract squares.
  • Immediately after Alpha had reminded Zordon that no one entered the Command Center without a Power Coin, Ivan Ooze entered by oozing in through the cracks in the southern sliding doors.
  • Ivan was impressed with the Command Center, giving a joking explanation that Zordon had invested his money well for six thousand years; the implication that it hadn't existed in Ivan's day agrees with the introductory narration's statement of its construction only centuries ago.
  • Zordon's head and tube were missing from several shots as Ivan was blasting the Command Center.
  • Zordon appeared to feel weakness, pain, or perhaps merely extreme dismay after several of the neon-ring columns had been toppled and broken by Ivan's blasts.
  • An unknown time after the Command Center had been ravaged (but immediately after the ooze beings had been destroyed), the Rangers lost power: white electricity began to flow up the Rangers' bodies; Saba vanished in blue energy, then the Rangers' armored suits faded away as the electricity ran along them.
  • Pale smoke was coming from several places along the Command Center's exterior when the teens somehow reached the ravaged building.
  • After approaching the Command Center, the teens rather easily forced open the southern set of sliding doors.
  • Outside the southern sliding doors was a perpendicular corridor of some sort, lined with enormous pipes.
  • After Ivan Ooze had been shown blasting the Command Center's interior, Zordon told the teens that the "Power" (presumably the Morphing Grid) had been destroyed and that the Zords, the weapons, and the Power Rangers themselves were gone.
  • Alpha downloaded the last plasmatic morphing gem into the Command Center's transport core, supplying just enough power to teleport the teens to Phaedos, but none was left to bring them home.
  • After the teens had streaked away, most of the remaining lights in the Command Center shut off.
  • Engraved lines in the ground of the Ninjetti Temple ruins on Phaedos bore the same large circle and pie slices which were on the floor of the Command Center's central ring.
  • The helmetless Rangers stood around Zordon's crystal bed and held their arms up, almost fingertip to fingertip; the Rangers' chest symbols glowed with gold light, then the animal symbols projected forward into Zordon; before bringing Zordon back to life, specks of white light repaired the Command Center (and made Alpha shiny again).

    Command Center hidden chamber
    - chamber used to create White Ranger (217-WhL1 through 218-WhL2)
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    First Appearance: 217-WhL1
    Last Appearance: 218-WhL2


  • When Alpha pointed out that all was safe and secure in Angel Grove, Zordon suggested they use the lull to prepare for the secret mission they had to embark upon; he had Alpha ready the master control panel and prepare to transport into the hidden chamber.
  • After Alpha adjusted the controls, Zordon's image dispersed into his side cylinders, and after saying preparations were complete, Alpha walked through a doorway of light which had appeared in the southwest quadrant of the Command Center outside the control ring; Alpha walked west to pass through the doorway.
  • Billy fell through a void of white light upon stepping through the doorway of light, and he then landed on a shiny black surface with blackness around him; nearby was a ceiling grate looking down into the chamber in which Zordon and Alpha were creating the White Ranger.
  • The chamber was a white room with a white table on which White Ranger was lying as Zordon and Alpha created him.
  • Watching through a ceiling grate of the hidden chamber, Billy remarked to himself fairly loudly about Zordon and Alpha creating a new Ranger; it seemed as though Zordon and Alpha should have been able to hear him.


  • Later in the creation process, Alpha was operating a control panel by the table, and the White Ranger (out of frame) was glowing with white flame-like energy.

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