Commander Stanton
- civilian chief executive officer of TerraVenture
Commander Stanton
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First Appearance: 701-QsQ1
Last Appearance: 745-End3
Pictures: Stanton, circa very early PRLG (no beard), Stanton (shown at right), Stanton, shot 2


  • The morning of Terra Venture's departure day, Commander Stanton walked through a hallway in the control tower with GSA officers as his right-hand man Mike Corbett gave him a report from a panel device; the other four officers walking behind them (one red, the others blue) appeared to carry monitoring devices as well.
  • Stanton wore a black commander's government uniform.
  • Mike reported that the engine tests would occur at 0800; Stanton was pleased and told him to keep the shuttles running on schedule and to add more flights if necessary.
  • Coming to the doorway to the Science Division, Stanton turned and addressed the five officers, telling them Terra Venture left orbit to find a New World in eight hours, and to keep up the good work.
  • As Mike and Stanton entered the Science Division once the other officers had gone their separate ways, Mike reported that the reactors were charged at 98.8% and rising.
  • Stanton walked through the Science Division, taking a left into an area being used for horticulture research.
  • Kendrix appeared startled and anxious when Stanton addressed her, calling her "Miss Morgan," and asking how it was going.
  • Standing, Kendrix replied cheerfully but with some apparent apprehension that these were the last of the experimental hybrids and that they were running ahead of schedule by 20 minutes; Stanton and Mike pleasantly teased her in passing about being ahead by only 20 minutes.
  • Stanton and Mike then entered the adjacent Command Headquarters; glancing at the work of two officers manning a control station, Stanton remarked, "Excellent," and then asked if all system checks were up-to-date.
  • Soon noticing Mike staring out the window at the Earth, Stanton joined him and remarked on how beautiful the Earth was; he then told Mike to take a good, long look, as odds were he'd never see her again; he then left Mike alone after glancing at him once more.
  • Hours later as GSA agents were in soldier gear marching through the shuttleport facility, Stanton marched alongside them in a similar black combat suit, carrying a helmet.
  • Leo, having disguised himself in a soldier uniform, was going back the way he'd come when Stanton told him he was going the wrong way and that they were on a tight schedule, so Leo joined them.
  • Once they were aboard a heliship, Stanton told the soldiers that these were the last defense exercises they'd have before Terra Venture left; he added that all of their senses would have to be on full battle alert - no mistakes.
  • As Kai handed out the energy rifles, Stanton reminded them this would be a full battle-ready exercise, including explosives; he then told them, "Watch for your enemy. Anticipate. Stay calm, and remember... never ever leave a team member behind."
  • Stanton then went into the cockpit, where Mike sat, leaving a seat for Stanton.
  • Stanton asked Mike and the two pilots if everything was at full, and Mike replied they were, and ETA was at 1700, yet previously, before 0800, Terra Venture had been eight hours from departure, meaning departure should have been no later than 1600.


  • As the soldiers ran back to the heliships after their exercise, Kai was holding his helmet, forlorn after Mike, Leo, and Kendrix had gone through a portal which had closed; as Kai was pensive, someone yelled at him that the transport was leaving.
  • Why no one would have noticed the three teens missing, especially Mike, is unknown.
  • Some time later, the Megaship returned minutes before Terra Venture's departure; the docking bay doors opened, and the Megaship landed inside, secretly carrying Kendrix, Damon, Kai, stowaway Leo, and Mirinoite Maya, with Mike missing.
  • Kai and Kendrix came in late to Command Headquarters as Stanton was giving a speech to blue and red GSA officers about how proud he was of all of them as they began their adventure of a lifetime; no one seemed to have noticed Mike's disappearance or the Megaship's departure and return.
  • Stanton then declared, "All right, what do you say we see the galaxy? Fire thrusters. Let's go find a New World."; Terra Venture then left Earth orbit.


  • Shortly after Radster had teleported into the city dome with Furio and begun blasting skyscrapers into oblivion, armed soldiers trotted in as Commander Stanton, wearing the same soldier gear, was driven up in a Terra Venture car; he then called for defensive position one.
  • The soldiers surrounded the villains and prepared to fire, and on Stanton's order, they all began to fire, with some blasts missing and potentially hitting the soldiers on the other side.
  • Citizens ran as more soldiers came from another direction; meanwhile, the blasts had had little effect on the villains.
  • As Radster blew up another building, Furio brushed himself off casually, and Stanton yelled for them to fall back.
  • Shortly after the soldiers had been shown attempting to retreat, Stanton told them to go hard, as they had to stop him, and several soldiers rushed Radster trying to restrain him physically, but he flung them back and stomped on one soldier's chest, preparing to strike with his claw hand.
  • From over the horizon, everyone watched as five Ranger-colored energy streaks flew in and landed atop the bridge above; Stanton's face had borne a faint smile upon seeing the streaks before they'd even materialized into Rangers.
  • Stanton remarked privately once the Rangers had materialized and posed that this ought to even the odds.
  • During the fight, Pink Ranger told Stanton to clear the area, and he initiated his soldiers' retreat, but numerous soldiers still surrounded the area with rifles aimed before the Rangers chased the monster elsewhere.


  • Stanton had a special assignment for Kai, wanting him to train a new recruit with great leadership potential, handing him a GSA panel device displaying data on the new recruit; Kai was impressed by the recruit's high entrance test scores.
  • Stanton brought Kai over to meet him, where former stowaway Leo Corbett was standing in a blue uniform.
  • Stanton was pleased to see Kai and Leo knew each other, looking forward to a progress report.
  • Stanton would later call Leo by his first name (despite normally using the title "mister" or "miss" with all of his officers), but whether he knew that Leo was a stowaway or the brother of Mike is unknown.
  • Later, as Leo began to eat a sandwich in Command Headquarters, Kai took the sandwich from him in a panic, shouting about what one crumb could do to the sensitive equipment; just then, Stanton entered and was apalled to see Kai with food in Command Headquarters.
  • Stanton took the sandwich and, treating it like a serious contaminant, placed it into a clear bag which had been dutifully brought to him by another officer; he then told Kai that he wasn't setting a good example for the new recruits.
  • Some time after Horn's destruction by the Rangers, uniformed Leo was in Command Headquarters when Stanton entered.
  • Stanton told Leo, calling him by his first name, that he'd gotten a terrific progress report about him; Leo thanked him but admitted that this wasn't for him, as he wasn't very good about keeping a schedule or knowing all the rules.
  • Besides, Leo added, Stanton already had the best man in the whole space colony, Kai.
  • Stanton respected Leo's honesty, and Leo left.


  • Stanton had now grown out a small brown beard and moustache.
  • When the engines suddenly died out one day, Stanton asked why the ship had stopped, and Kai detected someone in Navigations; Stanton had Kai take a security team down there to find out who had stopped the ship.
  • In referring to the ship, Stanton said, "Find out who stopped my ship," calling it his own.
  • Soon, in a GSA room, Matthew waited nervously at a table with Kai, two more blue officers, and Damon, who sat across from him.
  • Entering, Stanton was surprised to see that the saboteur was a kid.
  • Getting no reply to why he'd used his equipment to stop the ship, Stanton then asked where his ID card was, and Matthew guessed defensively that he'd lost it; Stanton found the idea ridiculous.
  • Damon gently pointed out that Matthew didn't even have a uniform, and he doubted whether Matthew ever had an ID card.
  • Matthew gave in and admitted that he'd sneaked aboard the Terra Venture and apologized, saying now he wanted to go home.
  • After a brief call from Matthew's distressed mother on Earth, Stanton calmly explained to Matthew that Terra Venture was on a vital mission in search of a New World; the ship, he said, only had so much fuel and food.
  • Stanton told Matthew he would have to fit in on Terra Venture, which was now his new home.
  • Some time after Matthew had helped save Terra Venture and the Rangers had destroyed the sleep-gas-producing Gasser, Matthew stood before Stanton and a line of blue GSA officers, with red officers beside them, and Kendrix, Damon, and Kai together at the end of the line.
  • A blue Type 2 officer presented Stanton with a medal case, and Stanton removed the medal and put it around Matthew's neck, telling him Terra Venture was safe because of his courage and bravery.
  • Matthew thanked them but wished his mom was there to see it, and Stanton didn't know what to say as Matthew walked off sulking.
  • Soon, in Command Headquarters, Stanton urgently walked in from the hallway with a blue Type 3 officer, not understanding who could be sending them a transmission.
  • A monitor soon showed the five Galaxy Rangers with Matthew on the Megaship bridge from the perspective of the viewscreen; Alpha was in the background.
  • In center, Green Ranger told the commander they would be escorting Matthew home.
  • Stanton told Matthew they'd miss him and thanked him, and Matthew thanked him for letting him see outer space; Stanton chuckled that it had been an honor, and the transmission faded out as Matthew waved.


  • In Headquarters one day, Stanton told Kai he'd been doing a great job, above and beyond the call of duty, and now he had a special assignment and needed just the right person for the job; Kai agreed, no matter how dangerous and daring the job.
  • Stanton's young daughter Jodie was working in a red civilian jumpsuit with Kendrix; Stanton said he'd promised to take Jodie, whom Kai knew, skating that afternoon, but he couldn't get away, so he wanted Kai to take her and videotape it for him.
  • In the dorm of Leo, Damon, and Kai later, the four teens and Jodie were watching the videotape in the living area, with Kai in the kitchen.
  • After a bit of footage of Jodie, the camera followed Hannah around for the rest of the tape, upsetting Jodie.
  • As Stanton picked up Jodie and his camera, Kendrix, having answered the door with Damon, interrupted Jodie before she could tell him about the videotape, and Stanton couldn't wait to see how much she'd improved; he had them tell Kai thanks.


  • In Command Headquarters, alarms blared as the computer announced that they were under attack; Kai reported they were losing atmosphere in the Mountain Dome, and Stanton had the airlocks closed.
  • After the Scorpion Stinger had approached the underside of the Mountain Dome, a white beam from the Stinger rose up and connected to the underside of the dome, draining energy from throughout the colony's power system.
  • Stanton had all exterior portals secured.
  • The Scorpion Stinger would eventually leave, and an impending meltdown would be averted after a Ranger battle in the Mountain Dome.


  • Perhaps the same or the next day, Stanton stood before High Command, a committee of five councilors who presided above him; he reported that fuel reserves were on schedule, and that they'd traveled 5.6 light-years from Earth, putting them well within their target range.
  • Stanton suggested they maintain course and speed, and High Councilor Renier approved his recommendation, saying they would re-evaluate when they entered the next galaxy.
  • Just then, Mike entered after having been missing for probably several months, and there was some whispering; Stanton uttered a shocked, "Mike."
  • Shaking hands with Mike, Stanton had thought they'd left him on the "practice moon," although this seems like an odd name for their training area on the moon.
  • As Mike searched for an explanation for his absence, Renier interjected to Stanton that whatever the reason, she thought she could speak for all of them when she said they were glad to have him back safe and sound; Stanton agreed and asked Mike to be at Command Headquarters at 0800.


  • In Command Headquarters, everyone was watching a static-filled emergency transmission from an alien (referred to in this guide as an alien crewmember) begging for help; their ship was under attack, and the alien frantically didn't know if anyone could hear him.
  • With a headset, Stanton replied, telling him to identify his position, but the alien crewmember kept pleading for help, not hearing him.
  • Stanton had his officers go to alert status and had Kai find out where the signal was coming from, assigning Mike to compile a report and meet him at High Command; soon, Stanton and Mike were at High Command briefing the councilors.
  • After a playback of the transmission, Renier asked what they did know, and Stanton replied that they only knew where it originated, using a small control on the table to cause the dome in the table to generate a green holographic sphere of the surrounding space.
  • Stanton showed the course they'd traveled, from the Milky Way in the direction of the Eurolean Galaxy, then showed the source, off their course quite a ways, and Renier concluded that they'd have to divert from their course if they tried to help.
  • Councilor Brody reminded them of their goal, to find a New World in the Eurolean Galaxy, and that they weren't equipped for rescue missions, making it just too risky, but Mike would deliver a convincing speech that helping others should be second nature.
  • After Brody and Renier had looked at each other, Renier commended Mike and had Stanton put together his best rescue team, a team in which team leader Mike would recruit his stowaway brother Leo; when the team was assembled during the presumed weeks- or months-long journey to the alien ship (see "Missing time") is unknown.
  • As the soldiers approached the alien ship in a heliship, Mike reported into an earpiece that he didn't see any sign of an ongoing attack, so Stanton had them go in for a closer look and look for a place to dock.
  • After Mike had discovered the remains of a crewmember inside the ship, Stanton told Mike to proceed with caution.
  • After Leo has discovered the mysterious Galaxy Book, Mike reported to Terra Venture that the message had been playing over and over and that whatever had been there was now long gone, but Kai suddenly detected an unknown lifeform rapidly moving in an erratic path through the tunnels toward the soldiers; Stanton urgently told Mike to abort the mission and evacuate, trying to tell him about the creature, but the signal was broken up.
  • Later, the Rangers boarded the vessel and helped the soldiers escape; soon, however, the vessel exploded, seeming to take the heliship with it.
  • Everyone in Command Headquarters cheered when Mike radioed, "Terra Venture, we're heading home."


  • In the Science Division, scientists were all over working on various displays from the Galaxy Book, an ancient tome recovered from the alien craft.
  • Stanton entered and asked the senior scientist, Dr. Kovek, if there was any luck with the book, but Dr. Kovek replied that they were completely in the dark, but they would keep working on it, as he was sure they would come up with something.


  • When the evil Zords attacked for a second time soon after their first attack, Mike, rather than Commander Stanton, manned Command Headquarters, assigning groups of soldiers sectors to go to during the crisis.
  • In Command Headquarters that same night, Stanton addressed numerous rows of blue and red officers.
  • Stanton told the officers they had ventured 14 light-years from Earth and couldn't get back to Earth even if they had to; therefore, they had to focus on their goal, the New World.
  • Stanton continued, "No matter what mysteries lie ahead, no matter how tough it gets, we must continue with our duties, ready to tackle any situation, and one day we will reach the New World."; they had to, he said, as there was no going back: they were now on their own.


  • In the Science Division the morning after an attempted theft of the Galaxy Book, Kendrix and Commander Stanton walked up as a guard animatedly told officers about the huge gold monster that, probably around midnight, had tried to break into the case and steal the Galaxy Book, but he'd fired and hit it in the leg.
  • Shocked after hearing the story, Kendrix ran out, and after asking the guard what had happened next, Stanton called out after Kendrix.


  • Walking down a hallway with Renier, Brody, and two guards, Stanton presented Renier with Status Report and Progress Report briefings, saying the meteoroid field would be there in two hours, but they would be safe as long as they changed course; Renier approved.
  • Later, after Renier had been abducted by Cannonbrawl and Stingwingers in the city, Brody entered Command Headquarters and spoke with Stanton, who had been speaking with Kai and Mike.
  • Just then, a transmission from Trakeena tuned in to monitors all over Terra Venture, demanding that they send her their best mechanic to repair her engines so she could escape the approaching meteor storm.
  • When Stanton asked about Renier, they were shown a shot of Renier held by Stingwingers, shouting desperately for Stanton not to do as Trakeena said, and Trakeena then gave Stanton ten minutes to make up his mind.
  • Brody told Stanton to send someone to fix the ship, but Stanton agreed with Renier, not willing to risk losing another life.
  • In the doorway pushing his way through GSA officers, Damon said he would go, insisting that no one knew more about engines than he did; Stanton reluctantly agreed, having Kai and Mike prep the heliship quickly.
  • Stanton knew Damon by name, wishing him luck and shaking his hand.
  • Later, after Mike, Damon, and secret recruit Leo had rescued Renier and the Rangers had destroyed Cannonbrawl, Damon was working on an outdoor fuse panel near a street with Leo's help when the councilors' two guards spoke their full names, and one then nodded to Renier, prompting her to get out of a Terra Venture car, joining up with Stanton and Brody.
  • Renier told Damon, "When a life is in a jeopardy, we sometimes lose sight of what could happen when we dive in to save it. And sometimes we don't heed caution, (toward Stanton) or commands, for that matter. (back to Damon) It takes someone with great courage to think of another without expecting anything in return, and I hope you do the same if something like this should happen again."
  • Renier took a medal (identical to the one given to Matthew in 705-Hmsk) from the box Brody was holding and put it on Damon for his bravery, then another on Leo as well, and the audience clapped.


  • Entering Command Headquarters as Terra Venture approached a red giant star, Stanton gave an officer some immediate instructions, then paused for a moment to look at Kai with admiration.
  • Kai noted their distance to the star and said GSA procedures called for a course change in 6 hours and 24 minutes, but Stanton asked what Kai's instincts told him.
  • Initially confused, Kai replied that they should change course immediately, as they couldn't be too safe around a red giant, and Stanton praised him, saying, "Procedures are fine, but you've gotta think for yourself. Trust your instincts."
  • Later, in a park, Stanton was looking at some papers on a bench as Jodie nearby drew a picture of her father with a picture of Terra Venture behind him; in the picture, Stanton was wearing a solid blue shirt with an oval badge on the left breast.
  • Stanton was pleased upon seeing Jodie's picture.
  • Icy Angel appeared following some rumbling, and people were terrorized by the Stingwingers she summoned.
  • Stanton had Jodie hide behind some bushes with him, but when he saw the monster stunning some people with a breath of snowy wind, he went out to help them escape.
  • As the last people ran away, Icy Angel told Stanton he was just the man she was looking for and that he was hers, readying a glowing blue arrow to fire at him.
  • The blue arrow shot into his left arm, knocking him down, and the arrow then dissolved into him with blue energy as he was unconscious.
  • Jodie ran out and desperately tried to wake her father.
  • As Icy Angel aimed another arrow, the Rangers arrived and chased the monster off.
  • Soon, Jodie finally got her father to wake up, and as the Rangers ran over, Blue Ranger asked Commander Stanton if he was all right; Stanton flatly replied that he was fine, and Red Ranger had the Rangers run off.
  • Jodie hugged her father, but he took her hand and tossed her down beside him, then walked off, putting a muddy footprint on her drawing, and she cried as he walked away.
  • Later still, Kai was back in Command Headquarters when Stanton returned and had him shut down engines 3 and 4.
  • Kai was surprised, saying they might drift toward the star, and Stanton asked if he was questioning his decision, telling him not to think but to follow like a good soldier.
  • Stanton said they were conserving power in the event that they needed to pull away from the star, and Kai accepted this, shutting down the two engines; there was a dying whine, and two of the slender exterior boosters shut down.
  • Later, Stanton had their course changed to 103.9, surprising Kai, as this would move them toward the star, but Stanton explained the low orbit's gravity would give them an incredible speed boost, letting them reach the New World far ahead of schedule.
  • Kai firmly insisted they'd be pulled in and burn up if they got any closer; at this point the other officers in the room murmured in anticipation, and Stanton asked Kai if he was refusing a direct order; Kai thought hard and boldly replied he wouldn't change course.
  • Stanton suspended Kai from duty, ripping off his GSA arm badge, then had two guards take Kai from the command tower.
  • Having everyone get back to their stations, Stanton grabbed a blue Type 1 officer, having him change course.
  • Soon, Stanton went out into the city; behind a corner, Icy Angel told Stanton to keep doing as she said, and Terra Venture would soon be history, but Kai arrived to thwart her plans.
  • After Kai had arrived, Icy Angel had Stanton get back to his command and not let anyone stop them.
  • In an alley, Kai confronted Stanton, trying to tell him he was under Trakeena's control, but Stanton fought him viciously, twisting his arm, punching him in the gut, and trying to bludgeon him with a metal pipe.
  • In the alley, Kai kicked Stanton's arm and grappled him, but Stanton elbowed him fiercely and threw him onto a barrel.
  • Against the wall, Kai found a door with a security keypad on it behind him leading into a dark room, so as Stanton charged, he rolled forward, kicking the door open, then delivered a powerful kick to Stanton, sending him flying back into the room, and Kai then shut and locked the door with the pad.
  • Following Icy Angel's destruction, Kai and Mike ran back to the alley, where Kai unlocked the door; Stanton, having regained his senses, was sore and confused.
  • Stanton asked if he'd been somewhere, but Kai would explain later, having to get him to Command.
  • Terra Venture was now dangerously close to drifting into the sun; Command Headquarters was red and uncomfortably hot.
  • Entering, Stanton had Kai and Mike, at the center controls, change course to 388, all four engines at maximum thrust, diverting every bit of energy to reserve thrust; strong blue jets quickly propelled Terra Venture out of danger, and the star receded into the distance, dropping temperatures on the colony below critical.
  • Still a bit stunned, Stanton had Kai resume cruising speed.
  • In the park probably later that day, Jodie were playing with a blue football with Kai, Leo, and Maya when Stanton drove up, delighting Jodie.
  • Stanton was in slacks and a blue button-down casual shirt.
  • Stanton gave Jodie a new drawing pack and a set of markers, hoping she'd draw him another picture; she happily agreed and thanked him.
  • Stanton presented Kai with a box containing a new GSA shirt.
  • Since Kai had done such an exemplary job, Stanton was taking the day off to spend some time with Jodie, and he officially put Mr. Chen in charge of the colony.
  • Kai was shocked, and Stanton jokingly asked if he was questioning his decision.


  • As four Space Rangers and four Galaxy Rangers (both Pink Rangers having chased Psycho Pink to nearby Rashon) fought villains on Terra Venture, the ground suddenly rumbled with thundering noise, and a huge blood-red cloud poured down through the sky.
  • In Command Headquarters, an alarm buzzed, and Mike told Commander Stanton about a high-energy disturbance, and as the red cloud approached the windows, he called for full reverse thrust.
  • In space, nearby Rashon was deep red, and blood-red cloud rings were spiraling out from it.
  • Despite their reverse thrust, the cloud began to envelop Terra Venture, shaking the colony.
  • Suddenly, the energy storm dissipated, and the rumbling stopped, causing Mike and Stanton looked at each other in surprise; unbeknownst to them, the Pink Galaxy Ranger had sacrificed her life on the planet below to stop the disturbance.


  • A flyer on the Job Postings board in the mostly GSA-exclusive Comet Cafe, attracting a small crowd at the board, said a chief mechanic for the GSA was wanted; applicants were to submit to Commander Stanton plans for a device to improve Terra Venture.
  • The next morning at the ceremony, Stanton named his new chief mechanic for the GSA in front of a small crowd outside the white halfpipe building.
  • Damon and Karone ran up, and Damon started to present his plans, but identical plans were already on a display board, as he'd already hired "Mr. Baxter," who'd come up with a fantastic proposal.
  • Stanton told Damon about the ultrasonic transmitter, which he said was just the thing they'd need if the monster (Decibat) attacked again; the Rangers had chased the sonic monster away the previous day without managing to destroy it.
  • Karone started to protest, but Damon stomped her foot, congratulating Baxter calmly, telling him he must be really proud of himself, and Baxter awkwardly thanked him before Damon walked off.
  • When Decibat attacked again days later, shaking the city with his painful soundwaves, the monster was shown on the Command Headquarters monitor from a security camera.
  • As the place rumbled with the sonic blasting, Stanton told Baxter that it was time to put his device to the test.
  • In a garage, Stanton and Baxter got into an open-backed cargo truck with the large apparatus, with Stanton in front with the blue-jumpsuited driver and Baxter in the back with numerous labcoat officers and armed soldiers.
  • Everyone on the truck wore headphone-like protective pieces but was still in pain from the soundwaves.
  • The apparatus truck stopped near the building on which the four Rangers (minus Green) were being blasted by Decibat, and Stanton climbed into the rear of the truck.
  • When Baxter locked the silver dish on target, Stanton had everyone but Baxter clear off the truck, using a headset mic built into their headsets.
  • When the transmitter began to overload after it had taken a brief blast from Decibat before stunning him, Stanton asked what was going on; Damon ran up, calling out for Baxter to get back.
  • As Baxter frustratedly watched a meter rise to 100, Stanton had the others clear the area, and Damon leapt with Baxter away from the truck as the apparatus erupted with an explosion.
  • Afterward, Stanton firmly asked what had happened, and Baxter didn't know, angering Stanton, who reminded Baxter he'd designed it.
  • Baxter began to tell the truth about the designs, but Damon said Baxter needed more time and that maybe he could help; Stanton watched confusedly as Damon helped Baxter.
  • When the blasting began again, Damon, his ears unprotected, fell off the truck clutching his head but yelled that Baxter could do it.
  • Baxter grabbed his headset and fired the dish, again stopping Decibat's soundwaves as the monster was knocked down, his speakers broken.
  • With a pleased Stanton approaching, Baxter told Damon he (Damon) had done it, but Damon said they'd done it.
  • Damon left, telling Baxter he thought he could handle it from here, immediately after which Green Ranger would join the other Rangers on the rooftop.
  • With Karone along, initially holding Damon's arm, Stanton showed Damon his new office, a smallish GSA-style suite with design boards and a desk.
  • Stanton, with an impressed Karone beside him, showed Damon his desk, shocking Damon, and Stanton proudly explained it was for all his paperwork, saying he wouldn't have any more dirty hands.
  • Damon protested that he liked getting dirty, and Stanton chuckled, handing him his new white uniform to finally get rid of those old coveralls; Karone held the suit up to Damon, saying it would look great on him.
  • When Baxter casually strolled by the doorway, Damon eagerly grabbed him, insisting that he take the job instead.
  • Albeit a bit confused, Stanton told Baxter the job was still his if he wanted it, and Baxter chucklingly accepted; Damon wished him good luck and goodbye.
  • Still holding the uniform beside Stanton, Karone called out for him to wait, and Stanton looked at her, smiling, before she ran after him.


  • One night in the Science Division, Dr. Kovek's assistant had come across an important phrase in the Galaxy Book, which, when read, caused the book to crackle with energy.
  • In the corner, Stanton and Kai had been watching, but they now approached as Stanton asked a bit demandingly what that had been.
  • Approaching the book, intrigued, Kovek repeated the three words twice, and the blue energy bolts continued increasing with violent intensity; as his assistant added the fourth word, powerful blue energy bolts ripped through the area, shorting out much of the colony's power.
  • Forcing his way into Command Headquarters, Stanton asked for a damage report, and Mike said the energy pulse had burned out all of the transformers, which could perhaps be replaced within 48 hours.
  • Stanton ordered to Kai that the book was to be locked up, with no further research until they learned what was going on.
  • Later, Stanton stood before High Command as they deliberated on destroying the Galaxy Book, having had no idea of its destructive capabilities when they'd decided to research it, but Stanton replied that he had round-the-clock security on the book, advising them not to make any rash decisions until they knew exactly what they were dealing with.
  • After being caught trying to steal the Galaxy Book, a man dressed as a worker (actually the Guardian) later stood in handcuffs in High Command.
  • Entering with Kai, Stanton had the man taken away to a detention cell upon learning he'd said nothing.


  • Shortly after Terra Venture had been cast into the Lost Galaxy, Stanton walked with Mike, looking at a report, as Mike told him the computer couldn't tell one direction from another, as there were no stars to navigate by.
  • When the elevator doors opened into a desert mountain, Mike and Stanton were both silently confused, and they stepped forward hesitantly, with a black and red starscape above, probably the Lost Galaxy sky.
  • Once the papers had blown out of Stanton's report cover, a ghostly image of an older man, apparently some sort of commander, with long white hair and a beard, appeared, surprising Mike and Stanton, and told Stanton, "Time is short. You must turn and leave this wretched hive before it is too late."
  • Stanton asked how they could get out, and the ghost commander replied, "The same way you entered: Never look back, lest you vanish without a trace."
  • Stanton was confused, but the ghost vanished, and suddenly, the two found themselves standing in Command Headquarters as Kai was talking about their systems.
  • Confused, Stanton had Kai continue; Kai reported that all systems were scrambled, even the clocks.
  • In High Command, Renier asked about backtracking their course, but Stanton said they didn't know where they'd come from, as none of their navigation programs appeared to work there.
  • Mike reported from Command Headquarters that a vessel was approaching, reluctantly telling Stanton it was a castle sitting on a flying dinosaur.
  • As Stanton entered Command Headquarters and saw Titanisaur, about which everyone was murmuring, he remarked this was crazy, but then had the defenses alerted.
  • In Dome 07 as Captain Mutiny was preparing to board, Stanton, with binoculars, walked with Kai and Mike along an overlooking ledge as people were cleared from the plaza below by soldiers while an announcer informed them of the alien's approach.
  • Once the two dinghies had landed in the center of the plaza, Mutiny stepped out and welcomed them to the Lost Galaxy, saying, "There's no need for weapons, lads, I come in peace! You're my guests!"
  • Swabbies brought out a treasure chest filled with gold coins and gems, from Mutiny's humble ship to theirs.
  • Stanton came forward, Mike and Kai following, and he waved for the soldiers to lower their weapons.
  • Mutiny assumed Stanton was the master of this vessel, and Stanton introduced himself and told him this was the space colony Terra Venture, saying they'd been caught up in some energy storm.
  • Mutiny laughed, saying it was always the same story; every hundred years or so, he said, a spaceship ended up in the Lost Galaxy.
  • Mutiny assured them he was at their service, and they'd be home by sunset, explaining he had a fancy machine back on his home planet that would smooth out the galactic wrinkling they'd fallen into, if they followed him to pick it up.
  • After Mutiny had left, Mike told Stanton he didn't trust Mutiny, but Stanton replied they didn't have many options, telling them to take a heliship to get the machine.
  • On the planet's surface, before taking off with Mutiny's crate, Mike, with a GSA camera in his soldier gear helmet, looked at the five unmorphed teens as they were hiding nearby; if the camera had been sending a live feed, the GSA would likely have discovered their identities at this point.
  • In a vast desert on Terra Venture, a road led to several Terra Venture warehouses where the heliship approached with Mutiny's "gift"; waiting at the area were Stanton, two GSA officers, and numerous soldiers.
  • Stanton and Mike watched from a distance as a soldier unlocked the crate.
  • As the soldier removed the wooden plank across the crate's doors, the Rangers leapt down from their Jet Jammers and ran shouting for them not to open it, but the hideous monster Grunchor was released, tunneling into the ground.


  • Following Grunchor's release, Red Ranger told Stanton that they'd tried to get back to warn him, that Mutiny wanted to capture Terra Venture and make everyone his slaves; Blue Ranger said Mutiny already had thousands of them, and Green said they'd seen them.
  • As the Rangers left to figure out where the monster had gone, Stanton was angry with himself for trusting Mutiny, and he told Mike to put all available personnel on search teams, also wanting an alert to clear the streets.
  • In the plaza some time after the Rangers had destroyed giant Grunchor, Kai ran up to the other teens, saying it was gone; he'd had the coordinates, but Captain Mutiny's planet had just fallen off the scanner.


  • In a subdome, a procession of soldiers, workers, GSA officers, and Terra Venture guards were evacuating a dome sector due to electrical instability as the colony was in a thundering pink cloud.


  • Late at night after the resurrected monster invasion and Hexuba's destruction, Stanton walked down an empty GSA hallway and met up with Kai and Mike who'd been waiting at the elevator doors, not knowing what was going on; he had the two follow him.
  • In Command Headquarters, Renier sat alone at a control panel sipping from a silver canteen when Stanton entered with Kai and Mike.
  • Stanton apologized for getting Renier up at this hour, but she replied the hour was unimportant, asking for any news; Stanton said they had just discovered their fuel reserves had been tainted, with only one or two days left.
  • Once they lost engine power, they would lose their systems one by one until there was nothing left; when the environmental controls shut down, the colony would freeze, and nothing would survive.


  • The morning after the fuel reserved were found to be tainted, one cluster of engines, as well as two adjacent thin-cylinder engines, shut off.
  • In Command Headquarters, the alarm was blaring as Stanton entered from the lift; Kai showed exhaust pressure climbing into the red.
  • In an enormous engine room deep within the bowels of the colony, workers scrambled around as Damon attempted to manage the situation, but pressure was reaching critical, and he had everyone evacuate.
  • Damon was now apparently in charge of engine maintenance despite his not having been hired as the GSA's chief mechanic.
  • Just then, a large explosion erupted from the side of an engine cluster in the base segment of Terra Venture, shutting off that entire side of engines, known as Engine 4.
  • Stanton looked silently devastated, and officers looked at him; he had the remaining engines brought to half thrust.
  • Damon trudged defeatedly down a GSA hallway and looked into Command Headquarters as he slowly went by.
  • Stanton, having been talking with Mike, went over to Damon; Damon apologized, but Stanton knew he'd done his best, saying if anyone could keep the other engines online, it was Damon.
  • After Damon had left, Stanton privately told Mike that if they lost another engine, they were lost.
  • Soon, the five Rangers would face Titanisaur in the Ocean Dome, meaning Kai and Damon would be absent from their shifts during the battle.
  • After the intense first battle and Titanisaur's retreat to cool down, the teens rested in the guys' room, from where Damon used the computer to check on the engines with Mike, who stood at the wall console in Command Headquarters.
  • The five Rangers soon returned to confront Titanisaur in the city dome.
  • As Mike worked at the console, his apparently bare wrist warbled, and he grabbed his left wrist, looking around, and went into the hallway.
  • Magna Defender would then join the battle with Torozord as Mike's post was left unmanned.
  • With an alarm buzzing in Command Headquarters shortly after the Rangers' destruction of Titanisaur, Kai and Mike rushed in and got into empty console seats, and Mike reported trouble in Engine 3; Kai said temperature was 600 Kelvin and rising fast.
  • Soon, Damon and the workers in the engine room managed to avert a second disaster, although the center engine cluster did blow out.
  • On the monitor before Kai, a red bar dropped, and the yellow engine cluster returned to green.
  • Kai said the temperature was returning to normal, but Stanton grimly added, "For now," saying they were running out of time.


  • After Mike had been among people abducted from Terra Venture by Barbarax, Leo and Kai were alone in their room as Kai got the Galaxy Book from his bunk; he'd apparently been keeping the book ever since stealing it from the Science Division in 735-EnLG.
  • After the book had flown out of the colony and torn open a portal in space, red and blue GSA teens in Command Headquarters were looking in awe out the windows as Stanton urgently came in from the lift and saw the widening portal; someone remarked, "The portal!" implying it was identical to the (unseen) one which had brought them to the Lost Galaxy.
  • Stanton happily had a course set to get out of there, and people scrambled to get to work.
  • At least a half-hour after beginning its approach, Terra Venture continued toward the vortex tunnel, but the portal was slowly closing.
  • As Stanton looked, Defender Torozord's massive head passed by the Command Headquarters windows.
  • Defender Torozord braced itself inside the edge of the portal and supported the portal's collapsing edges with its arms, shoving them outward as green energy bolts glowed around the portal.
  • Suddenly, in a chain of explosions beginning in Torozord's left arm and quickly going to the chest and legs, Defender Torozord exploded, flinging metallic shrapnel everywhere, and the portal was reopened.
  • As the Megaship was approaching the colony, followed by Mutiny's castle, Stanton, perhaps unaware of the approaching ships, called for full thrust, at which point the Megaship flew into the holding bay.
  • As Terra Venture entered the portal, green light flooding everywhere, Stanton had them recalibrate the stabilizers, and the colony appeared to be flying through the rapidly-moving tunnel.
  • During the flight, Stanton said they were almost there, and Terra Venture then emerged from the portal in normal space, and things were quiet.
  • Everyone cheered as Stanton said they'd made it.


  • In High Command, Stanton told the councilors they had only one engine remaining, and their fastest speed was only one-tenth of normal: they were going nowhere, slowly.
  • Councilor Brody said surely they could fix the engines, but Stanton said they were damaged beyond repair and that they'd have to land.
  • When asked if he had any ideas where they could land, Stanton brought up a monitor display of a planet within reach, what would later be revealed to be Mirinoi.
  • Stanton said they'd just received the first aerial images from the probe, showing beautifully tranquil images of lush forest lands with great amounts of water.
  • Stanton said much about the planet looked very familiar: oxygen atmosphere, water, and carbon-based plant life, the essentials for life as they knew it.
  • Brody thought it was beautiful, and Renier congratulated Stanton on leading them to the New World.
  • Renier and Brody happily shook Stanton's hand and patted him on the back.
  • Appearing on a large monitor in the city, Stanton spoke into a headset from Command Headquarters with blue GSA officers, Councilor Brody, and High Councilor Renier lined up beside him.
  • Stanton spoke, "Fellow citizens of Terra Venture, this is Commander Stanton. Two hundred and twelve days ago, we set out from Earth with a dream: to find a New World. We didn't know exactly what lay in store for us, but we forged on bravely through thick and thin. We came together as a team, and we became a family, hoping that one day that our determination would pay off. And now, we stand at the doorstep of our destiny. Look up, and see our new home!"
  • The city sky dissolved, revealing the planet close on the horizon.
  • As the sky receded, Stanton continued, "...the New World. Tomorrow morning, we'll be there."
  • Begun by Renier, the group in Command Headquarters began clapping for Stanton.
  • In the minimally staffed Command Headquarters that night as Stanton received a standard report, Mike (in uniform) was standing at the eastern windows (just as he'd done hours before departure from Earth in 701-QsQ1).
  • Approaching, Stanton lightheartedly told Mike he could maybe get some sleep, as the planet wasn't going anywhere, but Mike didn't want to miss anything, after all it had taken to get there.
  • Stanton said there had been a time that he'd wondered if they'd ever make it at all.
  • Stanton said they had a big day tomorrow, and Mike agreed and said he'd just stay a little while longer.
  • Later the next morning, Kai and Mike manned a console as Stanton entered from the lift.
  • Stanton had Mike begin landing procedure, and Mike agreed, announcing he was sealing all domes.
  • Stanton smiled back at Kai and Mike after looking out the window at the planet beyond.
  • Suddenly, everyone grew nervous upon noticing a dull rumble; it was Trakeena's Scorpion Stinger flying by.
  • In the city dome, the sky flickered out, and in space directly overhead, the Scorpion Stinger flew by, terrorizing the people below.
  • Leo (and presumably everyone else on the colony) had thought they'd lost Trakeena.
  • The Scorpion Stinger approached the Industrial Dome and fired its tail beam, making several explosions; soon, Command Headquarters rumbled and sparked violently, perhaps with the unseen destruction of the Industrial Dome.
  • The massive Scorpion Stinger flew right by the Command windows in front of Stanton, Kai, and Mike, and Stanton called for reverse thrusters; the Stinger then headed toward Terra Venture's engines underneath and destroyed their one remaining engine cluster.
  • As sparks continued in the buzzing Command Headquarters, Stanton came in from the hallway, and Mike announced they'd lost all power; Kai said they were headed straight for the moon below.
  • Stanton had all fuel valves closed.
  • As the ship began to rumble, Stanton shouted for them to hold on as the moon's surface rapidly approached below.
  • Its engines skidding along the surface of the moon, Terra Venture slammed into a mountainous cliff which ended just below the city dome, and the entire dome was wripped from the rest of Terra Venture with explosions, the bottom portion erupting with more explosions; in the city, people were flung violently from the impact.
  • The city dome slid to a violent stop on the moon's surface, leaving a long trail and violently flinging people and cars about in the city, making massive devastation.
  • After the detached city dome's devastating crash-landing on Mirinoi's moon, Command Headquarters was completely trashed, in massive ruins, with fires in various places, as people groaned and helped each other up from the wreckage.
  • Helped up from the control table, Stanton wanted a full damage report, ordering that all medical teams should be moving out now, and some blue-suited officers including Kai and Mike ran out.
  • During the evacuation, Kai told Stanton and Mike that they had incoming fliers, and as they and others looked at the screen, Kai told Stanton he believed they were Stingwingers.


  • Morphed Kai was soon with the other Rangers to fight the exploding Stingwingers, though he and Mike may have been sent out to do something.
  • Jodie would make no appearances during the evacuation of the colony, and Stanton would not mention her.
  • Later entering with a flashlight from the rubble-filled darkened hallway, Mike found Stanton standing solemnly at the Command Headquarters window.
  • Mike told him the final shuttle was waiting and that he was the last person.
  • Stanton spoke, "This city was going to be the shining capital of the New World. Instead, it's a shipwreck."
  • Out the window was the city below and the moon landscape beyond.
  • After a moment, Stanton turned to go.


  • On Mirinoi, GSA and civilian people were carrying things around in a new settlement, with numerous yellow dome-shaped tents, and some GSA equipment including a satellite dish.
  • Walking, Mike told Stanton everyone was accounted for, despite the great unlikelihood of there being no fatalities from the city dome's earlier catastrophic crash-landing.
  • Stanton asked Mike to collect a report on the food and water supplies.
  • Finding a mutated green Trakeena in the repowered city dome as it flew toward Mirinoi, unmorphed Leo fought her but was kicked out the window, morphing as he fell to the city below; some time soon, Stanton, High Command, and GSA personnel would be watching the battle on a monitor in their new Mirinoite settlement.
  • In a white GSA tent outside which Mike reported to Kai, the members of High Command, Stanton, and others, including a red-jumpsuited civilian and a blue GSA girl, watched in dismay on a monitor, part of an equipment setup, as Red Ranger was being pounded by Trakeena on the approaching city dome.
  • During the battle, the other four Rangers would arrive on their Jet Jammers to aid Red Ranger, being subsequently pummeled by Trakeena.
  • The crowd in the GSA tent looked into the sky anxiously as the roaring city dome approached in the sky.
  • As people ran screaming through the camp, Stanton, and nearby Brody and Renier, hit the ground as the city dome roared overhead.
  • After the city dome, with the Rangers and Galaxy Megazord on the end of it, had crashed with an earthshaking explosion in a valley, Stanton glanced somberly at Mike, perhaps to gauge his reaction.
  • When the Rangers leapt down after surviving the crash of the city dome (slowed by the Galaxy Megazord), everyone rushed forward to congratulate them; Stanton, beside Mike, spoke, "Incredible."
  • As a civilian girl patted Blue Ranger proudly, Stanton had his arm around him, and as Blue started toward someone else, Stanton kept him and patted him on the chest proudly, telling him what sounded like, "Thank you. You were marvelous."
  • It's unknown who, if anyone, knew the Rangers' identities by this point, although the matching up of Renier with morphed Damon and Stanton with morphed Kai appeared more than coincidental.

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  • The following bio comes from the Fox Kids website:
    Commander Stanton is the chief officer of the Galactic Space Alliance (GSA), the organization which runs the space colony. Stanton is a tough, yet compassionate leader, and his vast knowledge of space has earned him the respect of everyone on the ship. With Stanton's bravery and determination leading the way, Terra Venture forges on its interstellar quest to find a New World.

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