- wrist devices used by Ranger teens for communication and teleportation (102-HiFv through 643-CTD2)
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First Appearance: (?) 101-DOTD, (introduction) 102-HiFv
Last Appearance: 1034-FRed
Pictures: communicator (shown at right), communicator in case
Sounds: beep from MMPR through PRT, beep from MMPR: The Movie, beep from decades in the future (in 426-ASTR), warble from PRiS


  • Kim, Billy, and Jason wore communicators before Billy had introduced them to the teens in 102-HiFv.


  • Billy had invented the communicators.
  • The communicators were designed to use microwaves to allow the teens to communicate with Zordon and Alpha.
  • Each communicator had an orange "set" button located above its main ring.
  • Each communicator's wristbands were silver with Ranger-colored stripes.
  • The teens normally wore their communicators so that the "set" buttons were upside-down; they were always worn on the left wrist.
  • If the "set" button were designated as "south," then each communicator would have a short collapsable antenna on the "east" side.
  • While attempting to test the communication abilities of the communicators, the teens inadvertently teleported themselves to the Command Center; Trini, whose communicator was the only one clearly visible at the time, had her communicator's antenna out when she pushed the "set" button.
  • The communicators accidentally tapped into the Command Center's teleportation unit.
  • Upon seeing that the communicators had inadvertently teleported the teens, Billy mentioned a neutrino power grid having cross-molecularized.
  • Alpha had to make a slight programming adjustment to the communicators, but he only took the blue communicator from Billy to work on.
  • Red Ranger merely shouted into the air to communicate with Zordon.
  • Later that day, Zordon and Alpha had fixed the communicators, enabling the teens to communicate and teleport with them.


  • In the history of the communicators' use for communication, beginning with this episode, there have been a variety of methods of use, all used quite regularly: sometimes the teens would touch the communicators (perhaps, but not necessarily, pressing the "set" buttons) for use, while other times they would use them hands-free; sometimes the teens would touch the communicators (again, perhaps the "set" buttons) as though using a talk button, releasing after through speaking, but at other times, they would touch the communicators but release in mid-speech.
  • Just as the unmorphed teens' usage of the communicators varied, so did the Rangers' use: they sometimes touched their wrists before or while speaking, and they sometimes spoke into their wrists hands-free, just as the communicators would sometimes make blip sounds from beneath the Rangers' morphed wrists before use and at other times would not, with no correlation between the two circumstances; on many occasions, the Rangers would also be able to speak with their base of command or amongst each other without using their communicators altogether, sometimes but not always while inside their Zord cockpits.
  • Alpha's shorting out of the Command Center control panels caused some static over the communicators.


  • Zordon's call to the teens caused the communicator to chime with the Power Rangers jingle (click here to listen) for the first time; Jason's was apparently the only one to go off.
  • Jason and Zack covered Jason's communicator when it went off in front of Ernie; Zack told Ernie it was a new watch.
  • While Jason was fighting King Sphinx in the children's theater, Alpha was in a panic because Jason was somehow isolated and contact was impossible.
  • Kim and Zack rushed to Billy's garage to give Billy and Trini urgent news rather than calling Billy and Trini on the communicators.
  • Trini was unable to contact Jason, who was confronted by Goldar and King Sphinx, both giant.
  • From this point on, when the teens used their communicators to teleport, they would touch their communicator buttons (or, when the communicators ceased having buttons, they merely touched the communicators).


  • When Jason answered Zordon's call without using his button, his communicator made a strange beep sound.
  • Before the teens teleported from the Youth Center locker hall to the Command Center, Jason spent a few seconds causing his communicator to make brief blip sounds, as if he were programming in their destination.


  • When Jason's communicator beeped, the teens teleported immediately to the Command Center without answering the call first.
  • Zordon tracked down Eye Guy's main eye and then contacted Billy, with Billy seeming to hear and reply without his communicator.


  • When Billy called Jason for help, his voice came from Jason's communicator without warning.


  • Kim's communicator switched orientation on her wrist several times.


  • Jason called out to Zordon for the Megazord Power Sword.


  • Talking with Alpha on his communicator, Zack had the communicator's antenna out.


  • All five teens tried to contact Zordon while sitting at the Juice Bar; the unresponse tone of offline communicators was first heard when the teens were unable to call the Command Center.
  • When her communicator wouldn't work, Kim tried yanking the antenna out even further than it was already extended, then she shoved it back in.
  • Billy said that repairs on the communicators could take hours.


  • Billy tapped his communicator button before saying the communicators were non-functional, then pressed it again to determine that teleportation was down.


  • When Jason's communicator made an offline tone as Jason tried to call for help in the Dark Dimension, Goldar told him his communicator wouldn't work there, yet the communicators were still offline anyway.


  • Billy finally fixed the communicators, allowing them to get a lock on Jason and teleport him out of the Dark Dimension.


  • Zordon spoke to the six Rangers from a distance, his voice not seeming to come from any Ranger's communicator.
  • In the Command Center seemingly a short time after Tommy's allying with the Rangers, Billy gave Tommy a small case containing a communicator with green wristbands, telling Tommy he'd made him a communicator.


  • Several times, teens were able to tell the time by glancing at their communicators, which had no displays with which to show the time; this included Tommy in 122-TWSh, Billy in 149-ROF1 and 431-RBye, Kim in 206-BlOD and 229-GoVV, Cassie and Ashley in 608-WPCS, and Carlos in 632-COnC.
  • Zordon and Yellow Ranger spoke to each other across a distance, seemingly without the use of her communicator.


  • In his cockpit, Jason merely called out to Zordon for help without using his communicator.


  • Jason's communicator inverted in orientation between shots.
  • Kim didn't appear to know about Zordon's message until Jason had called her over, indicating Jason's was probably the only communicator to beep.


  • When the teens tried to call Tommy after being debriefed in the Command Center, Alpha said Tommy wasn't online, but that he would try to locate his signal; at the time, Tommy, with his communicator on his wrist, was heading toward the Youth Center's front door before being attacked by Putties.


  • When Zordon beeped Jason's communicator before the Team Ninja Finals, the "northwest" and "southwest" corner lights of the communicator (with the orange button being "south") alternately flashed with red light.
  • After beeping Jason, Zordon began speaking from the communicator after Jason had merely uncovered the communicator.


  • The lights of Tommy's communicator continued to blink as Tommy and Zordon were speaking.
  • Once the teens had been demorphed and teleported to the Island of Illusion, their communicators were gone.


  • After all six teens had conquered their fears, Jason's communicator appeared on his wrist with red energy; the other communicators most likely appeared on the other teens' wrists with their respective colors.


  • Red Ranger listened to his morphed wrist as Zordon spoke from it; after replying, Red Ranger touched where the communicator would have been, making a blip sound.


  • The cocoon created around the Rangers by Scorpina's pet worm blocked teleportation and communication but not visual sighting of the Rangers via the Viewing Globe.
  • Inside the cocoon, each of the five Rangers bore a communicator around his or her morphed wrist, in front of the hard forearm covers.
  • Red Ranger tried to call Zordon from inside the cocoon but got an offline tone.
  • Tommy could hear his communicator beeping inside his bag from about fifteen feet away.


  • Tommy's communicator wouldn't work in the Dark Dimension; when he tried to use it, he got an offline tone.
  • Billy failed at trying to tune into the frequency on Tommy's Morpher while Tommy was in the Dark Dimension.


  • After giving up his powers, Tommy didn't wear a communicator anymore.


  • When Zordon beeped Jason as Jason was heading toward the other teens in the audience of the martial arts competition, Jason's communicator was the only one of the five teens' to go off.


  • Jason tried to call the Command Center but got an offline tone due to Rita's jamming of the frequency.
  • Alpha said it was impossible to find the teens with the communicators down.
  • The teens were able to teleport, despite Rita's frequency jamming, once Billy had changed the frequency on just his communicator.


  • Red Ranger called Zordon without his communicator, simply by speaking into the air.


  • As Zack's communicator's beeping was rendered inaudible by the movie Zack was watching, its "northwest" and "southwest" lights were flashing.


  • Zordon seemed to telepathically speak to the teens after the Crystal of Nightmares had been destroyed.


  • Alpha patched Zordon in to the teens' communicators to allow him to call the teens.
  • Alpha and Zordon lost contact with the Rangers while they were in Jellyfish's dimension.


  • Although it couldn't be seen in 150-ROF1 whether Tommy wore a communicator on the day he regained his powers, he was now wearing one at this point.


  • In the Megazord cockpit, morphed Jason simply spoke into the air to Zordon.


  • Tommy smashed his communicator into a wall in an attempt to dodge a soccer ball Bulk had kicked through the hallway at school; the malfunctioning communicator randomly beeped without Zordon or Alpha calling.
  • The northwest and southwest lights on Tommy's communicator flashed as it beeped.
  • Miss Appleby confiscated Tommy's malfunctioning communicator, which she called a pager, but she later gave it back.
  • After previously getting offline tones, Tommy was finally able to call the Command Center.


  • Alpha lost contact with the Rangers once they had been warped to Rhinoblaster's dimension.


  • Jason apparently heard his beeping communicator while driving on a noisy vehicle in the motor marathon.


  • Zordon had Alpha open a communications channel to the Rangers, and Red Ranger could then simply speak to Zordon without using his communicator.


  • The "west" lights on Jason's communicator flashed as the communicator beeped.


  • Morphed Tommy called out for Zordon to put him back in the fight, not using his communicator.


  • The hologram of Tommy's future self told Tommy to remember "communicator."
  • After Zedd had teleported Green Ranger to the Otherworld but before he'd teleported the other Rangers there as well, the communicators were being jammed.


  • After Zedd had sent the powerless teens back to Angel Grove, their communicators were still jammed, by the forcefield created around the Command Center by the Green Crystal.
  • When Tommy contacted his past self, his past self gave him a communicator, even though both Tommy and his past self had communicators of their own in addition to the transferred one.
  • Tommy put the new communicator either beside or on top of his existing communicator and then teleported out of the Otherworld, seemingly straight to Billy's garage where the others were.
    -  Later in the day after his final battle as the Green Ranger, Tommy continued to wear a communicator; the teens eventually went to the Command Center to discuss Tommy's status on the team, and whether he kept his communicator after this point is unknown.


  • While Jason was in the mountains on a fishing trip in Bass Lake with his uncle, he didn't initially respond to Zordon's call; Zordon told the other teens that the mountains seemed to be shielding Jason from their signal, but Jason would later join the others to fight Mirror Maniac.


  • Although it couldn't be seen in 214-MGrn whether Tommy continued to wear a communicator for a prolonged period after his final battle as the Green Ranger, he was not wearing one while swimming prior to becoming the White Ranger; on his beach towel, however, was a watch-shaped object, perhaps a communicator.


  • The west lights of Jason's communicator flashed when Alpha beeped him.
  • Having trouble against giant Nimrod and cohorts, morphed Tommy told Saba to contact Jason; Saba soon said he was having difficulty contacting Red Ranger, but morphed Jason was shown immediately afterward summoning his Thunderzord.
  • Later, after Tommy's first battle as the White Ranger, he wore a communicator with white wristbands rather than green.


  • Kim was unable to contact Tommy on the communicator while he was trapped in the haunted forest dimension.


  • The communicators appeared not to have orange "set" buttons anymore; unless otherwise noted, the communicators would continue to be without the orange buttons.


  • White Ranger, in the Tigerzord cockpit, and Zordon could converse without the use of a communicator.


  • White Ranger and Zordon conversed without a communicator, while Tommy was in the Tigerzord cockpit and then while he was on the Tigerzord's head as well.


  • Tommy's communicator had an orange button for the close-up of the device; Jason's communicator, in the recycled footage from 145-SFsh, also had the button.


  • After morphing with communicators on, the three departing teens later teleported from the Command Center still in their suits and were soon shown getting out of a taxi somewhere; this would suggest that they took their communicators with them.


  • The three new teens now wore communicators.


  • Adam's communicator was shown with an orange button.


  • When trying to contact the teens, Alpha called Tommy's communicator.
  • To find the other teens who were actually scuba diving at the time, Zordon had Alpha set the communicators for a broad-band sweep and begin transmitting.


  • Upon being told to contact the Rangers, Alpha replied that he had their coordinates locked on.


  • The evil clone of Tommy wore a communicator with green wrist bands.
  • The clone was able to use his communicator to call five of the teens but not Tommy.


  • Billy was unable to contact the Command Center with his communicator while in 1790's Angel Grove with the other four teens.


  • The communicators wouldn't work inside the storybook dimension in Grumble the Magic Elf.
  • By tracking their communicator signals to the storybook dimension the three were trapped in, Billy brought up Tommy, Rocky, and Kim on the Viewing Globe; all Zordon said the sensors revealed about their location was that they were in the middle of a storybook, not the location of the book itself.


  • Kim was unable to contact the Command Center with her communicator while near Angel Grove in the year 1880; while in 1790's Angel Grove the attempted communicator use had resulted in an offline tone, now Kim merely got silence.
  • A close shot of Kim's hands on her communicator revealed that she was pressing her fingers against the side of the green center dome on the communicator rather than any button (which the communicators no longer had).
  • Doc Skullovitch was shocked by pink electricity as he held the communicator which had been taken from Kim's wrist, but the device didn't elecrocute William when he picked it up and gave it back to her.
  • Billy figured out a way to bring Kim back, a plan which required the use of three communicators; he adapted the blue, yellow, and black communicators in conjunction with a device, to advance and accelerate the teleporting mechanism to create a time hole; the one-time attempt was later successful in bringing Kimberly home.
  • While the three communicators were still in use, Tommy had himself and Rocky fight Needlenose alone, as if the other Rangers were disabled by their communicators being in use, but Zordon would soon send the three into battle.
  • Yellow energy rays from Billy's device opened up a time hole, through which Kim walked into the present-day Command Center.


  • When Billy appeared in the Dark Dimension after being pulled into the bushes by prehensile vines during a Putty fight, his communicator was lying on the floor of the Dark Dimension, and Goldar picked it up and gave it to the evil Billy.
  • Evil Billy told the teens he needed their communicators because that night he would be making adjustments to them like Zordon asked him to; when Kim asked what was wrong with the communicators, evil Billy replied that by redefining the geographical servo frequency ranger, they'd have less high-end interference, and the others then simply gave him their communicators.
  • Evil Billy was still wearing Billy's communicator when Billy's Morpher seemed to morph both Billy and evil Billy into Blue Rangers, after which the Rangers would destroy the one they concluded was evil Billy; a later day, Billy was shown wearing his communicator in art class.


  • On the nightstand beside Kim, who was sick in bed, was her communicator; a teen not wearing his or her communicator while in bed was quite a rare sight.
  • Billy had installed new chips into the communicators, and some time later, he was testing their clarity by calling the Command Center.
  • The new communcator chip Billy had earlier installed would make communication between the Rangers on Edenoi and Zordon on Earth possible.


  • When Kim called the Command Center on her communicator, Alpha said someone was calling in on the Viewing Globe, and Kim was then shown in the Viewing Globe, talking into communicator.
  • Lights on one side of Kim's communicator were flashing as she put it down after talking to Alpha.
  • Alpha was frustrated because, as he said, they'd never been out of contact with the Rangers for so long, but the communicators' new chips were supposed to allow communication over the distance to Edenoi.
  • While trying to contact the Rangers, Alpha said he'd lost contact with them and that there was nothing but dead air and static.
  • Kim had her communicator on her wrist when Alpha called to tell her about the attacking Repellator.


  • When it didn't seem Kim could win on her own, Zordon had Alpha try again to contact the other Rangers, but using alternative frequencies; Alpha scanned all possible transmission wavelengths but still found nothing.
  • Zordon had Alpha try again to contact the Rangers, this time routing their signal though the galactic phase shifter to cut through the interference; it then got through.
  • When White Ranger had been speaking hands-free into his wrist to talk with Zordon and Alpha, Black Ranger touched the White Ranger's wrist to ask through Tommy's communicator what the emergency was.


  • When Ninja Kim reached out her hand at Rito, he smacked it away and somehow knocked her communicator off.
  • Alpha seemed unable to locate both Kim and her communicator while she was still searching for the dropped device.
  • When Kim wasn't answering her communicator Alpha tried increasing the gain on her communicator.
  • After Kim had found her communicator and put it on her wrist, she answered Alpha's call, and then, without making any change to the way she was pressing her fingers against the communicator, teleported.
  • Kim's communicator wasn't latched prior to her teleport, but it was latched once she'd arrived in the Command Center.


  • Hate Master sang, "Go, go, power particles," in the tune of the communicator chimes (and, obviously, the show's themesong).


  • When Tommy was trapped in a car in some sort of warp with Kat, Alpha said Tommy's signal was very weak and that he couldn't lock it in to find Tommy's location; when red energy around Tommy's head knocked him out, the Command Center lost his signal.
  • When Billy asked Alpha if he'd tried retracing the signal from Tommy's communicator, Alpha said it seemed that all their tracking devices were being blocked; Zordon said Rita and Zedd were generating a powerful shield that prevented their signal from getting through.


  • Rito, on the balcony of the chamber of command, somehow overheard Billy's communicator transmission to Rocky from the hospital that Kim had pulled through.


  • To give her Power Coin to Kat, Kim seemed to remove the coin from her communicator.


  • Kat was now wearing a communicator.


  • Just as the communicators worked under the morphed Power Rangers' gloves (with or without touching the glove), so they worked under the Ninja Rangers' gloves as well.


  • Master Vile's arrival on the moon temporarily disabled the Command Center's power, but teleportation still worked.


  • After his first illusion outside the Caves of Deception, White Ranger's communicator stopped working.


  • As young Billy feared, the communicators no longer worked following the Orb of Doom's time regression, as they'd been designed to work in conjunction with the Rangers' powers, which supposedly no longer existed.


  • Before the six kids were evacuated from the Command Center to await the Aquitian Rangers' arrival while Alpha defused the implosion device outside the Command Center, Alpha took a small disc from somewhere on or under the controls and handed it to young Billy, saying it would work like a miniature Viewing Globe to enable the kids to contact the Command Center.
  • Although the communicators no longer worked in the past, the six kids would continue wearing them at all times.


  • Young Billy's communicator beeped like a normal watch, and when he looked at it, he realized he had to go to school.
  • The kids and Billy were unable to teleport themselves with their communicators.


  • Billy looked at his communicator like a watch.


  • Young Aisha kept her communicator after sending young Tanya back with the yellow subcrystal in her place.


  • Back in the present, the teens (Tanya not included) and Billy were able to use their communicators to teleport with their old Ranger colors, even though the Power Coins had been destroyed in the past in 336-CEvF.


  • Billy continued wearing a communicator even after stepping down from being a Ranger; although the other guys now had their new Zeo colors on their communicator wristbands, Billy still had a blue-banded communicator (the color of which could be seen for certain in 410-GrBl and 424-BlkF).
  • Tanya had obtained a communicator of her own some time after the Zeo Rangers' first battle.


  • Whenever the Zeonizers were summoned by a teen, the left Zeonizer would replace the communicator on the teen's left wrist.


  • Billy appeared to teleport himself with his communicator, but Tommy, standing beside him, was teleporting at the same time.


  • After being blasted off her Zeo Jet Cycle by Digster and sent rolling down a steep, rocky hill, Kat demorphed for some reason as she rolled down the hill; after the demorph, she had one Zeonizer wristband on her right wrist, but on her left wrist was merely her communicator, which she would damage on the way down the hill.
  • Kat put her broken communicator on Smokey's collar and had him take it to the Youth Center, where the guys found it; Billy took the communicator back to the Power Chamber with him as the other teens morphed.
  • Billy told the other Rangers that Kat's last-known location was in a cave area just outside Angel Grove, and the Rangers soon drove up to her abandoned Zeo Jet Cycle.
  • When the five teens were unmorphed together in the woods with Smokey following their defeat of Digster, Kat had her communicator again.


  • Billy was able to use his communicator to teleport alone back to the Power Chamber.
  • Communication between the Power Chamber and the Rangers in Sprocket's movie dimension was impossible until Billy thought to route their signal through Sprocket's closed-circuit frequency, allowing them to communicate through the waiting room TV.


  • Billy had Alpha teleport him and Cestro back from the lake to the Power Chamber; at the time, Aquitar's teleportation was disabled.


  • Morphed Adam spoke into the wrong wrist when he used his communicator to tell the others they needed the Zeozords.


  • Tommy appeared unable to teleport himself both to and from the rocky peak on which the Power Chamber's tractor beam dish was located; he had to have someone activate the controls to teleport him, even though he was touching his communicator as he teleported both times.


  • When Zordon beeped Billy and/or Kat (who were together in the lodge), Tommy's communicator apparently didn't go off while he was with Heather, planning to go to dinner and a movie with her.


  • Tommy's communicator didn't go off during his dinner with Heather when Rocky and Adam were called to help Kat and Tanya; Rocky and Adam got Tommy's attention in person.


  • Unless otherwise noted, Tommy would always appear to use his communicator to call for the Red Battlezord.


  • Helmetless Tommy had Alpha teleport him to the reservation so he could look for David.


  • When Rocky demorphed, the Zeo Ranger Three helmet shrank and vanished into his communicator.


  • Billy's communicator fell off during his struggle with the Cogs; the outer metal covering popped off when it hit the ground, but Billy popped it back on, and the communicator still worked.
  • Billy had Alpha teleport him to the Power Chamber.


  • Decades in the future, the teenaged grandson of Tommy and Kat wore a communicator that appeared to be of the same silver design used since 102-HiFV; its beep had the same tune as the original communicators, but in a more metallic, tonal chirp (click here to listen).


  • Tanya tried calling Tommy and Kat with her communicator, but when they wouldn't respond, she simply addressed Zordon, and her signal was sent to the Power Chamber.
  • The communicators of shrunken Zeo Rangers Five and One apparently didn't have enough power to reach Zordon, as their power had shrunk with them, Tommy theorized.


  • Seeming to be looking for an excuse to leave, Billy looked at his communicator like a watch and remarked about the time.


  • Jason wasn't wearing a communicator when Tommy brought him to the Power Chamber to become the Gold Ranger.
  • When Jason and Tommy worked out in the Youth Center after the Rangers' battle, Jason was wearing a communicator.


  • When the teens' communicators went off, Jason tried to follow the others into a hallway, but Bulk and Skull caught him and tried to get his fingerprint, inadvertantly causing his communicator to fall off into their bag.
  • Jason's communicator was gold rather than silver; it had black stripes, and its speaker dome was black rather than green.
  • Morphed Rocky appeared to use his communicator to call for his Super Zeozord, but such communicator use for the Super Zeozord summoning would not be standard in the future.


  • Unless otherwise noted, Tommy would appear to use his communicator to summon Warrior Wheel from the holding bay.


  • After Tommy had vanished from the lake, a global scan revealed that Tommy was no longer on the planet, and Alpha determined that wherever he was being held, his communicator signal was being blocked.


  • When Kat called for her own demorphing and held her arms down, pink streaks from her chest demorphed her as her helmet flew into her communicator; the other Rangers' (including Gold Ranger's) were done in the same manner.


  • The captured teens were unable to call the Power Chamber or teleport from Archerina's dungeon, but when Alpha found a frequency that could reach the teens, Zordon's voice came over their communicators, telling them to adjust their communicators to his frequency, which they did by turning the outer silver dial on their communicators; after this, Zordon was able to teleport them into the Power Chamber.
  • Alpha was unable to find a frequency that would reach Jason's communicator, but Jason was not in the dungeon, but rather the mansion where Kat's communicator had worked.


  • Jason's communicator wouldn't work while his powers were waning in the forest.
  • Some time after giving his powers back to Trey, Jason was wearing a gold watch with thin wristands rather than a communicator.


  • Rocky appeared to still be wearing his communicator while in his hospital bed following his back injury.
  • Neither Jason nor Kimberly still had communicators; at least, they hadn't worn them while scuba diving.
  • Communication between the Rangers and the Power Chamber was impossible while the Rangers were inside the Nemesis Triangle.
  • Justin was wearing a blue-striped communicator when he drove up to the Ghost Galleon's dock in Mountain Blaster.
  • Watching two torpedoes approach the Ghost Galleon from a cliff on Muiranthias, Adam tried to call the others with his communicator, but there was no response, either because they were busy getting into their Turbozords to escape from the torpedoes, or because the communicators didn't work at all inside the Nemesis Triangle.
  • Whenever the teens summoned their Turbo Morphers, the devices would replace the communicators on the teens' wrists.
  • Days after making Justin his replacement, Rocky no longer had a communicator.


  • When summoning the Turbozords, the Rangers would almost always touch the right sides of their helmets, as if activating earpieces inside the helmets rather than communicators.


  • The captured teens' communicators didn't work in the Chromite Cave, but Justin's homing device did.


  • Tanya's communicator wouldn't work while she was at KAGV's broadcast building.
  • Alpha thought that the frequency from the radio station might be scrambling their communications signal, and Adam worked on descrambling it.


  • While racing, Tommy didn't hear Alpha's first call, but he heard the second.
  • When summoning the Turbo RAM, Tommy would almost always touch the right side of his helmet.


  • When the five Rangers called for the Turbozords after Kat had given Numbor a pounding, Kat stood in the center of the group and was the only Ranger to touch the right side of her helmet.
  • Kat wore her communicator during her performance as Clara in the Nutcracker ballet.


  • Morphed Tommy, riding on a torpedo flying toward the beach, managed to contact Justin over his communicator while shrunk, yet in 429-SmPr, Zeo Rangers One and Five were unable to contact the others while shrunken in the desert.


  • The four new teens now wore communicators.


  • When summoning the Turbine Laser, T.J. would almost always touch the right side of his helmet.


  • When summoning Lightning Cruiser, morphed T.J. touched the left side of his helmet as appeared to speak into his right wrist (not the wrist his communicator would have been on); to call Storm Blaster, Justin merely touched the right side of his helmet.
  • When the guys were trapped in a cage, morphed Cassie and Ashley touched the left sides of their helmets to speak with the guys; morphed T.J. touched the left side of his helmet to reply.
  • As Ashley summoned the Turbozords, she touched the right side of her helmet as Cassie touched the left side of her own.


  • Unmorphed T.J. used his communicator to call the space cars for help.
  • To call for the Turbine Laser, T.J. touched the left side of his helmet rather than the right.
  • When the Turbine Laser did nothing, T.J. touched the left side of his helmet to tell Alpha they needed the "Turbo--", presumably Turbozords, but when Metallasaurus's attack cut him off, he asked the Rangers if they had any suggestions.
  • As the Rangers ran away, T.J. finally summoned the Turbozords.


  • A picture of Phantom Ranger from the Turbo Megazord's database showed Phantom appearing to touch the left side of his helmet, similar to the Turbo Rangers' touching of their helmets at times rather than using their wrist communicators.
  • When T.J. summoned the Turbine Laser, he touched the right side of his helmet and at the same time appeared to call into his communicator for a moment.
  • As the Rangers followed Phantom through a tunnel beneath Angel Grove, Alpha couldn't locate the Rangers, but their communicators still worked.


  • Ashley seemed to look at her communicator like a watch.
  • After teleporting from the Cirrus Dimension, unmorphed Cassie teleported into the park, her previous location, as though the communicator had a teleportation memory.
  • When summoning the Rescuezords (brought out by Artillatron), the Rangers would almost always touch the right sides of their helmets.


  • Flying in Lightning Cruiser, morphed T.J., in the middle of a statement to the other Rangers below, began holding his finger on the right side of his helmet, causing the blip sound the communicators made occasionally when used.
  • Replying to T.J., morphed Ashley both touched the right side of her helmet and spoke into her wrist, also triggering the blip sound.
  • When Alpha called him, morphed Justin first listened to his wrist, then replied by speaking into his wrist and touching the right side of his helmet simultaneously.


  • Justin touched the left side of his helmet as he summoned the Rescuezords.


  • Ashley touched the right side of her helmet as she summoned her Turbo Cart.


  • When T.J. summoned the Rescuezords this time, he touched the left side of his helmet after his summoning call.


  • To summon Lightning Cruiser, morphed T.J. called into his communicator while touching the right side of his helmet.


  • Holding his earpiece (connected to Bulk's) to disable it as he and Bulk and Skull ran from Piranhatron, T.J. told the other teens they had two on their tail and could use some help, but he wasn't speaking into his communicator at the time.


  • To summon the Rescuezords this time, the Rangers touched the left sides of their helmets after their summoning call.
  • In the Rescue Megazord, T.J. touched the left side of his helmet as he called for the Turbozords.
  • T.J. called into his communicator to summon Lightning Cruiser.


  • The teens' communicators still worked, despite the loss of the Power Chamber and the Turbo powers.
  • Justin's calling the other teens caused T.J.'s communicator to give the traditional chime, the last time it would be heard.
  • Justin kept his communicator while the other teens flew into space. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")


  • Once in their Megaship uniforms, after becoming Space Rangers, the teens wore Morphers in place of communicators.


  • Whenever they were in civilian clothes on Earth, the teens, including Andros, wore communicators matching their Space Ranger colors (with black now in place of green); where they had gotten a fifth communicator to take the place of the one Justin had kept is unknown.
  • Whenever the teens would prepare to morph while in civilian clothes, the Astro Morphers would replace the communicators between shots, never actually shown being summoned.


  • Before Alpha spoke over the Megaship's intercom system from the bridge, there was a warble sound which would later serve as attention signals when the teens' communicators or Morphers were called, replacing the communicators' old beeps.


  • When Alpha tried to call the teens on the planet Kalderon to warn them of volcanic activity, Cassie flipped open her Morpher to listen, but the signal had too much interference, so she shut it again.
  • Andros flipped open his Morpher and tried to call the Megaship for a heading, with no success.


  • When Alpha called the teens, their communicators were first heard making the new warble sound effect.


  • After finding and teleporting into the Delta Megaship, morphed Andros spoke to Phantom through his communicator to tell him he'd found it, and asking where to go; this was the first time they were shown speaking across long-distance.
  • Phantom spoke to Andros by talking into the back of his right fist.
  • Soon getting only static from Phantom, Andros touched his finger to where his right ear would've been under his helmet, then would be touching the left side instead when Phantom made his last call.
  • Andros, hoping the others were okay, spoke into his newly-summoned Battlizer to tell them he was on his way.


  • Wearing the Battlizer in the Delta Megaship as the Rangers prepared to fly off to Ganymede, Andros used the device as a communicator to talk with Alpha, who was on the Astro Megaship's bridge.
  • When T.J. later spoke into his Morpher from the engine room, his voice came through the audio system in the bridge for him to speak to Andros and Carlos.


  • When Body Switcher turned Astronema into Ashley, she was wearing duplicates of the clothes and communicator Ashley was wearing at the time.
  • After the teens, having been in civilian clothes, had gone to the Megaship, Astronema, disguised as Ashley, was soon wearing Ashley's Megaship uniform, complete with Ashley's functional Astro Morpher; meanwhile, the real Ashley was still wearing her communicator.


  • When Alpha called Zhane over the Digimorpher, it made the same warble sound as the communicators and Astro Morphers.


  • Morphed Zhane appeared to speak into his left wrist to call the Silver Cycle, even though he wore neither an Astro Morpher nor a communicator.
  • In casual clothes with the teens, Zhane wore a watch rather than a communicator.


  • Wearing civilian clothes rather than his Megaship uniform, Carlos placed his Morpher and communicator on a console on the bridge, giving up being a Ranger; he would later change his mind and rejoin the team.


  • After Karone had defected to the side of good, the teens had decided to make her an honorary Power Ranger, presenting her with a purple-themed flight suit and a purple-striped communicator.


  • A new, popular line of pocket computers known as the Copernicus 2000 would at certain times emit a warble sound which was identical to the warble alarm of communicators.
  • Learning that the Psycho Rangers were homing in on the warble alarm sounds, Andros told the Rangers that they couldn't use their "communicators," referring to the Morphers.


  • Communication and teleportation weren't possible through Secret City's forcefield dome; furthermore, the teens' Morphers wouldn't work within the forcefield.


  • Moved to the bottom of the ocean, Secret City had another dome after the first had been destroyed, but communication and teleportation were now possible.
  • As Zhane called Carlos, morphed Carlos had his hand to his left ear as he listened.


  • The communicators only picked up static in the desert wasteland where Tankenstein sent the teens (perhaps on Earth), but the Morphers worked, and Zhane would soon arrive to help, despite the Megaship not being able to pick up the teens' signals.


  • When the energy wave from Zordon's destruction hit Angel Grove, the Space Rangers were demorphed into civilian clothes with gold sparkles, still wearing their Morphers for a while before the communicators took their place.


  • The Transmorphers, apparently generated from the Quasar Sabers, had all of the same sounds as the Space communicators and Astro Morphers.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • communicator, MMPR: The Movie The communicators looked very different, more closely resembling digital watches than bracelets, but their chimes were quite similar to the originals' (click here to listen).
  • The communicators still made blip sounds when a teen touched them to make or answer a call.
  • The communicators' wristbands were still Ranger-colored.

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