Condor Galactabeast
- Green Galaxy Ranger's Galactabeast/Zord
Condor Galactabeast
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First Appearance: 703-RTTR
Last Appearance: 822-TrR2
Pictures: Condor emblem, Condor Galactabeast (shown at right), Condor Galactazord, Condor Missile Mode


  • The Condor was the Green Galaxy Ranger's Galactabeast.


  • The Condor had two arms in addition to its yellow wings, making it more like a dragon than a bird.


  • Arriving from its apparent hiding place, the Condor Galactabeast would often be shown flying over a forest.
  • In Galactazord form, the Condor bore numerous arrowhead shapes.
  • The Condor formed the back and wings of the Galaxy Megazord.


  • The Galaxy Megazord could hold the Condor Galactazord as a cannon; to fire, the Condor would open its break, gold energy specks would gather in the mouth making a white glow (gold specks shown in 707-DblD), and a blue energy backlash would pass over the Megazord as a glowing green projectile shaped like the Condor head flew into the opponent.
  • The Condor Missile Mode destroyed giant Mutantrum; afterward, the Condor cannon was still whole, having retained its head.


  • The Condor Missile Mode destroyed giant Wisewizard.


  • The Condor Missile Mode destroyed giant Quakemaker.


  • Flying over its opponent, the Condor Galactazord could shoot green energy whirlwinds from its wings and blow the opponent back.


  • The Galaxy Megazord Saber was shown morphing into the Condor Galactazord to use the missile mode, but the Condor was a separate entity on the Megazord's back.
  • The Galaxy Megazord Saber's energy slashes sliced through giant Ruptor's back armor, breaking it off in chunks, and the Condor Missile Mode then destroyed him.


  • The Condor Missile Mode destroyed giant Kubak.


  • The Condor Missile Mode destroyed giant Motor Mantis.


  • Charging it with his own fire power, Leo had the Orion Galaxy Megazord fire the Condor Missile Mode, but giant Grunchor swatted the green blast back at the Megazord.

    - Phrases used upon landing on Condor Galactabeast
    705-Hmsk Damon: "Condor Galactabeast!"
    Damon: "Condor!"

    - Phrases used to equip Galaxy Megazord with Condor Missile Mode
    706-LOrn Maya: "Condor Galactazord!"
    707-DblD Kendrix: "Condor Galactazord!"
    708-BlCr Kai: "Condor Galactazord Missile Mode!"
    709-MagD Leo: "Condor Galactabeast, Missile Mode!"
    710-Sunf Leo: "Condor Missile Mode!"
    722-EvGa Leo: "Condor Galactazord!"

    - Phrases used to equip Orion Galaxy Megazord with Condor Missile Mode
    737-GOTL Leo: "Condor Galactazord, Missile Mode!"

    - Phrases used to fire Condor Missile Mode
    706-LOrn Maya: "Missile Mode, fire!"
    707-DblD Kendrix: "Missile Mode, fire!"
    722-EvGa Leo: "Ready, fire!"
    737-GOTL Leo (using own fire power): "Fire!"

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