Count Dregon
- former attacker of Edenoi (301-FIN1 through 303-FIN3); main villain in Masked Rider TV series
Count Dregon
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First Appearance: 301-FIN1
Last Appearance: (Power Rangers) 303-FIN3


  • Dregon and crew rode in the insect-like Spiderbase.
  • The Spiderbase was frequently shown flying away from a grayish planet or moon resembling the Earth's moon.
  • Fact, a robotic drone on the bridge of the Spiderbase, called Dregon the "lord of evil."
  • Doubleface reported to Dregon that the attack was proceeding according to the plan; he then asked about the planet (Edenoi), and Dregon told him to destroy it, after which the Spiderbase would begin bombarding the planet with energy blasts.
  • Lord Zedd used his super-vision to watch Dregon's assault on Edenoi; he was upset that Dregon had "reared his ugly head again," and while he knew the name of Dregon's Spiderbase, he didn't seem familiar with Edenoi.
  • Through Zedd's super-vision, the Spiderbase could be seen flying away from the aforementioned grayish planet or moon, then traveling through a tunnel or warp of some sort, then approaching Edenoi and finally shooting at it from a distance.
  • Rita knew of Dregon and liked him.
  • Zedd hated Dregon even more than he hated the Rangers; for as long as Zedd could remember, Dregon had been trying to one-up him, to be more evil and dastardly than him.
  • Dregon wasn't familiar with the Rangers, nor were his crew or the Spiderbase's computer.
  • Dregon wanted to obtain the Masked Rider powers; he had their air attack continue, to destroy Masked Rider and the Rangers (whom he thought wanted the Masked Rider powers as well).
  • Dregon said everything would fall into place once Masked Rider and the Rangers (never actually mentioning the name "Rangers") were destroyed.
  • When the Spiderbase began blasting at both Rangers and Edenoites alike, Dex knew that the Rangers had been sincere, as even Dregon, he said, wasn't low enough to fire on his own soldiers.
  • Once Masked Rider and the Rangers had sought shelter in a cave, Dregon angrily demanded that his minions send the Plague Patrol to find them or heads would roll; Nefaria and Cyclopter then, appearing injured, staggered away from Dregon to do his bidding.


  • According to Dex, Count Dregon had enslaved the Edenoites and forced them to mine the soil, releasing noxious gases which would ultimately destroy the planet.
  • For many centuries, Edenoi had been a planet of great peace without the need for weapons or armies; Count Dregon, knowing this, had waged an attack and enslaved the Edenoites, a race of scholars and artisans.
  • Dex said that Dregon must never get his hands on the Masked Rider powers, for with them he would be invincible, and the entire galaxy would be at risk.
  • Zedd said Dregon was too evil for his own good.
  • The gas mask-wearing Dex transformed into Masked Rider in front of the Plague Patrol, who already knew of Dex's part in the rebellion; Dregon may have been watching Dex's transformation, from the Spiderbase, at the time as well.
  • The Plague Patrol was told the Rangers' title of "Power Rangers" during the course of their fight.
  • One of the Plague Patrol soldiers knew that the Rangers were from Earth.


  • After the Plague Patrol and Cogworts had been defeated, Dregon called in his henchmen, and they told him that Dex had escaped.
  • After telling his minions they had better capture Dex soon, Dregon planned to find the meddlers (not mentioning the name "Power Rangers") and teach them a lesson.
  • Dregon planned to follow the Rangers to their home planet and destroy them.
  • Once Doubleface and Cyclopter had determined that the Rangers were heading to Earth, Dregon announced that Earth would be their next target.
  • Once Repellator was destroyed, Zedd groaned that if Count Dregon found out about it, Zedd would never hear the end of it.
  • Dregon's Spiderbase was soon shown flying away from the moon and approaching the Earth.
  • As the Spiderbase approached the Earth, Dregon said, "My wicked plans for the conquest of the planet Earth are complete. [...] I will annihilate those who aid Masked Rider and the rest of the people of Earth. They shall be conscripted into my army of slaves."
  • Dregon's invasion of Earth was never seen nor referred to after this point.

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