Crane Ninjazord
- Pink Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger's Ninjazord
Crane Ninjazord
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First Appearance: 306-NjQ3
Last Appearance: 332-TSOD


  • The Crane was Pink Ranger's Ninjazord.
  • The Crane formed the head of the Ninja Megazord and Ninja Megafalconzord.
  • When Ninja Kim stepped forward to claim the power of her Ninjazord, a beam of pink, sparkling light shined down on her; three bits of pink energy flew from Ninjor's hand and then flew into Kim, and he told her, "May the beauty, grace, and speed [of the "shining Crane Ninjazord"] shine forth into your own being."


  • The Crane shot a series of dual bluish-white energy beams from the front of its side sections.
  • Across the Ninja Megazord's and forehead were the symbols of the five Ninjazords, including the Crane's arrowhead-like symbol; the Megazord's mouthplate also bore two arrowhead symbols.


  • The Ninja Megazord's cockpit was in its head, a part of the Crane.


  • The border around the front of the Crane cockpit was white rather than pink in one shot; at all other times, it remained pink.
  • Giant Hate Master was attacked by the Frog's mini-Frogzords, the Frog's flame breath, Titanus's fireballs, the Ape's charged double swords, the Falconzord's wingtip blasts, the Wolf's eyebeams, and the Bear's eyebeams, but it was the Crane's lasers which finally destroyed him.


  • Zordon told Kat that some day, power willing, she would control the pink Cranezord with grace and intelligence, but for now (until the Falconzord was recovered and the Ninjazords were again operational) she would pilot the White Shogunzord alongside Tommy.

    - Phrases used once Pink Ranger is in Crane cockpit
    314-SHM2 Kim: "Crane Ninjazord, power up!"

    MMPR: The Movie

  • The Crane cockpit looked quite similar to the Falconzord's cockpit; it had a white, center joystick with a pink button.
  • The Crane's cockpit was in the Zord's head.
  • A purple energy bolt from Ivan held the Crane in some kind of electromagnetic deadlock until Kim used her thrusters to escape.
  • Once the Ninja Megazord was complete, Pink Ranger was shown riding her seat out of her Crane cockpit, and she would then be in the Megazord cockpit, located lower down in the Crane, which served as the head of the Megazord.

    - Phrases used as Pink Ranger rides seat into cockpit
    MMPR: The Movie Kim: "Nice stereo!"

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