- foot soldiers from Simudeck turned real in freak accident
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First Appearance: 603-SOSh
Last Appearance: (conglomerate) 840-FLs2
Pictures: Craterite, close-up, Craterites (shown at right), Craterite leader, Craterite conglomerate


  • On their journey to Earth, Andros, Cassie, and Carlos watched as morphed Ashley and T.J. fought Craterites, simulated opponents, in the Simudeck.
  • The Craterites were all purple beings with yellow stripes and contorted faces; they often wielded jagged swords.


  • T.J. and Ashley had DECA load the Craterite training simulation on the Simudeck.
  • When Andros asked for a damage report after lightning had struck the Megaship, DECA said moderate damage was detected and that possible computer malfunctions had occurred throughout the ship.
  • After a second strike, DECA said a security computer malfunction had occurred, and a third bolt caused the Simudeck's simulation to instantly vanish, but real Craterites then attacked T.J. and Ashley, with DECA reporting a computer failure and systems breach.
  • Despite the two Rangers' attempts to stop them, the Craterites pried open the Simudeck's door, slid down a ladder in a hallway, and eventually broke into the engine room, where they forced open the cargo bay doors and leapt out one at a time.
  • Huge numbers of Craterites, what T.J. figured to be thousands, were then parachuting down into Angel Grove after escaping from the Megaship.
  • Some time later, young Patrick woke up and looked out his window to see large numbers of people moving things, such as large, long boxes, from trucks and through the street in a mysterious operation of some sort; frightened, Patrick jumped under his covers.
  • The next morning, Andros said the Craterites were programmed for one purpose: to hunt Power Rangers, and they were hiding somewhere in the city in wait for the Rangers.
  • Looking into his neighbor's apartment through the window, young Patrick saw (apparently in a mirror) Craterites dressed as a mother and father preparing their daughter (a small Craterite) for school; Patrick was terrified and ran out of the apartment hallway onto the sidewalk, where he saw every person around him as a Craterite, most likely just due to his overactive imagination.
  • Apparently after school had let out, Patrick ran to a plaza of normal-looking people, where he found Officer Hemming talking to a woman who then left; while Patrick described what he'd seen to Officer Hemming, both of them looked into the patrol car's side mirror, in which Officer Hemming could be seen to be a Craterite as well.
  • The officer slowly looked back at Patrick and asked sinisterly, "What'd you see next door, Patrick?" making Patrick back away and run off, after which the disguised Craterite chuckled evilly and shut the door of the patrol car, in which the real Officer Hemming was tied up without his hat.
  • The teens' AmScanners were unable to detect the disguised Craterites.
  • At an industrial park, Ashley exchanged glances with a worker who growled at her, and she suddenly realized the van nearby was shaking; she opened the van to discover an identical worker tied up, at which point the workers waved their arms and shimmered into Craterites to confront Andros, T.J., and Ashley.
  • To fight the five morphed Rangers, the Craterites now wielded their swords.
  • These Craterites soon retreated, but more were at the beach, where the Rangers fought them as well, soon defeating them with their weapons .
  • Downtown, an enormous mob of thousands of Craterites or quite possibly more, with hundreds on the balconies of a long building, cheered excitedly as a leader Craterite with a black head, boots, and gloves (rather than purple head and white boots and gloves) stood somewhere high and addressed them with a burbling nonsense voice.
  • As the Pink and Red Rangers were leading Patrick away from his apartment, they were confronted by the impostor Officer Hemming, who shimmered into a Craterite and called in more Craterites to chase them.
  • Once Patrick's mom had driven away with Patrick safely in the car, the two Rangers ran into the woods, where they were chased by more Craterites, then surrounded by yet another large group.
  • When Andros was being grappled by numerous Craterites, Cassie shot a beam of pink energy waves from her Satellite Stunner which knocked out all of the Craterites around Andros, leaving Andros unharmed.
  • The two Rangers stood back-to-back blasting Craterites with their Astro Blasters, but the horde kept coming even when some fell.
  • The leader Craterite walked up from the horde; Andros didn't know who it was.
  • The leader held out his hands and shot two large fireballs from them at the two Rangers; he then laughed evilly and used telekinesis to drag the Rangers across the ground to him; then choked them and electrocuted them with purple electricity, then finally threw them back and approached them with a hand out while laughing evilly until being knocked back by the other Rangers.
  • Carlos handed Andros the Spiral Saber, telling him DECA had reprogrammed it off the data from the Simudeck.
  • Andros concluded that as long as the Craterites hadn't mutated, it should work, but the Spiral Saber's Booster Mode blast failed to destroy them.
  • The leader roared, and the horde of Craterites piled onto him; a giant conglomerate Craterite then arose, composed of hundreds if not thousands of Craterites.
  • Fighting the conglomerate, the Megazord plunged a knifehand jab into the Craterite's midsection, but the hole, going all the way through him, re-formed as he laughed.
  • The Megazord shot several blue energy beams from the Astro Megazord Blaster at various points on the giant Craterite, but its blasts only knocked off a handful of unconscious Craterites.
  • Using Ashley's idea, Andros then carefully aimed at the black head of the leader Craterite within the conglomerate's chest and fired a blue energy beam; with the leader destroyed, the conglomerate exploded without falling over.


  • The Craterite conglomerate, now man-sized rather than giant, was among Rita and Zedd's army on a planet in the Vica Galaxy. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")


  • The now human-sized Craterite conglomerate was among the assorted monsters in the Shadow World's underground tomb.

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