Cryogenic Detainment Tower
- tower originally part of Funaro Maximum Security Prison in the year 3000 (until 901-Fut1 and presumably again since 1024-RFF1), hijacked by Ransik's gang and transported back to 2001 on the outskirts of Silver Hills (902-Fut2 through 940-EOT3); main storage facility of all Chrono-Frozen mutant criminals
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First Appearance: 901-Fut1
Last Appearance: 1024-RFF1
See Also: Funaro Maximum Security Prison, Reanimator


  • At the very top of an alien skyscraper-like precipice on the island-based Funaro Maximum Security Prison, the Cryogenic Detainment Tower was shaped like a large mushroom, with three small discs on the front and back along the edge where the underside met the roof.
  • Inside the main room of the tower, above the vertical-barred entry door was "TF-36" in white lettering, and in the sparsely-lit wallway that led to it, was "TF-36" and "Maximum Security" in black. Presumably, this meant it was the thirty-sixth level of the prison itself.
  • The were about five Time Force riot-geared guards stationed about the room, with an extra one leading in the Mohawked Mutant on a chain.
  • Mutant prisoners being prepared for Chrono-Freezing were brought in with bulky metal square-linked handcuffs, which were attached to a heavily-connected rope which the guard held on to.
  • Six rows of three microwave-sized freezer compartments each are featured on the wall to the right of the entry door, which was to the left of the alcove with the Reanimator in it.
  • A male voice announced throughout the room, "Send in next prisoner for cryogenic detainment!"
  • At the near-center of the room, was a silver & beige circular console, resembling the one used to create the Turbo Powers in 500-TPRM and the one located at the Ganymede base in 617-RMVy.
  • The Reanimator Chamber, which was within an alcove at the back center of the room, poured mist out onto the floor.
  • A guard placed the newly Chrono-Frozen Mohawked Mutant into a Chrono-Capsule, and set it in one of the 18 freezer compartments to the left of the Reanimator, the sixth across and second down. He pulled on the handle, lifting the door up and open, and stuck the capsule to the right of another already there, within the visibly cold compartment. He gloated, "Now to put ya on ice with all the other tough guys! Hehehe.", before closing it back down.
  • Two more guards next entered the room, leading Gluto into it.
  • The Reanimator-chamber's door closed around Gluto, and the guard at the control panel prepared to shrink him down, only to be struck in the back by a pinkish boltblast from Nadira's Chrono-Blaster. Two more guards already laid at her feet, as she then shot down two more.
  • One guard she thought she had already taken out awoke, and reached for the center console, groaning. He pressed a small white square button in a pink section of the console, setting off the alarm alert button, just before Nadira noticed and shot him in the back. The sirens blared loudly, sending a Code Red distress call to Time Force Headquarters.
  • None of the guards would be seen nor mentioned again, either implying the assault left them unconcious and they were drug off between scenes, or the blasts were fatal and their bodies were disposed of elsewhere.
  • Nadira whined, "Let's get out of here, daddy. It's so depressing!" Ransik chuckled, gave her a quick peck on the lips, and informed her they would very soon, even though the room would be their base of operations from then on out.
  • Frax placed the time device atop the center console platform, in a round notch which it fit perfectly, and soon caused it to light up. It would remain there for the remainder of the series.
  • Ransik noticed the sudden activation of a Holoscreen, which was set up on a marble block just in front of the freezer compartments. On it, was the Red Ranger, already morphed and heading up the stairs to the landing pad, with his Chrono-Saber drawn.
  • After killing Alex and teleporting up to the hallway, Ransik reentered the tower's main room, and suspiciously commented about his victory, "That was far too easy!"
  • Upon prompting by his master, Frax announced, "Time warp initiating!", and pressed the same button on the console as the guard had to signal a Code Red alarm earlier.
  • The time device atop it shone brightly and audibly, releasing a vibrating warp-wave, indicative of the building being sucked through a time hole.
  • The tower, top to base of its upper foundation, was warped out of time in a bodily ripple that caused the tower to vanish from the bottom up, leaving behind merely a small waft of smoke from the place on the prison it had formally be attached to.

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