Cultural allusions
- Power Rangers references to real-life people, events, or concepts
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  • In this episode and in 104-PrEn, Alpha held what looked like a teddy bear with a robotic head; in real life, teddy bears were first created in the year 1902, records indicate, and their popularity was primarily (if not totally) due to President Theodore Roosevelt's refusal to shoot a tied-up bear cub for sport. (Source: Submitted by ReGenesis)


  • Rita alluded to the Pied Piper.


  • Ernie said the Power Rangers would do for Angel Grove what Batman had done for Gotham City.


  • There was a D.A.R.E. sticker on the wall of the Youth Center's locker hallway. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")


  • Billy had what looked like a picture of Albert Einstein inside his locker at school.


  • Zack's full name was Zachary Taylor; the reader will note that in real life, the twelfth president of the United States was named Zachary Taylor.


  • When Miss Appleby asked if anyone could remember from Aisha's report who the father of television was, Bulk answered "Captain Kangaroo."
  • Squatt said Zedd was bigger than Elvis in his stardom.


  • Young Bulk had told young Skull that the Boogeyman didn't exist.


  • Pondering Miss Appleby's assignment to write about a time period in which he would like to have lived, Billy said he would like to have lived in the thirties and be Albert Einstein's assistant.


  • Grumble the Elf alluded to Robin Hood as the Putties stole the toys.


  • Grumble made a Dr. Seuss reference.


  • During Bulk and Skull's training for the Junior Police Patrol, Skull wondered why they couldn't have joined the Boy Scouts instead.


  • Tommy made an Addams Family reference when Rita and Rito appeared in the park.


  • Referring to a giant gorilla, Finster mentioned "King What's-his-name."


  • The bumper on Lt. Stone's car had a D.A.R.E. sticker on it.


  • The bumper on the kids' schoolbus in the simulated past (see "Orb of Doom") had a D.A.R.E. sticker on it. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")


  • Young Skull wondered whether the Aquitian Rangers could beat Darth Vader, or a Klingon, or Dracula.
  • Young Skull asked the Aquitians if they'd ever met Captain Kirk.


  • Trying to think of places that had the sophisticated equipment necessary to complete his crystal transformer invention, Billy listed NASA and MIT but said they were too far away; this was still in the past.


  • Shawn was nicknamed the "Sultan of Swat," and Adam acknowledged that it was Babe Ruth's nickname as well.


  • At Angel Grove Pines to sabotage warning signs, three silver Cogs carried snowboards and wore odd snowboarding hats bearing the designs of the generic "Gray" type of alien.


  • To remove the perfume smell from the model he was with, Skull used a huge barrel of tomato juice, a trick he'd seen on an old rerun of The Partridge Family.


  • Studying Greek mythology, Kat and Tanya decided to do a ballet about the story of King Midas.
  • When Bulk and Skull laughed at Jason and Adam doing ballet for Kat and Tanya's ballet, Tanya named Patrick Swayze, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Gene Kelley as masculine dancers.


  • Delphine said that the Aquitians' Eternal Falls were like the humans' legendary Fountain of Youth.


  • While his brain was scrambled, Skull spoke in a Spanish accent, calling himself Antonio Montana, a reference to Al Pacino's role in the movie Scarface. (Source: Submitted by Derik Smith)
  • Tanya joked that the Ghost Galleon wasn't the Love Boat; Justin didn't catch the reference.


  • Watching the Rangers hunt for a detonator, Divatox laughed that they couldn't find pointy ears at a Star Trek convention.


  • Amused that Visceron had been blown up while fighting the Rangers, Divatox asked, "Isn't it ironic?"; Elgar replied to the camera, "Oh yeah. Don't you think, kids?", alluding to the Alanis Morissette song "Ironic."


  • Elgar wore Rygog's large torso armor, doing an Elvis impression; further Elvis allusions were Adam's distraction of a Piranhatron in 509-WLie, Elgar's comparison of Griller to Elvis in 513-Cars, and Elgar's distraction of the Rangers in 533-FIYT.


  • Cassie had wanted to be like Tina Turner rather than T.J.'s dream of being a Power Ranger.


  • Divatox alluded to Aladdin's three wishes.


  • The Earthen teens were surprised to learn that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were real.


  • The four teens left the Megaship without Andros to check out a planet in the Dagobah system for a few hours; in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, the Dagobah system was where Luke Skywalker was sent by the spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi to train with Yoda.


  • In the Surf Spot, Carlos was playing a WWF arcade game.


  • The uniforms and gear worn by Terra Venture soldiers were nearly identical to those featured in the movie Starship Troopers.


  • Somewhere between the Milky Way and the Eurolean Galaxy was a large, rapidly moving meteoroid field which impacted with a planet with yellow continents and white "oceans," blowing the planet up.
  • A GSA report gave the coordinates of the meteoroid field as, "[ten zero] eleven zero zero by zero two from galactic zero," in the constellation of Kasterborus; in Doctor Who, this was actually the location of the planet Gallifrey, the cradle of the oldest civilization in the galaxy, and the home planet of the Time Lords and the Doctor himself.


  • Numerous monster battles in Mariner Bay would take place in a storage area of giant metal crates, many of which were clearly labeled "Hyundai."


  • A Coca Cola machine could be seen beside the ice machine from which Earl refilled his fuel cell box.

    Pilot Episode

  • The Saban cartoon Samurai Pizza Cats was on TV when the live coverage from the moon broke in. (Source: Brent Crane)
  • After Alpha and Zoltar had introduced themselves, Zack mockingly said he was a Ninja Turtle.

    MMPR fan club video

  • Asked who her superhero was, Trini chose Wonder Woman, since she was a female superhero she could identify with.
  • On the topic of music, Zack mentioned liking Elton John and Billy Joel.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • There was an IBM skyscraper in downtown Angel Grove.
  • Fred Kelman wore a Nike "Air Jordan" cap.
  • During his six thousand year imprisonment, Ivan Ooze had been aware of the passage of history, including the Renaissance, the Black Plague, the Spanish Inquisition, and the Brady Bunch reunion.
  • Driving up to his house, Mr. Kelman was listening to "SenSurround" by They Might Be Giants.
  • There was a "Gowings" sign in downtown Angel Grove; this is actually a clothing store in Australia (Melbourne and Sydney, to be exact).

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