- Zack Taylor's cousin
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First Appearance: 212-GNM1
Last Appearance: 220-OpAt


  • Zack's cousin Curtis came to Angel Grove and was dancing at the bottom of the steps in Angel Grove High to music from his boom box, showing off to a crowd.
  • Curtis wore blue.
  • Curtis had just moved to Angel Grove from out of town.
  • Richie and Curtis quickly became friends and went to talk about Angel Grove over lunch.


  • Curtis wore a black, blue, purple, and white jacket.
  • Curtis was going to perform in a jazz concert.
  • Curtis was a good trumpet player.
  • Curtis said his trumpet was still on the moving van somewhere between Angel Grove and St. Louis.
  • Curtis asked Zack if he still had their uncle Ed's old trumpet in the attic; he did.
  • Zack let Curtis borrow their uncle Ed's old trumpet for Curtis's performance but told him to be careful with it, since it was a famous trumpet.
  • Jason and Trini were at the Juice Bar with Curtis as he waited for Zack to bring his trumpet.
  • Curtis wore a purplish dress shirt with khaki slacks for the performance.
  • After the teens gave the lost trumpet back to Curtis, Jason said a kid had claimed to have found it in the hall after a Power Ranger had left it there, but Curtis didn't believe the story.


  • Richie and Curtis were supposed to meet Billy and Zack in the park to go rollerblading, but they weren't there when Zack and Billy got beeped by Zordon.
  • Zack seemed to think Curtis was a ladies' man.
  • Curtis was wearing a dark, multicolored shirt with black shorts.
  • Putties chased Curtis and Richie through the park onto some playground equipment.
  • Zack fought Putties in front of Curtis and Richie.
  • Curtis wasn't familiar with the Putties, but Richie knew what they were because they were on the news all the time.
  • Curtis found Kim's mirror somewhere after Mirror Maniac had been destroyed.


  • Jason and Zack were in the park, playing football with Curtis "and a few of the others."
  • Curtis wore a gray shirt.


  • Richie and Curtis came into the Juice Bar together after Richie had won a karate trophy; Curtis wore a red shirt.


  • Curtis was standing with the teens at the Juice Bar, wearing a purple, black, and yellow shirt with black shorts.

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