Cyborg Rangers
- robotic replacements for LightspeedRangers (807-CybR)
Cyborg Rangers
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First Appearance: 807-CybR
Last Appearance: 807-CybR


  • As Strikning prepared to finish off the Lightspeed Rangers after stunning them with a lightning bolt, the monster was blasted by the approaching Cyborg Rangers' version of the Rescue Blasters, and the human Rangers awoke startled.
  • The Cyborg Rangers had Lightspeed Ranger suits, but with black boots, gloves, and belts, as well as a black vertical helmet stripe, red-sigil gold buckles, but white horizontal helmet stripes.
  • The Cyborgs whirred loudly whenever they moved.
  • On the Cyborgs' chest was a silver pack, and from their head was a black horn-like antenna.
  • Miss Fairweather, Mitchell, and Aquabase personnel, watching on monitors, were all baffled upon seeing the Cyborg Rangers; new Rangers was news to the teens, including Dana.
  • The Cyborgs fought with incredible strength and reflexes, like clockwork.
  • When Strikning retreated, the human Rangers cheerfully met the Cyborgs, but the robots ignored them and walked off.
  • Nearby was a black Humvee bearing a red and gold version of the Lightspeed sigil, by which stood three people in suits and gray trenchcoats; among them was the smug, balding Dr. Harlen, who held strapped around his neck by his stomach a bulky remote device with a black joystick.
  • Harlen smugly greeted the Rangers, telling them the title of the Cyborg Rangers which made the Rangers realize they were robots.
  • Harlen flipped switches on his remote, making the Cyborgs stiffen, then told the Cyborgs to "return to base," causing them to pile uncomfortably into the cramped rear of the black Humvee as Harlen moved the joystick slightly.
  • The Cyborgs soon entered the Transport Bay followed by Dr. Harlen as General McKnight relieved the teens of their duties.
  • In the lab later, Miss Fairweather tended to the standing Cyborgs as they had twinkling tubes connected to their chests as a readout read, "Units recharged."; Dr. Harlen was not present.
  • McKnight listed some of their specifications: "Platinum alloy skin, night vision, heat-sensitive targeting... Every millimeter programmed to perfection."
  • As Strikning later attacked another building downtown, the Cyborg Rangers appeared on the scene in mid-jump kick from green gridlines, and the black Humvee drove up.
  • As Strikning charged for Dr. Harlen, he called out for the Cyborgs to stop the attacker; picking up the command via their antennae, the Cyborgs fought like clockwork.
  • Working a tiny joystick on the right side of his remote, Harlen ordered the Cyborg Rangers to attack.
  • As the Cyborgs utterly pounded Strikning, Harlen triumphantly called for them to use their Cyborg Rescue Blasters, identical to the Lightspeed Rangers' blasters but without the "Power Rangers" label on the barrels.
  • To halt the Cyborgs, the monster shot his spikes into the ground at their feet, and lightning struck, causing a huge explosion which dropped the Cyborgs, and Strikning vanished laughing.
  • As Dr. Harlen crouched by the Cyborgs worriedly, seemingly unsure what to do, they suddenly got up despite sparking burnt patches, and Harlen said in astonishment that they were all right.
  • As Harlen reached for a sparking hole on Red's arm, the five Cyborgs turned and lurched toward him, making him recoil in horror; they discarded their Rescue Blasters as they turned.
  • As the three men retreated toward the Humvee, Harlen repeatedly ordered them to stop and return to base, but they kept approaching.
  • McKnight asked what they were doing, and Miss Fairweather replied their circuitry was fried and that the general had to stop them.
  • A bit detached, McKnight uttered that this couldn't happen, saying they had tested them over and over; Mitchell radioed for Dr. Harlen to activate self-destruct, which he eagerly tried on the remote's "Emergency Self Destruct Switch," but it wouldn't work, and the three scientists fled in terror.
  • The scientists rounded a corner, but the "male" Cyborgs broke through the wall, and the three fleeing men were blasted out of a building with an explosion by the "females," then surrounded by the others.
  • Carter suddenly leapt in and pulled Dr. Harlen aside, the teens helping the scientists.
  • Carter kicked the Red Cyborg, making him fall, but he got up with his visor apparently cracked and transparent, revealing the rebreather within but also wiring and circuitry in place of a face.
  • In a robot voice, Red spoke, "Human Rangers are no match for Cyborg Rangers. You will all be terminated."; Harlen woefully agreed nothing could stop them.
  • Fighting the Pink Cyborg, morphed Dana backed up with a hurt arm, at which point Pink, lacking her blaster, generated a gold energy sphere from her chest and projected it.
  • A blast in the chest from Dana's Rescue Blaster caused Pink to collapse.
  • Chad kick-fought Blue but recoiled painfully holding his shin, saying it was like kicking a steel door.
  • As they fought, Green elbowed Joel and grabbed his blaster from his holster, but Joel kicked it away.
  • As both lunged for the blaster, Joel grabbed it, flipping through the air and delivering numerous blasts to Green's chest which dropped the Cyborg.
  • Kelsey's blasts to Yellow's chest caused her to fall as well.
  • Chad successfully kick-fought Blue, sweeping him onto his back where he died out.
  • Carter fought Red with his baton before slashing him across the chest, then twirled it in blaster mode and fired to the chest twice, making the Cyborg's face and robotic arm "flesh" explode off (revealing a skeletal arm rod), then leg "flesh" as the robot fell apart into pieces.

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