- robotic drone companions in the year 3000 created by Dr. Louis Ferricks; converted into Ransik's evil footsoldiers by Frax
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First Appearance: 901-Fut1
Last Appearance: 940-EOT3


  • At least one bronze-suited Cyclobot was visible among a small group of humans in Millennium City, appearing to be used a helper robot.
  • As Ransik prepared to time travel in the warehouse, Cyclobots marched about in the background.
  • Cyclobots had golden metal heads, with rivets in several places, and one large round piece of glass sunken in the center where their face would be. Their bodies had white circuitry imprinted upon their spandex-like skin, which came in two colors: shiny bronze or bland copper.
  • When the Red Ranger made his entrance in the warehouse, the Cyclobots held their sabers horizontally like rifles, aiming them at Alex.
  • The Cyclobots' sabers were shaped similar to large butterknives, gold centered with a green block and several spots, and the thick blades white.
  • While Ransik and Alex fought, the Cyclobots remained idle on the sidelines.
  • Captain Logan ordered all units of the attack teams to get inside the warehouse and secure the interior, likely to deal with any remaining Cyclobots.

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