- Goldar's Warzord (139-Ddy1 through 140-Ddy2)
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First Appearance: 139-Ddy1
Last Appearance: 140-Ddy2
Pictures: Cyclopsis (shown at right), cockpit


  • To finish off the Rangers, Rita, with her altar and candles out, used all of her power to activate Goldar's Zord Cyclopsis.
  • Goldar referred to Cyclopsis as his "Battlezord."
  • For Rita to power Cyclopsis, the palace had to be close to the Earth.
  • Once her palace was in downtown Angel Grove, Rita used a red energy beam to bring Cyclopsis up from beneath the ground.
  • Goldar piloted Cyclopsis from the cockpit within its head.
  • Zordon referred to Cyclopsis as Goldar's "Warzord."
  • Zordon and Alpha had encountered Cyclopsis ten thousand years ago.
  • Alpha referred to Cyclopsis as "this monster."
  • Cyclopsis had a panel of cannons in each breastplate area.
  • Cyclopsis could fire red energy bolts from various places on its body which would light up white as they fired.
  • Cyclopsis could fire a space-rippling orange energy beam which may have been fired from its head horn.
  • Cyclopsis had a telekinetic power which caused the nearby buildings to glow red.
  • After lifting the Megazord, Goldar turned left in his cockpit, but Cyclopsis turned right.
  • Cyclopsis apparently reflected back the Tyrannosaurus's own ground blast.
  • Cyclopsis threw the Dragonzord Battle Mode's cranial blast back at the Zords.
  • Cyclopsis could launch its forearms and then electrocute its victim with blue energy through the cables connecting the arms to the body.
  • The Ultrazord blasts destroyed Cyclopsis, but Lokar soon rebuilt the Warzord.
  • After summoning Lokar, Rita used Lokar's power to recreate Cyclopsis with yellow energy bolts and red and green fire clouds.


  • Zordon said that Cyclopsis was one of Rita's most terrifying creations; she hadn't brought "him" out in over ten thousand years.
  • Cyclopsis could combine blue, red, and orange energy from its three head horns to fire a single yellow sphere of energy.
  • Cyclopsis had a long retractible blade in each forearm; the Warzord used these blades to chop off the Megazord's left arm and sever Dragonzord's tail.
  • Cyclopsis would adjust to whatever it was fighting and become weakened as it tried to adjust to quick changes.
  • After Alpha had obtained access to Rita's databank and discovered Cyclopsis's weakness toward quick configuration changes, Dragonzord's tail (now restored) broke Cyclopsis's arm blades.
  • Cyclopsis's onboard computer had the same robot voice as the Megazord; it announced to Goldar: "Overload, overload. Too many changes. System locked."
  • The Ultrazord blasts destroyed Cyclopsis again, but this time the Warzord stayed destroyed.

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