- former Terra Venture mechanic, currently living on Mirinoi (since 745-End3)
- former Green Galaxy Ranger (702-QsQ2 through 745-End3, also 822-TrR2)
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Full Name: Damon Henderson (702-QsQ2)
First Appearance: 702-QsQ2
Last Appearance: 822-TrR2


  • Some time after 643-CTD2, the Megaship was aboard Terra Venture and had been converted into a museum; DECA was the announcer, and Alpha was a tour guide.
  • After Kai had come in and ushered everyone out of the Megaship, Alpha asked what was going on; Kai uninformatively replied that the ship was being recommissioned for a special top secret assignment, flashing a GSA ID card.
  • Alpha asked if that meant what he thought it meant, and Kai replied affirmatively that she was going to fly again; Damon, now standing in the doorway, thought it was a joke.
  • Damon wore a green suit with an open green shirt which buttoned down a bit, with a zipper the rest of the way, with a white shirt underneath, and without any Terra Venture badges.
  • Damon frequently wore a toolbelt and almost always had a grease smear somewhere on his face.
  • When asked who he was, Damon replied that he was Damon Henderson, "the mechanic around here" (apparently meaning the Megaship).
  • Damon said he knew the Megaship inside and out and insisted that it was a museum and not a spaceship, yet why he didn't yet have any Terra Venture badges on his suit is unknown, as the Megaship had flown into Terra Venture and yet had apparently not flown for years.
  • Alpha added that no one had told him about any secret mission; skeptical of the supposed GSA mission, Damon asked for Kai's orders, forcing Kai to admit that he didn't have any.
  • Kai said his friends had flown through a dimensional portal to save another world, but the portal had closed; Damon began to leave, not believing him.
  • Kai said the Megaship was the only craft that had a chance of making it through, adding that if he couldn't save his friends, then they were gone forever.
  • Kai needed Damon's help, saying the Megaship had flown in there (Terra Venture) and it now had to fly out, but Damon doubted it could even get off the ground.
  • After Damon had walked out, Kai tried to start the engines despite Alpha's reluctance, but the monitors turned to static and the lights flickered as the engines warmed up; alarms blared and doors opened and closed.
  • Alpha warned Kai he was overheating the accelerators and that he had to maintain power; Kai agreed but didn't know how.
  • After watching with amusement from the door for a moment, Damon took over, instantly stabilizing things; he had Alpha apply power to the starboard 20%, and Alpha did so from center rear.
  • Damon then told DECA to shut down all auxiliary systems and kick the birds out of the exhaust ports, and she agreed.
  • Damon had Kai step back and leave this to the pro.
  • The Megaship lifted off inside the large Convention Center and apparently burst out through the roof, with debris falling off the ship after it had risen from the building.
  • The Megaship drifted and bumped its front into a building, but soon corrected; Damon said she was a little groggy, but she was waking up, and the Megaship then flew off into the sky.
  • Some time later, Kai spotted a portal on the viewscreen, saying it was just like the ones his friends had entered.
  • When Kai asked Alpha if the ship would survive the energy flux, Damon was upset that he'd waited until they'd gotten "this far" to ask if they'd survive, but he adjusted something near "Operations & Safety" and grudgingly resumed control.
  • Damon and Kai soon arrived in the Mirinoite village to help the others against Furio and Stingwingers.
  • When the teens pulled the Quasar Sabers to fight Furio, Damon pulled the Green Galaxy Ranger's Condor saber.


  • Days or weeks later, after all civilians had obtained Terra Venture uniforms, Damon now had a Terra Venture badge on the left breast of his green coveralls and a green-striped oval badge on the right breast.
  • Apparently having been called by Leo and Maya, Damon walked with them.
  • Leo asked if the Megaship was ready to go, and as they walked through a GSA hallway led by Maya, Damon replied that the Megaship was ready but that the navigations were all down.
  • As the three teens came to a restricted airlock secretly leading into the Megaship in the docking bay, Maya entered a quick code onto the keypad, opening the door.
  • Damon wasn't sure if the engines would come online, even if Maya could find the planet, so he went to the engine room and soon had the hyper accelerators online.
  • Joining Leo and Maya on the bridge, Damon told them they didn't know how lucky they were to have him around.
  • Trying to use a small scanner on the planet to which Maya had led them, Damon remarked that the thing needed some instructions; he soon locked onto something, but Maya had already sensed the right direction.
  • When the teens came to a clearing where the Galactabeasts were being held by Stingwingers in five giant cages, Damon was reluctant, saying they didn't sound friendly.
  • Leo said they needed a distraction, so Maya went in to draw the Stingwingers away, making Damon think she was crazy.
  • Later, after the Rangers had freed the giant Galactabeasts, Damon cowered behind Maya, wondering if the creatures were going to eat them, but Maya laughed that there was nothing to worry about.
  • In the guys' room, Damon did a card trick for Leo, betting him that he'd do the dishes if Leo found the queen; he lost when Leo found the queen in his shirt pocket.


  • In each GSA dormitory was a computer terminal; the computer, at least when used by Damon, could access scanners and presumably other internal systems aboard Terra Venture.


  • When the engines suddenly died out one day, Damon was working on a monitor in a GSA hallway when Kai and three guards ran past him; interested, he followed.
  • After trying a security code and swiping his security card at the Navigations door, Kai prepared to blast the door panel with a guard's blaster.
  • Arriving, Damon pulled the blaster away, telling Kai, "Hold on, cowboy," since he would have to fix it afterward; he then easily tampered with the door panel and opened the door, revealing the stowaway Matthew.
  • In a GSA room, Matthew waited nervously at a table with Kai, two more blue officers, and Damon, who sat across from him.
  • With Stanton's interrogation not working, Damon gently pointed out that Matthew didn't even have a uniform, and he doubted whether Matthew ever had an ID card; Matthew then admitted he was a stowaway and wanted to go home, but Stanton wouldn't turn the ship around.
  • Later, Damon drove up to an outdoor transformer panel, with Matthew dressed in a green suit identical to his.
  • As they got out white protective suits to put on, Damon explained that Matthew had to learn something other than hacking into computers.
  • Matthew asked Damon whether he'd left his family on Earth, and Damon had; when asked if he missed them, Damon replied that he did every day.
  • While Damon was teaching Matthew how to replace liquid cylinders inside the transformer panels, Damon heard the warble beep of his Transmorpher, and he told Matthew he'd be right back; Matthew thought he could do all right on his own.
  • Later, when the Rangers entered Command Headquarters where Matthew had stopped Furio's elevator before passing out from Gasser's gas, morphed Damon cradled Matthew, calling him by name, and Matthew groaned that he'd tried to stop them from taking over.
  • Damon told Matthew he'd done a great job as the boy passed out again.


  • After Furio and armored Trakeena had shown Leo an unconscious Mike (actually Mutantrum in disguise), Leo raced after the villains and was soon watching them from some trees.
  • Before Leo could rush in, Kai, with the others, stopped him; Maya had a plan and made Damon act as the decoy.
  • Walking up, Damon spoke with the villains, hoping no one attacked him, and the villains charged, at which point the four Rangers morphed and fought the villains; meanwhile, morphed Leo freed "Mike."
  • In the guys' room after Mutantrum had been destroyed, Kai cooked chocolate chip cookie balls while the teens talked about the Lights of Orion; Damon sneakily ate an uncooked ball, insisting it was better raw.


  • Walking up to the stable where Maya was brushing two horses, Damon and Leo were impressed with Maya's way with animals.
  • Maya needed help exercising the horses and was amused when the guys tried to excuse themselves; she had them toss a coin, but Damon privately refused, agreeing to cook dinner for a week, so Leo ended up nervously helping Maya exercise the two horses.


  • In the girls' room, Leo prepared a pile of wrapped gifts, and Kendrix iced a cake in preparation for a surprise birthday party for Damon; he'd thought they'd all forgotten his birthday.
  • That night, Damon sleepily went from the elevator to the door of the guys' room; inside, the lights came on as the four teens threw him a surprise party.
  • Damon was stunned they'd remembered, calling them the best.


  • Damon appeared to sleep in a green t-shirt.
  • In his normal green suit on the Megaship, Damon had a black undershirt rather than white on this occasion.


  • When Terra Venture was attacked by the Scorpion Stinger, the five teens would meet up outside the administration building downtown; Damon, having come from an unknown source, told the teens that the ship would be dead in two or three hours, startling Kai, who had come from Command Headquarters.


  • After Mike had become the Magna Defender, Damon joked that a bull wasn't nearly as cool as a Condor, and Torozord above roared in response.


  • Following Trakeena's unmasking after her escapade in the form of the stunning Tracy, Mike did a magic trick for the guys by holding a red handkerchief in his hand, then making it vanish; Damon was mystified.
  • Leo said it was all an illusion, and pulling the handkerchief from Damon's shirt, he said it was like Trakeena, saying her beauty was an illusion.


  • On a street, Kai was livid over his car being broken down, as dinner was on the stove; under the car, Damon fixed and improved the car by replacing the terminals.
  • As Damon drove the car, a spark explosion erupted in its rear, Deviot having shot his cannon from a ledge above; they would morph but would quickly be defeated and abducted to Deviot's planet.
  • The two awoke wearing electronic cuffs which forced them to fight each other to exhaustion.
  • As Damon and Kai continued fighting after a bit of rest, the meter rose up to the yellow section; as it neared the red section, Damon managed to take Kai's Quasar Saber and was preparing to stab him with both sabers as Kai was on the ground.
  • Deviot shouted for Damon to destroy him, saying Kai's destruction would mean Deviot's domination, turning up the dial beyond 10, but Damon clutched his head, having dropped one Quasar Saber.
  • Kai pleaded Damon to fight it, but, drawing his saber back, Damon apologized; as he swung, the saber flew from his hand, impaling the control apparatus and destroying it.
  • Beside a beach in a dome, perhaps the Ocean Dome, the weary Kai and Damon ran over a hillside from Stingwingers and Deviot, apparently having teleported from Deviot's planet.
  • As they were aided by the other Rangers against Deviot, Kai and Damon were still exhausted, but they held their own, insisting they were fine.


  • As the three morphed guys, on their Astro Cycles to stop Deviot's evil Zords, were blasted from above by Stingwingers, Damon was knocked off his bike and attacked by Stingwingers but had the other two keep going as he was being pounded.


  • After Scorpius's destruction, Damon suggested that Kai now had enough time to teach him how to cook, but Kai joked that he didn't think there would ever be enough time for that.
  • As Kendrix was on the verge of tears after being stood up by Maya and her old friend Shondra for dinner in the girls' room, Damon didn't see why they all had to starve, but Kendrix sadly replied she wasn't hungry, and Leo and Kai excused themselves and Damon, trying to cheerfully tell her goodnight.


  • Two guards accompanied High Councilor Renier, Councilor Brody, and Commander Stanton as they walked down a GSA hallway discussing an approaching meteoroid field; they passed Damon, who was working on a wall terminal in the hall.
  • When Damon went to return a report Renier had dropped, the two guards grappled him, but Renier told them it wasn't against the law to be polite, thanking Damon; he was embarrassed as she smirked at the greasy fingerprints he'd left on the paper.
  • Soon walking out of a building with his toolbox, Damon suddenly caught sight of the councilors' guards struggling to protect Renier and Brody from Stingwingers; out of sight, Damon morphed and leapt in as the Green Ranger.
  • Damon fought off Stingwingers and Cannonbrawl as the guards rushed the councilors away, but Stingwingers managed to grapple High Councilor Renier, and a blast from Cannonbrawl teleported Renier away.
  • Damon wanted to know where Renier had gone, but the villains vanished, leaving Damon to collapse on his knees over Renier's dropped papers, crumpling one in despair.
  • Later, Maya and Leo followed the upset Damon through the plaza as the GSA was searching for Renier
  • Just then, a transmission from Trakeena tuned in to monitors all over Terra Venture, demanding that they send her their best mechanic to repair her engines so she could escape the approaching meteor storm.
  • When Stanton asked about Renier, they were shown a shot of Renier held by Stingwingers, shouting desperately for Stanton not to do as Trakeena said, and Trakeena then gave Stanton ten minutes to make up his mind.
  • In the doorway of Command Headquarters, pushing his way through GSA officers, Damon said he would go, insisting that no one knew more about engines than he did; Stanton reluctantly agreed, having Kai and Mike prep the heliship quickly.
  • Stanton knew Damon by name, wishing him luck and shaking his hand.
  • During the flight, Damon sat alone in the heliship's rear bay, checking his toolbox, until Mike called him up front into the cockpit, where he was surprised to see Leo as Mike's copilot.
  • After the docking of the heliship, Stingwingers urgently led Damon through various areas of the Scorpion Stinger, including the massive Stingwinger hive, before bringing him to Trakeena's lair.
  • After Trakeena had been startled to realize he was the mechanic, she had Kegler and Deviot lead him to the large organic heart chamber, where he was stunned by the mess of machinery in the engine room, but he got to work armed only with his toolbox.
  • As Damon was working intently some time later, Leo called him over the Transmorpher to tell him to open Renier's cell door, and despite Kegler being nearby, Damon found the right wire in the controls and caused the cell door to pop open.
  • Later, as the meteor storm struck, Trakeena went to the engine room just as Damon was completing the repairs, and they all rushed back to the main lair, where Trakeena was relieved to learn from Kegler that they would be up and running in a few moments.
  • Damon began to leave, but Deviot blocked his way.
  • Suddenly, Villamax rushed in, reporting that Renier had escaped; Deviot prepared to blast Damon for ruining his plan, but the ship rumbled and the lights flickered, during which time Damon escaped and called for Mike and the heliship.
  • When Damon encountered Leo and Renier in a corridor, both parties fleeing for their lives, Renier was upset that Damon had come as well, having ordered him not to come.
  • As the three fled, their path was blocked by Cannonbrawl, who fired a blast which they dodged.
  • Damon attempted to fight the robot monster as Leo took Renier past them.
  • After beating Damon to the ground, Cannonbrawl followed Leo and Renier; in the heliship, Renier wanted to go back for Damon, whose name she knew, but Cannonbrawl blasted at the doorway.
  • Damon grabbed the monster's arm but was knocked against a wall, and Renier slung a metal case under the monster's foot, making him trip; Damon then leapt over the monster and sprayed it with a jet of steam from a nearby hose.
  • Once Damon was in, the heliship flew away, and all three were pleased to see Terra Venture ahead; after whooping with Leo, Damon went to give Renier a high-five, but she cleared her throat, making him calm down.
  • Soon after the crew had returned with Renier, armored Mike and the Rangers confronted Cannonbrawl, with Leo and Damon arriving a bit after the others.
  • Later, Damon was working on an outdoor fuse panel near a street with Leo's help when the councilors' two guards spoke their full names, and one then nodded to Renier, prompting her to meet up with Stanton and Brody.
  • Approaching with Leo, Damon predicted Renier would tell them they shouldn't have tried to save her, but she held up a finger to cut him off; meanwhile, a crowd began to gather.
  • Renier spoke, "When a life is in a jeopardy, we sometimes lose sight of what could happen when we dive in to save it. And sometimes we don't heed caution, (toward Stanton) or commands, for that matter. (back to Damon) It takes someone with great courage to think of another without expecting anything in return, and I hope you do the same if something like this should happen again."
  • Renier took a medal (identical to the one given to Matthew in 705-Hmsk) from the box Brody was holding and put it on Damon for his bravery, then another on Leo as well, and the audience clapped.
  • Renier told Damon to raise his hand, and he did so confusedly, allowing her to give him a cheerful high five.


  • Later, in the guys' room after Kai had been ordered to shut down two engines, Kai was so deep in thought while cooking that he completely burned his food before Leo and Damon pointed it out.
  • Kai had calculated that they would now drift into the star, but Damon just thought Kai hated being wrong.


  • In a Megaship bay after the guys' failed race against Motor Mantis, Damon worked on the Astro Cycles, taking out parts to work on.
  • Impatient about his own bike being fixed, Leo rudely told Damon just to get it working, even though that meant Damon would have to work on it all night, and despite the guys' warning against the danger and the monster's speed; Kai gave Damon a hand as Leo left.


  • In the Mountain Dome, Maya and Damon sparred on a mat outside as the others cheered; Damon knocked Maya down, but she eventually grappled him.


  • Temporarily invoking or mimicking Pink Ranger's Wildcat scratch and leap attacks, Damon stroked his morphed face like a cat cleaning itself and remarked that he could get used to this.


  • When Magnetox stole the powers of Damon and Mike, having already stolen Kai and Maya's powers, the monster prepared to finish them off, but demorphed Damon shoved him back against some bins with all of his strength, telling the others to run.
  • As they ran, Magnetox struck Damon across the back with his staff with a spark explosion, making Damon grimace and lifelessly collapse, but Maya ran back and carried him away as he was partially conscious.


  • Damon was working on a GSA-style wall panel wearing headphones when Karone ran down the hallway, dragging him away excitedly.
  • In the Comet Cafe, Karone dragged Damon up to the Job Postings board to read the flyer seeking a chief mechanic for the GSA.
  • Damon said he already had a job.
  • As Baxter and his GSA buddies mocked Damon, one calling him a grease jockey, Karone replied that Damon was going to come up with a device that would blow everyone away.
  • As Damon walked in the plaza, Karone asked what kind of device he was going to design, but he annoyedly asked her, as it was her idea.
  • Later as Karone and Damon walked past the Comet Cafe, Damon spoke of his ultrasonic transmitter being an asset to Terra Venture's defense to block the monster's signal if it attacked again.
  • That night, Damon was drawing up plans at 11:07pm when Karone casually came in checking on him; he said he'd rest after the deadline tomorrow, and she encouraged him and left.
  • By 1:27am, Damon was asleep, and Baxter sneaked up and took photos of the blueprints, with the flash on his camera somehow failing to wake Damon.
  • Damon woke up late, at 9:34am, and dashed off with his slightly incomplete plans, but he found that Stanton had already hired Baxter for his identical ultrasonic transmitter.
  • Damon and Karone ran up to the ceremony, and Damon started to present his plans, but identical plans were already on a display board, as he'd already hired Baxter for his ultrasonic transmitter, which he said was just the thing they'd need if the monster attacked again.
  • Karone started to protest, but Damon stomped her foot, congratulating Baxter calmly, telling him he must be really proud of himself, and Baxter awkwardly thanked him before Damon walked off.
  • When Karone asked why Damon hadn't said anything, Damon replied that if Baxter wanted the job badly enough to cheat, then he felt sorry for him, and he could have it.
  • Days later, in a heavily guarded GSA assembly area, Damon secretly confronted Baxter; Baxter shouted, asking how he'd gotten in there, but in a hushed tone, Damon told him he'd never finished the plans Baxter had copied, but Baxter was hostilely aloof.
  • Damon explained it could be dangerous, but Baxter blew him off.
  • Later, as the four Rangers attempted to fight Decibat on a rooftop, and the ultrasonic transmitter had begun to short out below, Damon ran up, calling out for Baxter to get back.
  • As Baxter frustratedly watched a meter rise to 100, Stanton had the others clear the area, and Damon leapt with Baxter away from the truck as the apparatus erupted with an explosion.
  • Afterward, Stanton firmly asked what had happened, and Baxter didn't know, angering Stanton, who reminded Baxter he'd designed it.
  • Baxter began to tell the truth about the designs, but Damon said Baxter needed more time and that maybe he could help; Stanton watched confusedly as Damon helped Baxter, telling him to bypass the burnt-out terminals on the panel.
  • When the blasting began again, Damon, his ears unprotected, fell off the truck clutching his head but yelled that Baxter could do it.
  • Baxter grabbed his headset and fired the dish, again stopping Decibat's soundwaves as the monster was knocked down, his speakers broken.
  • With a pleased Stanton approaching, Baxter told Damon he (Damon) had done it, but Damon said they'd done it.
  • Damon left, telling Baxter he thought he could handle it from here, immediately after which he joined the other Rangers in morphed form.
  • When the Rangers summoned their Orion armor, Decibat was nervous, saying he thought he'd be going now, but they proceeded to destroy him with their fireball anyway, on Damon's command.
  • With Damon as he worked on something in the workshop, Karone was galled that he'd let Baxter get away with it, but Damon said the funny thing was that Baxter was actually a pretty good guy.
  • Baxter walked up, having been looking for Damon to tell him he'd resigned with the made-up excuse that he thought the job would be too much work for him.
  • Baxter apologized for taking the job, and Damon told him to forget about it; Baxter told Damon he'd recommended him to Stanton for the position.


  • After a surge from the Galaxy Book had burned out every single power transformer in the city one night, workers in blue jumpsuits with yellow hardhats were on the scene, replacing the various transformers (as had been shown clearly in 705-Hmsk when Damon had been teaching Matthew a trade).
  • The workers' uniforms, or at least the one replicated by the Guardian, had a Terra Venture badge on the right breast and an oval badge on the left breast, a combination which had previously been exclusive to Damon's uniform.


  • On Mutiny's planet, wherever it had gone after vanishing in 737-GOTL, morphed Damon and Leo were running from a band of pursuing Swabbies before being surrounded and confronted by Deviot and Barbarax at the edge of a sloped cliff, where they were blasted off by Deviot.
  • Barbarax had the Swabbies get them and bring them back to the camp.
  • Later, unmorphed Leo and Damon, dirty with their undershirts sliced, had their hands chained up to a wooden structure in the desert with a Mutiny flag on it.
  • Deviot prepared to shoot them, but Barbarax made them wait until sunset for Captain Mutiny, who wanted to destroy them himself, and the villains left, with a few hours until sunset.
  • Damon joked that at least they'd get a good suntan before being destroyed.
  • Leo said the others would be right behind them, and Damon was pleased that he'd told them where they were going, but Leo said in frustration he'd told Damon to do so.
  • Damon chuckled, saying Leo was always in trouble, recalling his being a stowaway in 701-QsQ1.
  • After remembering his first encounter with Kai, Damon recalled the rush of pulling the Quasar Sabers, like they'd been struck by lightning.
  • After recalling Mike's fall and his being destined to become the Red Ranger instead, Leo laughed that if someone saw them now, no one would believe they were Rangers.
  • Some time later, the two had chapped lips and were weak from the sun.
  • As they recalled the Magna Defender's arrival, Damon imitated his throaty voice, saying he didn't have time for them, and he mentioned the warrior's 3,000 years of anger.
  • Later barely conscious, the two compared Scorpius, Trakeena, and Captain Mutiny; as they listed that Trakeena was evil and tough as nails, they both simultaneously added, "And cute," and laughed.
  • When Leo mentioned the Psychos being the worst, Damon mentioned the help they'd gotten from "some old friends," but the Space teens had not been "old friends."
  • After reviewing the Keonta spell and their encounters with Deviot and Captain Mutiny, the two realized it was sunset.
  • Before Mutiny could strike to execute them with his sword, Leo got in front of Damon, but Damon then took the front, causing Mutiny to reply that their heroics were bringing a tear to his one good eye.
  • As Mutiny prepared to strike, he was blasted as the other Rangers flew in on their Jet Jammers, and Karone sliced Leo and Damon free in passing, allowing them to morph.
  • After Rojomon's destruction, Damon thanked Leo for being willing to take the hit first, and Leo jokingly replied all the memories and sun had probably made him delirious, ducking a swat from Damon.


  • During an evacuation of a dome area, GSA teen Terry was unable to start her car when Damon pulled up and told a soldier he'd help out from there, causing the soldier to nod and leave.
  • Damon checked the battery cell box in the trunk and quickly found and fixed the problem, and Terry thanked him and introduced herself.
  • Later, Damon, alone, answered the door to the guys' room, having been drinking a red beverage, and received a bouquet of flowers which he was pleased to see had been sent by "the girls."
  • Damon sniffed the flowers and instantly became sleepy, curling up for a nap on Leo's bed since it was closer than his own.
  • In a dream, morphed Damon found himself by a swamp stream, and a chunk of earth rose up high before he fell off; as he fell, he summoned his Jet Jammer to catch him.
  • Suddenly, blue and gold lightning bolts struck the Jammer, sending it smoking in a dive, and it crashed, majorly wrecking it and apparently crushing Damon's legs in the front of the mangled vehicle.
  • After groaning from the wreck in the dream, Damon startled awake, briefly describing to Leo and Kai how real the dream had felt, as well as something blasting out his Jammer's engines, and he then fell back asleep mumbling about falling.
  • In the dream, morphed Kai joined Damon by the stream and was suddenly attacked by Swabbies for a while before the girls, and then Leo, joined them as well; they would awaken victorious later following Mike's destruction of Hexuba's crystal ball.
  • After the teens and Mike were all together, safe from the dream spell, Terry knocked on the open door with a bouquet, much like the other bouquets, as thanks to Damon for helping with her car.
  • Damon uneasily threw the flowers into the kitchen sink, and Maya explained he was allergic to flowers, saying they gave him nightmares, and the teens laughed.


  • The morning after the fuel reserved were found to be tainted, one cluster of engines, as well as two adjacent thin-cylinder engines, shut off.
  • Command Headquarters showed exhaust pressure climbing into the red.
  • Deep in the bowels of the colony, an enormous engine room with two side-by-side giant cone structures connected to the floor rumbled as blue hardhat workers scrambled around as an alarm buzzed.
  • Most workers had a yellow hardhat, but one with a white hardhat appeared to have badges like Damon's uniform; as the workers rushed around amidst spark explosions, Damon told the white-hat one to shut the fuel valves now, then told a yellow-hat to tighten the manifold and hurry and cool off the converters.
  • Damon was now apparently in charge of engine maintenance despite his not having been hired as the GSA's chief mechanic.
  • In Command, Kai observed that pressure was reaching critical.
  • One area around which Damon and workers were scrambling had a "6" sign on the railing.
  • As Damon looked up at the massive cone tower extending high above with jets of steam spewing out of points on its sides, someone yelled that it wouldn't last much longer, and Damon hurriedly had them evacuate, deciding they'd lost it.
  • As Damon helped a fallen guy away and the last workers fled, one giant cylinder, having initially been orange, glowed yellow, and a large explosion erupted from the side of an engine cluster in the base segment of Terra Venture, shutting off that entire side of engines, known as Engine 4.
  • Devastated, Stanton had the remaining engines brought to half thrust.
  • Damon trudged defeatedly down a GSA hallway and looked into Command Headquarters as he slowly went by.
  • Stanton, having been talking with Mike, went over to Damon; Damon apologized, but Stanton knew he'd done his best, saying if anyone could keep the other engines online, it was Damon.
  • After Damon had left, Stanton privately told Mike that if they lost another engine, they were lost.
  • Resting from their first battle with Titanisaur, the teens lounged in the guys' room; through the computer, Damon asked Mike how the engines were holding up, and Mike, at the wall consoles in Command Headquarters, told him the temperatures were down to normal and that he'd let him know if anything happened.
  • Later, there was trouble in Engine 3, with the temperature at 600 Kelvin and rising fast.
  • In the engine room, Damon frantically worked valves, giving orders, saying they weren't losing another one.
  • Damon yelled to someone below to transfer the load; meanwhile there were some small explosions.
  • The center engine cluster shorted out and exploded.
  • Damon hurried the workers to shut the valves down, telling two others to check the ports.
  • Damon turned a red lever, and things shut down and immediately calmed.
  • Damon went to a group of workers at a large display box and watched a meter sink from red, through white, toward green, at which point a white-hat worker told a yellow-hat red-suited worker that it was okay; they'd succeeded, and the engine was cooling off, and everyone cheered.


  • During Trakeena's attack and the evacuation of an area during the destruction of the Industrial Dome, Leo had Damon stand watch as he stole a case of explosives from a GSA Humvee, and they ran off with them.
  • Soon, morphed Damon stood in an exterior tunnel waving his arms to get the villains' attention.
  • As the Scorpion Stinger approached, Damon ran, asking why he was always the decoy, and the Stinger's pincers crushed the tunnel behind him.
  • As Damon ran for his life screaming that she wasn't joking around, the Stinger kept chomping on portions after him, shattering the glass tunnel each time.
  • As the teens helped people out of the rubble following the city dome's crash-landing, Damon was stunned to see the dome above beginning to crack.


  • After everyone had been evacuated from the city, Damon urged the teens out, as the dome was going to go.
  • As the Scorpion Stinger was crushing the Megaship, Leo said the only way to stop Trakeena was to put the Megaship on self-destruct; Damon refused, but Kai said it was their only hope, and Damon angrily activated it.


  • When the Rangers leapt down after surviving the crash of the city dome (slowed by the Galaxy Megazord), everyone rushed forward to congratulate them; Renier and morphed Damon immediately hugged.


  • Perhaps the year after Terra Venture's voyage, Damon still wore his green coveralls.
  • On Mirinoi a while after Leo, Maya, and Kai had gone to Earth with their Quasar Sabers to help the Lightspeed Rangers against Trakeena, Damon and Kendrix simultaneously pulled the two remaining Quasar Sabers.
  • As the teens stood together as Trakeena's hostages were freed following her destruction, the Galaxy teens spoke of needing to return to Mirinoi; Damon, putting his arm around Dana and Kelsey, considered a little vacation, but Leo jokingly pulled him away.

    Other Sources

  • The following bio comes from the Fox Kids website:
    Damon's wisecracking and playful nature can be deceiving. Although he is always ready with a quick comeback or witty remark, he takes his job as the Green Ranger very seriously. A top-notch mechanic, Damon's knowledge of the Astro Megaship is an invaluable asset to the team. His training as an amateur boxer gives him an extra edge when fighting the forces of evil.

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