- former Lightspeed paramedic (through 840-FLs2); current pediatric physician (since 933-TFLs); daughter of Captain Mitchell
- former or current Pink Lightspeed Ranger (801-OpLs through 840-FLs2, also 933-TFLs)
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Full Name: Dana Mitchell (801-OpLs)
First Appearance: 801-OpLs
Last Appearance: 933-TFLs
Pictures: Dana (shown at right), young Dana and Ryan


  • As Captain Mitchell routinely met with several personnel, Dana entered and vaguely reported that something had come up, at which point Mitchell dismissed the personnel before continuing privately although not altogether secretively.
  • Dana initially wore the traditional personnel uniform consisting of a blue shirt with a black skirt and a "D. Mitchell" strip; she wore a blue photo-ID security card bearing a red cross and the words "Medical Response Team." (Source: Card information submitted by AJJGalaxy)
  • Dana tended to address her father as "Captain" or "Sir" publicly or in official matters, although she would privately call him "Father," or even "Dad" and "Daddy," sometimes slipping and referring to him informally in formal situations before correcting herself.
  • In private, Dana told Mitchell, now speaking as daughter to father, that "they" had escaped, prompting him to remove the four confidential Ranger files from his safe in his quarters; opening the seals on the files, Mitchell told Dana, "It's time to bring them in."
  • At an air show, two men in black took Joel Rawlings from an autograph session; Dana then watched from a black limo in an isolated area nearby as the two men brought the protesting Joel to the car, one man with a firm grip on his arm, and Dana then closed Joel's folder.
  • Later, Kelsey Winslow was climbing up a rock face on a tall mountain or canyon wall as the same two men in black approached her on a ledge or peak, asking her name and requesting she come with them.
  • At an aquatic show, Chad Lee took a brief stop to get more fish when he was approached by the two men in black; watching from the limo nearby, Dana looked at Chad's file.
  • Amidst firefighters scrambling over an apartment fire, the two men in black stopped a firefighter and asked for Carter Grayson, but Carter was up on a ladder, from where he leapt into the flaming building.
  • As Carter climbed the ladder, Dana got out of the limo, watching, and she then looked at his folder.
  • An explosion secretly caused by the fiery demon Ghouligan soon flung Carter and the girl he'd rescued out the window, where they were caught by firemen below, and Dana briefly tended to the girl before the paramedics took over.
  • During the emergency, Dana explained to Carter that she was a paramedic.
  • As Carter then took a breath by a fire truck, Dana approached him with the two men in black; she told him plaintively she knew it was a bad time, but she needed him to come with her.
  • Soon, a white helicopter with the teens inside flew out to sea, where a huge black submarine was surfaced; Carter figured they were going in the submarine as Dana sat calmly with a briefcase on her lap.
  • Once inside the Aquabase, Dana entered Rescue Ops with two guards and the four teens.
  • Joel began pressing buttons curiously, making the alarm sound before Dana turned it off with a cross look and dragged him away.
  • Dana led the teens into the conference room, where Captain Mitchell welcomed them to the Lightspeed Aquabase.
  • As Mitchell explained the selection of the four teens after recounting the history of the demons, Dana opened the teens' four folders to show them their own dossiers.
  • Dana was worried when Carter mentioned seeing a demon in his recent apartment fire.
  • Seeing the fifth Morpher, Dana asked, "Five?" to which Mitchell replied as he opened the Pink Ranger's secret dossier in his possession that she was the fifth: he had been training her for this for 18 years, and the Morpher was hers, he told her, if she wanted it; she smiled and took it, proudly joining the others.
  • Despite Dana's questioning of the fifth Morpher, it seems inconceivable that she could have been ignorant of a fifth Ranger, especially considering her familiarity with such items as the five rescue jackets.
  • Dana's apparently recent file photo showed her in a non-Lightspeed paramedics uniform, suggesting she was a recent addition to the Aquabase crew.
  • According to her stats page, Dana was 5'8" tall; her skills included "CPR Training 10+," "<?>IT Training 10+," "Ability to Work With Children 10," "Emergency Techniques in the Field 10," and "<?> & Psychological Skills 10."
  • Mitchell told the teens it was time to get to work, and Dana led them to the Transport Bay, having them each grab one of five hanging rescue jackets.
  • As the teens were impressed by the Rescue Rover, Dana tossed Carter the keys to drive.
  • As the teens got into the Rover, a tech at a keyboard gave Dana a thumbs-up, and she returned the gesture, at which point the Rover began to lower.
  • Following the Rangers' first victory, Mitchell told everyone they all had work to do to defeat Diabolico, and Dana saluted, followed by the other personnel, and the other four teens then saluted awkwardly.


  • As the teens began a meeting with Mitchell, Dana called Joel, upset that he was late again for a meeting, but Mitchell annoyedly proceeded without him.
  • Dana now wore a pink shirt with a gray miniskirt and knee-high black boots; this would be her standard outfit upon becoming a Ranger.
  • Although Dana wasn't initially mystified during the teens' introduction to the Weapons Lab, she did jump along with the others when a tech tested a Rescue Blaster's flame-extinguishing mist, as well as during the emergence of a test-diver from the pool.
  • As the Zords formed the torsoless legs mode for Chad, Dana had Kelsey follow her into Pyro Rescue One for their impending rescue mission.
  • When Kelsey dropped into an elevator shaft and found the people in the elevator, Carter and Dana tried to pry open the doors as Dana warned that the building was about to go down; as the building quaked, Carter insisted they had to get the people out first.
  • Dana replied they might not have time to get them out, but Carter told her they had to make time, calling the Aquabase for help, at which point they received the Rescue Bird to pry open the doors.


  • On the wall beside Dana's pink bed in the girls' quarters were few personal items, although there was a framed picture.
  • For the teens' training mission, Dana packed her own rescue supplies into a gray bag.


  • In the girls' quarters, Dana was sitting on the couch eating pretzels and reading a magazine while the TV showed a special report on an upcoming space shuttle launch.
  • Kelsey had told Dana about the girl and her puppy, but Dana didn't initially remember her name to recognize her as shuttle pilot Nancy Cooper.
  • During the shuttle rescue, Kelsey told Dana to clear the freeway with MedRescue Five to make a landing strip.
  • At the gridlocked freeway, giant MedRescue Five backed up and opened its rear panel; Dana's voice spoke over a loudspeaker, "Attention - this is an emergency. You must clear the freeway. Everyone drive into the MedRescue vehicle. Please proceed quickly and carefully."


  • After assigning the teens to escort Dr. Hanson from the airport to the Aquabase to protect the dangerously powerful fuel cell, Mitchell kept Dana, wanting her to pick up his old friend and give him a ride to the Aquabase, giving her his address as he had bad eyesight.
  • "With all due respect," Dana bitterly told her father to call his friend a taxi, as the other Rangers needed her help, but Mitchell stood firm despite her disgust; she spat coldly that he could say he trusted her, he could choose her to be the Pink Ranger, but in the end, all he saw her as was his little girl.
  • Dana had blue eyes.
  • In a run-down alley, Dana knocked on the metal screen door of the address she'd been given for Mitchell's old friend, and Earl greeted her after she'd spoken her name; how Dana had gotten there is unknown, although she had probably been dropped off nearby.
  • Earl was a man perhaps in his late sixties who spoke with a Southern accent and wore fishing clothes, although the accent was merely an act.
  • Earl got his fishing nets from inside, as well as a tackle box, and Dana was upset that he and Mitchell were going fishing.
  • Earl let Dana drive "old blue," his old pickup truck.
  • As the four Rangers fought Fireor to protect Dr. Hanson, Carter called Dana for help, and she swerved while driving Earl to join the others, but Mitchell replied negative; she protested that his fishing trip could wait.
  • Mitchell firmly ordered Dana to return to the base, and she angrily swerved around and headed back toward the base.
  • As the city's temperature rose significantly, Earl said it was getting too hot, having lost his fake Southern accent.
  • Fireballs suddenly rained down around the truck, making Dana crsh, and Earl spilled his ice-filled box, which he scrambled to refill with ice from an ice machine nearby.
  • Confused, Dana approached and realized coyly that he'd had the fuel cell the whole time.
  • Earl told Dana that he and Mitchell had hoped nothing would happen, but in case it did, Mitchell had insisted that if Dana were with him, he'd get to the Aquabase safely no matter what.
  • Hearing this, Dana was startled, but Earl reassured her that her father couldn't believe in her more.
  • Vypra's V-blasts suddenly struck around them, breaking the lid off the tackle box as it hit the ground.
  • His arm injured, Earl crawled for the box as Vypra approached, but Dana helped Earl away after he'd collected the fuel cell and some ice in his jacket.
  • Behind some boxes, Dana put Earl's arm in a sling, although he reassured her with a grimace that he'd be fine.
  • Admiring Dana, Earl told her she looked just like her mother, his having known her mother softly startling her; he continued that she would be so proud if she could see Dana now.
  • Dana rushed Earl to a waterfront dock, where they were confronted by Vypra.
  • Backing up to the edge of the dock, Dana told Earl to trust her.
  • As Vypra prepared to fire, Dana grabbed a stray pipe and deflected the V-blast back at Vypra, and during her momentary distraction shielding her face, the two vanished into the water below.
  • The two were then taken to the Aquabase in an already submerged submarine which had apparently been in the area, either through coincidence or some unseen preplanning.
  • Mitchell and personnel met the arriving Dana and Earl at a lift after they'd come by submarine, and Earl attributed their safe arrival to Dana.
  • Mitchell let Dana go to help the others, and she saluted.
  • In Mitchell's office after Fireor's destruction, Dana apologized for what she'd said earlier, just having wondered sometimes if he thought of her as just his little girl, not really a Power Ranger.
  • Mitchell replied for years he'd been training her to become the Pink Ranger, and after today, he knew he couldn't have been more right; for all those years, however, she'd also been his little girl, and part of him didn't want that to change.
  • Dana happily explained that she was proud to be a Ranger but said nothing topped being his little girl.


  • Dana had heard nearby as Miss Fairweather cited for Joel a regulation against fraternization in the ranks.
  • After Joel had left happily, Dana grinned mischievously that there was no such regulation, and Miss Fairweather laughed that perhaps in this case there should be.


  • In the lab, Dana was setting up a scientific kit which impressed the arriving Miss Fairweather; it would hopefully measure volcanic activity, and Dana intended to try to get a reading at Mt. Jasmine.
  • Dana called Carter, needing the Rover, but the other four teens were eating hot dogs from a hot dog stand, and Joel said after their hot dog, as he was starving; Dana mirthfully agreed.
  • Miss Fairweather offered a ride, but Dana decided to take a bus instead, saying it would be an adventure.
  • As the bus approached her bus stop some 41 miles from Mt. Jasmine, Dana happily stretched and said this had been a great idea, getting onto the bus.
  • Dana was wearing off-white pants in place of her gray skirt.
  • Seated, Dana watched suspiciously as an Asian man in black, Steve Harrison, nervously tried to keep his bag closed, which had money inside.
  • When an earthquake hit as Mt. Jasmine's dormant volcanic core was being heated up, the bus driver screeched to a stop, saying the volcano's earthquake was too dangerous and they had to turn back.
  • Steve grabbed the driver, and an old woman with her husband told him about the earthquake and having to go back, but he shoved her down.
  • As Dana helped, asking who he thought he was, Steve said he was in charge, pulling a pistol from his coat and shocking the eight or nine people on the bus.
  • Steve said he didn't want to use the gun, but he would, ordering the driver to drive.
  • When Mitchell's voice alerted Dana of seismic activity in her area, Steve shouted that he'd said no talking; after he'd harrassed Dana but then looked back at the driver, Dana began fighting Steve, knocking the gun from his hand and kicking and kneeing him fairly well.
  • Another earthquake hit, and the bus plunged through a bridge railing, teetering on the edge of the bridge.
  • The impact nearly sent Steve falling out the front door, but he caught the edge, and Dana struggled to help him up.
  • Watching intently as Dana struggled to help Steve, the old woman got up and grappled Dana to help her, and the driver grabbed Steve's hand as well, and they successfully pulled him up as the bus teetered.
  • Rescued, Steve looked around awkwardly, and Dana smiled with relief; just then, another quake hit, and the driver injured his arm falling.
  • As more rumbling made the bus teeter more, Aero Rescue Three flew over the bus and locked its magnets onto the top as Joel said this was light work for him.
  • Joel lifted the bus and set it onto the center of the bridge, at which point the four Rangers boarded the bus and asked Dana if everyone was okay, and she said thanks to them.
  • After another rumble, Dana checked the equipment in her black bag and told the Rangers the volcano was about to erupt.
  • Chad told the driver he had to get the bus out of there right away, but his shoulder was too hurt, and Dana agreed, checking it.
  • Carter asked if anyone knew how to drive a bus, and Steve reluctantly replied he used to be a bus driver; the real driver angrily said he wasn't driving his bus, as he belonged in jail, and the woman said he'd had a gun.
  • Carter and Joel were miffed, not letting him drive, but Dana said they all had to trust him, as there was no other choice; Steve took off his ski cap and told her she could trust him.
  • At a service station after Trifire's destruction, everyone got out of the bus, and the teens ran up and congratulated them; the driver thanked them for saving Mariner Bay, and Dana told Steve he was a hero too.
  • A police car pulled up, and two officers apprehended the calm Steve.
  • Before handcuffs were put on, Dana told one officer that whatever Steve had done wrong, they should know he'd saved these people, and everyone nodded; intrigued, the officer thanked her for letting him know as they took him and his bag away without handcuffs.
  • Steve looked back and told Dana not to worry, as he wasn't afraid to pay for what he'd done wrong, as from now on his life was going to be a lot different.


  • At midnight on Ryan's 20th birthday, Captain Mitchell looked at a picture of himself with more hair holding young Dana, perhaps three or four (wearing pink and red), as young Ryan, perhaps five or six, did a kick toward the camera.
  • At exactly midnight, Dana happily brought in a cake, and Mitchell was amazed she'd remembered; although Dana said she'd been too young to remember very much of her big brother, she knew Ryan would have been 20 today, so she said they'd celebrate "like we always do."
  • Mitchell and Dana blew out the candles to make a wish, Dana thinking they'd both wished the car crash had never happened and Ryan was still there, but Mitchell replied they couldn't change the past.
  • Mitchell instead wished that whatever happened, Dana always knew he loved her, and they hugged.
  • After the Rangers had finally gained an upper hand against Titanium Ranger but had been ordered by Mitchell not to fire, the angry teens came into Mitchell's quarters, all but Dana furious that he'd had them retreat during their perhaps only chance.
  • Pausing, Carter sighed and asked why, and Mitchell wearily replied it was his son.


  • Learning that Titanium Ranger was Ryan, Dana asked Mitchell how that could be, saying Ryan had been killed in that car crash, but Mitchell told her Ryan had not died, recounting the story of their crash.
  • Late one cold night during a rainstorm, Mitchell had been driving the two children home from visiting their grandmother; in the back seat, the children played with the new toys their grandmother had given them: young Dana had a doll.
  • As Mitchell had looked back at the kids for a second, a semi cab had come around the corner, honked, and Mitchell swerved off the road into a railing on the edge of the nearby cliff; just before the car went over, Mitchell dove through the backseat and out the rear door, tumbling with his kids and managing to grab a root sticking out of the rock face, saving them from falling to their dooms.
  • Below, the car exploded against the ground far below; as Mitchell hung from the root, he held young Dana who was clutching to him silently while young Ryan hung from his foot.
  • While Ryan cried out, unable to hold on, young Dana cried while looking up that she was scared; she was apparently oblivious to the events beyond her immediate condition.
  • Diabolico had appeared to Mitchell that night, offering to save his son, but he would then keep Ryan as his own; when Ryan fell, Mitchell cried out, "Save him!!"
  • When Diabolico returned holding the unconscious Ryan, Mitchell had begged Diabolico to give him back his son, but the demon replied, "You will not see your son again until his 20th birthday. He is mine now."
  • After Mitchell had recounted all this for the teens, Dana observed today was Ryan's 20th birthday; Carter promised Mitchell they wouldn't fight him, and they would do anything they could to help get him back.
  • Later alone with Dana, Mitchell said for 20 years, he'd both dreamed of seeing Ryan again and hoped he would never come back; it had actually been closer to 14 or 15 years.
  • Dana told her father he could have told her, but he had been ashamed, saying it had been the hardest decision he'd ever had to make.
  • Dana told him he'd had no choice, and yet in his heart he still wondered, but she insisted he'd done the right thing.
  • When Ryan launched another attack downtown the next morning, Carter asked where the captain was, but a tech in Ops said he'd left without saying anything, at which point Dana left furtively.
  • Realizing Dana was taking the Rover alone, the teens ran off to catch her but were too late.
  • Downtown, Ryan blasted innocent people until morphed Dana deflected a blast with her baton and had the relatively uninjured victims flee.
  • As the siblings fought, Dana protested that no brother of hers could be as evil as he was, and he agreed, unless his father had let him fall from a cliff to save his younger sister.
  • Dana insisted there was nothing Dad could have done, but Ryan retorted she'd survived; she sighed that now it was over.
  • As Ryan aimed his blaster at her, Dana sheathed her baton and told him, "He loved you!" reminding Ryan he'd wanted to grow up to be a fireman just like their father.
  • Ryan shouted for her to be quiet, but she urged him to remember, and he nearly did until the teens ran up, prompting Ryan to axe-butt her in the back of the head and run away.
  • As Dana and the teens tried to follow, Vypra and Liztwin appeared blocking their path.
  • Soon following Liztwin's destruction, the teens ran up to the site of the Mitchells' crash, where Ryan had saved Mitchell from falling, and they watched as Ryan ran off, leaving his Morpher on the ground.


  • After Ryan had spoken in a hall with Mitchell to tell him goodbye before he left Mariner Bay, Dana arrived just in time to watch Ryan leaving in a lift.
  • After Ryan had chased away Demonite, Falkar, and Thunderon and then demorphed, the teens congratulated him; Dana hugged him and hoped he never left again.
  • That night in the galley, Dana put a new Lightspeed jacket on Ryan, and it fit perfectly; she told him Diabolico couldn't touch him with them around.


  • As it seemed Carter had been destroyed blasting Demonite pointblank, Dana fell to her knees, softly despairing, but Carter would emerge charred but alive; as they supported him, she told him he'd scared them, and he chuckled he'd scared himself pretty good too.


  • In the galley as the teens discussed Ryan, the girls took two mugs of perhaps coffee and some sugar from the counter.
  • As the Rangers were being pounded by Falkar and Thunderon, Dana thought to split them up, and the girls ran off telling them they couldn't catch a fly.
  • Outside of the industrial building, the girls ducked into a shack as Dana planned the next phase; Falkar blasted at the shack but rushed in after the girls vanished.
  • From outside, Kelsey slid down a cable and sprayed Falkar with the sprayer weapon, blowing him back, and Dana then blasted the ceiling with her Rescue Blaster, collapsing the entire roof onto the monster.
  • After fainting from his tattoo agony after defeating Falkar and Thunderon, Ryan later lay shirtless in an infirmary bed in the Aquabase as Miss Fairweather used a scanner on him.
  • Beside him, Dana didn't know if Dad would be mad, as sometimes he could be pretty strict, and she left as she saw Mitchell's shadow approaching.


  • When the teens returned in defeat after their skirmish with Troika, Ryan found Dana in the hallway to check on her, but she happily told him to get some rest, secretly frustrating him.
  • In the conference room, the teens (sans Dana) described their defeat; Dana would eventually enter, unable to find Ryan, but the teens were sidetracked by another Troika attack.


  • At the beach on the teens' day off, Ryan was buried up to his neck in sand by Dana.
  • Dana wore a flowered pink and red bikini.


  • In response to a billowing black cloud, Dana and Ryan met up in Ops as the others arrived from various outings.
  • In the conference room following the Rangers' apparent victory during the attempted summoning of Bansheera, Ryan announced he was going to leave, shocking them all, but he explained he had to find out how to capture the demons again.
  • Mitchell was proud, and they shook hands, then Ryan hugged the tearful Dana, whom he assured he would be back, and he then walked out.


  • When Leo Corbett dashed in front of the Rover making the teens slam on the brakes, Dana immediately examined him as the others got out.
  • When Leo was pained after destroying attacking Ghouls, Dana had them get him out of there in the Rover.
  • Dana later tended to young Heather in the guys' room after the teens had spoken with Leo, Kai, and Maya in the galley.


  • Dana knew that the Galaxy teens had had to put up with Trakeena all the way to Mirinoi.
  • Dana asked if the Galaxy teens could stay a while, as Mariner Bay could use another team of Rangers, and Kelsey excitedly thought it was a great idea, but the Galaxy teens replied they were needed back on Mirinoi.


  • Upset over Carter's use of his blaster during their confrontation, Cyclopter challenged the Rangers to fight him without their weapons, in hand-to-hand combat, and Chad and Dana agreed for the team, if that was what it would take for him to leave.


  • Laughing at a newspaper one morning as Carter was nervous about an upcoming test flight, Dana read the teens a joke: "Why did the hot dog put on a sweater?" replying with utmost amusement, "Because it was a chili dog!"; as the others were unamused, she pouted that she'd thought it was funny.
  • Reliving the day, Carter gave the punchline to Dana's joke, and she disappointedly asked how he'd known, showing him the newspaper as he thought she'd told them yesterday.
  • During the fight with Mantevil, Dana was punched violently over a railing, while originally, she'd merely fallen weakly against the railing.
  • When Olympius stole the Unilaser as he'd done originally, he did not tell the Rangers it was the end this time, nor did Dana include a "please" with an extended hand as she had originally while begging Olympius not to do it.


  • Later in the day after the teens had gotten an urgent warning from Ryan from the tomb, Dana was worried about her brother, but Kelsey told her Ryan was tough, as it ran in the family.


  • As the teens walked through the base, Chad said their new Mega Battles were awesome, but Kelsey added, "Almost as awesome as Clark!" and Dana girlishly hung on Kelsey upon spotting Clark in the galley, saying, "There he is!" and they both giggled.


  • To ambush Bird Bane during a ransom, the teens loitered in various disguises: Dana was dressed as a punk girl with multicolored hair strands playing an unplugged electric guitar, wearing leather collars, bracelets, and other accessories.


  • Seeing a mother cradling her injured son in the street as the Rangers rushed to stop Memorase, morphed Dana grabbed the first aid case from the Rover and reassured the boy as she had the others go on.
  • Paramedics soon took the boy away on a stretcher, and the mother smiled as Dana ran off after thanking the paramedics and letting them take it from there.
  • Dana soon ran up to the four stunned teens and demorphed, finding they had amnesia.
  • Dana listened as Mitchell warned that the city was much too vulnerable without the Rangers, but Miss Fairweather replied they couldn't stop the memory restoration apparatus before it was finished.
  • When the alarm sounded, Mitchell and Dana watched the attack, and Dana wanted to go alone; Mitchell replied it was too risky, but she would then sneak off alone.
  • Dana fought Memorase poorly, eventually demorphing from the pummeling while the other three arrivals were occupied with Batlings.
  • Watching Dana fight, Carter remembered playing chess with her in the galley as the others watched, and she had beaten him.
  • Carter also remembered the two being together at a sports game (sans jackets), and when the crowd cheered, Dana had accidentally dumped her vanilla ice cream on him and then gasped in a friendly way.
  • Dana weakly tried to fight Memorase while unmorphed, but she was slammed into some rubble; as the monster prepared to finish her, Carter arrived just in time.
  • As Carter asked Dana if she was okay, she said she was now, and he helped her up; they then fought Memorase together, the two holding and flipping off each other.


  • Outside and in a training gym, the teens did time drills while Dana took their times, but she was too distracted worrying about Ryan, and Kelsey said they were all worried.


  • With Olympius trapped in the Shadow World, Dana took her father to the carnival to take a well-deserved break to relax.
  • Dana convinced Mitchell to go up when selected as a volunteer for Mr. Mesmer's hypnotizing act, not realizing it was Jinxer intending to put a spell on him.
  • After the hypnotism hadn't appeared to work, Mitchell apologized jokingly to Dana as they left together.
  • When the base's power shut down, Miss Fairweather used a monitor to view Mitchell tampering with the Power Core, and Dana realized he'd been hypnotized earlier.
  • During the fight with Olympius and crew, Dana tried to shoot Gatekeeper but ended up shooting Joel in the back, although he was not injured seriously.


  • In the girls' room, Dana used a pointer to name every bone in the human body on a skeleton model as Kelsey checked them in a book; other anatomical models were on the table.
  • Kelsey congratulated Dana on naming every bone in the human body three times, remarking she would make a great doctor some day, but Dana was discouraged by the thought of trying to afford medical school.
  • Dana wanted to practice the list again, but the two were interrupted by an alarm.
  • Arriving in the Rescue Rover during a monster attack, the teens rushed into action as rescue personnel: Carter and Joel helped firefighters prepare and operate fire hoses, while Chad and Kelsey helped Dana locate injured civilians for first aid.
  • Holding a prone little girl suffering from smoke inhalation, Dana rushed her to an ambulance nearby, having been unable to find a medic in the immediate vicinity.
  • The next day's edition of the Mariner Bay Herald featured a photo of Dana holding the injured girl on the cover.
  • As Dana was leaving a library with several books, not wearing her jacket, Koko Kashmere emerged from a white limo and exclaimed Dana's full name, introducing herself.
  • Koko explained, "I take the little common people and shoot them into the stars!" and told Dana she was going to be her new Glitz girl.
  • Hearing this, Dana was taken aback but chuckled that she didn't even like having her picture taken.
  • Koko exclaimed everyone would know her face, and there would be money, "Lots of money," throwing bills into the air which people clamored to collect.
  • As Dana explained she had plans to become a doctor, Koko flipped through a huge wad of $100 bills and told her she'd pay her enough money so she could go to any medical school she wanted, and Dana smiled.
  • At a fashion shoot, Koko urged Dana to relax; soon, when Dana's shawl blew back and exposed her Rescue Morpher, Koko gasped in horror.
  • Stopping everything, Koko nervously asked what the device was; when told it was her Morpher, Koko immediately called for it to be removed, as gold and diamonds were all that were acceptable.
  • A female assistant apologetically removed the Morpher from Dana's wrist without protest from Dana, and she soon resumed her photo shoot.
  • After the others' challenging fight with Treevil, Dana was primping herself in a hand mirror in her room, wearing a pink boa as she considered maybe she was a Glitz girl.
  • Finding Dana, Kelsey asked if she was okay.
  • Dana began to excitedly describe being the new Glitz girl and her fashion shoot, but she then noticed Kelsey's smudges from battle, and Kelsey replied with irritation that they'd tried to call her.
  • Dana suddenly realized she didn't have her Morpher and guiltily removed her earrings, sitting.
  • Initially angry, Kelsey sat beside Dana and guessed she could forgive her once; Dana giggled and hugged Kelsey before realizing Kelsey was a little dirty, making Kelsey lunge to tickle her, and Dana giggled and fled.
  • As Kelsey and Dana left a carnival giggling arm-in-arm and holding yellow and pink balloons, Dana was amazed to see the latest Glitz Magazine with her on the cover.
  • When asked by a bystander if she was the Glitz girl, Dana shook her head, but he recognized her anyway and called out to everyone that it was the Glitz girl, attracting an excited crowd.
  • Pressed for autographs, Dana stammered that she couldn't, but she then gave in and considered maybe just one; as she signed, Koko called her on a cell phone to tell her she was a star.
  • Signing frantically, Dana laughed that it was incredible, and Koko told her the phones had been ringing off the hook.
  • Koko had already booked her for the big fall fashion show, delighting Dana, and a black limo drove up to take her to a fitting.
  • Amazed, Dana rushed to the limo, leaving Kelsey and the crowd behind.
  • In a pink dress at night, Dana blew kisses from the sunroof of the limo to a cheering crowd amidst falling confetti.
  • Over the next few days or weeks, Dana enjoyed a frenzy of popularity as she was featured on three more Glitz covers; Koko, meanwhile, received constant calls and huge piles of mail.
  • In stylish black and pink clothes but still wearing her Morpher, Dana entered the galley with a cell phone, retorting to somone on the line, "When I say no, I mean no!"
  • Suddenly mobbed by techs for autographs, Dana grudgingly agreed, telling them one at a time.
  • On a training mission in a park, Dana wore a tight, busty pink top with her black pants and boots.
  • Swinging on monkey bars after the others, Dana stopped after hurting her fingers, and when the others crawled through the dirt under some poles, Dana instead tried to hop over them, knocking them all down.
  • Dana jogged with the others normally.
  • At another exercise over a mud pit, Dana held a rope pulley as Kelsey climbed it, but she let go to answer her cell phone, letting Kelsey fall into the mud below.
  • As Kelsey stormed over to her, Dana told the person on the phone that she didn't care how much the top hairdresser cost, barking, "When I want something, I want it!"; she then held up a hand to silence Kelsey as she insisted over the phone that it was the fall fashion show, and her fans expected her to look fabulous.
  • When Dana finally hung up with a curt, "What?!" to Kelsey, Kelsey was outraged that she'd dropped her for her hair, but Dana replied snobbily that she cared how she looked, unlike some people.
  • After thinking Kelsey was jealous, Dana was indignant over the arrival of a black limo, having specifically requested white.
  • With insincere cheeriness, Dana walked off prissily, and the others held Kelsey back.
  • Carter stepped forward and told Dana the monster was still out there, and she paused in uncertainty but said she had to go.
  • At the fall fashion show, Dana got out with Koko from a white limo, met by a crowd of fans and photographers.
  • As they walked down the red carpet, Dana tensed when her Morpher chirped, but Koko grabbed it and told her to ignore it; Dana expressed concern for her friends, but Koko replied they could get by without her.
  • As Dana continued to smile and wave politely, Koko pointed to the fans and cameras, saying the world was at her feet, and she asked if she was willing to give all this up just to be a Ranger, and Dana's smile faded; she would soon, however, join the others in battle.
  • As Dana cheerfully greeted her fellow Rangers, Kelsey asked about the fashion show, and Dana replied her modeling days were over, as being a Ranger was much more important.
  • At a later time, Dana was leaving the library with more books as Koko pulled up.
  • Koko couldn't believe Dana would abandon her in her hour of need but noted the public still wanted her, and she went over Dana's schedule.
  • Dana explained she wasn't cut out to be a supermodel; Koko gasped about medical school, but Dana planned to get there through brains rather than beauty.
  • As Koko wondered who would be the Glitz girl without her, Kelsey arrived, and Koko was mesmerized, telling her she would be her new Glitz girl, but Kelsey and Dana laughed and firmly declined.


  • After losing a signal from Ryan in the tomb, the teens were a bit stunned to realize Bansheera had captured him, but Carter deduced she would probably take him to the Skull Cavern, so he intended to go there to rescue him.
  • Dana insisted she would go instead, but Carter replied the queen would never expect his arrival in the Mobile Armored Vehicle, leaving despite the others' concern.
  • As the Mobile Armored Vehicle was being prepped, Dana and Joel visited Carter briefly to wish him well: Dana hugged Carter, telling him good luck.
  • As the teens fought invading Batlings, one fired a bazooka at Dana, but she morphed just as the blast hit, protecting her.
  • When a rumble hit the base, Dana looked out the galley window and saw an underwater explosion elsewhere on the base; just then, the Lifeforce Megazord strolled through the facility, slashing with its saber.
  • With determination as Captain Mitchell wouldn't respond following the loss of Pod Four, Miss Fairweather told the Rangers the crew was in danger, and they had to evacuate; as everyone did so, Dana urged her daddy to go, and he nodded, turning.


  • As the six waited anxiously in the dying Rescue Ops dome with Batlings pounding outside, Dana paced with her hands over her ears, but she would soon bring their attention to a monitor showing the hijacked Omega Megazord.
  • Upon meeting up downtown, Dana hugged Ryan, and the four teens morphed to raid the skull castle with Carter and Ryan.
  • As the Rangers, Mitchell, and Miss Fairweather watched the skull castle disintegrate downtown following Bansheera's defeat, Mitchell smiled at Dana.
  • Hugging Ryan and her father in the park another day, Dana giggled as she returned her Morpher.
  • Dana beamed that they finally had time to be a normal family, and Ryan smiled that it sounded great to him.
  • Just as the teens were parting ways, a fire truck raced by toward a dark mass of smoke on the horizon.
  • Ryan and Dana looked to Carter, and as he dashed off followed by Chad and Kelsey, the two siblings looked at each other and followed as Dana nodded to Ryan.

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