Dark Dimension
- prison-like dimension used by Rita and Lord Zedd
Dark Dimension
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First Appearance: 118-GWE2
Last Appearance: 252-BRGB
See Also: Dimension of Doom, Dark Dimensions


  • Jason was teleported by a beam from Tommy's Power Coin into the Dark Dimension.
  • The copper spokes on the panels of the Dark Dimension's walls electrocuted Jason when he put his hand on one.
  • When Jason's communicator made an offline tone as Jason tried to call for help in the Dark Dimension, Goldar told him his communicator wouldn't work there, yet the communicators were still offline anyway.
  • Goldar somehow had Jason's Morpher once Jason had appeared in the Dark Dimension.
  • Goldar said that Jason's Morpher might work in the Dark Dimension even though his communicator wouldn't.


  • Jason was eventually teleported out of the Dark Dimension.


  • A Putty somehow had Tommy's Morpher once Tommy, Goldar, and the Putties had appeared in the Dark Dimension.
  • Tommy's communicator wouldn't work in the Dark Dimension.
  • Zordon couldn't get a lock on Tommy and concluded Rita must have been holding him in her "dimensional prison" (which was the Dark Dimension).
  • Jason referred to the Dark Dimension as Rita's "secret dimension" (see "Cave of Despair").


  • Alpha found the molecular energy patterns left by the Putties in the park when they took Tommy, and the energy patterns would serve as a doorway to the Dark Dimension.
  • For an unknown reason, Jason didn't morph before going into the Dark Dimension or to fight Goldar once inside; Zack also didn't morph before going in to retrieve Jason.


  • After the Youth Center was filled with Dramole's gas, everyone at Parent's Day was teleported into the Dark Dimension with black and white x-ray effects; they then walked around the Dark Dimension in zombie-like trances.
  • When Billy, under Rita's spell, took the Dragon Dagger to Goldar in the Dark Dimension, the captured parents weren't there.
  • The four Rangers teleported straight into the Dark Dimension with no apparent assistance after Billy had taken the Dragon Dagger there.


  • Zedd called the haunted forest dimension, in which Tommy fought an assortment of monsters, the "Dark Dimension."


  • After prehensile vines had pulled Billy into the bushes during the Putty fight, Billy appeared in the Dark Dimension, where a ray device near the ceiling held him in place with a blue ray of light.
  • Billy's communicator, backpack, and Morpher were no longer in Billy's possession once Billy was in the Dark Dimension; Goldar picked the communicator up off the floor and gave it to the evil Billy, and Squatt handed the evil Billy Billy's backpack and Morpher.
  • The Fog of Morpheus caused eternal sleep, and it was slowly filling up in the Dark Dimension after Goldar had switched a large lever nearby in the dimension.
  • Billy eventually deactivated the forcefield around him by using his holographic disc to reflect the ray back at the ray device.
  • Alpha discovered that the real Billy was being held "in Goldar's Dark Dimension, surrounded by toxic fog."

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