Dark Rangers
- evil Rangers created by Lord Zedd
Dark Rangers
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First Appearance: 212-GNM1
Last Appearance: 213-GNM2
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  • After watching five punks who'd just transferred to Angel Grove High confront Zack, Tommy, and Billy, Zedd remarked, "Ahh, did you see that, Goldar? Yes, they're absolutely perfect. Those five surly teenagers shall become my evil superheroes, the Dark Rangers."
  • Zedd referred to the Dark Rangers as the Rangers' replacements.
  • The Dark Rangers walked out of a cave in the Otherworld when Zedd introduced them.
  • The Dark Rangers' suits consisted primarily of a form-fitting material which even covered the five punks' heads in place of helmets.
  • Zedd stated, "My mortal enemy, Zordon, chose five teenagers to become Power Rangers and defend the world. I also have chosen five, my Dark Rangers, to destroy it!"
  • Zedd said the Dark Rangers would "take their rightful places," then begin the destruction of the world.


  • The next phase of Zedd's plan was to reprogram the Zords for the Dark Rangers to use to conquer the Earth.
  • Just before Tommy destroyed the Green Crystal, Zedd told the Dark Rangers their Zords were ready.
  • The Dark Rangers were facing Tommy as he prepared to smash the Green Crystal, but they made no reaction.
  • With the smashing of the Green Crystal, the Dark Rangers demorphed with Ranger-colored flame energy, and then the confused punks teleported away with the same effect.

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