Dark Specter
- grand monarch of evil (until 642-CTD1)
Dark Specter
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First Appearance: 601-FON1
Last Appearance: 642-CTD1
Pictures: close-up (shown at right), medium-shot, Dark Specter's messenger
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  • According to Blue Senturion's estimated future from the year 2000, the universe's greatest evils would join forces to destroy the Earth and the entire universe, then divide its wealth; only one force stood in their way, a force which only Divatox, Elgar, and Porto saw, and a force which angered Divatox. (See "Millennium message" for more information.)


  • General Havoc said the force he represented was far too powerful for the Rangers to even hope to defeat; he may have been referring to a force above him, such as Dark Specter.


  • On the moon, Porto presented Goldgoyle, who claimed to be the most destructive monster in the universe; Goldgoyle may have been sent by Dark Specter.
  • In an urgent message from Eltar, Zordon told the teens that Eltar was under attack; a visual showed massive explosions on a gray moon-like planet.
  • Zordon said that so far they had been able to resist their attackers' advances, and that though the teens might be tempted to come to their aid, they had to stay and protect the Earth.
  • Zordon began to warn the teens of something (perhaps Goldgoyle or Dark Specter), but his signal shorted out.
  • Probably no more than an hour later, Dimitria gave the Rangers grave news, that planet Eltar had fallen to evil forces; the teens were all quite concerned about Zordon and wanted to go help him, but Dimitria said they had to stay to defend the Earth from Divatox, so she and Blue Senturion were leaving to try to help Zordon.


  • Probably only minutes after Divatox had destroyed the Power Chamber, a flaming face streaked in from the sky while her forces were scouring the rubble for the Rangers.
  • Divatox wasn't familiar with the flaming face, who said he was a messenger from the Cimmerian planet; he told Divatox that Zordon had been captured and that she (calling her "Queen of Evil") would leave at once for the Cimmerian planet.
  • When Divatox replied that she'd just captured the Earth and wasn't going anywhere, the flaming head told her Dark Specter would not be happy; at the mention of Dark Specter's name, Divatox eeked and, with fake cheeriness, agreed to come immediately.


  • Present at Dark Specter's assembly of villains on the Cimmerian Planet following Zordon's capture were Rita and Lord Zedd (having brought Goldar, Finster, Zedd's Putties, and Tengas), King Mondo and Queen Machina (having brought brown and silver Cogs), Master Vile (having brought Globbor, who bore the Aquitian Ranger helmets), Divatox (having brought Elgar, Rygog, Porto, Piranhatrons, and a Putrapod), General Havoc (having brought no assistants), the new villainess Astronema (having brought Quantrons), and Red Space Ranger Andros disguised in a brown cloak.
  • Later, the villains sat at a long banquet table decoratively adorned with human skulls; seated at the table were Mondo, Machina, Finster, Goldar, Rita, Zedd, Master Vile, Divatox, Elgar, a Putrapod (oddly enough), Astronema, General Havoc, and the cloaked Andros.
  • Once the villains were seated, Dark Specter soon appeared before them from blue lightning bolts.
  • Dark Specter, gigantic in size, looked identical to Maligore.
  • Dark Specter addressed himself as "Dark Specter, monarch of all evil"; he announced that he had captured the mighty Zordon and was draining him of his powers, and that as Zordon's strength drained, the lava in his containment tube would rise, extinguishing the power forever.
  • Zordon, still merely a blue head, was in some sort of tube in an aparatus later revealed to be the same size as his previous plasma tubes; lava was flowing into the tube from hoses leading to the base of the setup.
  • At the rate at which the lava was rising, it would only have taken mere minutes, at most, for the lava to reach the top of the tube, but it would actually take at least many months for the lava to ultimately come near Zordon's chin.
  • Zedd called for a lava juice toast and toasted, "To the universe, a universe that belongs to the Dark Specter!"
  • As cloaked Red Ranger wielded the Spiral Saber and bore his red legs with white boots while fending off villains after Astronema had announced he was a spy, Dark Specter asked who this intruder was.
  • When Goldar ripped off the stranger's cloak and revealed him as the Red Space Ranger, all of the villains were shocked, despite his use of the Spiral Saber while cloaked; Dark Specter then ordered for him to be destroyed.
  • On his Galaxy Glider, Red Ranger flew right by Dark Specter, who reached for him and then blew a fireball after him, but Red Ranger managed to ourun it.
  • Dark Specter growled that the spy knew his plans and had to be stopped, and after Divatox and Rita had bickered over which of them should go after him, Dark Specter silenced them and told Astronema that she would take the Dark Fortress to destroy the meddler; his emphasis of his selection of her implied that whoever he had chosen would have taken the Dark Fortress.


  • Later, T.J. planned for the teens to set a new course for the Cimmerian Planet if the shuttle couldn't make it to Eltar, but, having just been there, Andros knew the Cimmerian Planet was already abandoned by now.
  • When Ashley asked about Zordon, Andros told the teens that Dark Specter had him and was draining all his powers; T.J. and Cassie said that if Zordon lost all his powers, they were all history, but Andros replied that Zordon was strong and that it would take some time for Dark Specter to take away all the power, which gave Andros some time.


  • Just after Astronema had watched the Rangers take the Megashuttle to Earth, with the Dark Fortress recently having arrived near Earth, Elgar suddenly walked in, and when Astronema demanded to know what was doing there, he replied, anything she wished, calling her his queen.
  • Astronema told the Quantrons to throw him off her Dark Fortress, but when Elgar said Dark Specter had said she needed him, she stopped them and growled in consternation with a smile on her face.


  • Upon boarding the Megaship and taking over, Astronema set a course for the Tianta galaxy, where she planned to bring Dark Specter the Megaship.
  • Soon, with the five Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Elgar operating the Megaship's bridge, Dark Specter spoke from the bridge's viewscreen asking Astronema what she had to report; when she told him she'd captured all the Rangers and was bringing him their ship, which would transform into the mighty Astro Megazord for him to destroy the Rangers with, Dark Specter was pleased with how poetic he found the idea.
  • Leonardo pointed out they only had four Rangers before Astronema could silence him, and Dark Specter told her to bring the Rangers to her immediately.


  • Zordon and his lava setup, still only about ten percent full with lava, were on the planet Hercuron, guarded by Piranhatrons until Divatox walked up with Rygog and had them take Zordon to her new spacecraft.
  • Divatox wasn't especially surprised after Astronema had arrived and had the Quantrons attack the Phantom Ranger, a spy on Hercuron who had called the Rangers to Hercuron.
  • Divatox was in the middle of chewing out Astronema, who was irritated and deep in thought, when Dark Specter's head appeared in the sky and silenced her; he then told Astronema to attack the Earth, knowing the Rangers would go to protect it.
  • Once Astronema had left, Dark Specter told Divatox to leave with Zordon as soon as possible; put out, she sighed for him to cool his jets, as she was working on it, and when he demanded to know what she'd said, she toadied to him, asking if she'd ever told him how handsome he looked in that lava (referring to his exterior).
  • Later, after Andros's retrieval of the Delta Megazord and the destruction of the Crocovile monsters, Astronema, in her battle gear, was on a red-skied desert planet as giant Dark Specter stood in the distance, speaking with her.
  • Dark Specter told Astronema that that had been too close a call and that it was fortunate for her that Zordon was safely hidden away.
  • Astronema confidently told Dark Specter that she had a new plan to destroy the Power Rangers once and for all, and he replied that she had best not fail him again, or he would crush the Dark Fortress as she slept; this shocked and hurt Astronema, making her think desperately to herself.


  • After the teens had set up a new interstellar scanner (which would be immediately destroyed by the villains), Andros they'd find Zordon long before Dark Specter could steal his powers.
  • For a moment before being destroyed, the interstellar scanner showed an image of Dark Specter's spacecraft somewhere in space, presumably still piloted by Divatox's forces.


  • When Skygantor took out five black keycards to bet with at a card game in the Onyx Tavern, the dealer yelled that they were worthless, but Darkonda carefully examined them with intrigue, asking where he'd gotten them.
  • Skygantor defensively told the dealer, "I stole them when we battled on Eltar!"; the dealer was unimpressed.
  • Skygantor added, "They were Zordon's! They must be worth something!" and Darkonda agreed, saying the keycards were priceless.


  • From the viewscreen on the Dark Fortress, Dark Specter told Astronema the Rangers' scan for Zordon was getting them much too close and they must not discover his location before he'd drained his powers.
  • Astronema vowed to stop them, and Dark Specter replied, "Do not fail, or else."


  • Andros began to explain his and Zhane's story from two years ago to the teens, recalling, "We were a team. Invincible. Until the day Dark Specter attacked our home planet, KO-35."
  • The villains had been everywhere, relentless, Andros described; in the streets of a city under siege, with rubble and burning cars strewn about, white-striped Piranhatrons had fought KO-35 troopers, as well as Andros and Zhane, morphed as the Red and Silver Rangers; meanwhile, flying ships flew by and blasted at buildings.
  • One of Dark Specter's monsters, the only monster shown in the flashback of the attack, was an orange monster with fish fins on his head, wielding a sword.
  • This invasion was presumably what caused KO-35 to be abandoned.


  • After capturing the Rangers in a net in his lab on Dekata 5, Darkonda said now that he'd captured the Power Rangers, his army of Crocotoxes would soon conquer the Earth; looking into the vat of eggs, he said they were maturing as they spoke, and soon he would be the next ruler of the universe; with that kind of power, he said, the possibilities were endless.


  • After capturing four of the teens while in the guise of a Rebel general named Yatru, Darkonda secretly spoke with a hologram of Dark Specter, saying four of the Rangers had been captured but that two remained.
  • Dark Specter told Darkonda to destroy the four and that "Astronema, the princess of darkness," would tend to the remaining two.
  • Dark Specter then spoke with Astronema from the Dark Fortress viewscreen, telling her the Red and Silver Rangers remained on the planet's surface and that she must destroy them.
  • Soon, Yatru spoke with Dark Specter again after failing to convince Kinwon to destroy the teens; Dark Specter told Yatru not to fail him, and Yatru insisted it was only a matter of time.
  • Some time after the destruction of Coralizer and Darkonda, Kinwon told the teens that the Rebels had to leave Centaur B soon, since Dark Specter knew their location and would be back; why Dark Specter was chasing the Rebels is unknown.
  • On the Dark Fortress viewscreen, Dark Specter told Astronema that Coralizer had been destroyed, and when he spoke of the Silver Ranger, Astronema was worried, but then learned that Zhane had destroyed Darkonda.
  • Ecliptor privately doubted the news of Darkonda's destruction.
  • Dark Specter told Astronema she must destroy the Rangers so he could complete the transfer of powers from Zordon; she evilly told Ecliptor to set a course for Earth.


  • After Andros had found Astronema's locket and learned that she was Karone, Darkonda talked to a Dark Specter hologram in a cavern, telling him that Red Ranger knew the truth and that it was only a matter of time before Astronema knew as well, meaning she might stray.
  • Dark Specter argued that she would never stray, as his power over her was too strong; Darkonda bowed and agreed that his power was without parallel, but feared Ecliptor had tarnished Astronema's evil spirit.
  • Darkonda elaborated, "You see, he has shown her caring. Caring and evil do not mix. It could be an explosive combination!"; Dark Specter hoped that Darkonda was wrong.


  • In his cavern after being destroyed by Ecliptor following Astronema's journey to KO-35 and recent flood of childhood memories, Darkonda was crossing off his fourth life from his scroll of nine lives when Dark Specter's hologram faded in and remarked that he'd known Astronema would learn of her past.
  • Darkonda insisted Astronema couldn't be trusted and had to be destroyed before she betrayed him, but Dark Specter told him to hold his tongue, as Astronema had always been loyal; to be safe, however, he planned to test her.
  • Darkonda agreed that testing Astronema was an excellent idea, for then Dark Specter would see that he was right; Dark Specter told him he'd better be.
  • In parting, Darkonda asked if it would be too much for Dark Specter to destroy Ecliptor for him; Dark Specter replied, "Begone!" and Darkonda chuckled that it was just an idea.
  • Somewhere atop a rocky peak after the needle monster's destruction, Astronema stood as a giant Dark Specter image spoke with her from billowing white and gray clouds in a blue sky.
  • Dark Specter told Astronema that her knowing about her past must not change her future, as she was the princess of darkness; she evilly told him she would not stray from evil.
  • Saying it was time for her to prove her loyalty, Dark Specter ordered Astronema to destroy her brother, the Red Ranger; she thought for a moment, then said evilly that she would destroy her brother as he wished.
  • Having defected from evil, Astronema told the teens that Dark Specter was holding Zordon in the Kirak Galaxy, on the jungle planet of Yotoba, which was surrounded by a forcefield.
  • Talking with the teens, Astronema denied having helped kidnap Zordon.


  • On the Megaship bridge holding her staff with the five shackled teens behind her, Astronema contacted Dark Specter as the Megaship approached Yotoba.
  • On the viewscreen, Dark Specter, in a space background, told Astronema he'd been trying to find her; she replied that she'd been busy, as she was coming in with all five Rangers.
  • Dark Specter greatly approved and told her to bring them to him at once, then lowered the planet's forcefield for her.
  • As the Megaship flew down through the clouds, DECA announced approaching Velocifighters, and Astronema said they were escorts which they had to follow.
  • The Megaship flew after the group of Velocifighters through a fierce thunderstorm until T.J., unrestful, suddenly veered away and lost the Velocifighters, but the ship was soon hit by lightning which caused the ship to crash-land in the jungle.
  • Exploring the jungle, the teens were attacked by Darkonda and a large number of Piranhatrons.
  • In a clearing in the jungle on Yotoba, Astronema and Andros came to Zordon's energy-draining setup, where Zordon weakly said Andros's name.
  • The lava was still only halfway up to Zordon's chin.
  • After Andros had said they'd been losing hope of finding him, Zordon's image told him that after all this time, he couldn't believe that Andros was still such a fool; the image then shimmered into Dark Specter's laughing image in the blackened tube.
  • Darkonda and Piranhatrons surrounded the area, having captured the other four Rangers, and Darkonda had them sieze Andros.
  • Andros was horrified, asking Karone how she could have tricked them, and Dark Specter was curious as well; after some contemplation, she evilly said it had been her pleasure.
  • Darkonda accused Astronema of trying to help the Rangers save Zordon, but she slammed him to the ground with the end of her staff and nearly pinned him to the ground, telling him it seemed she had him fooled as easily as the Rangers.
  • Astronema said her trap had worked perfectly, and Dark Specter, rising from the tube into a giant face in the sky, agreed but said she now had to destroy them and be done with them forever; he vanished laughing.
  • Moments after Ecliptor had taken Darkonda's fifth life and helped Astronema and the Rangers escape to the Megaship after Astronema had freed the Rangers, Darkonda was in the Dark Fortress when Dark Specter told him from the viewscreen that he would command the Dark Fortress, but only until Astronema returned, alarming Darkonda greatly.
  • When Quantrons brought in Ecliptor on a stretcher, Darkonda grumbled about Ecliptor having taken his fifth life; he told Dark Specter that Astronema and Ecliptor had to be destroyed, but Dark Specter adamantly replied that he had plans for them and that their loyalties would never stray again.
  • Darkonda agreed, and once Dark Specter had vanished, he added, "For now," and had Ecliptor taken away, having plans of his own.


  • On the Dark Fortress perhaps the next day, Ecliptor was attacked by Quantrons and restrained to a table where Darkonda used a menacing tool to give him an "attitude adjustment."
  • Later, when asked, Darkonda told Dark Specter that the mission was accomplished, and Ecliptor would never again forget that his loyalty was only to him, Dark Specter.
  • Dark Specter said they then must destroy the Rangers and their precious Earth, as no one kidnapped Astronema without paying the price.
  • Dark Specter's insistence that Astronema was loyal no matter what, and that the Rangers had kidnapped her, suggest that Dark Specter was a bit delusional, as he refused to believe Astronema could ever turn on him.
  • As the Megaship was flying through space back toward Earth, an enormous asteroid dwarfing the ship overtook it in a near miss, at which point Dark Specter came in over the viewscreen and told the teens that Astronema belonged to him; if they returned her, he would spare them.
  • Ashley pointed out that his asteroid had missed them, and he replied, "Of course. It's headed for Earth!"
  • Neither the Megaship's Megalasers at optimum range nor numerous explosive devices could cause the asteroid noticeable damage.
  • The Rangers considered using the Astro and Delta Megazords, but DECA said impact with Earth was imminent.
  • As the Rangers struggled to think of something they could do, Karone said Dark Specter had sent the asteroid, which meant it had been programmed to hit Earth, in which case she could get on the Dark Fortress and reprogram it.
  • While infiltrating the Dark Fortress, Astronema was captured by Ecliptor.
  • 65 million years ago, an asteroid of the same size and velocity as Dark Specter's asteroid had hit Earth with devastating effect: the cloud of dust and water from the impact had covered the planet, shutting out nearly all of the sunlight necessary to sustain life.
  • During this time, many plant species had died, and scientists believed that this might have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.
  • Confronted by Andros and Zhane, Astronema now had circuitry along the right side of her face, and her suit had been modified for a more mechanical look; she still wore her locket.


  • After mysteriously preventing her Psycho Rangers from destroying the Rangers, Astronema explained to Ecliptor with evil pleasure that the Psychos' magnificent power was coming from Dark Specter himself; they would destroy the Rangers, but slowly, so she could drain Dark Specter away to nothing.
  • Ecliptor was astonished that Astronema wanted to destroy both the Rangers and Dark Specter, but she evilly said that there was only room for one evil monarch, and that would be her.


  • After discovering that the Psycho Rangers had left on their own to cause trouble for the Rangers, Astronema ordered Ecliptor to get the Psychos back there now, perhaps worried about Dark Specter's recent orders to find and stop whoever was draining his powers; such orders had been shown in the preview for 632-COnC, with Dark Specter looking normal in his transmission, but were omitted from the episode.


  • From the Dark Fortress viewscreen, a reddish-tinted Dark Specter observed that Astronema was his most capable servant, yet she was unable to find who was draining his powers.
  • Astronema assured Dark Specter that her armies were searching tirelessly for the traitor that drained his powers; Dark Specter said they must be stopped soon, and when Astronema said she only needed time to find the menace, he replied that time was the one thing he didn't have.


  • Astronema stood on a rocky peak, with stars above, as Dark Specter spoke with her; he was glowing red, but at times, the glow would briefly fade, and the cracks in his body would be blue rather than red.
  • Dark Specter told Astronema he suspected his powers were being drained by a force on Earth and that she should go there and be prepared to destroy them the next time they attempt to feed off his energy; Astronema evilly replied that she'd suspected Earth and that her armies were ready to spring into action at any time.
  • As Astronema was watching the fight between the Rangers and the four Psychos, the screen suddenly changed to Dark Specter, startling Astronema.
  • Dark Specter said his powers were being drained right now and told her to find the perpetrators; heading to her room, Astronema quietly but urgently told Ecliptor to stop the Psychos now, and the Psychos would moments later be pulled out of battle.


  • Astronema said Dark Specter grew weaker every time the Psycho Rangers fought.
  • On the starry mountain after the three giant Psycho Monsters had fought and captured the Mega Voyager, Dark Specter was still alternating between blue and glowing red, with blue now more frequent.
  • Dark Specter told Astronema that a great deal more of his power had been drained and that if she didn't find the cause soon, he would be gone forever; she assured him that her spies had crisscrossed the universe and were hot on the trail of those who stole his energy.


  • Some time later that day, Dark Specter again talked with Astronema at the starry mountain; he spoke with a weak voice and was consistently blue.
  • Dark Specter weakly asked why she hadn't found them yet, and she replied that she had captured several informants in a distant galaxy, but they didn't divulge anything; he told her she must find them quickly, for there wasn't much time left for him.
  • Dark Specter had been weakened quite a bit more since his last conversation with Astronema hours prior, but the Psycho Rangers didn't appear to do anything in that time.
  • After Dark Specter had vanished with a weak growl, Ecliptor walked up behind Astronema, and they discussed the plan to drain Dark Specter's powers, of which Dark Specter remained completely oblivious.
  • Later, after the three Psycho Monsters had been destroyed in battle, Dark Specter was back to his normal appearance on the viewscreen; he told Astronema that those Psycho Rangers had nearly caused his destruction, but she replied that she had orchestrated the defeat of the Psycho Rangers before that had happened, saying she would never let any harm come to him.
  • Vanishing, Dark Specter told Astronema she was a loyal servant indeed.


  • The ghosts of the Psycho Rangers used Astronema's Data Laser in Secret City to resurrect themselves for a while before the Rangers turned them into data cards.


  • Probably months later, at the rocky peak with billowing storm clouds in the sky, Dark Specter told Astronema, "The time has come to complete my master plan, Astronema. Summon all of my evil forces. They must all unite to finally take over the universe."
  • The expanse of Dark Specter's "evil forces" is unknown; it may have included only Astronema, Rita, Zedd, Divatox, and the Machine Empire; it may have included all of the villains that had attended his banquet in 601-FON1; or it may have included far more villains never mentioned.
  • In the expansive hangar of the Dark Fortress, Astronema addressed a huge army of Quantrons: "When we're finished, there will be no 'good' left in the universe. No 'love', no 'happiness!' Only chaos, anger, greed! Fight strong, and destroy all the forces of goodness, especially the Power Rangers! Go now, and spread the wrath of Dark Specter!!"
  • Astronema proceeded to organize the attacks of the Machine Empire, Rita and Zedd, and Divatox; if more villains were involved, they were not mentioned.
  • Upon receiving "the order" (probably from Elgar), the Machine Empire had already prepared their forces for what Mondo said would be the biggest battle the universe had ever seen.
  • After being called up by Elgar, Rita and Zedd told Astronema that they didn't need her plan, as they had their own, but Astronema told them to be silenced and that they would follow her orders.
  • When asked who had put her in charge, Astronema replied, "Dark Specter himself."; initially shocked, Rita and Zedd said they loved her plan.
  • At the same time, Quantrons brought in and set up Zordon's tube, which was covered by a cloth.
  • Astronema pulled the cloth off Zordon's tube; the lava was practically up to his chin, and there were no cables connected to the four ports on his containment tube.
  • Andros told Zhane about villains invading all over, listing Dark Specter, Astronema, Divatox, and Rita and Zedd.
  • Zhane was surprised to realize the villains were trying to conquer the whole universe, and Andros agreed.
  • Later appearing in giant form outside the Dark Fortress, Dark Specter called for Astronema, and she and Ecliptor were curious; she then went to the viewscreen and told him the attack on Earth was going well.
  • Pleased, Dark Specter told her to finish the job, and she replied they had just the weapon to do so, referring to the super-torpedo which could destroy the Earth in one shot.
  • Learning of the super-torpedo earlier, Darkonda had pulled out his scroll, which had only one life not crossed off; he'd remarked that with only one life left, the time to strike was finally at hand, as he'd been under the thumb of Dark Specter and Astronema for too long.
  • As Dark Specter continued speaking, he was about to reveal his plan for after the destruction of Earth when Darkonda, flying in a Velocifighter behind him, shot a super-torpedo into his back.
  • Dark Specter suddenly roared in pain and surprise from the large explosion in his back; he turned, glowing with orange light rays from his body, with explosions coming from all over his body, as he asked who dared fire upon him; flying by, Darkonda replied.
  • Roaring in agony, Dark Specter was rocked by explosions all over his body.
  • Alarmed by the sight of Dark Specter being destroyed, Astronema looked distraught, not believing this could be happening.
  • With orange light streaming from his body, Dark Specter sank down groaning.
  • As Darkonda flew toward the Dark Fortress and fired a second super-torpedo to destroy Astronema and Ecliptor, the glowing and exploding Dark Specter suddenly rose up and took the missile in the forehead with a minor explosion.
  • Dark Specter swallowed Darkonda's Velocifighter and bit down in an explosion, and his entire body then blew apart into pieces in a world-shaking fireball beside the Dark Fortress.
  • Dozens, if not hundreds, of flaming chucks of rock streaked down from the sky and rained down on Angel Grove; soon, there were many flaming hunks of rock strewn about the city, and presumably all over the planet.
  • Zordon's tube was now clear of lava.
  • Zordon told Karone that she was no longer under Dark Specter's command, but as she was intrigued, purple electricity crackled along her head circuitry, making her clutch her head in pain and regain her evil composure.


  • To destroy Mariner Bay, Olympius showed Queen Bansheera a giant spiked asteroid glowing red from within, accompanied by other smaller chunks; Olympius said it was so powerful it would completely obliterate Mariner Bay in just seconds; the plan was reminiscent of Dark Specter's asteroid plot, and the asteroid's rocky surface itself vaguely resembled Dark Specter's hide.

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