David Trueheart
- brother of Tommy Oliver; raised on Native American reservation
David Trueheart
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Full Name: David Trueheart (419-Chal)
First Appearance: 418-InSp
Last Appearance: 430-OBOR


  • In the desert, David, on a white and brown horse, appeared from white mist in front of Tommy's eyes; Tommy wouldn't find out until later that this young man who looked quite like him was actually his brother.
  • David's primary clothing color was white.


  • David walked off with his horse and disappeared without speaking to Tommy.
  • On his vision quest, Tommy chased after David through the mountains.
  • In the middle of his quest to follow David and the falcon, Tommy morphed from the desert; David wasn't seen in the area at the time.
  • Shortly after Tommy had returned to the desert to complete his vision quest, the ground quaked, and David was then hanging off the edge of a cliff, crying for help.
  • Tommy saw the falcon appear from white mist on a rock nearby, but Tommy chose to save David rather than touch the falcon and complete his vision quest.
  • David wore an earring.
  • David said that the spirit of the falcon had led Tommy to him.
  • David asked Tommy if he had the other half of the arrowhead, but it was quite visible around Tommy's neck at the time.
  • When David was little, a wise man (presumably True of Heart) had given him the other half of the arrowhead, also telling David that when he found the other half, he would complete his quest.
  • David revealed that he was David Trueheart, Tommy's brother, and he then merged his and Tommy's arrowhead halves.


  • Sam Trueheart was David's adoptive father.
  • David had lived in a reservation all his life.
  • When Tommy asked why David had made him go through the vision quest, David explained that they'd had to make sure Tommy was really his brother, as they shared a great responsibility.
  • David explained that the arrowhead contained very strong and old powers that they couldn't let fall into evil hands.
  • Tommy swore never to lose contact with David again.
  • A different day, Tommy brought David to the Youth Center.
  • David told Rocky and Adam that they sparred very well; he was very much into martial arts.
  • Tommy let David use a spare white gi from his locker in the Youth Center so David could show them his moves.
  • Preparing to spar with Tommy, David told Kat and Tanya that he had been practicing just for this moment, and that Tommy would really be surprised.
  • Tommy foot swept David during their sparring, and David left, upset that Tommy was better than him.
  • After Cogs appeared around him outside and one had swung at him, David immediately began fighting them, but they teleported away with him, taking him to a cave far below the reservation.
  • As helmetless Tommy held the arrowhead in the Power Chamber, it glowed with golden energy, and Tommy concentrated, sending an astral projection of himself (appearing unmorphed) to the cave where David was held; both Tommy and David saw each other.


  • David escaped from the cave by holding onto the Autochthon monster (which had formed from the cave paintings on the walls) as it was teleported to the surface.
  • David recognized the Zeo Rangers as being the "Power Rangers."
  • David was upset that King Mondo still had the arrowhead, and morphed Tommy had to hold him back.
  • After Zeo Ranger Five had teleported himself and David to another part of the desert, David was upset, figuring Tommy must have been kidnapped as well; he was shocked when Zeo Ranger Five removed his helmet to reveal that he was Tommy.
  • David knew about the stone in the forest which, according to the legends, would activate the arrowhead's full powers; if Mondo used it, he could control monsters that even the Power Rangers couldn't defeat.
  • Tommy, not wanting anything else to happen to David, had told him to wait for him at the Youth Center.
  • At the Juice Bar with Tommy, David figured out that the other teens (with Billy included in the group) were Rangers as well as the four teens and Billy sat at a table nearby.
  • Tommy and David split the arrowhead back into halves and held onto them separately.
  • David apologized for running out earlier.
  • David spent most of his time on the reservation and invited Tommy there.


  • David was a competitor in the Angel Grove Catch a Wave Competition, a surfing contest; he wore a brown wetsuit and was unshaven.
  • When Tommy told David he hadn't known David was into surfing, David replied that there was a lot Tommy didn't know about him.
  • When Cog oil approached the water where Kat was swimming, Tommy and David swam out to get her rather than yelling to her, even once they were within yelling distance.
  • Tommy, Kat, and David, exhausted, collapsed onto the sand to rest, then when Tommy and Kat gathered by Rocky to answer the call on the communicator, David got up and then disappeared; he would later reappear after the six Rangers' victory over Leaky Faucet, explaining that he'd just had a little something to take care of.


  • Tommy was away visiting David and Sam on the reservation.

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