- Astro Megaship's onboard artificial intelligence
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First Appearance: 601-FON1
Last Appearance: 744-End2


  • As the Megashuttle, which the four ex-Turbo Rangers had taken from NASADA on Earth, drifted near or away from a black hole or wormhole on its way to Eltar, the Astro Megaship, on autopilot, approached the Megashuttle, then opened up its front section and used green energy streaks to pull the shuttle inside a docking bay which was perfectly shaped to house the shuttle; the front section then closed, sealing the shuttle inside.
  • DECA (pronounced "deck-a"), the Megaship's onboard computer, had small black cameras with single red eyes mounted on walls all over the ship, presumably with one in every room and corridor.
  • As the four teens walked by, one of DECA's cameras watched them (particularly Carlos), with "Intruder" in the upper right corner and "Quantron Scanner" in the upper left with a picture of a Quantron's head; the scan came up negative, and in the next view of Carlos the "Intruder" and Quantron scanner were gone.
  • Later, as the teens looked around the engine room, DECA's camera briefly preformed a "retina scan" on Carlos to attempt to identify him.
  • DECA had cameras above both rear console segments on the bridge; she said nothing as Alpha began using the "Computer Systems" console as soon as the teens had found the bridge.
  • When the Megaship was under fire from Astronema's sphinx ship, DECA made no effort to warn Andros or take defensive action.
  • As the Megaship fell toward a planet's surface, DECA announced with her female voice that they were at 200 meters and falling, but such a height was far too little space to descend.
  • Soon after the Megaship had crash-landed, DECA reported that Astronema's ship (presumably the sphinx ship) was landing, then said that Astronema's forces were disembarking, at which point Quantrons appeared a fair distance from the Megaship.


  • Soon after the teens had met Andros upon defeating the Quantrons, Carlos was in the engine room attempting to repair Alpha following DECA's instructions.
  • Instructed by DECA to connect terminal B-34 to terminal M-78, Carlos sarcastically asked if she knew how many little terminals there were in there, and she replied 3,004,700,903.
  • After Carlos seemed to short something out, Alpha sneezed, and DECA said gazundheit, making Alpha say something and chuckle.
  • While later working under a set of controls on the bridge, Andros had DECA program the shuttle for Earth to take the teens home.
  • As Andros had the Mega Accelerator set to Hyper Rush 3 after leaving the teens and Megashuttle behind, Alpha, having stowed away in the Megaship, entered, surprising him mildly; Alpha told him he was making a big mistake, telling him the five of them had the same mission and were supposed to be a team; DECA agreed that Alpha had a valid point.
  • Andros rudely insisted that he worked alone and didn't need them, but Alpha made him think about the fact that if he were going to rescue Zordon, he'd need all the help he could get, and Andros had DECA turn the Megaship around after remembering the teens' words about working together.
  • When Andros had DECA scan for Astronema once the Megaship had lifted off after the five Rangers' first battle together, she used the short-range scanners, as the long-range scanners were still down; she found the sphinx ship, which she called an unknown spacecraft, approaching from quadrant 415.
  • DECA controlled the vital systems of the Megaship; she had eyes and ears all over the ship, and, as she bragged, spoke over 3,000 languages, navigated all known galaxies, and was certified in medicine and psychology.
  • At the "Operations & Safety" console on the bridge, Andros pressed two buttons to silence DECA's bragging; she would soon, however, have her voice back.
  • Once the teens had decided to set a course for Earth, Alpha turned off DECA's voice when she was telling him how complex setting courses was.


  • After the teens were attacked by Quantrons in Angel Grove, Andros called DECA, telling her to position the shuttle for launch and evacuate the NASADA buildings; the shuttle then emerged from its holding bay at NASADA.


  • DECA was in charge of the Megaship alarms, and she would explain a monster detection once the alarm had gone off.
  • Inquiring about the Megaship's navigational system, Donatello asked about the computer, DECA.
  • DECA told the curious Ninja Turtles that the Mega Accelerator's maximum Hyper Rush velocity was classified information.
  • Later, Don, Mike, and Leo went to the Main Computer Control panel in one of the hallways, and Donatello made alterations despite DECA's craning a camera around the corner and telling him he was not authorized to access that terminal; apparently all he'd done before Andros confronted them was two snip a blue wire and a green wire, at which point DECA talked with an attitude about being "Certified Turtlefied."
  • Upon boarding the Megaship, Astronema sat in a center seat on the bridge and had DECA set a course for the Tianta galaxy and switched all authority to herself.
  • Retreating once the Turtles had been freed from her spell after the ship had passed through a reverse-polarized magnetic field, Astronema told DECA to self-destruct the Megaship.
  • DECA said the Megaship would destruct in 60 seconds, and began counting down, making the Turtles panic.
  • After Donatello had done something to the green wire in the main control port, DECA was restored, averting the self-destruct.
  • When Don later apologized for the reprogramming, DECA told him she wasn't programmed to hold a grudge, then mildly electrocuted him from a console, and added "For long, at least," and offered no hard feelings; Andros laughed along with the other teens, though at first with a startled goofy look as though such behavior were odd for DECA.


  • DECA ran a lifeform scan through various galaxies for Andros's search for Karone.
  • Once they'd reached KO-35, DECA woke Andros, then told him he was the only one awake, yet Carlos was lying awake in bed in his sleeping quarters at the time.
  • In the morning, Carlos was already awake when DECA turned on the lights and told him it was time to wake up.
  • Again departing after he'd brought the injured Carlos back to the ship, Andros told DECA not to say a word to anyone.
  • Soon, when the teens asked where Andros was, DECA wouldn't speak.


  • When Alpha asked DECA what she suggested since the communication links to the Rangers on Kalderon were overheated, DECA did a visual search, changing visual to latitude 30.


  • As the four Rangers helped Andros against a stronger Ecliptor, Cassie thought of DECA's new weapon, and Carlos summoned the Quadroblaster, the combination of the four Rangers' special weapons.


  • As Andros continued collecting storm data while the Megaship flew through a thunderstorm, DECA warned that the cloud mass was unstable and that lightning strikes were highly probable, at which point lightning struck the ship.
  • When Andros asked for a damage report, DECA said moderate damage was detected and that possible computer malfunctions had occurred throughout the ship.
  • After a second strike, DECA said a security computer malfunction had occurred, and a third bolt caused the Simudeck to malfunction and bring to life real Craterites, with DECA reporting a computer failure and systems breach.
  • The next day, arriving in the woods with the others to help Andros and Cassie against a horde of Craterites including the powerful leader Craterite, Carlos handed Andros the Spiral Saber, telling him DECA had reprogrammed it off the data from the Simudeck.
  • Andros concluded that as long as the Craterites hadn't mutated, it should work, but the Spiral Saber's Booster Mode blast failed to destroy them.
  • During the Megazord fight, T.J. transferred DECA's Simudeck data into the Astro Megazord Blaster; a shot to the leader's head in the giant Craterite conglomerate destroyed the giant being.


  • DECA was aware of monster attacks in Angel Grove even when the Megaship was far away in other solar systems.


  • On the bridge, T.J. told DECA to scan the next galaxy for Zordon, but the alarm sounded, and the teens went down to battle Destructipede after T.J. had told DECA the scan would have to wait.


  • As the teens hunted Carlos after he'd turned into a Barillian Bug and hidden somewhere in the Megaship, Ashley was startled by a beep on the bridge, and when she asked who was there, DECA replied, "I am DECA, onboard computer."
  • Why DECA couldn't have told the teens where Bug-Carlos was is unknown.
  • Later, when Bug-Cassie broke free from the med table, DECA told Ashley on the bridge about a disturbance in the infirmary.


  • After Andros had awakened from a distressing dream, DECA reassured him that he'd only been dreaming.
  • That morning, as Andros angrily walked into the workbay with an AmScanner, DECA observed that he appeared upset; when he went to his jump tube after checking a planet on the starchart display, DECA told him he must not go to the planet Onyx, as it was located in a prohibited sector, but he went anyway after telling her she didn't know where he was going.


  • As the ravaged Astro Megazord crackled with blue electricity, DECA spoke in a sluggish voice to warn of the energy levels nearly depleted; her warning kept repeating, slowly dying out; at the time, the ship's energy levels were dropping from 15%.
  • Just before the energy levels hit 0%, DECA's nearly-dead, low-pitched voice announced that the energy levels were depleted, and the Megazord collapsed; DECA's voice was then low and garbled beyond recognition.
  • Later in orbit as the teens examined the damage, DECA said something in her low, garbled voice after Andros had learned of the engine circuits and scanning circuits being gone, and he said first they had to fix DECA.


  • By now, the bridge appeared repaired; presumably DECA had been repaired first as Andros had said.
  • In the warehouse where the Rangers had been chained up after defending Storm Blaster against Astronema's forces, Lionizer told the Rangers to lower the Megaship's shields, but Ashley called out to tell DECA to keep the shields activated.


  • On the Megaship disguised as Ashley, Astronema went looking for the engine room; when DECA, from a camera in the hallway, said the main engine room was located on Megadeck 6, Astronema hid behind the corner and then, saying it wasn't polite to eavesdrop, fried out the DECA camera with a purple energy bolt from her finger.
  • Later frustrated by not getting the chance to knock Andros out, Astronema pointed at a monitor on the "Computer Systems" console, and it suddenly showed giant Sting King rampaging in Angel Grove, even though DECA said her sensors detected no monster on Earth.
  • DECA had a camera in the hidden healing chamber where Zhane was held in cryogenic stasis.


  • Ashley had DECA run a scan of the ship after Kadix beings had triggered damage throughout the ship.
  • Later, after Kadix beings had boarded the ship after a crash-landing, Andros, outside, used his communicator to tell DECA to seal all doors, which she did, though she failed to close the exterior space hatch.
  • Soon afterward, DECA announced that the Megaship was under full attack, that she was sealing off all exits, and that she was scanning for any intruders still onboard.


  • As the teens scanned for the source of Darkonda's hologram that had appeared on Earth, Zhane asked DECA to bring up the transmission; she replied that the source vector data had been computed but that the distance was unknown.
  • Moments after Ashley directed the scan toward quadrant 989.2, the teens looked at the "Communications" monitor, and DECA said multiple lifeform energies had been detected.


  • When Praying Mantis attacked on Earth while the five teens were on the bridge and Zhane was elsewhere in the ship, DECA volunteered to alert Zhane, but the teens adamantly told her not to, thinking Zhane needed rest.
  • Parting, Andros ordered DECA not to tell Zhane.


  • The Megaship's scanners couldn't penetrate the dense atmosphere of Centaur B.


  • In Astronema's memories, the voice of a woman who had cared for Andros and Karone as children (perhaps their mother) at one point sounded just like DECA.


  • DECA notified the teens of reports of several unknown disturbances on Earth, and after tapping some buttons at Ashley's station, Cassie found that the Psycho Rangers were attacking random people on Earth.
  • After Zhane had been kidnapped and taken to the old library, the teens were able to quickly pinpoint his location with the computer.


  • At "Operations & Safety" with Carlos and Alpha as the teens scanned for Ashley, T.J. told Andros he was expanding parallel 38.5, and Andros had Carlos change scanning sensitivity to ten microns, which Alpha remarked would take some time, and Carlos said they were scanning parallel 40.2.
  • Cassie soon asked DECA for a scanning directive, and DECA said they were beginning parallel 42.0.


  • When Andros told DECA to scan for the Mega Voyager, she initiated unilateral scanning.


  • Later told that quadrant 22H was clear, Zhane expanded the unilateral search; Cassie reported no trace of the Mega Voyager in the Milky Way, but Carlos then got a scan on the vortex which had taken the Megazord.
  • After the Psycho Rangers had been destroyed, T.J. planned to reprogram the computers to scan for Zordon again.


  • Probably months after 639-Ghst, the Megaship was flying through space as Alpha played a chess game on the bridge with DECA; the chessboard consisted of small clusters of clear and dark blue crystal squares at different heights, with approximately equal numbers of black and white pieces captured.
  • Alpha awaited DECA's move, and she told him her move in what seemed like a slightly more human voice than she'd had before; Alpha went along with her choice, but told her not to say he hadn't warned her, causing her to change her move.
  • Pretending to think for a moment, Alpha amusedly put DECA in checkmate; DECA was alarmed, and Alpha giggled that her first move would have won.
  • DECA watched Alpha and scornfully realized he'd been "blunking"; Andros corrected, "bluffing," and she replied with annoyance, "Whatever."; this was the first time DECA had displayed such human characteristics.
  • On the viewscreen, a weak transmission from an astronaut stranded on the planet Forza came in as he tried to contact NASADA for help; DECA automatically chose to lock in a course.
  • After Ecliptor had boarded the ship once it had been trapped in an energy web, with the Rangers powerless on the planet below, Alpha rushed to the engine portion of the center stations and set DECA to security password access only.
  • Ecliptor hurled Alpha across the bridge, then told DECA that the ship's top-secret data files were now under his control; when DECA asked him to enter his security password, Ecliptor used his sword to slash off her camera above "Computer Systems"; she then told him from "Operations & Safety" that that was an invalid entry and to please try again.
  • Ecliptor approached Alpha to get the password; backing out of the bridge timidly, Alpha hit the door controls, and the door slammed shut on Ecliptor, pinning him on the floor beneath the doorway.
  • Watching as Alpha fled down the hallway, DECA congratulated Alpha on his nice move, and he cheerfully thanked her.
  • Alpha then timidly scurried into a dark cargo room and noted that if Ecliptor got the password, he'd control the ship, and DECA, from a camera above him, agreed, telling him they couldn't let him get it.
  • Alpha tried to hide further in the cargo room but was found; he refused his last chance to give Ecliptor the password.
  • As Ecliptor prepared to strike, DECA suddenly tilted the ship, making towers of containers fall on Ecliptor, burying him and letting Alpha escape.
  • Soon, Ecliptor got in the Megalift and asked which deck the Hyper Accelerators were on; DECA told him and took him there as ordered, but on Megadeck 6, Alpha, congratulating DECA, had emptied a silver case of hundreds of silver balls on the floor outside the Megalift doors, making Ecliptor fall when he stepped out.
  • Ecliptor soon forced his way through the engine room door with his sword, planning to do some reprogramming.
  • Hiding behind some bins, Alpha opened the bay doors slightly, nearly sucking Ecliptor outside.
  • Ecliptor grabbed the doors, shot the control panel with a green energy bolt from his sword, and got back inside before the doors sealed; Alpha fled, and he decided not to go after the robot.
  • Ecliptor accessed the computer's top-secret database from the engine room's control kiosk.
  • Called by Astronema, Ecliptor heard a beep and suddenly said he'd discovered the location of the Mega Voyager; Astronema told him to go there and destroy it.
  • In the circuitry inside the engine core, Ecliptor ripped out a crackling cable and prepared to touch it to his remote device, saying this should be enough power.
  • As the engine died out, Ecliptor touched the cable to the device, and he streaked into the control kiosk as green energy.


  • As the Megaship approached Earth, Velocifighters shot at it, and the Megalasers returned fire but missed repeatedly; at this point, Andros had not yet had the lasers readied, suggesting that they had been fired by the ship automatically.
  • On Andros's orders, Ashley readied the Megalasers, putting them on standby, but the Megalasers continued firing back at the Velocifighters; when Andros had her fire, the same turrets shot again, missing several times but finally managing to blow up two Velocifighters.


  • The Megaship was aboard Terra Venture and had been converted into a museum; DECA was the announcer, and Alpha was a tour guide.
  • After closing down the museum, Kai told Damon that his friends had flown through a dimensional portal to save another world, but the portal had closed; Damon began to leave, not believing him.
  • Kai said the Megaship was the only craft that had a chance of making it through, adding that if he couldn't save his friends, then they were gone forever.
  • Kai needed Damon's help, saying the Megaship had flown in there (Terra Venture) and it now had to fly out, but Damon doubted it could even get off the ground.
  • After Damon had left, Kai told DECA to close the exit ramps, and she did so, and Kai had the reluctant Alpha try to help him before Damon returned to help.
  • Damon, stabilizing the systems, told DECA to shut down all auxiliary systems and kick the birds out of the exhaust ports, and she agreed.


  • After Maya had heard the Galactabeasts in trouble days or weeks later, Leo asked if the Megaship was ready to go, and Damon replied that it was but that the navigations were all down.


  • As Furio and Stingwingers were stuck in the elevator leading up to Command Headquarters, Alpha called the Rangers to tell them of Furio's attack but told them he had something to help them against Furio.
  • The workbay had been converted into a Jet Jammer bay.
  • Alpha said DECA and he had just completed building the Jammers for the Rangers.


  • After an attack from the Scorpion Stinger, DECA announced that the engine was offline.


  • DECA would announce the presence of the Shark Brothers in the Forest Dome for the teens.


  • While Mike was in the infirmary after being defeated by Chameliac, Alpha had been as yet unable to scan the disc Mike had found, as it had been badly damaged in the fight.
  • Later on the Megaship bridge, Mike, ignoring Alpha's instruction that he should be in bed, inserted the damaged minidisc into a black reader device; DECA announced reconstruction of sectors 07-2459, and on the monitor formed schematics of the laser dish, which was the only retrievable data.


  • DECA had a camera in the empty room which led to the Power Vault in which the Astro Morphers had been stored.


  • As Leo learned from refugee Haley that Mike was missing as Terra Venture approached the portal out of the Lost Galaxy, DECA panned her east camera from Haley to Leo and said the portal was rapidly closing.


  • As the Scorpion Stinger was crushing the Megaship, Leo said the only way to stop Trakeena was to put the Megaship on self-destruct; Damon refused, but Kai said it was their only hope, and Damon angrily activated it.
  • DECA announced the initiation of the self-destruction sequence, announcing self-destruction in 90 seconds; she would also announce the 60 and 45-second marks.
  • DECA was presumably destroyed during the Megaship's detonation.

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