Defender Wheel
- large device used by Zeo Rangers; capable of launching rider in a wheel
Defender Wheel
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First Appearance: 408-PuBl
Last Appearance: 422-TrMe
Pictures: Defender Wheel (shown at right), specs


  • Billy told the Rangers that he and Alpha had been working on a new device that might break up evil Puppetman's frequency; Alpha said the Defender Wheel was designed to spin at a certain RPM which would probably be able to counter Puppetman's frequency.
  • Billy told Tommy that the Defender Wheel was loaded up into Zeozord Five.
  • When Tommy would call for the Defender Wheel, Zeozord Five would always fly overhead and drop the Defender Wheel from an opening in its underbelly.
  • Once the Defender Wheel had landed, morphed Tommy would somehow get inside the wheel portion, which would begin to spin inside the base unit, leaving Tommy's riding area inside motionless; the wheel would then launch forward from the base, rolling toward the opponent, and as it approached the opponent, Tommy would press a button on the controls in front of him, causing the wheel to transform into red energy; after the explosion caused by the wheel's crashing into the opponent, Tommy would teleport out of the explosion as a thin red streak, just as he would teleport out of the Zeo Rangers' explosive group jump-kick attack.
  • The Defender Wheel temporarily defeated evil Puppetman.


  • When Adam was captured by giant Fortissimodo before he could teleport to his Zord, Tommy switched from the Zeozord Five cockpit into the Defender Wheel.
  • Inside what looked like a cargo bay in Zeozord Five, the Defender Wheel's tire descended into the base, and Tommy was then inside; the Defender Wheel then dropped out of Zeozord Five with Tommy inside.
  • The Defender Wheel's energy wheel struck giant Fortissimodo's leg, knocking him over; Tommy and Adam then teleported away from the fallen monster as red and green streaks of light.


  • Alpha had been working to reconfigure the Defender Wheel; after making it immune to Mean Screen's virus, Alpha teleported it to the Rangers.
  • Tommy seemed to enter the Defender Wheel through its right side (from the rider's view).
  • Tommy pushed a silver button on the controls in front of him to start the wheel spinning.
  • The Defender Wheel's controls had a monitor in it.
  • Mean Screen tried to use his virus on the approaching wheel but apparently couldn't.
  • After apparently being destroyed by the Defender Wheel, Mean Screen was suddenly back, having made a backup copy of himself.


  • The Rangers called on the Zeozords while Robocupid was still small; Tommy then summoned the Defender Wheel from Zeozord Five.
  • The Defender Wheel temporarily defeated Robocupid.


  • Zeo Ranger Three, rather than Zeo Ranger Five, used the Defender Wheel this one time; after the explosion caused by the wheel, morphed Rocky teleported from the explosion a bit more slowly than Tommy would have, in a thin blue streak, and clumsily fell to the ground after appearing in an awkard position in midair.
  • The Defender Wheel, piloted by Rocky, destroyed Defector.

    - Phrases used for Tommy to switch from Zeozord Five cockpit into Defender Wheel before it drops out of the Zord
    412-InOD Tommy: "Time for the Defender Wheel!"

    - Phrases used for Zeozord Five to arm and drop Defender Wheel
    Tommy: "Defender Wheel, power up!"

    - Phrases used once rider is in Defender Wheel
    413-MnSc Tommy: "Defender Wheel, power up!"
    422-TrMe Rocky: "Defender Wheel, power up!"

    - Phrases used for Defender Wheel to rev up
    408-PuBl Tommy: "Takin' it out for a spin!"
    413-MnSc Tommy: "All right, Defender Wheel, engage!"
    416-Sno2 Tommy: "Defender Wheel, engage!"

    - Phrases used for wheel to launch
    413-MnSc Tommy: "On my mark! Release! Now!"
    422-TrMe Rocky: "Defender Wheel, engage! Now!"

    - Phrases used as button is pressed to cause rolling wheel to turn into energy
    408-PuBl Tommy: "Engage Defender Wheel, now!"
    412-InOD Tommy: "Okay, locked on target!"
    416-Sno2 Tommy: "Almost got her! There, now!"
    422-TrMe Rocky: "Here goes!"

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