Delta Megaship/Megazord
- transforming spaceship given to Space Rangers by Phantom Ranger
Delta Megazord
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First Appearance: 611-DDsc
Last Appearance: 640-IWeb
Pictures: Delta Megaship, internal control room, Delta Megazord, medium shot (shown at right), Delta Megazord, long shot


  • After the Rangers had joined Phantom Ranger on Hercuron too late to stop the villains from leaving with Zordon, Alpha told the Rangers of a monster attack on Earth.
  • When Phantom told the Rangers he would go after Zordon, Andros gave an undecided "hmm," at which point Phantom pulled out a flat silver square containing a mini-disc and told him that it controlled the Delta Megaship, a mighty weapon which they would need.
  • Phantom told Andros that he had to retrieve it immediately, as it was completely unprotected; Andros asked, "But Phantom Ranger, what about--?" but Phantom insisted, "Please, take it."
  • On his Galaxy Glider, Andros flew through a dense region of asteroids, beyond which he suddenly screeched to a stop upon seeing the Delta Megaship, in its docking station, before him.
  • The Delta Megaship was apparently in orbit around an Earth-like planet, but, on the other hand, the Earth would often also be shown erroneously in the background of other various space scenes.
  • After flying into the Delta Megaship, inside a room with unknown silver constructs, perhaps screens or holding pods, Andros called Phantom to tell him that he was inside, and asking where to go; Phantom had him to go into the control room on the lower level.
  • Andros was quite unfamiliar with the interior of the Delta Megaship.
  • Initially thinking he'd hit a dead end in the room with silver constructs, Andros then spotted a passageway with pipes and other structures on the walls, at the end of which was a sliding door marked "Control Room," with the word "SECOMI" by door buttons.
  • Inside the doorway was the Delta Megaship's small control room, with three control walls and no seats.
  • Phantom told Andros to open the security disk reader; initially unsure where it was, Andros found the front panel, where there were three buttons labeled with mostly Greek letters on the console below: there was a left orange button, a center green button which he pressed, and a right red button surrounded by a clear covering.
  • In front of Andros, a panel with a yellow triangle and an I.N.E.T. logo split open to reveal two disc holders which rotated up.
  • Before going unconscious, Phantom told Andros to insert the disc into the primary slot; not knowing which was the correct slot, Andros randomly inserted the disc into the left slot, making an alarm sound, and the room was lit by flashing red light.
  • A female voice announced, "Sequence initiated," and began counting down from ten, making Andros panic; after the countdown, the voice then said, "Security disk scanning sequence complete," relieving Andros to know he'd chosen the correct slot.
  • As the security disc panel closed back up, the voice announced, "Delta Megaship ready for Battlizer command."; preparing to summon the Battlizer, Andros remarked, "Battlizer! All right!", apparently familiar with the device.
  • Doing the Astro Morphers' pre-morph pose in reverse, first touching the Battlizer and then holding out his hand, Andros called for the Delta Megaship to go online, at which point the docking station flew away.
  • Just like the one on the Astro Megaship, there was a large red M on the top of the Delta Megaship (or the Delta Megazord's back).
  • Andros, hoping the others were okay, spoke into his Battlizer to tell them he was on his way; perhaps interpreting this as a voice command, the Delta Megaship then engaged its rear boosters, surprising Andros a bit as he was rocked around.
  • As the Delta Megaship soon approached the Earth, the voice announced, "Initiating Megazord transformation."; Andros's only reply was, "Huh?"
  • As the ship entered the atmosphere, it suddenly erected a round red energy barrier in front of it as it partially transformed in a flash while turning over.
  • After landing, the Delta Megazord's face panel and top head cannons rotated down.
  • The Delta Megazord was the first known Megazord not to consist of any combining components.
  • On the chest of the Delta Megazord was a yellow M, and on its legs were outlines of the standard rectangle emblem; more gold rectangles were on its back.
  • On the Delta Megazord's forehead was a gold triangle, and on the back of its head (or the forehead of the Astro Delta Megazord) was a strip of Ranger-colored squares, just like those found on the Space Rangers' chests.
  • The numerous triangle icons on the Delta Mega, as well as the Delta Mega's name itself, were references to the Delta Megaship's triangular shape, resembling the Greek letter "delta," which was an equilateral triangle.
  • Andros could give the Delta Megazord verbal commands by speaking into the Battlizer.
  • On command, the Delta Megazord's turret hands, known as the Gyro Blasters, spun, and the Megazord aimed and shot rapid alternating bursts of machine gun shells at the Crocovile monsters, stunning them.
  • The Astro and Delta Megazords stood side-by-side, and as the monsters charged, the Megazords fired their Astro Megazord Blaster and Gyro Blasters, respectively, with the Astro Megazord blasting the green one and the Delta Megazord blasting the brown one; after an explosion, both monsters vanished in flaming energy which flew into the sky and exploded.


  • While the Rangers fought five monsters, Andros called the Delta Megazord to fight giant Destructipede, and the Astro Megaship and docking station flew from the Delta Megaship, allowing it to fly to Earth and transform.
  • A beam of green waves from the Evilyzer aboard the Dark Fortress washed over the Delta Megazord, turning it evil and breaking Andros's control over it.
  • The Delta Megazord, not firing as ordered, closed up its face and flew off, then suddenly swooped frighteningly low over a street downtown, blowing many buildings apart with blue lasers from its antennas.
  • The Delta Megazord then landed and opened its face, then shot blue energy bursts from its Gyro Blasters into all the buildings below, causing many explosions and much destruction.
  • When Andros ran screaming for the Delta Megazord to stop, it turned and shot at him, making a huge explosion near him on the rooftop where he was.
  • As the Delta Megazord beat on the Astro Megazord, Andros attempted ordering the Delta Megazord to stop, which it did after the second order; it then, however, suddenly aimed and fired again with blue pulses from its Gyro Blasters, catching the Rangers off-guard.
  • Andros called Alpha to tell him to calculate a frequency to attempt reverse polarization (as had removed the evil spell from the Ninja Turtles in 604-ShSh); although the frequency was unknown, Andros asked for the closest estimate, and Alpha gave 03 at .28.
  • On the keyboard in front of him in the Astro Megazord, Andros typed in a sequence which flipped the keyboard over into a control port for the Battlizer; saying this could be their only chance, Andros detached the Battlizer device from its wrist holder and plugged it into the port on his controls, and the Astro Megazord then began generating a steady orange beam of energy waves from the tiny circle in its chest, competing with the green beams from the Dark Fortress above.
  • On the left of the Battlizer port were three lit squares, the top two being "Brace Setup" and "<Greek delta symbol&rt; Mega E.M.F."
  • On the right of the port were five squares which included "Delta Mega" and "Super Galaxy Mega" (alternate name for Astro Delta Megazord).
  • The aforementioned "Delta Mega" button serves as the origin of this guide's use of the term "Delta Mega" to simultaneously refer to both forms of the Delta Megaship and Megazord.
  • After the Delta Megazord had been bombarded for some time with the reverse-polarized beam, the Evilyzer finally shorted out, charred and inoperative, and the Delta Megazord then flew into space and transformed into ship mode.
  • Saying there was only one way to find out if the Delta Mega (calling it "he") was back on their side, Andros had the Astro Megaship, following the Delta Megaship, attempt to link up.
  • As the Astro Megaship approached, the Delta Megaship split up into component parts with purple light.
  • With rumbling turbulence (only during this first assembly), the Delta Megazord's legs formed leg coverings over the Astro Megazord's, the back of the Delta Megazord's head formed a covering in front of the Astro Megazord's head, then the Delta Megazord's back and arms locked on (after approaching and withdrawing once from the turbulence); finally, the shoulder turrets rotated into position, and a lock somewhere was shown engaging, completing the Astro Delta Megazord formation.


  • After Andros had initiated Astro Delta separation from the Megazord cockpit, the cannons and head and leg coverings disengaged; the Rangers then ran into the Delta Mega's control room before the main chest portion detached.
  • With the Delta Mega's control room door as "south," Ashley took the west wall, Carlos, Andros, and T.J. the north, and Cassie the east.
  • At the corner in the middle of the "Communications" console on the Astro Megaship's bridge was a new clear plastic tube into which Alpha placed the Mega Vehicle keycards, and they flew up toward the ceiling; in the Delta Mega's control room, the cards would fly down to Ashley in an identical tube.
  • The Delta Megazord flew into space, where it would eventually transform into the Delta Megaship for its flight toward Jupiter.
  • In the control room on their voyage, Ashley scanned something approaching from behind at her station, and the giant spawn monster then latched onto the rear of the Delta Megaship with its jaws.
  • On Andros's command, the Delta Megaship fired its afterburners, sending the spawn hurtling away.
  • Approaching Ganymede, the Delta Megaship's scanners detected no indication of any weapons on the moon.
  • A male operator voice spoke over the ship's audio system, "Release controls. Navigation is now remotely controlled."
  • The Delta Megaship flew up to the moonbase, where a bay door opened, and the ship flew down a long tunnel, after which it stopped and the operator voice said, "Vehicle secured."
  • The Rangers got out of the Delta Megaship and found their way through the moonbase, eventually leaving the ship there and riding the Mega Vehicles back to Earth.
  • Later, the Astro Megaship and Delta Megaship were back in the docking station in orbit.


  • Flying down from the sky to help the Astro Megazord on Centaur B, the Delta Megazord shot blue lasers from its antennas.


  • Wearing the Battlizer, Zhane, working on his own initiative, called in the Delta Megazord while in the Mega Winger cockpit.


  • To distract the Psychos while the others recovered the Mega Voyager, Zhane piloted Mega Winger and controlled the Delta Megazord with the Battlizer.


  • The Delta Megazord shot the tentacle right off giant Jakarak's forehead, removing his stone spell from the Astro Megazord.


  • When the Delta Megazord approached giant red Ecliptor on Ganymede, Ecliptor pressed a button on his sword's hilt; his sword crackling with red energy bolts, Ecliptor delivered a flaming red energy slice which made the Delta Megazord explode and fall back in pieces.

    - Phrases used for docking station to fly away from Delta Megaship
    611-DDsc Andros (with Battlizer): "Delta Megaship, online!"
    612-GrEv Andros (summoning Battlizer): "Delta Megazord, now!"

    - Phrases used to summon Delta Megazord from sky
    613-Grma Andros (with Battlizer): "Delta Megazord!"
    620-SvSv Andros: "Delta Megazord, online!"
    Andros (with Battlizer): "Delta Megazord, online!"

    - Phrases used for Delta Megaship to transform into Delta Megazord
    611-DDsc Onboard voice: "Initiating Megazord transformation."

    - Phrases used to fire Delta Megazord's Gyro Blasters
    611-DDsc Andros (into Battlizer): "Delta Megazord Gyro Blasters, online!"
    612-GrEv Andros (into Battlizer): "Gyro Blasters, engage!"
    613-Grma Andros (into Battlizer): "Gyro Blasters, fire!"

    - Phrases used to call Delta Megaship for immediate Astro Delta Megazord formation
    615-TJId Andros (into Battlizer): "Astro Delta Megazord, online!"
    621-Envy Andros (into Battlizer): "Delta Megazord, online!"

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